Grasping Evil - Chapter 291 (1)

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The gigantic bear withdrew… It did not have the confidence to withstand the aura force of Ning Fan’s ancestor blood or guarantee its victory against him.

Despite being just an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert, Ning Fan gave a strong sense of threat to the gigantic bear. It was because of this threatening feeling that made it give up its intention of continuing the pursuit of the two women.

Moreover, the beast was unable to imagine how powerful and influential Ning Fan’s background must be since he possessed an aura force equivalent to that of a royal demon with ancestor blood.

Its name was Man Shan1. It might have tremendous strength which could allow it to lift mountains but it was not a blockhead… It knew once it offends a demon with a demon bloodline like that, it would certainly also provoke his entire race… If that happens, even though he was an expert of the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, he would surely not escape death!

The words that Ning Fan uttered were really not pleasant to its ears. However, the gigantic beast, Man Shan could not resist retreating!

“Fine. Luckily those two women had only torn away half of the zoysia leaf. Although the zoysia leaf is also precious, the most precious part is the main body of the ‘Star Tempering Purple Zoysia’. It isn’t worth offending a fierce demon with ancestor blood for just half a piece of the zoysia leaf…”

After the gigantic bear disappeared from Ning Fan’s sight, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Being able to scare off that beast was the best outcome. If he were to engage it in battle, he would have a fifty percent chance of ending up dead. As such, he was also not willing to fight the bear if it was not as a last resort.

What concerned him the most was the original body of the gigantic bear. Without a doubt, it was the body of a star spirit. However, its star blood was turning into demon blood, making it gradually transform into an ordinary Wild Beast. When the transformation completes, the beast would then be able to leave the Star Palace forever and survive at other places. It could cross the Void Realm and break into other realms…

“Presumably, this bear might have encountered something by luck which helped it to overcome the limitations of its body as a star spirit…”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. He cast his eyes on the unconscious Imperial Concubine Xi and eventually shifted his gaze to Wu Yan.

At this moment, Wu Yan appeared to be drowsy as her eyes were half-open, but she had seen the scene where Ning Fan frightened off a ferocious beast of Half-Step Void Refinement Realm with just a single phrase which was deeply etched within her mind.

“He…is so strong…” She mumbled. As she knew they had gotten out from the dangerous situation, her body and mind relaxed, making her be overwhelmed by exhaustion. Within seconds, she fell asleep.

The northern region of the star island was the territory of the gigantic bear, Man Shan. After meeting Ning Fan, it actually gave a strange command to its underlings.

“If you don’t want to die, then don’t roam around in the south!”

In the southern region of the island, there was an immortal’s abode which was built for temporary use. Curling smoke billowed from it.

The smoke carried a hint of medicinal fragrance. Within this simple and crude abode, there was an ancient censer which was giving out thick medicinal mist. On a bed made of stone, Wu Yan whimpered. However, when she smelled the medicinal fragrance which filled the room, her mind became calmer. She wanted to wake up from sleep, but due to her injuries she did not have the strength to open her eyes.

In drowsiness, she felt that she was gently carried with both arms. That person’s arms surrounded her clean and silky calves and her tender neck. After arriving at a certain place, she was placed on a soft flat surface.

Then, she felt a light and gentle touch on her chest which made the muscles of her whole body tense immediately. That feeling was both itchy and numbing, like electricity flowing through her body. Of course, she knew that the person was running his fingers on her bosom.

However, after that, that person did not continue violating her body. Instead, he cautiously undid her tattered green robes and undergarment.

When he accidentally tore her wounds, the half-conscious Wu Yan lightly knitted her brows together in agony. A while later, she felt that her chest was exposed to the cool air. The hands which used to be moving cautiously now gently pinched the protruding parts on her chest as if he was fondling them and teased, “What a nice pair of breasts. It’s such a pity that they were destroyed by the magical technique of the gigantic bear…”


Wu Yan really wished she could open her eyes and sit upright at the moment to teach this stinky pervert a good lesson for teasing her with those words.

Other than me, no one has ever seen my own bosom, including the other imperial concubines. Now, this stinky Lu Bei actually saw them and he… he even pinched them… He is just too detestable!

However, what was strange was that despite the embarrassment and nervousness within her heart, she did not feel especially disgusted against him.

Besides, the loneliness which had accumulated within her after spending innumerable years in her own boudoir alone made her hope that the warm manly hand could completely grab hold of her bosom and rub them…

However, what disappointed her was that Ning Fan whose intention was to treat her wounds did not proceed as she expected. He merely carefully applied ointment on the wounds on the left side of her chest.

That ointment contained incredible spiritual qi. Undoubtedly, it was made using ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs or above and it must be extremely costly.

Wu Yan could not imagine that Ning Fan would use such precious spiritual herbs which would be seen as precious treasures by just about any Divine Transformation Realm experts to only treat the wounds on her chest in a generous manner.

What was even more unexpected to her was that her body was then placed into a pool of ice-cold liquid. Apparently, it was a healing method of using a medicinal bath. However, the ingredients which were used to make the water in the bath were all ten thousand years old spiritual herbs. If Wu Yan was not wrong, these herbs were those she had gathered in the Star Palace by risking her life in the past few months.

She was touched because that person was willing to use such precious medicines to treat her wounds. At the same time, she was so angry that she almost lost her ability to cope with anger. She really hoped that she could wake up and tell Ning Fan that those spiritual herbs were not supposed to be wasted in this manner!

As soon as the medicinal liquid seeped into her wounds and flowed within her body, the pain she felt immediately diminished by a great extent. Furthermore, her body felt extremely good and comfortable.

In the water bath, she had once again fallen asleep, no longer being aware of the matters regarding the outside world.

Looking at Wu Yan whose qi was gradually stabilizing after soaking in the pool of medicinal liquid, Ning Fan wore a slight smile.

Now, this woman is considered safe.

The process of treating her wounds was indeed titillating. However, Ning Fan had no idea that his actions, teases and even his intentional squeeze on her bosom were all felt by Wu Yan, even though she fell asleep as quickly as she had gotten into the bath.

This woman sure is exceptional.

However, to Ning Fan who already had countless women by his side, beauty was what led men to their deaths. Other than the women whom he loved, he would never show his affection nor lust towards others.

Treating Wu Yan was rather easy. As for Imperial Concubine Xi, her treatment would be quite troublesome.

This girl was obviously in a state so severe that she was already on the verge of dying. But maybe it was because of the typical momentary recovery of consciousness prior to death caused her to open her eyes wide and became awake at the moment Ning Fan undid her robes!

At that moment, Ning Fan was just pulling her skirt out until her calves. Before he could undo the last button of her skirt, this girl had actually opened her eyes and witnessed everything. The surprise and awkwardness that filled her pale and delicate face gradually turned into… rage!

Although the little loli, Xi Ran had her eyes opened, she sadly realized that her limbs were too feeble to move due to the heavy injuries on her body.

She could feel a chill brushing against her lower parts. She wished that she could grab the thin blanket beside her to cover up her naked lower body but no matter how hard she tried, she could not exert any strength. The only thing she could do was clamping her knees together so that Ning Fan would not be able to completely see her private part…

“You…You…You… pervert! Shameless! Brazen! Stop looking! Stop!”

“You’re awake. But this is not a good sign…” Ning Fan frowned. If it was not because he activated his Mind Reading Technique and read Wu Yan’s mind when she still had a bit of consciousness and found out that the intimate relationship between Imperial Concubine Xi and her, he would not have troubled himself to save this girl. Perhaps, he might have behaved a little crueler by directly raping her while she still had some breaths left to pluck her…

Now, the reason why she would be awake so abruptly was not because her injuries had gotten better but because it was a sign that she was about to die…

I must immediately give her a powerful medicine or else she is going to die for sure!

“I know you! You are Lu Bei, the devil with an incredible profound bewitching technique! Don’t come close to me. Don’t use your bewitching technique on me…” Xi Ran’s face which was chubby like that of a baby was now filled with fear. She was extremely terrified, terrified that Ning Fan would charm her using his bewitching techniques and then defiled her.

Ning Fan did not give her any explanation. Without hesitation, he took out tens of types of rare spiritual herbs in a smooth manner like flowing water. When he exerted his magic power, the herbs melted into liquid. As he compressed them within his magic power, he turned into a coarse looking medicinal pill.

The medicinal effect which was contained within this rough pill was much more concentrated than that of medicinal liquid because of compression. However, because it did not go through the process of pill refinement, countless impurities and toxicity remained within. As such, after consuming it, it might produce a significant side-effect on her.

Despite that, it was more urgent to keep Xi Ran alive at this moment. Ning Fan did not have a pill that was strong enough to stop her life force from dissipating at a time like this.

What made the matter worse was that that little girl, Xi Ran was struggling, trying to resist. When she saw Ning Fan had refined some kind of odd-looking pill which he wanted to let her consume, her body began to quiver and tears started to well up within her eyes.

With a crying tone, she said, “It must be an aphrodisiac! It can’t be wrong. This pill looks so inferior. It must be the dirty aphrodisiac of rumors! I won’t eat it! I won’t!”

After knowing that Xi Ran willingly offered herself to stay on the island to help Wu Yan, Ning Fan no longer had the intention to kill her.

However, it would be extremely arduous for him to treat her as courteously as how he treated Wu Yan.

Showing no pity and gentleness on her, he directly shoved his fingers into her mouth, parting her lips and literally pushed the pill down her throat. Afterwards, he activated his demon power and aided her in digesting it.

When Xi Ran gulped down that pill, she immediately revealed a look of despair, whining and crying like a baby.

“Aphrodisiac… I’ve just eaten an aphrodisiac… I don’t want to live anymore… I want to kill myself. I want to keep my chastity since I am a reputable princess of the Profound Medicine Race…”

“Shut up! What’s the use of crying?! Keeping you alive is more difficult than making you die! Since you have energy to keep on whining, why don’t you quickly assimilate the medicinal power and keep yourself alive! Don’t you know what’s more important?! If you ever cry again, I will strip you naked and throw you on the streets of this demon city!”

Ning Fan domineeringly roared. Instantly, the little loli, Xi Ran was so shocked that she zipped her lips.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


1. Man Shan (蛮山 mán shān) 蛮(mán) means fierce, rude, reckless 山(shān) means mountain

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