Grasping Evil - Chapter 291 (2)

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In private, she was a princess of a True Spirit Race. In public, she was the representative from her race who was chosen to join the Spirit King Palace. After joining the Spirit King Palace and because of her unique potential, she was highly valued by Nalan Zi and was chosen to be one of the imperial concubines who followed her into her trip to the mortal world.

Except for the last time she was reprimanded by Nalan Zi, she had never been scolded by anyone else. Today, however, she was fiercely scolded by a man. Due to that unexpected incident, she could not help but forget to cry or shout at the moment.

“You scolded me…” Feeling wronged, Xi Ran curled her lips. As the coarse medicinal odd-looking pill was digested and its medicinal power began to flow through her body, it brought her an excruciating pain and made her want to cry once more. However, when she saw Ning Fan who was glaring at her fiercely, she immediately held back her tears.

Well, Xi Ran was really afraid that Ning Fan would strip her naked and cast her out on the streets of a demon city…

In her imagination, this Ning Fan was very terrifying. He was not only strong but also cruel and ruthless. The scariest thing about him was still his bewitching techniques…

“You’ve forced me to eat an aphrodisiac… But why would it make me feel so much pain?” Xi Ran felt even more aggrieved. She had heard her sisters in the Spirit King Palace saying that an aphrodisiac would stimulate their sexual desires thus impairing their ability to make decisions rationally, but it would give them a feeling of absolute ecstasy. In contrast to her expectations, the so-called “aphrodisiac” that Ning Fan shoved down her throat was now causing even more pain within her. Therefore, in her mind, Ning Fan had just become a big bully.

“I will tell Sister Wu Yan about what you did to me…” Xi Ran was an immature girl who only experienced little of life. If Ning Fan was truly harboring evil intentions towards her, what’s the use of complaining to Wu Yan?

Apparently, she was not aware that this place was not the Upper World where she could complain about anyone who offends her. In this world, even if she dies, no one would ever know!

After sensing Wu Yan’s qi, Xi Ran turned her head towards her with a pleading look, intending to request help from her.

To her surprise, she discovered that the last person whom she could depend on – Sister Wu Yan, was already stripped naked by Ning Fan and was sitting inside a pool of medicinal liquid for treatment.

All of a sudden, Xi Ran, who had just become quiet for a moment, immediately burst into tears.

“Don’t strip me naked. If not, I won’t be able to marry anyone else…”

“Be quiet!”

Ning Fan angrily placed his finger on her glabella, inserting the power of his Yin Plucking Finger into her, causing her to become confused with her feelings. Gradually, the pain she felt diminished and her mind was muddled by drowsiness.

After helping her completely assimilate the medicinal power of the pill, Ning Fan no longer cared about her.

This girl is rather close to Wu Yan. For the moment, it’s inappropriate for me to do anything on her considering that I’m giving face to Wu Yan.

Since she was someone that he could not keep as a cauldron, Ning Fan had no interest at all towards a pampered mistress who barely had any experience towards the realities of the world.

He took off the last piece of clothing on Xi Ran’s body and carried her naked body to the medicinal pool so that her wounds could recuperate.

At the end of the day, so what if Ning Fan sees her naked body? The matter regarding her marriage was none of his business at all.

Then, Ning Fan sat above a stone bed by himself. After regulating his breathing, he began to check the two storage pouches in front of him.

One of them belonged to Wu Yan. The ten thousand years old spiritual herbs used to treat the two women mostly came from her storage pouch. As such, Ning Fan did not incur any loss throughout the process.

The other one was of course Xi Ran’s. As he caught sight of the storage pouch, he felt stunned and could hardly believe what he had seen.

Don’t tell me that this Xi Ran is a rich little woman?

She was indeed not a weak expert as she was an expert of the Late Divine Transformation Realm. However, judging from her attitude, she was a person who wouldn’t steal, rob or kill others. By right, she should not have much wealth with her.

Like Ning Fan, even though he involved himself in bloodshed and killings almost in every place he went and caused innumerable troubles, the largest amount of wealth he obtained was just a few hundred millions of immortal jade.

But in this lady’s storage pouch, there was a billion immortal jade! Even Wu Yan had only seventy million immortal jade with her.

Other than one billion immortal jade, there were 25 pieces of Dao Crystals. Ning Fan had seen this item before during the auction held in the Pleasure Devil Sect. They were the currency used by immortals and the ratio of exchange with immortal jade was 1 to 5 million. Moreover, because it was a rare item, the bid price usually started from 5 million during auctions in the mortal world...

Aside from that, the magical treasures and pills she had was too numerous to count.

Furthermore, Ning Fan also discovered multiple types of precious Fifth Revolution vulnerary pills from her storage pouch which were strong enough to prevent an expert from dying even though he or she was inflicted with severe wounds.

If he had known that this lady actually had precious medicines like that, Ning Fan would not have needed to unnecessarily force her to consume an unrefined pill filled with impurities which caused her to experience pain and end up being fearful of him.

“This lady should not just be an imperial concubine of the Spirit King Palace. Perhaps in the Land of Demons, she has a different identity, a much more important identity than her current one.”

Ning Fan was speechless. He could at most come up with such a hypothesis. All his treasures and wealth he had were mostly looted from the battles and massacres he encountered. In the Endless Sea, he was already considered rich with the current wealth he possessed. In the eight hundred cultivation countries of the Rain World, however, he was more than enough to be considered as a being wealthier than a country.

But a mere foolish and naïve girl actually has more wealth than me… This lady must have a significant background.

Keep, keep, keep!

Ning Fan was not planning on touching Wu Yan’s items. As for Xi Ran’s items, however, all of them would of course belong to Ning Fan now!

With this one billion immortal jade, I will certainly be able to create enough formation compasses. Then, I can finally proceed to the last step of completing the third Immemorial Divine Weapon – Condensing Formations into a Weapon!

For his third Immemorial Divine Weapon, speaking of immortal jade alone, he had spent nearly billions of them… That amount of wealth he used was enough to overturn an entire high-ranked cultivation country. As such, this weapon was not a treasure which one could underestimate!

There were lots of excellent items in Xi Ran’s pouch. However, there was only one item which made Ning Fan feel strange and puzzled.

It was a leaf from a zoysia grass. It emitted a hint of starlight, making it rather bright and limpid and its veins were clearly visible.

That leaf carried a trace of the gigantic bear’s qi. Judging from the situation, this piece of leaf seemed to be the reason why the beast pursued the two.

However, Ning Fan could not understand one thing. This piece of leaf was obviously a type of spiritual medicine called Extreme Profound Zoysia which could at most survive for five thousand years. Spiritual herbs at that age would be used as ingredients to concoct Fourth Revolution pills. If the spiritual qi and the earth veins were special, it was possible that they might grow up to ten thousand years and then be used for concocting Fifth Revolution pills.

To common Divine Transformation Realm experts, the zoysia leaf which could be used to refine Fifth Revolution pills is indeed valuable. However, to an extremely rich lady like Xi Ran, it should not be enough to tempt her into the den of a gigantic bear, right?

As for the gigantic bear, it should be impossible for a dignified Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert like him to spare no effort in pursuing them for just a ten-thousand-year-old zoysia leaf…

Without a doubt, this zoysia grass must be of great value. But why is it so valuable?

“What is the mystery behind this grass…”

Ning Fan smiled bitterly.

“My ability of recognizing spiritual herbs has gradually become inadequate. The use of the Ancient Chaos Emperor’s memories has slowly diminished. In the future, I will definitely meet more excellent things that I won’t be able to discern.”

“This Xi Ran’s attitude is weak and soft. A lady with such an attitude was actually daring enough to intrude the den of the gigantic bear to pluck this grass. She must have found out the true value of this grass… A grass that could make a rich little woman who possesses one billion immortal jade feel moved would of course be exceptional. Besides, this little lady’s ability to recognize spiritual herbs is probably better than mine since she was able to tell the true value of the grass… According to what she said earlier, she claimed that she is the princess of the Profound Medicine Race… Profound Medicine Race…”

Ning Fan frowned.

“When she awakens, I could then ask her why this grass is so precious.”

With his Mind Reading Technique, Ning Fan was not worried that he could not get an answer from that little lady.

“For now, while the two of them are recovering, I shall make use of the free time to produce the formation compasses and enhance the power of my ‘Inlaid Star Compass’… After that, I will then find out what Xi Ran saw on in the zoysia leaf that made it so precious. If it’s truly a precious item which is useful to me, I will then seize the grass! If this grass is being guarded by that ferocious gigantic beast, a battle is bound to happen between me and that beast! Let’s see if this treasure will be able to withstand against the attacks from the gigantic bear when the time comes!” (To be continued)

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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