Grasping Evil - Chapter 285 (2)

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The 200 drops of Profound Liquid of Mother Earth enhanced his magic power as he deliberately absorbed them using his magic power.

Originally, the amount of magic power he could obtain from consuming them should be 2000 units. However, he only managed to obtain 1674 units in the end. Such result made Ning Fan feel helpless about it. After all, if one eats too many of the same kind of spiritual item, the effect would gradually decrease and eventually become nothing.

It’s no wonder such excellent items are not completely consumed by the members of the Giant Devil Sect and are used to entice fighters to enter the Secret Realm. Perhaps Venerated Giant of the Giant Devil Sect should have eaten too many of this thing until it no longer has any effect on him.

Currently, his magic power had become 5884 units. From assimilating the magic power to stabilizing it, it took Ning Fan a total of four months.

After attaining more than 5000 units of magic power, his magic power had finally broken through to the Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm!

Looking at the message transmission jade plate in his hand which had yet to receive any notice from any parties, Ning Fan knew that the sacrificial offering for the World Passage was not yet ready.

As such, he still had more time to improve his strength.

Seeing Ning Fan having so many Profound Liquid of Mother Earth, Yue Lingkong could not help but wonder how he got his hands on them.

This Ning Fan probably has an extremely close connection with the Giant Devil Sect in the Internal Endless Sea.

Thinking of that possibility, the feeling of dread she had towards Ning Fan got stronger.

Of course, Ning Fan was not going to take the initiative to explain it.

The last item he took out was 28 pieces of purple crystals. Each of them was formed from the purple grade Spirit Platform.

A piece of the purple crystal had an effect equivalent to a Blood Awakening Pill. In the past, those who were promoted to be a general of the Luo Yun Tribe were only granted a single piece.

However, Ning Fan actually gave half of these precious items to Lu Wan’er without any hesitation. As for the ones remaining, he planned to save them for his own use in his Third Bloodline Awakening.

During his Second Bloodline Awakening, he had already encountered an extremely strange but unbelievable phenomenon. Although no one could recognize what the Fu Li Race was, the royal bloodline he possessed had brought him quite some troubles.

Therefore, for his Third Bloodline Awakening, he was not prepared to carry out that process in the external world but he would do it in the Yuan Yao World instead.

In order to prevent potential unnecessary obstructions from Yue Lingkong at such a critical moment, he summoned Stone Warrior and the female corpse to guard him.

The female corpse had spent every single day getting along with Mu Xiaohuan. Now, she was no longer lonely while her reliance towards Ning Fan had also reduced greatly. At least, she was not the old female corpse who always glued herself to Ning Fan anymore.

After being called out from the Cauldron Ring, the female corpse was actually showing a hint of reluctance as she got separated from Mu Xiaohuan.

“Light… I…was…playing…”

She was complaining that Ning Fan had disturbed her from having fun with Mu Xiaohuan.

As he saw the female corpse’s appearance once more, a multitude of feelings surged up within Ning Fan’s chest. Stroking the icy cold cheek of the female corpse, he did not know what to say to her.

He was no longer the butterfly while the female corpse was no longer the daughter of the Celestial Emperor who stood above all creatures. Her soul had scattered into several parts…

This woman had once planted the shougongsha1 within her for me.

In order to be together with me, this woman was deceived by the Love Wielding Immortal Emperor.

Just a part of her soul, Zhihe, has already saved me twice in this life…

But I am unable to revive her…

Not to mention that Ning Fan did not have the means to do so for now, even if he has, he would not be willing to kill Zhihe and the rest to extract their souls and return them to the female corpse.

Ning Fan’s facial expression was filled with a hint of sorrow and loneliness. He was still unable to gather the souls for the female corpse. The only thing he could do was to spend more time with her and help her increase her spiritual intelligence so that she could continue to live on in the form of a corpse devil.

“I’m sorry. In the previous life, I was too weak and feeble. I failed to protect you. In this life, I will never allow anyone to lay a finger on you!”


The female corpse seemed to be worried that Ning Fan would cry. No longer behaving in a naughty manner, she used her icy cold hands to pat Ning Fan’s head.

She had lost part of her soul and her memories were fragmented. She was turned into a corpse devil and she was no longer Mu Weiliang in the distant past. Therefore, she would never be able to understand how Ning Fan felt at this moment forever.

The female corpse had become more obedient but Stone Warrior was stunned.

He had not imagined that Ning Fan would have actually attained the Divine Transformation Realm after just 12 years!

Now, although he was merely standing in front of Ning Fan, he could feel an extremely formidable pressure from him.

Besides, he could also smell a ferocious Baleful Qi that was left by a dead Late Divine Transformation Realm expert on his body.

“This kid did not just complete the Divine Transformation. He even killed a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert! If this kid was born in the Northern Heaven, the entire Northern Heaven would surely be astonished… However, since this kid has attained the Divine Transformation Realm, he must have gone to the Sea of Clouds. I wonder if the Third Mistress who is guarding the Tablet of Dao has recruited him or not. Is it possible that the Yuan Yao Jade on his hand was spotted and has been known by the Northern Heaven? If that’s the case, it would stir up lots of troubles for the Fourth Mistress…”

Stone Warrior had no idea that Ning Fan had indeed gained the favor of the Third Mistress of the Bei Family and even shocked the entire Black Tortoise Star, causing the Tablet Master Immortal Emperor to astonish.

That final hit on the bell rang the sound of samsara which took away the memories of countless cultivators.

Furthermore, even the reputable Tablets Master Immortal Emperor had actually offered an olive branch to Ning Fan in the end. It was a rare offer from such an esteemed being like him…

To Stone Warrior, he would definitely find these things unbelievable.

He had too many questions to ask Ning Fan but he also understood that it would be impossible for the latter to tell the truth.

With the protection from Stone Warrior and the female corpse, even if there was a probability that Yue Lingkong might go against her words, he did not need to worry about her anymore.

In the Yuan Yao World, Ning Fan took a step forward and appeared in a volcanic fissure. In here, he condensed his rain pill cauldron and concocted a few Blood Awakening Pills.

After that, he consumed every last one of the Blood Awakening Pills as well as the purple crystals and began his Third Bloodline Awakening.

For demon cultivators who were still within the seven realms of cultivation, this would be the last chance to enhance their bloodlines!

During the First Bloodline Awakening, I was just an ordinary winged demon.

During the Second Bloodline Awakening, I awakened the royal bloodline of the Fu Li Race.

I wonder what it would be for my Third Bloodline Awakening…

Ning Fan made another step and leaped into the volcano. While falling into the volcano, he tossed out innumerable demon blood that he had gathered along the way, literally turning the entire volcano into a pool of demon blood.

The only unfortunate thing was that he did not have the demon statue for worshipping and kowtowing.

However, Ning Fan took out his Eastern Ocean Bell!

Within the magma, Ning Fan sat on top of the bell and began awakening his bloodline.

The absence of the demon statue did not represent that there would not be any bestowal from the Demon Ancestor. Moreover, with the presence of this bell, the demon blood within the volcano boiled with unimaginable heat. A massive aura force was drawn out by Ning Fan, spreading throughout the entire volcano. It was much greater and boundless than the power of the Demon Ancestor that was borrowed by Lu Zongyun after he had used up his Life Blood Incense Flame.

Suddenly, a dark purple shadow of a flying demon creature loomed above the sky of the Yuan Yao World. It was so huge. When it spread its wings, the entire sky was covered.

Just as this enormous shadow appeared, Ning Fan had completely entered into a meditative state. His bloodline was seething.

He was not aware of the situation in the external world. However, Yue Lingkong and Stone Warrior who had extraordinary insights had a great change in their countenances.

Blood Bestowal from the Ancestor Shadow!

During the Second Bloodline Awakening, Ning Fan was granted a drop of ancestor blood by the demon ancestor of the Fu Li Race. With that, his demon bloodline then broke through the royal grade, becoming a royal bloodline.

This time, he should be able to obtain even more ancestor blood!

Under the tremendous aura force of the humongous shadow, even the haughty Yue Lingkong and the cool Stone Warrior felt an irresistible urge of submitting themselves to it.

The two of them were not demons but when facing the virtual shadow of such a powerful being, they actually had the tendency of falling down to their knees before it!

However, when that aura force dashed towards them, the female corpse dispersed it with ease by just gently raising her hand. If it was not because of her, perhaps Yue Lingkong and Stone Warrior would’ve made a show of themselves.

“Who exactly is this female corpse?! How could she withstand such powerful prestige of the virtual shadow?! Speaking of which, I haven’t even heard of such a ferocious beast. What is it exactly… A True Spirit? But is there such type of demon among the True Spirits?” Stone Warrior was feeling stunned and puzzled at the same time.

“This woman sure is strong. I’ve misjudged her in the past…” Yue Lingkong muttered with a serious expression.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Shougongsha is a mark that is used in ancient China to test whether a woman has involved in sexual activities. It is red-colored mark that is normally placed on a woman’s arm or naval. As long as the woman does not engage in sexual activity, the mark will remain. However, once the woman has sex with a man, either willingly or unwillingly, the mark will disappear.

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