Grasping Evil - Chapter 286 (2)

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Among the ten thousand troops, there were four hundred Nascent Soul Realm Demon Soldiers. The one leading them was an Early Divine Transformation Realm general.

The Feng Yun Tribe was ranked third among the nine divisions. In the past, the Demon Generals of that tribe used to put on airs when facing anyone from the Luo Yun Tribe.

However, ever since the battle on the Cloud Platform, the reputation of the Luo Yun Tribe was greatly increased because of Ning Fan. Besides, there were quite a number of demons who suggested to adjust the rankings of the demon tribes by making the Luo Yun Tribe as the first division, replacing the position currently held by the Pure Flame Tribe. However, their suggestions were rejected by Lu Daochen with a laugh.

In the past, the Early Divine Transformation Realm general Feng Han would never show a friendly face towards any generals of the Luo Yun Tribe.

Today, however, he felt fear that was so strong that it was suffocating since he was standing right in front of the Golden Flame Chariot.

A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse of a black dragon?! A refined corpse at such a powerful cultivation level is just responsible for pulling the chariot?!

Feng Han was obviously afraid of the black dragon. A single collision with that creature was all it takes to send him to hell.

Without needing Ning Fan to reveal his face, Feng Han was already exceptionally respectful towards him.

The female cauldrons had long been kept by Ning Fan into his Cauldron Ring.

Now, there was only Lu Wan’er following behind him. Yes. The female corpse was also kept by him.

Ning Fan lifted the golden curtains of fire and took a look outside of the chariot. His single glance made the aura emanated by all the demon soldiers including Feng Han to shrink for a moment.

That look on his face was not fierce but it had the supreme prestige of a high-level being.

Feng Han’s mind suddenly had a wrong impression that the person who was standing in front of him was not the Early Divine Transformation Realm Ning Fan but an old ancestor of a True Spirit Race with unfathomable cultivation level!

The first benefit the four drops of ancestor blood brought Ning Fan was making him give off a terrifyingly intimidating aura towards the demon race.

Feng Han cupped his fists and lowered his head, not daring to meet Ning Fan’s eyes again. He then uttered with great respect, “The venerated demons from the Upper World and the Honorable Demon Generals of the nine divisions are all waiting at the western region of the Extreme Autumn Field for your arrival. The ancient formation has already been completed. Everything needed for the sacrificial ceremony has been prepared. Now, the only thing left is the map pieces in your hands. After that, you can then ascend the World Passage and enter the Third World!”

“Mm. The western region, huh. You’ll drive the chariot for me. Lead the way!”

Ning Fan’s words startled everyone at the scene. He wanted Feng Han to be his driver. That actually was beyond Lu Wan’er’s anticipation.

Thousands of demon guards of the Feng Yun Tribe were stunned. However, they did not regard Ning Fan’s words as a humiliation. In stark contrast, they considered it as an opportunity. Each and every one of them looked at Feng Han with a hint of admiration and envy.

As for Feng Han, his facial expression was filled with excitement. Without any hesitation, he moved one step forward, cupped his fists and agreed to Ning Fan’s request.


In fact, his eyes were blazing with enthusiasm. He had never expected that he would have the honor of riding on the Golden Flame Chariot.

The Golden Flame Chariot which was pulled by a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm black dragon moved with incredibly high speed which no one could see clearly with their naked eyes. It was said that whichever demon city it arrived, no one would know when it came nor when it went. Moreover, among the nine divisions, its unbelievable speed became widely spread making it almost like a chariot that would only appear in fairy tales. Feng Han had been dreaming to experience a ride on the chariot to witness how fast it could actually go.

The Feng Yun Tribe mainly cultivated the element of wind. As for Feng Han, the main attribute he cultivated was speed. Despite him being just an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert, he already possess speed equivalent to that of a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert.

Feng Han had imagined that if he could take a ride on the Golden Flame Chariot even only once, it would certainly be very beneficial to his comprehension of speed.

Therefore, he did not think it was a shame to drive for Ning Fan but… it was an honor to do so instead!

Lu Wan’er was left speechless once more.

She did not know why her husband was able to command a Demon General from an enemy tribe like his own subordinate and make the latter take heed of his instructions without any objections.

What made her truly be at a loss for words was seeing how Feng Han was actually wearing an enthusiastic look on his face, as if he could not wait to drive the chariot for Ning Fan.

“Ning Fan, you have figured out that Feng Han wanted to take a ride on the Golden Flame Chariot in order to gain some insights at first glance, right?” Lu Wan’er’s bright eyes blinked. She was a woman of intelligence. Therefore, she instantly understood why Ning Fan would say those shocking words just now.

“I didn’t think that much… If he were to refuse, I would then have a reason to kill him and seize his treasures. Recently, I’m running out of immortal jade…”

Ning Fan shook his head and laughed. No one knew whether what he said was true or not.

If Lu Wan’er had known about his deeds in the Demon Sinister Forest, she would then find out how benevolent Ning Fan was in this Land of Slumber.

The massacres he committed were not many actually.

Well, there was no way he could have slaughtered more demons. Each of the Honorable Demon Generals were astute. Like the Earth General, in order to resolve his previous offenses, he took the initiative to give Ning Fan a large sum of compensation amounting to hundreds of millions of immortal jade as an apology. As such, regardless of how atrocious and ferocious Ning Fan was, he would find it pointless to annihilate the Lie Tu Tribe…

In the western region of the snowfield, an extensively large formation that continuously stretched to hundreds of thousands of li* of mountains could be seen in the distance.

Outside the formation stood countless demon cultivators, making them look as thick as stalks in a field of flax. There were innumerable demon beasts hanging upside-down within the formation. They were the offerings prepared for establishing the formation. Aside from that, there was a massive but indistinct light portal which glowed in a dark red color suspended in midair.

The light portal was still yet to activate as the only thing that was missing was the complete map.

As a matter of fact, the nine pieces of the map had concealed a trace of Lu Wu’s qi which was the final key to unlocking the portal.

The closer they got to the portal, the closer they were to the moment where they would have to part with each other. Reluctance began to fill Lu Wan’er’s heart. Once Ning Fan enters the portal, perhaps he would not be able to go back to the Luo Yun Province in a short period of time.

“Ning Fan…” Lu Wan’er really wanted to ask Ning Fan to stay here together with her forever. However, she knew that Ning Fan still had many important things to do.

“I’ll be back!” Ning Fan stroked her cheek and gave her a gentle smile.

A ray of golden light pierced through the horizon and flashed by in the sky. Eventually, it turned into a golden chariot and landed on the snowfield.

At the moment when the chariot arrived, all the demon cultivators present were awestruck.

“Look! The chariot is really being pulled by a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm black dragon! The rumors are true! This General Bei must never be provoked!”

“Exactly! A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse… That corpse alone is more than enough to annihilate any of the nine tribes… Lu Bei has the refined corpse. The Luo Yun Tribe has Lu Bei. In other words, we must not offend the Luo Yun Tribe!”

Each and every one of the demons held their breaths in dread as all their eyes were fixed on the chariot. Besides, quite a number of them noticed that the person who was driving the chariot at the front was actually the general from the Feng Yun Tribe, Feng Han.

The Honorable Demon General of the Feng Yun Tribe, the Wind General made a forced smile. The mighty prestige ofGeneral Bei from the Luo Yun Tribe was more than enough to make any ordinary Divine Transformation Realm being to drive the chariot… Unfortunately, it was the good-for-nothing general from his own tribe. Seeing his own general driving the chariot for Ning Fan, he could only smile awkwardly.

Wu Yan’s eyes revealed a hint of admiration. When she saw Ning Fan and Lu Wan’er walking out from the chariot side by side, the admiration in her eyes grew, containing a trace of envy.

Will there be anyone who could accompany me to travel to the ends of the earth on a Golden Flame Chariot?

Will there be anyone who would kill six Divine Transformation Realm beings on the Cloud Platform out of anger just because I am hurt?

“He said that he will help me. Will he keep his promise?”

Imperial Concubine Zi’s phoenix eyes turned gloomy. She could hardly maintain her composure after seeing a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse of a black dragon in person.

“This kid actually has such a powerful refined corpse. Detestable… If that’s the case, I can’t easily take action against him in the Third World!”

Prince Qu Shun’s eyes brightened with interest. If there is anyone from the Demon World at the scene, they would definitely be stunned to find that the prince has actually revealed a raging battle intent against that man!

“This Lu Bei will be my formidable rival in my path of asking the Dao! He… isn’t just an ant!”

The potential that Qu Shun had been holding back was not any weaker than Ning Fan’s. Besides, if he really displays all of his hidden techniques and fight a life and death battle against Ning Fan now, he has 70% confidence in winning!

After all, he was an expert at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm. Moreover, he was one of the most outstanding beings among the experts at the same cultivation level as him.

The most ruthless thing he had ever done was beating up a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm old monster until he was in a grievous state!

Currently, the hostility that Qu Shun had towards Ning Fan had reduced as he gradually saw the latter as a worthy foe.

A formidable opponent was a person that must be surpassed in a fair and straightforward manner. When it comes to competing with people like that, Qu Shun would definitely not use any underhanded tactics!

“Unfortunately, you have just attained the Early Divine Transformation Realm. Besides, your main cultivation power which is magic power is only at the Half Step Divine Transformation Realm. The current you won’t be able to defeat me at all… I will give you enough time to grow and improve yourself. Someday in the future, when you reach the same level as me, I will have a fair fight with you!”

The competitive look on Qu Shun’s face gradually faded. It was then replaced by an extremely domineering look. One could only notice his lips moving without emitting any noises.

At this moment, the Divine Transformation Realm experts from the Demon World who were standing behind Qu Shun solemnly straightened up their bodies.

They had received a command from Prince Qu Shun through telepathy!

“Competing for the Star of the Celestial Emperor is our top priority. However, if you can avoid hurting Lu Bei, then do so… I have a feeling that I will meet this kid again someday in the future! I want to let him stay alive until that time and defeat him with sheer strength and power. Then, I shall use his defeat to strengthen my heart of victory which has not been broken even after one hundred battles! He is qualified enough to be my strongest adversary in my journey on the nine worlds!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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