Grasping Evil - Chapter 285 (3)

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Ning Fan’s bloodlines were boiling.

His demon power did not grow but the quality of his demon bloodlines increased continuously, making his demon power become more and more refined.

In deep meditation, Ning Fan heard a voice from his demon bloodlines.

That voice carried with it supreme majesty while being as cold as ice. Although it sounded indifferent, there was a hint of friendliness towards Ning Fan in its tone.

That voice originated from the shadow of the demon ancestor whereas that friendliness was felt because the both of them shared the same bloodline.

“My Fu Li Race has been extinct for a long time now. It truly is fortunate to have a new descendant. I’ll give you some ancestor blood. You must protect and maintain the Heavenly Dao even if you have to die a million times for it! I’ll give you… three drops of ancestor blood!”

“Three drops!”

Ning Fan’s eyes widened with surprise. The purple shadow above the sky vanished, turning into three rays of dark purple light and shot into the volcano and entered his body.

At the same time, the purple star in his left eye rotated rapidly and a second purple star gradually formed!

His left eye used to have the ability of seeing through illusions. Now, after he had the second star in his left eye, he could plant illusions on his enemies with just a glance.

Within his second star, it contained a type of illusory technique called Blood Moon.

This technique could not easily be used like other techniques. It could only be displayed during the night. But according to Ning Fan’s conjecture, even if he were to face experts like Wang Xiao, that technique would be able to cause them to be lost in illusions and would find it difficult to extricate themselves from it.

The first star allowed him to control a certain element while the second star gave him a divine ability.

The second divine star was called the Star of Eroding Yin. It had the effect of either eroding the power of True Yang or reverse the power of lightning and create the power of True Yang.

The second demon star was named the Star of the Blood Moon. Its effect was creating illusions.

In the magma, Ning Fan secluded himself for one month. One month later, he jumped out from the volcanic fissure and his qi was much more condensed than before.

Now, as a royal member of the Fu Li Race, I already possess four drops of ancestor blood in me. What will my status be in the Land of Demons?

The royal bloodline was the highest grade for demon bloodlines. As for the factor that determined the strength of the royal bloodline, it was the amount of ancestor blood they have.

Those who had royal bloodlines but did not possess any ancestor blood would be regarded as low level royalty while those who had ancestor blood would naturally be regarded as the high level royalty.

“Four drops of ancestor blood. I suppose it is more than enough for one to become the head of a True Spirit Race…”

Ning Fan laughed. If the Fu Li Race still exists, with the four drops of ancestor blood he was given, he could become the old ancestor of the race. With that identity, his status probably would not be any weaker than the Immortal Sovereign. Even if his cultivation level was not strong, no one would be daring enough to offend him.

Unfortunately, the Fu Li Race had gone extinct since a long time ago… Since there was not a huge group of them, no matter how respectable his identity was, no one would fear him.

“Lastly, it’s time to forge my third Immemorial Divine Weapon. The Separation Slayer Sword has an unrivalled sharpness. Its attack could be said to be matchless. The Spirit Crushing Whip is effective in performing sneak-attacks and binding enemies. It’s indeed a useful weapon. As for the third Immemorial Divine Weapon, I suppose I shall forge a defensive divine weapon…”

Ning Fan furrowed his brows. His incarnation might be a Void Fragmentation Realm technique but as his cultivation level increases, the capabilities of his enemies would also increase. Therefore, he was unable to guarantee that he would remain uninjured when dealing with them in his incarnation form.

Just like the ultimate technique that was displayed by Wang Xiao that froze the entire Luo Yun Province that actually inflicted a heavy damage on his incarnation.

He slapped on his storage pouch and produced a few pieces of Immemorial Stars as well as the Purple Lightning Hammer. All of these were of course obtained from the storage pouches of the generals from the Upper World.

Other than these, Ning Fan also took out the one hundred and eight types of spiritual minerals that he asked the two demonesses to find.

To reach the level of extreme sharpness the current Separation Slayer Sword have, he had depleted most of his materials.

Therefore, this defensive treasure would have to depend on the hardness of the Immemorial Stars and the abilities from the bunch of additional spiritual minerals to attain the effect of absolute dense.

“For this third Immemorial Divine Weapon, I shall name it ‘Inlaid Star Compass’…”

Multitudes of wild untapped lands floated in the Void Realm of the Upper World.

The lands were divided into nine grades according to their areas and the concentration of spiritual qi. The lands which were above the seventh grade were all territories of the True Spirit Races.

Among them, there was a ninth grade great land which was concealed in the Void Realm by a mysterious concealment formation.

In the center of the land stood a gigantic palace which was made of black jade. A group of young girls resided within the palace. Each and every one of them emanated a powerful qi.

The huge palace was built with countless rooms and halls. The most luxurious hall of all was heavily protected by multiple defensive formations. Ordinary imperial concubines were unable to get near it at all.

A black behemoth was within the hall which was tightly secured. Its body was at least one million zhang* large.

Black qi revolved around its body. The air within the hall was filled with pungent odor of fester. Apparently, it was caused by its wounds which had festered.

No one knew exactly how long that massive beast had been lying here. In front of that behemoth was an ancient dark-purple stone tablet.

That beast seemed to be struggling to absorb something from the tablet.

“I don’t have much ‘spirit’ left… This tablet of the Fu Li Race is my last True Spirit Treasure. After absorbing its ‘spirit’, perhaps there isn’t anything else that could replenish my spirit… The Ninth Grade True Spirit Race! I’ll definitely repay whatever you have done to me!”

The monstrous creature had a hideous demon avatar but its voice was exceptionally soft like that of a woman’s.

This beast was none other than the Spirit King who had been grievously injured. Ever since she had succeeded the former Spirit King, she had never plucked any imperial concubines anymore. The reason was because she was not a male.

“Nalan Zi has personally gone down to the mortal world in search of the remaining ashes of the Celestial Emperor’s medicines. If she fails, she won’t have to live anymore!” The giant beast snorted coldly. The next moment, she was once again absorbed in her own thoughts.

“Apparently, a low-grade imperial concubine had once recommended a spirit augmentation master from that world. If I’m not wrong, that person is a Demon General who guards the Demon Marshal, Lu Daochen… If this guy is sincere in submitting to the authority of the Spirit King Palace, I will grant him a land of the second grade and help him change his bloodline multiple times within one thousand years. With my assistance, it won’t be hard for him to attain the Life Immortal Realm… If he could augment a True Spirit Treasure, then my ‘spirit’ could then be replenished…”

The giant beast muttered to itself. After a long while, its pupils enlarged suddenly.

When the spirituality of the ancestor tablet of the Fu Li Race before its eyes was about to be completely depleted, a name suddenly appeared on the tablet!

That name was ranked somewhere below the others. Unfortunately, before it was completely displayed, the tablet lost its spirituality and completely broke.

In spite of that, the giant beast was filled with utter shock.

“A demon ancestor of the Fu Li Race?! This race has been wiped out for countless years already but now a new member of the race has been born?! Besides, the new member is a being who possesses ancestor level bloodline! Being able to be ranked on the tablet under countless generations of ancestors of this race, that person must at least hold 3 drops of ancestor blood and more…”

The ancestor blood could only be cultivated. Those who were able to cultivate a single drop of ancestor blood within a million years would be qualified enough to be considered top talents. Other than that method, one could only get a drop of ancestor blood by luck from the bestowal of the ancestor shadow.

Furthermore, ancestor blood could never be seized from others.

The gigantic beast became silent while guessing the identity of the new ancestor of the Fu Li Race.

“This person has more than 3 drops of ancestor blood. If this person is a woman, she will be useless to me. If this person is a man… if I can find him and get his help, I won’t only have the hope of a complete recovery but also have the curse of my race be lifted by him… After all, my race was once… the slaves of the Fu Li Race…”

“However, if this person managed to cultivate 3 drops of ancestor blood, it must have gone through at least three million years of bitter cultivation… Based on that calculation, its cultivation level is probably above the Life Immortal Realm… I suppose that it has yet to advance into the True Immortal Realm which is the Third Step of cultivation. If he possesses such power, it would be impossible for him not to reveal itself, judging by the pride and the wild behavior of the Fu Li Race. He would definitely have initiated a large-scale massacre at the Land of Demons… Hmm. This new ancestor of the Fu Li Race must be hiding somewhere in the Land of Demons to cultivate!”

The giant beast had no idea that her judgement was completely wrong.

Information about the Fu Li Race was forbidden knowledge. Other than the Spirit Kings of the past dynasties including the current one, no one knew anything about them.

Because none of the lower-level beings knew how honorable a member of the Fu Li Race was, Wu Yan did not report about the birth of a royalty of the Fu Li Race in the mortal world. Therefore, the giant beast was unaware that the person whom she was seeking was in the mortal world.

Ning Fan had secretly completed his Third Bloodline Awakening in the Yuan Yao World and was granted three drops of ancestor blood. As such, no one in the external world knew about it.

At the end of the day, the identity of being the old ancestor of the Fu Li Race was not useless!

However, if he intends to use this identity to obtain some benefits, it would certainly be impossible without having great power.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


1. Information corner – Cultivation level. It is divided into four steps. Ning Fan is currently at the First Step.

First Step (7 Realms)
-Vein Opening Realm
-Harmonious Spirit Realm
-Gold Core Realm
-Nascent Soul Realm
-Divine Transformation Realm [Ning Fan’s current position] 
-Void Refinement Realm
-Void Fragmentation Realm

Second Step (unknown)
-Life Immortal Realm

Third Step (unknown)

Fourth Step (unknown)
-Immortal Sovereign

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