Grasping Evil - Chapter 286 (1)

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Three days passed by in a flash.

The third Immemorial Divine Weapon was finally completed and it was also augmented with 18450 traces of “Hardness” Spirit Seal.

However, when Ning Fan got out of the Yuan Yao World, he immediately began to gather different kinds of ancient formations aside from Spirit Seals which cost him countless immortal jade in order to turn each of them into high quality formation compasses. Because of that, all his wealth was nearly expended!

Nobody knew why he needed the formation compasses. Although he did not have sufficient immortal jade to create them, he still managed to gather thousands of different types of formation diagrams.

The female corpse was following him from behind. After Lu Wan’er went out from her secluded meditation, the number of women following behind him increased to two while he was travelling around the nine divisions of the Second World to gather the formation diagrams.

Having the dragon corpse as the driver, the speed of the Golden Flame Chariot was nearly on par with the speed of a Void Refinement Realm expert!

In an instant, it could travel one hundred thousand li* and in a single day, it could move 30 million li*.

Within one year, Ning Fan had gone to every single division. Occasionally, he would take action and plunder their immortal jade. As a matter of fact, without needing him to plunder, the rulers of the demon cities where the Golden Flame Chariot went would automatically present gifts to him when they noticed that the driver of the chariot was a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse.

As such, while Ning Fan was travelling, he was gathering formation maps and producing the formation compasses using immortal jade to perfect his third Immemorial Divine Weapon.

This divine weapon could be said to be the weapon in which he spent the most effort.

On the fifth year after the battle on the Cloud Platform, Ning Fan rode on the Golden Flame Chariot to return to the Luo Yun Province because he had received a notice from Lu Daochen that the World Passage has been initiated!

Lu Wan’er was at a loss for words.

Ever since Ning Fan ended his seclusion, she had been staying together with Ning Fan for more than a year while accompanying him to travel nearly every part of the Second World.

However, the journey was too boisterous. At first, there was only the female corpse who interfered with the “wonderful thing” between the two of them. Afterwards, Ning Fan actually let all the women in his Cauldron Ring out and placed them in the Golden Flame Palace within the chariot for them to breathe some fresh air and kill their boredom.

Lu Wan’er knew that they were all Ning Fan’s female cauldrons. But she was unaware that the way Ning Fan treated his cauldrons was not strict at all. As for those cauldrons, she wondered where Ning Fan captured them from. Each and every single one of them were loyal and devoted to him so much so that they were willing to consider themselves as the female guards of the Ning Family…

Towards his enemies, Ning Fan was cold and merciless but towards his loved ones, he was not stingy at all.

Along the journey, he had also collected a lot of pills. Those of high grades were shoved into Lu Wan’er’s pouch while those of lower grades were distributed to the Harmonious Spirit Realm and Gold Core Realm cauldrons.

Moreover, there were numerous alluring women who needed to break through the bottlenecks of their cultivation pleading Ning Fan to practice dual-cultivation with them…

Due to dual-cultivating with his cauldrons, creating the formation compasses and some other reasons, there would at most be one night out of ten where Ning Fan could spend time with Lu Wan’er.

“Isn’t your harem a little too large…” Lu Wan’er muttered, as if she was complaining.

“They’ll come in handy in the future… I have this hunch!” Ning Fan gave her a slight smile.

The higher one’s cultivation level, the deeper insights they have towards the interactions between heaven and mankind. Therefore, in lots of times, the intuitions of higher level cultivators would always come true.

Lu Wan’er did not argue with him. She knew that Ning Fan might have a lot of women by his side, but those who really moved his heart were only a few.

Aside from that, judging by what she had seen, she could imagine how many bloodsheds that Ning Fan had gone through in order to obtain so many female cauldrons with such cultivation levels.

“If I am not by your side, they would be able to keep you company for me…” Lu Wan’er sighed. She had spent quite some time with the female corpse now and she knew that the latter’s importance to Ning Fan was not any weaker than hers.

However, even though Ning Fan owned more than one thousand female cauldrons, there was not a single one of them who truly understood Ning Fan’s heart. The female corpse did not have high intelligence. It was difficult for her to console Ning Fan when he was worn out.

“You are unique… Besides, aren’t you leaving with me?”

The World Passage had been opened. After entering the Third World, Ning Fan should leave this place right away after fulfilling his promise.

He was willing to bring Lu Wan’er with him. However, he was reluctant to let Lu Wan’er be away from her home only to stay inside the Cauldron Ring which was dim without natural sunlight every single day.

But if he leaves Lu Wan’er in this world, he could not feel assured that nothing would happen to her. He had killed so many people and now, all the beings in the Second World knows that Lu Wan’er was his woman. He was worried that someone might seek revenge on her…

“The current me do not have the qualifications to follow you on your journey and walk by your side. I will only become a burden to you… I want to stay here and cultivate the spirit augmentation technique. About my safety, you can be rest assured. I have the protection of my brother, master and even Elder Sister Wu Yan… As for Sister Wu Yan, do you really have ways to help her?”

“Mm…” Ning Fan did not intend to speak much. He still could not set his mind at ease in regards to the matter of Lu Wan’er’s safety.

“Let me tell you a secret. I’m sure you won’t be worried anymore… Do you know why the Spirit King Palace hopes to rope my master in?” Lu Wan’er’s large round eyes sparkled.

“Hmm? I feel strange about this too. The reputable Spirit King Palace will actually take a fancy to a Mid Divine Transformation Realm Demon General? Not only Wu Yan but also that haughty Imperial Concubine Zi seem to be extremely dreadful towards your master.”

“Imperial Concubine Zi said that the Lord Spirit King has set his eyes on my master’s talents in spirit augmentation. Within one hundred years, they will send someone to guide my master to the Land of Demons and grant him a ‘Second Grade Star Land’. Besides, they promise that within one thousand years, they will help him attain the Life Immortal Realm by any means necessary! Hehe. Therefore, not even the prince of the Demon World would dare to offend my master as he possesses such status… The Life Immortals in the Upper World could break free from the limitation of lifespan. There is no end to their longevity. They are beings who are also feared by the Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters in the mortal world… If my master breaks through to the Life Immortal Realm, I will then ask him to help you eliminate that evil Emperor Moksha and avenge you!” Lu Wan’er spoke in a serious manner.

“Life Immortal Realm… Talents in spirit augmentation…” Ning Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He could not understand why the Spirit King Palace would value Lu Daochen’s spirit augmentation technique. However, if what Lu Wan’er said was true, it seemed that she would be much safer staying by her master’s side.

Each of my enemies are all way stronger than my own cultivation level. Perhaps someday I would die because of my failure in defeating them.

Lu Daochen, however, is a popular person who is being regarded highly by the Spirit King Palace. Moreover, Lu Wan’er’s potential in spirit augmentation is not weak too. Presumably, it won’t take long before her talents are spotted by the Spirit King Palace and she would also be given the opportunity to become an immortal.

If that’s the case, having her stay by my side would in turn bury her opportunity in becoming an immortal.

Regarding the feuds that I created in the past… Once the news about Lu Daochen being recruited by the Spirit King Palace is widely publicized, even the True Spirit Races from the Upper World won’t be daring enough to touch the demons of the Luo Yun Tribe anymore.

The members of the Ice Owl Race would not hurt Lu Wan’er and offend Lu Daochen just for the sake of a Divine Transformation Realm junior as it would only establish a heavy enmity with the Spirit King Palace!

Let’s just take the bossy Imperial Concubine Zi for example. No one dares to lay a finger on such supercilious woman. That just proves how prestigious the Spirit King Palace is.

“Spirit King Palace… It just strengthens my will to abduct Imperial Concubine Zi and save Wu Yan. I will only let Wu Yan return to the Spirit King Palace alone this time. As such, she won’t need to be imprisoned for ten thousand years. As for the disappearance of Imperial Concubine Zi, I must make it a mystery that can’t be solved! Then, with Lu Daochen’s protection within this Second World as well as Wu Yan’s help from the external side, Wan’er’s safety would be guaranteed. Besides, it is very likely that she would break through to the Life Immortal Realm in just hundreds or thousands of years…”

Ning Fan’s mind was flooded with thoughts. In the end, he did not persuade Lu Wan’er to leave with him.

Since she is able to peacefully cultivate under the aegis of her brother and master, there is no point in making her follow me wandering from place to place and endure hardships.

Being able to stay together with one’s family is truly a bliss…

“Family…” Ning Fan bitterly smiled. Staying together with his family was just a wishful thought to him.

It seemed that he was destined to lead a busy life full of adventure.

The female corpse remained silent all this time while sitting on a bluestone outside the Golden Flame Place doing her embroidery.

Meanwhile, Mu Xiaohuan was chewing on a small biscuit with her eyes open wide while looking at the pattern of the embroidery in a daze…

It was a picture of two butterflies. One of them looked ordinary, as if it were looking for a place of peace and serenity while the other one was half black and half white…

When Ning Fan noticed that pattern, a hint of nostalgia surged within his heart.

“Lu Wu, Star Palace, Medicinal Garden… I wonder if there is anything that could allow the female corpse to regain a bit of her memories or recover a little of her intelligence in the Third World…”

A ray of golden light flashed past the sky above the province, moving straight to the southern part of it.

Half a month later, the Golden Flame Chariot landed on the southern region of the Luo Yun Province. It was an area that bordered with the territory of the Feng Yun Tribe called Extreme Autumn Field.

The Extreme Autumn Field was actually a field covered in snow. Rows of demon guards who were clad in thick marten coats and heavy armors were stationed there. As soon as they noticed the arrival of the chariot, nearly ten thousand of them had a change in their expressions. Every single one of them put down their weapons and cupped their fists.

“I am Feng Han, a Demon General from the Feng Yun Tribe1. Greetings to General Bei from the Luo Yun Tribe!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Feng Yun Tribe 风昀部 fēng yún bù Feng (风fēng) literally means wind Yun (昀yún) literally means sunlight

  2. Luo Yun Tribe 罗云部 luó yún bù Luo (罗luó) literally means net Yun (云yún) literally means cloud

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