Grasping Evil - Chapter 288

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The walls of the Human Hall was emanating starlight. Each of the bricks and tiles were bright and transparent like glass.

The complicated paths led to different palaces which were not built in an orderly manner. Instead, they were built according to a strange and confusing formation. Any ordinary Divine Transformation Realm experts who loses their way within the hall would be trapped within one of the palaces as they would keep returning to their starting area without being able to discover a correct path.

Somewhere outside the palaces, heavy footsteps could be heard from afar.

The sound of footsteps was slow and calm, as if each of steps was made after carefully considering things.

However, every area that person passed by would cause a drizzle to fall.

Even though it was just a bit of rain, whenever the droplets of rain fall upon the spiritual herbs, they would immediately turn as sharp as knives and cut each of the spiritual herbs. Then, all of the herbs would be gently kept into the storage pouch by the owner of the sound of the footsteps.

After a month, he had only travelled for thousands of li* on foot. However, the comprehension he obtained throughout the whole month caused his Divine Intent of Rain to undergo the transformation of misty rain.

Ning Fan did not utter a single word. When he lifted his finger, thousands of rain drops immediately transformed into hazy mist that was both foggy and illusory.

Suddenly, his eyes turned serious and his aura force experienced an abrupt change. Billions of drops of rain scattered and disappeared, leaving only 999 dark red rain droplets above the sky.

He then opened his mouth and inhaled. The 999 blood-red rain droplets were directly sucked into his mouth. Afterwards, he smiled.

“In order to enhance one’s intent realm, the first step is to ascertain the direction of cultivation. The cultivation for the Divine Intent of Rain is about the droplets of rain. Throughout the month, I have condensed a total of 999 droplets of ‘Natal Divine Rain’. If I manage to condense one thousand drops of them, my Divine Intent of Rain would probably achieve Small Accomplishment! Condense!”

Ning Fan held his hand high and grasped the air above. Countless misty rain intent surged into the sky and fell down in the form of rain.

When each drop touched the ground, it caused fog to rise. Ning Fan then extracted a trace of the fog and condensed it within his palm. One day later, countless traces of rain mist were congealed into a drop of dark red rain.

That drop of bloody-red rain was powerful enough to eliminate an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert!

As he swallowed it down, a concentrated rain intent built up within his body. After that, bloody rain droplets began to pour down heavily, turning into a hazy mist.

“It’s complete! My rain intent has achieved Small Accomplishment! If it wasn’t for a unique place like this Star Palace, it would be extremely difficult to cultivate my rain intent to the level of Small Accomplishment… I wonder how much power my magical techniques would be enhanced after fusing my current rain intent with them!”

Ning Fan randomly displayed the Ice Rain Technique. Actually, he no longer used this technique anymore as it was just a mere Spirit Realm technique. Now, he just wanted to test its power to see how strong it had become after his rain intent had improved.

However, with just a single attempt, Ning Fan’s eyes slightly widened in surprise. A thousand drops of blood-red arrow-like ice rain were shot out. After fusing his divine intent of Small Accomplishment, his Ice Rain Technique was able to wipe out one thousand Early Nascent Soul Realm experts at a time. When all the projectiles were combined into a single attack, it was probably even strong enough to put an expert of the Early Divine Transformation Realm in a grievously wounded state!

Being able to enhance a Spirit Realm magical technique to the point of injuring a Divine Transformation Realm expert. Divine intent of Small Accomplishment is indeed exceptional.

If there are ten thousand drops of rain, then wouldn’t I be invincible among the experts below the Void Refinement Realm?

After achieving Small Accomplishment for his divine intent, the restraint of the demon intent from the Star Palace upon his ability to fly greatly weakened. Perhaps it would not be as easy as before to make use of the suppression from the demon intent to cultivate his rain intent.

He withdrew his rain intent and dismissed the rain above the sky as he closed his eyes. When he reopened them, his body was filled with a strong devil qi. Each step he made would splash countless virtual shadows of black dust and ashes.

“My rain intent has reached the level of Small Accomplishment. It will be difficult to improve it more for now. It is truly unfortunate. But I can take advantage of this opportunity to improve my devil intent… Sixth Grade Devil Intent, the Devil Intent of Evil Luo Mountain. Just causing dust to fly in the air with every step I take is nowhere near enough!”

Ten days later, the dust which he caused to rise turned into shadows of stones the size of his fist.

Half a month later, for every step he made, there would be shadows of large black rocks growing out of the land by his sides.

One month later, wherever he goes, virtual shadows of black hills could be seen.

At first, the hills were just as tall as ten zhang*. However, under the continuous refinement of his devil intent every day, the hill grew taller and eventually became 999 zhang* tall massive mountain.

Ning Fan stopped, no longer taking any step further.

With a single thought, a black evil mountain emanating ferocious qi rose abruptly out of the ground beneath his feet, reaching a height of 999 zhang*.

“The Devil Intent of Evil Luo Mountain… This intent is about cultivating the height of the mountain. Using my devil intent to congeal the mountain, my ‘Natal Devil Mountain’ has grown to 999 zhang* tall in a month! When it reaches the height of 1000 zhang*, my Devil Intent of Mountain will then achieve the level of Small Accomplishment!”

Standing at the summit of the mountain, Ning Fan expelled traces of devil qi from his body, condensing it into the hill below his feet. Inch by inch, its height gradually increased.

When it had grown as tall as one thousand zhang*, Ning Fan opened his eyes. Spreading out his devil qi in all directions, he dismissed the shadow of the hill and landed on the ground. He then lifted one of his palms in the sky. When he activated his devil qi, a thousand zhang* tall devil mountain immediately emerged!


The force of that falling mountain was extremely terrifying!

At the moment it crashed onto the ground, the vicinity of hundreds of thousands of li* around the Star Palace shook violently!

Ning Fan’s eyes lit up!

“If my ‘Natal Devil Mountain’ grows to ten thousand zhang* tall, the force from that strike would be enough to eliminate a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert!”

After his devil intent attained Small Accomplishment, it was difficult to improve it using the demon intent of the Star Palace.

After dispersing his devil intent and devil mountain, Ning Fan took a step forward and spread his purple wings. The color of his hair became dark purple, a pair of horns grew out of his head and his body began to be covered with dark purple scales.

It was the demon form of Fu Li.

“Demon intent is decided by demon blood. Since the Fu Li Race has gone extinct, I have no idea what grade this Fu Li’s demon intent would be ranked… But I presume that it must not be any weaker than the dragon or phoenix bloodlines. The cultivation of this demon intent is about one’s demon form!”

Recalling Li Ban and the other generals who easily displayed their thousand zhang* large demon forms, Ning Fan smiled bitterly.

“Apparently, Li Ban’s demon intent has already attained the level of Small Accomplishment. If it wasn’t because of my interference, he would have long broken through the Mid Divine Transformation Realm.”

“Cultivating the demon form is inevitable. However, if my Fu Li’s demon form enhances its power through increasing the size of the body, it will be opposing the path of my body refining techniques. An enlarged body might have astonishing strength, but a smaller and more refined body could focus all strength at one point and thus, its explosive power is much stronger… As such, if I refuse to enhance my Fu Li’s demon form based on its size, which aspect should I start?”

As Ning Fan was recollecting the unique characteristics of the Fu Li demons, his eyes gradually became clear.

“Demon wings! Yes. Instead of increasing the power of my Fu Li’s avatar, I could choose to increase its speed… Therefore, I shall condense the ‘Natal Demon Wings’ for my demon intent. It’s for the best!”

Within a period of a month, Ning Fan intended to use his Fu Li demon intent to congeal one thousand black plumes and add them onto his wings!

His cultivation level might not have increased but his ability greatly improved.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed. Within that period of time, some demon generals had managed to enter the Earth Hall one after another.

Naturally, the danger hidden at the end of the Human Hall had gradually surfaced from the dark…

Somewhere inside a giant door, two demon generals were battling arduously with four silver beast shadows.

The four silver beasts were at least a thousand zhang* large. If one took a closer look, each of them had four horns on their heads. They had only a single eye and armed with large protruding fangs like those of a hungry wolf. Every one of them emanated Early Divine Transformation Realm auras!

Wild Beasts!

The four of them were all Wild Beasts. Originally, they had been slumbering for innumerable years within this palace. However, after the giant door was opened, they were immediately awakened.

“Intruders of the Star Palace shall die!”

However, facing the attacks from the four Wild Beasts, the two demon generals were calm and composed as they could deal with their attacks without any pressure.

Between the two of them, the white-robed demon general who had a handsome appearance gave out a flash of blinding light and immediately showed his demon form. After turning into a thousand zhang large* five-tailed lightning fox, he showed no signs of losing even though he was facing two Wild Beasts at a time!

When the lightning fox howled, thunder rumbled and lightning struck. Under the attack of the fox’s lightning, the two silver beasts were gradually losing ground, showing signs of defeat.

Seeing the conditions of the Wild Beasts, the demon fox became more collected and laughed loudly.

“So this is the Star Palace? Interesting. I’m really eager to know why the land where Demon Marshal Lu slumbered would be turned into this Star Palace! Based on the compass, it sensed that Lord Cloud General has already ventured much deeper within. I wonder if he has managed to find Demon Marshal Lu… As for Lu Bei, could he be facing some troubles? According to the compass, it shows that his position is still very far behind us… Hmm. Apparently, my brother-in-law is unable to join us to hunt these four Wild Beasts in time. It’s really unfortunate for him. If he were here, perhaps he could wipe out the four of them with just a sword attack!”

This demon fox was none other than the demon avatar of Lu Wan’er’s brother, Lu Sheng!

The red-armored demon general beside him was even more ruthless and savage than him. Without transforming into his demon form, he resisted the Wild Beasts by just literally using his physical body.

His magic power was closely approaching the Mid Divine Transformation Realm while his body refining realm had just broken through the Second Level of Jade Life Realm not long ago. The strength of his punches was similar to an attack of a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert. The Wild Beasts were unable to match him at all.

Every time he sent the silver beasts flying one thousand li* backwards with his punch, he would then burst out into violent laughter. At the same time, the two Wild Beasts that were confronting him were getting more and more severely injured.

“Mere Wild Beasts… How dare you block my path?! You are just courting death!”


Another punch was thrown, landing on one of the beasts’ head. The force of his punch then crushed its bones from its skull to its whole body, causing its thousand zhang* large body to lie powerlessly on the ground like a pile of mud while emitting angry roars.

The red-armored man did not utter much. He lifted one of his legs and stomped on the beast, turning it completely into a pile of bloody meat!

The next moment, his piecing cold gaze fixed on the remaining Wild Beast. He performed a hand seal and immediately, a thousand zhang* large fire crab’s pincers emerged within the palace. Brutally, it snapped at the Wild Beast, directly cutting it in half!

From the lumps of meat, he took out two silver demon pills and let out a hearty laughter. Although the battle had consumed much of his strength and demon power and had even inflicted some injuries on him, his eyes were still filled with ferocious battle intent.

“Brother Lu Sheng, the defense of your Lightning Fox’s Nine Transformations is rather excellent. However, its attack seems to be a little weak. I have already killed 2 beasts in a row!”

“How can I even be compared to you…” The demon fox forced a smile. His demon pupils turned serious and his virtual shadow flashed. Countless rays of lightning were summoned out from his body, turning into eight lightning shadows of a giant fox. Each of them emanated the aura of a fake Wild Beast.

Eight out of the nine were illusory and only one of them was real. The nine demon foxes initiated deadly attacks towards the two Wild Beasts. The result of the battle would be decided very quickly.

Among the eight illusions, six of them were destroyed. However, the two Wild Beasts were already bitten to death by the demon fox.

“It’s done!”

The demon fox dismissed his illusions and dispersed his demon avatar, returning to the form of a white-robed young man. Holding two demon pills dripping with fresh blood in his hand, his countenance remained tranquil.

Even though his face was pale and his demon power was more or less expended, he was feeling quite delighted with his results.

After all, he and Lu Ao had obtained two demon pills of Wild Beasts each!

“Lu Bei has missed such a great opportunity. What a pity… Fine. I have two demon pills in my hands. I’ll just give him one. Let’s remain here and treat our injuries while waiting for his arrival. Then, we shall enter the next hall together!”

Lu Sheng kept the demon pills with a slight smile. As he was planning to sit down in a meditative pose, his smile hardened at the next moment.

The giant door from that other entrance was open!

Three grim and malicious shadows slowly walked out with cold smiles.

“Two Early Divine Transformation Realm experts actually killed four Wild Beasts. I have to admit that the both of you are strong. Unfortunately, no matter how strong you may be, you are still just ants from the mortal world! Hand over the four demon pills and your corpses will be left intact!”

Two shadows walked out from the dark and revealed themselves. Both of them were wearing black armor and they were experts of Mid Divine Transformation Realm. At first sight, Lu Sheng recognized them. They were the last two Divine Transformation Realm experts brought by Wang Xiao. Immediately, Lu Sheng’s face was filled with seriousness!

“You are demon generals from the Upper World. You want to kill us and seize our treasures?!” Lu Sheng coldly utterd.

“So what if we are going to kill you?! We are afraid of Lu Bei, not ordinary demon generals of the mortal world like you! Spiritual puppet, appear!”

As the taller black-armored demon general shouted that command, the third shadow loomed from the dark. From its aura, it was a Late Divine Transformation Realm gimmick puppet!

Lu Ao’s eyes turned gloomy.

This battle is going to be fraught with grim possibilities.

“Lu Sheng, you quickly escape from this door. The compass shows that Lu Bei is just behind this door. I’ll help you to hold them back!”

“Ridiculous! I, Lu Sheng is also a demon general who has gone through thousands of battles. As a demon general of the Luo Yun Tribe, how could I turn my back on my comrade?! Blood Ignition!”

Without hesitation, Lu Sheng actually ignited his demon blood!

He was fully aware that if he does not fight with all his might today, he will certainly die fighting against two Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts and a Late Divine Transformation Realm puppet!

“Demon avatar appear!”

In a flash, Lu Sheng turned into a thousand zhang* large lightning fox. This time however, the body of the fox was blazing with blood light!

“Oh? Interesting. A mere ant from the mortal world has actually achieved Small Accomplishment for his demon intent and cultivated his demon avatar to one thousand zhang* large! If you consume enough demon pills of Wild Beasts, it won’t take too long for you to advance into the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance anymore! Spiritual puppet, kill!”

Like a black squall, the jet-black spiritual puppet hurled a punch at the lightning fox!

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