Grasping Evil - Chapter 292 (1)

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The star sea was vast and boundless. At the spot where the starlight glowed the brightest beneath this deep blue sea stood a giant palace.

It was about one hundred thousand zhang* tall and the surroundings of the palace was tightly guarded. Inside the palace, there were three huge beasts whose breaths were terrifyingly heavy. They occupied three of the thrones which were placed on the cardinal directions within the palace.  All three of them were formidable beasts of the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

Outside the palace, there were at least hundreds of Wild Beasts standing guard. Each and every one of them had menacingly heavy qi.

Among the three beasts within the palace, their leader was a silvery star dragon with a body longer than three thousand zhang*. The remaining two of them were an ape and a whale respectively.

The star dragon’s cultivation was the strongest of the three. However, at this moment, its eyes flashed with a hint of solemness and it hesitantly spoke.

“I'm sure you all know what happened on the star island… This time, the old bear was frightened by an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert to the point of completely keeping himself off from other places other than the northern region…Yuan Fang1, what are your thoughts about it?”

The giant ape who was suddenly called by the star dragon was Yuan Fang. As soon as he heard about the matter, his eyes turned gloomy as they moved to the right and left, as if he was contemplating something.

Although this beast had the lowest cultivation level among the three of them, he was still a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm Wild Beast and his body was about two thousand and five hundred Zhang* tall. Before he replied to the star dragon, the enormous whale whose body emitted starlight was one step ahead of him in voicing out his opinion. 

With an evil smirk, he uttered, “The bear demon, Man Shan? Isn’t this old bear always arrogant thinking that he is the sole ruler of the star island? Wasn’t he the one who said that anyone who intrudes the island shall die? Now, he was actually terrified by an Early Divine Transformation Realm small demon to the point of abandoning the southern region of the island? Pah! This bear has really lost his balls for him to be frightened by an Early Divine Transformation Realm demon! Big Brother, I have a suggestion in mind, but I don’t know if I should mention it or not.”

“Speak your mind!” The star dragon ordered with an imposing tone.

“This old bear guards a precious treasure - the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia. It is not only a treasure that allows the divine, demons and devil cultivators to comprehend the star force, but also a good thing for us star spirit race to break free from the illusory and become real. Based on my opinion, the reason why this old bear would be afraid of an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert is probably because he has suffered some severe injuries which weakened his cultivation level. Therefore, he compromised with an Early Divine Transformation Realm ant…If that old bear is really injured, it is the perfect chance for us to eliminate that old bear and seize his precious medicine!”

“Mm. Maybe it really is a great opportunity. If we can obtain that Star Tempering Purple Zoysia, the four of us would then have the chance of getting rid of our star spirit bodies and congeal our true demon bodies. Hasn’t Fourth Brother returned yet? It is rather strange for him not to return after so long.”

“I heard that there was an Early Divine Transformation Realm demon cultivator who trespassed Fourth Brother’s sea domain a few days ago. Despite the forceful power of his demon bloodline, the true blood of the Kunpeng Race2, the Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator still managed to slip away …Until now, Fourth Brother is still in pursuit of that person.”

“What?! I can't believe there's such a thing! Fourth Brother had awakened the true blood of the Kunpeng Race. Speaking of his speed alone, whenever he flaps his wings, he can travel a distance of 90,000 li*. It’s nearly on par with the speed of a Void Refinement Realm expert. Even so, the Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator still managed to run away?” The star dragon was slightly shocked. After pondering for a moment, he turned to the enormous ape and asked for his opinion again.

“Second Brother thinks that we should take advantage of this time and initiate an attack on the old bear while he is still in a weak condition. Yuan Fang, what do you think?”

The giant ape’s eyes flashed with wisdom. After meditating in silence for a while, he asked in reply.

“If we attack the star island, what should we do if we annoyed that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator who has occupied the southern region?”

“Annoying the Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator?” The whale demon was surprised upon hearing the ape’s words. There is nothing to do with that Early Divine Transformation Realm expert at all.  If they attack the star island, their enemies would at most be the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm bear and his subordinates. Besides, what the Early Divine Transformation Realm expert did was just scaring off the old bear who had grown timid, not killing him. As such, the whale demon did not place such a cultivator in his eyes at all.

“Perhaps that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator is not common… On the other hand, that Man Shan may not really be injured! Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator to make Man Shan so frightened to the point of backing off. Unless he is in an extremely grievous state! However, what if Man Shan does not have any injuries at all and that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator is truly an exceptional being with heaven-defying powers? Man Shan had fought Big Brother before and that bitter battle lasted for ten days without having the winner of the duel decided. In the past few years, with the help of the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia, his power must have improved by a great deal. If he isn’t injured, he alone will be enough to fight and defeat big brother. As for his two fierce wives, they aren’t weaker either. The power of the combined attack from two Peak Divine Transformation Realm female bears is comparable to that of a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert. Now, if we take that unknown Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator into consideration… on the star island, there are at least 3 beings with Half-Step Void Refinement Realm battle power, assuming that cultivator is as strong as the bear!”

The giant ape’s words made the whale demon sneer.

“An Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator who can fight a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert? Third Brother, I know that you are a vigilant person. However, I believe that you are reading too much into it this time. No matter how powerful an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator may be, it is impossible for them to fight a Half-Step Void Refinement cultivator!”

“What if that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator is the same cultivator who outran Fourth Brother?” The giant ape suddenly changed his question.

This time, his words made the star dragon and the whale demon fall into silent contemplation at the same time.

“If our Fourth Brother who carries the title as “the fastest being in the star sea” was not able to catch up to that person, perhaps that person really has some profound and powerful means… However, do you think the cultivator who escaped from Fourth Brother is the same person as the one who scared off the old bear?” The star dragon asked as he began to feel hesitant whether they should attack the star island.

“It can’t be that coincidental… Recently, there are quite a number of outsiders intruding the star palace. Perhaps they are not the same person…” The whale demon’s arrogant demeanor dissipated without him realizing it and his tone no longer sounded as certain as before. 

In the star sea, there were countless powerful beasts. Without a doubt, these four beasts were the best.

Among the four of them, the Fourth Brother, Kun Mo, had the fastest speed. He awakened the true blood of the Kunpeng Race which gave him a great pair of roc wings that allowed him to travel ninety thousand li* with just a single flap of his wings. As such, the reputation of his speed was not fake.

The biggest advantage of having a faster speed than others was that the cultivator could remain undefeated when battling against others.

The incredible speed of their attacks gave no room for their enemies to react, making their attacks difficult to defend. If they were unable to defeat their opponents, they could just choose to flee away to keep themselves safe.

In a vast and boundless place like this star sea, no matter who you have offended, as long as you have an unrivalled speed, no one would be able to do anything to you.

If the two Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators they heard about were the same person, then it would mean that there is someone who had greater speed than Kun Mo!

Faster than travelling ninety thousand li* in an instance… Could it be the speed of a Void Refinement Realm expert?

*Suck in cold breaths*

When that possibility surfaced in their minds, the star dragon and the whale demon began to rethink their original plan. After all, they would not want to offend a person whose speed was faster than Kun Mo’s, even if that person was only an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator.

If the two persons are really the same person, we have to think over our plan of attacking the star island again.

The star dragon’s heart completely wavered. However, the eyes of the whale demon still contained a hint of greed. When he thought of the unique effects of the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia, his pupils were suddenly filled with determination once more as greed clouded his judgement.

“Perhaps…. I’m just saying. Perhaps the expert whose speed is faster than our Fourth Brother has already entered the Star Gate and entered the Heaven Hall and the expert staying in the star island is not the same person as him… If that is the case, I believe that there is nothing else to worry about, right?”

“This is the portrait that I asked my men to gather. It is the appearance of the person who scared off Man Shan…”

The giant ape no longer speaks anymore. He opened his mouth and spurted out a cloud of black qi which then turned into clouds. After changing into different kinds of shapes, it eventually formed into Ning Fan’s face.

“This is the Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator at the star island… Let’s wait for our Fourth Brother to return and show us the portrait of the expert whose speed is nearly comparable to that of a Void Refinement Realm! Then, everything will be crystal clear! If they are the same person, we must never launch any attacks on the star island. This is my opinion!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Yuan Fang (袁方 yuán fāng) Yuan (袁 yuán ) is a surname in Chinese. However, the pronunciation of this word is the same as (猿 yuán) which means a type of mammal that resembles monkeys and humans. Fang (方 fāng) has multiple meanings. The most notable ones are directions, aspects and the shape of a square.

  2. Kunpeng (鲲鹏 kūn péng) The fish is the Kun, the bird is the Peng, and together they are called the Kunpeng. An unfathomably gigantic bird which transforms from a fish. Just by spreading its wings, it can shroud the heavens. And with a single flap, it can travel vast distances. (Source from Immortal Mountain, click here to view the picture

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