Grasping Evil - Chapter 292 (2)

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The star dragon remained silent whereas the whale demon’s face was filled with astonishment.

Their Third Brother, Yuan Fang, was always prudent and cautious. Every time he talks, he would always leave adequate leeway for his listeners, allowing them to come up with a decision themselves. Today, however, he obstinately stood at his opinion, firmly believing that attacking the star island was an unwise decision!

The stubbornness he had right now did not just originated from his fear towards the bear demon, Man Shan. In fact, he was feeling dreadful towards the mysterious Early Divine Transformation Realm expert!

Yuan Fang was afraid of Ning Fan, the man whom he had not even met before!

He was not scared of his Early Divine Transformation Realm power but the terrifying potential residing within the latter!

An Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator who could calmly escape from Kun Mo’s hands and even scared off the strongest expert of the star island – the bear demon, Man Shan… This person might just be a cultivator of the Early Divine Transformation Realm, but his speed is already comparable to that of a Void Refinement Realm expert, allowing him to advance and retreat freely when dealing with experts of Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. If this person breaks through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm or even the Late Divine Transformation Realm, perhaps he would be strong enough to topple the current force inhabiting the star island and rule over the island himself!

A being like this should never be offended!

What concerned Yuan Fang the most was that person’s identity!

Which force actually has the ability of cultivating such an outstanding being?

There were a total of three Star Gates in the entire star sea! Based on Yuan Fang’s investigation, there was not a single Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert among those who had entered the Star Gates. However, a few of them were still able to make Yuan Fang feel a sense of danger. Presumably, they were cultivators from the influential forces in the outside world.

Yuan Fang was not sure whether Ning Fan who had already occupied the southern region of the star island was also a disciple of one of those powerful forces.

“We shall wait for Fourth Brother to return. The whole thing will then come to light!” The star dragon uttered with a solemn tone.

Time passed by like flowing water. Three days later, a ray of light which brought forth gusts of wind and lightning arrived outside the dragon palace, creating huge turbulence within the sea!

Within the huge palace, a black shadow appeared, revealing a bald and burly man in black armor. His facial expression carried a hint of anger.

He was one of the Wild Beasts of the star sea. However, the reason why he was in human form was because he had displayed the technique of Human Shapeshifting.

“This junior brother has returned. My three Elder Brothers, I beg your pardon for being late! It’s all the fault of the Early Divine Transformation Realm ant. He’s just too cunning. In an instance, he had disappeared from my sight. Because of that, this junior brother had to search half of the sea domain of the star sea. Unfortunately, I could not find any traces of this person… This person was so audacious that he actually killed my Wild Beasts on the star sea! If I know where he is, I will definitely skin him alive and cut him into pieces!”

“Fourth Brother, please calm down. Come, show us what does the Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator look like.” Yuan Fang said with his brows knitted together.

“His appearance? Isn’t this just a small matter? However, I wonder why my three Elders Brothers would want to have a look at that ant’s face. Besides, I heard that the reason why Big Brother would summon me in such a hasty manner is to discuss about the matter of the old bear getting scared… Was the old bear really frightened by a junior?”

Kun Mo did not understand. He did not understand why everyone wished to look at the face of the person who had just annoyed him. However, he did not question much. He opened his mouth and spurt out black qi which turned into a black cloud and gradually transformed into the face of a young man.

The young man’s face was cold. His robes were white like snow and his hair was black like ink. His eyes were like the shiny stars in the night sky.

His demeanor was wild and arrogant and his aura was powerful. His presence would give anyone an intimidating feeling, making them not dare to offend him, just like a porcupine with long and pointed quills.

“It’s him! It really is him!”

The star dragon and the whale demon’s faces changed greatly. As they exchanged glances with each other, they could see the look of seriousness from each other’s face.

“What’s the matter with this man?” Kun Mo frowned. He was not a fool. Shortly after he had just arrived, he was requested by his three Elders Brothers to show them the face of this man.

Could it be that this man has created some big troubles in the star sea, causing a huge disaster on our place?

“This man is the same person who has scared off Man Shan!” Yuan Fang’s words shocked Kun Mo. It was beyond his expectations.

However, that look of surprise on his face immediately subsided, being replaced by a wild and ferocious killing intent.

“So this man is on the star island! Good! Doesn’t Big Brother have an unsettled enmity with the old bear? Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and conduct a full-scale slaughter on the star island and kill that old bear. As for that haughty Divine Transformation Realm ant, hand him over to me. I’ll deal with him myself!”

“No! That man’s speed is at the level of a Void Refinement Realm expert. If we offend him…” The star dragon hesitated. However, his hesitation turned into greed and was filled with enthusiasm after what Kun Mo had said next.

“With all due respect, I disagree with Big Brother. The reason why this man is faster than me is not because of his own powerful means, but because he has a chariot which glows with golden light! It was this treasure which has a speed comparable to that of a Void Refinement Realm expert!”

“A golden chariot which has a speed comparable to a Void Refinement Realm expert’s?!” Not only the star dragon’s eyes were burning with greed, even the whale demon began to show his greed.

“That is to say if we kill this man, then we will be able to seize that treasure! It might not be easy, but there are many benefits to be had! Yuan Fang, what do you think?!” The star dragon darted an avaricious glance at the giant ape and asked.

“Be it the golden chariot or his own speed, it is still a representation of his capabilities… My opinion is still the same. For the moment, it is an unwise decision to attack the star island. If Big Brother really wants to take revenge on the bear demon, we can wait until this person has gone through the Star Gate and left. Only then would it be safer for us to attack the star island…”

“No! I must kill this person with my own bare hands!” Kun Mo rejected Yuan Fang’s suggestion with a fierce tone. The next moment, the whale demon began to chime in with him.

“So what if this man is powerful? There are four of us here! Besides, although this man did not really confront the bear demon, he is not a friend of the bear. It will be impossible for them to join forces. Furthermore, even if they miraculously join forces with each other, there aren’t four Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts on the star island. How can they possibly withstand the four of us?!”

“But…” Yuan Fang intended to rebut. But this time, their Big Brother, the star dragon voiced out.

“Second Elder Brother is right! This is indeed a golden opportunity. We will kill this man and seize his chariot. We will also kill the old bear and take its medicine. Then, we will be able to break away from our star spirit bodies and ride the man’s chariot to traverse the Void Realm to leave this place! That’s it for our discussion. I have made the decision. We’ll launch an attack on the star island!”

Ning Fan suddenly sneezed, as if someone was discussing about him behind his back.

Looking at the two women whose injuries were gradually recovering, Ning Fan made a smile. He kept his third Immemorial Divine Weapon and rose up from the stone bed.

However, a brief moment later, his eyes slightly widened with vigilance. With a step, he flew out from the temporary abode with a cold-piercing look on his face.

Slashing the air in front of him with his finger, the forest within the vicinity of one thousand li* was chopped and shredded into pieces. In the ruins, the traces of two ladies wearing black robes were exposed. Their appearances were hideous and they did not seem to be harboring kind intentions!

“What are your purposes of coming here? If you don’t tell me the truth, don’t blame for being merciless!”

The two ugly women were surprised, but when they heard of Ning Fan’s words, they sneered.

They were both experts of the Peak Divine Transformation Realm. To them, a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator like Ning Fan was as insignificant as an ant. In their minds, killing him was just as easy as turning their hands over.

“We shall repay the humiliation that you have caused to our husband! Accept your death!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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