Grasping Evil - Chapter 294 (1)

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Inside the abode, the two women were still in deep slumber.

Ning Fan, however, was standing right outside with his eyes filled with determination. His finger had caused dust to fill the air in all directions!

Above the sky, golden purple smoke-like sand formed a ten thousand zhang* tall purple portrait. However, whatever thing that went into the portrait, be it the flowing clouds or the flying birds, everything would immediately be reduced to ashes and be buried in samsara!

From afar, Man Shan noticed the golden purple sand. But when he caught sight of it, he felt a slight numbing sensation running across his scalp.

It was a technique displayed by Ning Fan. With the current power of this technique, it was able to eliminate a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. However, when it was used on a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert, its destructive power would be greatly reduced. As for Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts, it was not difficult to receive the attack directly.

The black bear was capable of taking that technique head-on without a doubt. But the power that was contained in Ning Fan’s finger made him have the urge to prostrate himself and worship Ning Fan.

Before that very technique, he suddenly felt that all his demon Dao that he had been cultivating his entire life had now become empty.

When samsara rings, man’s Dao becomes empty!

The two ugly women were no longer able to retain their composure. They now realized that if Ning Fan were to display this technique in their previous encounter, both of them might not die but they would surely be injured.

To them, the Wind Mist Finger was really horrifying. If Ning Fan possesses the cultivation level of Late Divine Transformation Realm, perhaps the power of his finger would be able to neutralize them like ants!

If it wasn’t because our husband blocked him, we probably would have been injured, if not dead…

“Is this young man really just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator?”

Somewhere even higher above the sky, the black-robed elderly man put down his wine bottle and stared at the golden purple sand. Meanwhile, his facial expression gradually became serious.

Although this current clone of his was just at the Early Divine Transformation Realm, his true self was actually a strong expert at the Second Heavenly Layer of Void Fragmentation Realm!

Despite having wide knowledge and experience, he was unable to identify the principle hidden within the technique which wore away everything that passed through it.

When Ning Fan’s hand seals changed and the sand that filled the whole sky turned into a golden purple circle diagram, the elderly man’s eyes lit up!

Among the deacons of the Four Oceans, his cultivation level might be considered as inferior, but his comprehension towards the Dao of Formations was so profound that not even Life Immortals or True Immortals could compete with him!

At first glance, he found out that the transformation he had just seen contained a great principle of the Dao of Formations.

“Using circle as the formation, using the sand as the picture. I’m afraid this young man is trying to carve his intent realm on this portrait of sand and improve it to attain Large Accomplishment… The level of his comprehension in the Dao of Formations is frighteningly high, probably not even ordinary Void Fragmentation Realm experts could rival him. By the look of his bone age, this young man has yet to reach 400 years old… How does he possess such startling comprehension in the Dao of Formation?... Old Man Han, were you the one who taught him… is… he your disciple?!”

The elderly man’s eyes revealed a hint of guilt as he continued to stare at Ning Fan without uttering a single word.

However, the silence was broken after Ning Fan engraved his rain intent. His face was filled with a hint of awe.

“Eighth Grade Divine Intent - Rain Intent! This young man’s potential isn’t bad for being able to comprehend an Eighth Grade Divine Intent. If he were born in the Four Heavens, I’m afraid he would have been one of the outstanding beings who could compete with the proud sons of heaven…”

Outside the abode, Ning Fan had no idea that there was an elderly man keeping an eye on him. He only knew that the black bear and his wives were furtively observing him.

He was not afraid to expose his intent realms in front of the black bear. He might possess three types of intent realms, but when they were all engraved on the portrait, he could shield the portrait from the detection of any spirit sense with his Wind Mist Finger. In other words, the black bear would not be able to see through the secret behind it!

In his heart, he was repeatedly uttering four words – the cycle of karma. It was these four words which gave Ning Fan an inspiration which allowed him to figure out how to make his intent realms attain Large Accomplishment.

The method was to form a circle and connect different kinds of things using it.

Karma might be a powerful element in the world but at the end of the day, it still could not escape from samsara. The biggest circle in the world was none other than samsara. The current life serves as a continuation of the previous one. The interchanging of life and death. The rotation of Yin and Yang… At this moment, the understandings that Ning Fan had towards the power of samsara of his Wind Mist Finger deepened a little.

He seemed to have realized that his Yin Yang Locket which carried the great dao of Yin and Yang was still encompassed within samsara.

Ancient Chaos Emperor once sat in the audience seat listening to the Dao preaching from Immortal Sovereign Zi Dou. When inspiration struck him, he then invented the Yin Yang Transformation. I have also followed the Immortal Sovereign as my master in the illusory realm and created the Wind Mist Finger under his tutelage.

As such, there is a similarity between the Yin Yang Transformation and the Wind Mist Finger and that is... they both carry the Immortal Sovereign’s Dao!

But Ancient Chaos Emperor had stripped away the Immortal Sovereign’s Dao and fused his own into his technique. Therefore, my Wind Mist Finger is still far away from reaching the level of the Yin Yang Transformation.

“Divine Intent of Rain, condense!”

His eyes flashed as he pointed his finger towards the purple circular diagram in the sky. One thousand drops of blood-red rain fell and spread onto the portrait like a thousand dark-red plum blossoms!

His eyes showed a hint of recollection. That recollection was his memories of the Seven Apricot City.

“This rain is condensed using the killings and bloodsheds that I’ve been through in my life. As such, it’s a rain of blood, a rain of sins… However, so what if I am guilty of my crimes under the heavens? I want to let this blood-red plum flowers blossom! The Devil Intent of Mountain, condense!”

As the one thousand blood-red plum blossoms scattered, all of them became connected together by a black devil qi. Eventually, the black devil intent turned into the branches of a plum tree.

“Tsk! Could that black color be some kind of intent realm?!” The black bear tried to sense the purple portrait. However, when his spirit sense had just scanned through the portrait, it was immediately erased by the sand. Feeling surprised, he did not dare to try probing on it anymore. At the same time, the impression he had towards Ning Fan’s Wind Mist Finger increased slightly.

As for the elderly man who was actually surprised, his countenance was plastered with astonishment at the moment when the devil intent emerged.

“The Devil Intent of Mountain?! A cultivator who is extraordinary enough indeed can condense a second type of intent realm. However, all the intent realms must be of the same category! Divine cultivators can never cultivate the devil path. The demon cultivators can never cultivate the divine path… This young man has clearly condensed the Eighth Grade Rain Intent. Why was he able to condense the Devil Intent of Mountain?! Besides, this mountain intent realm is bizarrely inauspicious… Ordinary mountain intent realms were only at the Eighth Grade. This young man’s intent realm of mountain, however, has already reached the Sixth Grade even though he has yet to fully master it… What mountain exactly is this?!”

The elderly man was already extremely astonished. However, what made him even more startled happened right at the next moment.

A purple-robed young man, who was a sixteen years old Ning Fan, gradually appeared on the portrait of sand, gazing at the devil tree of blood-red plum blossoms!

If the elderly man was not wrong, the purple color which shaped the young man should be a type of demon intent!

Despite considering himself to be well aware of the different races of demons, he was clueless to which race this purple demon intent belong to!

“What is this demon intent?! It’s like a curse and it is extremely ominous. However, it contains a tremendous amount of power! This demon intent is probably comparable to the First Grade Demon Intent of the great True Spirit Races! It is certainly not weaker than that of the dragon race and phoenix race!”

“Could it be that this little cultivator actually has the intent realms of three paths?! He actually cultivates all three of them at the same time?! How is that even possible?!”

The elderly man’s eyes were as deep as the sea. No matter how hard he tried to scrutinize Ning Fan, he was unable to understand what he had just seen.

It is impossible for an ordinary person to possess the intent realms of the three paths… If this man’s actions were to be spread and known by others, I’m afraid it would spread around like wildfire and cause heaven and earth to turned upside down.

“No! Perhaps after today, no one would ever know that this young man cultivates the power of the three races at the same time! Today, his true objective is to fuse all three of his intent realms into one!”

The elderly man took a deep breath. He had never expected that this seemingly insignificant cultivator of the Early Divine Transformation Realm was actually doing something that countless Immortal Emperors failed to do.

Previously, the elderly man thought that there was no way Ning Fan would succeed in inquiring the Void. At this moment, however, he suddenly felt that even if this young man succeeds, there was nothing strange about it.

The way this young man does things is bold and cautious. That look on his face extremely resembles that of Old Man Han during his younger days.

Void Inquiry… Void Inquiry… The two words – Void Inquiry were inexplicably difficult. Because of these two words, countless Early Void Refinement Realm experts were forced to stop at this stage…

If an Early Void Refinement Realm intends to break through to the Mid Void Refinement Realm, he or she must pass through the stage of Void Inquiry and arrive at the stage of Void Strength.

If a Mid Void Refinement Realm expert wants to advance into the Late Void Refinement Realm, they must go through the tribulation of Void Pierce in order to arrive at the stage of Void Qi.

For a Late Void Refinement Realm expert who wants to break through to the Peak Void Refinement Realm, they must then go through the stage of Supreme Void and finally reach the stage of Void Body.

Only then would one finally attain the Void Fragmentation Realm!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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