Grasping Evil -  Chapter 293 (2)

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Ning Fan stood outside the abode. His black hair moved by itself in the air even though there was not a breeze blowing. At this moment, his eyes were filled with an unprecedented clarity and brightness.

After spending three months in the Human Hall which was located at the outermost area of the Star Palace, he had managed to cultivate his rain intent, mountain intent and Fu Li intent to the level of Small Accomplishment.

Divine Intent. Its full name was known as the Intent of Void Divinity. In the past, Ning Fan lived in the Rain World which was mostly inhabited by humans who cultivated the divine path. Therefore, the cultivators named it as the divine intent. However, the demon race also has the demon intent while the devil race has their  devil intent. At the end of the day, naming it as divine intent was  biased. As a matter of fact, the word “intent” meant one’s intent realm.

The Intent realm was a type of profound yet mysterious comprehension. It was the comprehension that cultivators had towards the Great Dao. After fusing together with their own experiences in life and their character, it eventually congeals into a divine ability.

In other words, a cultivator’s intent realm contained all the Dao cultivated by them!

By turning the rain intent into a divine ability, it became a thousand drop blood rain which could really kill someone!

By turning the mountain into an ability, it summoned a thousand zhang* tall evil mountain which could be used to resist one’s enemies!

By turning the demon intent of Fu Li into an ability, it congealed into one thousand plumes which greatly enhances one’s speed!

The rain intent might be similar to ordinary rain falling from the sky which moisturizes the earth, but the rain that Ning Fan could summon was a blood rain that was designed to kill. The mountain intent might be like any other ordinary mountain that contained grasses and trees, but Ning Fan’s mountain was filled with evil qi.

These were the abilities he gained after cultivating his intent realms to Small Accomplishment. As his intent realms improves and attain Large Accomplishment, the power of the abilities of his intent realms would also increase. Besides, when he comprehends the Dao sense within the intent realms, he would even have the chance to create a Dao Intent Technique using his intent realm and Dao sense!

The power of a Dao Intent Technique was not just based on the level of one’s magic power but the strength of one’s intent realm.

In order to create a Dao Intent Technique, the prerequisite was having one’s intent realm attain Large Accomplishment!

“To break through to the Void Refinement Realm, my intent realms would also need to attain Large Accomplishment… However, my intent realms are rather different from those that ordinary cultivators have. Common cultivators are only able to cultivate either one of the three paths: the divine path, the devil path or the demon path. As for me, however, I have cultivated all three of them at the same time because of my Yin Yang Transformation and that’s why I managed to congeal three types of intent realms. Borrowing the demon intent of the Star Palace, I have forcibly tempered my intent realms and pushed them to the level of Small Accomplishment. But if I want to attain the Large Accomplishment, it would be extremely arduous… What should I do in order to cultivate them to the level of Large Accomplishment?”

His clear eyes began to reveal a hint of confusion. However, the more confusion he had, the deeper the comprehension he had towards his intent realms.

This comprehension was all due to the causal effect which stemmed from his thoughts and his curiosity.

This comprehension had fully inspired the confusions he had been accumulating for the past seven months.

It was as if he could now see the layer of barrier that was hindering him from advancing. As long as he breaks through that barrier, his intent realms would then attain Large Accomplishment!

Gradually, uncertainty completely filled Ning Fan’s mind, making him unable to figure out the solution no matter how hard he thought. However, at this moment, purple golden mist began to revolve around his fingertip!

“Wind Mist… Wind Mist… I have learnt this technique from the Immortal Sovereign Zi Dou. In the past, I was unable to see through the true meaning of this technique. It’s only now that I noticed that the reason why this technique is so powerful is because this technique isn’t actually as simple as a magical technique. Instead, it is a Dao Intent Technique! This Wind Mist Finger contains the Immortal Sovereign’s Dao because I’ve comprehended a trace of it. Therefore, even though my cultivation level is weak and my intent realms are weak too, the power of this finger is extremely strong. But it also means that I have yet to completely master the Wind Mist Finger. It’s because the color of this technique is golden purple, which is the color of the Immortal Sovereign. It is still his Dao!”

“I shall have my own Dao! If I don’t fuse my very own Dao into this technique, it will never truly become my Dao Intent Technique. It will only be an impressive-looking technique which lacks essence. Perhaps with the trace of power of Samsara within the technique, it might be considered heaven-defying, but if I don’t have my own Dao Intent Technique, even if I became an Immortal Emperor and completely learn this technique, it would still be the Immortal Sovereign’s Dao in the end. It will never be mine!”

“Immortal Sovereign Zi Dou had repeatedly warned me that I am different from the rest… At first, I thought I have understood what he was trying to imply. But now it seems like I have yet to fully grasp what he meant. The difference between me and the rest isn’t about my character nor my size. Instead, it’s my Dao! It’s because everyone has their own Dao and therefore, there won’t be two exactly same individuals in this world, let alone two completely identical drops of water!”

Ning Fan’s face looked even more blank than before but his heart seemed to have understood something.

“I get it now. As long as this is done, my intent realms will be able to attain Large Accomplishment! Furthermore, when it succeeds, the Wind Mist Finger will be filled with my Dao and its power will then be enhanced!”

At this moment, the blankness within his eyes dispersed as they flashed with determination. He wanted to fully perfect and master the Wind Mist Finger, the technique which he himself created!

“I will strip the Dao of the Immortal Sovereign off from it and fuse my Dao within!”

Gradually, a trace of power gradually emerged on his fingertip… It was actually… the power of the Void!

The black bear and his two wives had already gone far.

All of a sudden, the three of them stopped and landed on the ground. Their facial expressions changed drastically.

The two ugly women behaved so timidly that they did not even dare to squeak after being reprimanded by the black bear earlier wore completely different expressions. They stared at the black bear with their eyes widened in anger. The fierce man who was still acting imposing and commanding just now immediately made a nod and bowed humbly towards them.


One of the ferocious wives gave the black bear a hard slap on the face while the other directly pinched his ear.

“We purposely went here to avenge you and then you helped the outsider in return?! Acting tough and cocky now? So your back has grown stiff, huh? And you aren’t the old you anymore, huh?”

“And you even commanded us to go home and wait for you on the kang? Look at how tough you are now!”

“Let’s be frank. What has that man given you that caused you to be so protective of him?! If you don’t block us, that final attack would surely have blasted him to death!”

The black bear’s imposing manner waned. He did not dare to talk back nor resist, let alone to fight back.

“I was wrong. I truly am guilty… But blocking the two of you from him was for your own good. If I didn’t interfere, would the both of you be able to receive his finger attacks? That is an extremely profound bewitching technique which I have never even witnessed before in my whole life! If it were to affect the both of you, your struggle would be in vain even though your cultivation level is higher than his… Moreover… he still has a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm corpse hidden inside his pouch. If it wasn’t because of me, perhaps he would have straight away called out his refined corpse and taken the both of you down.”

The black bear felt really wronged. If he acted even a moment late, his wives whom he thought to be beautiful in his eyes would have been touched by Ning Fan. He was really reluctant to see it happen.

“Bewitching technique?! A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse?!”

The two ugly women were surprised. They had no idea at all that Ning Fan had such ruthless and sinister means.

To them, they had never thought that a young boy who was as thin as a rake would be so powerful.

“Is what you are saying true?!” The two females questioned.

“One hundred percent sure! If I dare to lie, then punish me by not letting me sleep on the kang tonight!” The black bear gulped audibly as he stared at his two wives with a timid look that clearly conveyed this message: ‘You know it’.

“Then what about the incident with the chicks, the reason why you would chase after them was not because of their beauty?”

“Beautiful my foot! They are only skin and bone. None of them are swarthy nor strong enough. If they were to be given to me as a present, I won’t even want them!” The black bear revealed a look of disgust. He could really not see Wu Yan and Xi Ran as anything remotely close to beautiful. He only likes black and strong women as they were vigorous in bed!

After taking a closer look at his two ugly-looking wives, the black bear nodded his head.

Indeed. It’s still my own wives who are much more pleasing to my eyes. They are just stunning. I feel like I want to take a shot in a wild area like this.

“Hmmph! Glib-tongued!”

The two females instantly felt a rush of happiness within their hearts, despite knowing their appearances were really not that presentable. After all, every woman liked to be praised for their beauty. As for their husband, they did not accuse him as they also clearly knew that there were some problems to his aesthetic standards.

Finally, they took their husband's words to be true. Perhaps what Man Shan said was a little exaggerated, but they could not deny that Ning Fan was really strong. After just a brief confrontation, he had managed to offset their aura force. Incidents like these were not something that could be done by just any ordinary being…

“Considering your sweet talk, we will only forbid you from sleeping on the kang for three days as a punishment for today’s matter…”

“Noooo! I can’t hold back that long!” The black bear covered the lower part of his body with his hand, feeling wronged. However, the next moment, all of his grievance was turned into surprise.

At the same time, the two females also turned around and gazed at the southern direction of the island in disbelief.

“Void Inquiry?! That young man… has actually comprehend a trace of the power of the Void. What is he doing?!”

Meanwhile, above the sky of the star island, an Early Divine Transformation Realm black-robed elderly man who carried a heavy smell of alcohol sat on top of a massive green wine gourd. His presence was hidden among the skies. What was strange about him was that despite having the cultivation level of Early Divine Transformation Realm, none of the Wild Beasts was able to sense his qi.

After feeling full from drinking, he let out a burp and hung down his head to look at the star island below his feet.

“This old man has already gone through the 490000 formation eyes of the Immortal Void Realm formation in the Heaven Hall. As for the eighteen doors of life and death with nine of them being the doors of death and the other nine being the doors of life, I have already gone through six of the latter… Although I haven’t found out what the secret hidden within this Star Palace is, as a deacon of the Four Oceans, I shall report back to the Immortal World after finding such changes in the Rain World with my incarnation. I can’t simply let the other deacons to get all the credit… Hai, the Rain World… It’s such a pity that I didn’t manage to meet Old Man Han. I heard that he has already gone to the Sword World. With my current authority, I am unable to go to the Sword World at the moment… Hmm? Someone is going through Void Inquiry? A mere Early Divine Transformation Realm expert is trying to comprehend the power of the Void and using it as a breakthrough point to create his very own Dao Intent Technique… Hehe. The ants from the mortal world are always ridiculously overestimating themselves, just like a mayfly which intends to shake a giant tree and a mantis which tries to stop a chariot with its delicate arms. Hai… What’s the point of it?”

*Gu Dong Gu Dong….*

The elderly man took a few gulps of wine. His expression which had just gotten sober was now dazed again.

Vaguely, he seemed to have noticed the image of the tiny figure of the Early Divine Transformation Realm expert who was trying out a thing which only Void Refinement Realm experts would dare to try overlap with an old friend of his.

When the Old Devil’s qi from the trace of Black Demon Flame within Ning Fan was exposed, the drunk old man suddenly became clear-headed!

“It’s Old Man Han’s qi! Who is this young man? What is his relation to Old Man Han?!”

The murky eyes of the black-robed man sparkled for the first time!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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