Grasping Evil - Chapter 295 (1)

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The giant bear was once again scared off but this time it was because of the black-robed elderly man. The crack above the sky closed up and the atmosphere which was filled with the frightening howls of the windstorm began to quiet down again. As a light breeze blew, the elderly man leapt from his wine gourd and landed on the ground which was a few zhang* (3.13m) away from Ning Fan.

However, the vigilance he had towards the elderly man did not subside. Just as the latter approached him, he instinctively spread his demon wings and flew back for one hundred zhang* (3.13m). His right hand was already holding a black golden statue of a dragon under his sleeve while his left hand was hiding a dazzling starlight. It was an unknown treasure. However, when he took it out, the power of the earth veins within the area of one hundred thousand li*(500m) was slowly being amassed within the treasure.

“I don’t know who you are. Neither do I know who Han Yuanji is.”

Ning Fan’s tone was indifferent. He was no longer a fledgling who had just stepped into the cultivation world. There was no way he was going to believe the words said by a stranger who had just appeared out of nowhere and tried to act friendly with him.

At least Ning Fan was unable to guarantee whether that person in front of him was a disguise of the Old Devil’s old enemy or not. As such, if he speaks without caution, the trouble that he is going to get himself into must surely be big.

After activating the purple star, Ning Fan’s sight was greatly enhanced. With his Fu Li’s eyes, he was able to see through the elderly man’s background with just a single glance.

This elderly man’s true body might really be a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster. This body, however, is just a clone and is just at the Early Divine Transformation Realm. Perhaps he could still forcibly use Void Fragmentation Realm abilities that require Void Power. But since I have the Eastern Ocean Bell, if I go all-out, I’m not afraid of attacks based on Void Power from just an Early Divine Transformation Realm clone. Nevertheless, the sense of danger that this person give me is indeed much stronger than that of the black bear. I suppose this clone’s combat power is already close to that of a Void Refinement Realm expert’s, despite his current cultivation level…

I must not underestimate this man!

Little did he know that his caution and alertness had made the elderly feel impressed, surprised and bitter while wearing a complicated look.

What impressed him was the vigilance that Ning Fan had in dealing with things.

What surprised him was the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse that Ning Fan possessed despite being just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. Besides, the elderly man was able to notice that the corpse was refined by Ning Fan himself. Not only that, the treasure in Ning Fan’s left hand which drew the formation power within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m) caused the elderly man’s eyes to sparkle with interest.

It’s a treasure forged based on the Dao of Formations. It’s truly extraordinary!

However, in the end, his face was filled with bitterness and guilt.

“My name is Wei Xuan1.”

“This junior is Lu Bei. Greetings to Senior Wei.” Ning Fan’s countenance remained unaffected and cold. There was not a hint of friendliness within his face.

“Your master did not tell you about me, did he? Yea. I know it. He probably would not be willing to mention people like me…”

With a change of his hand seal, the elderly man’s jade-green wine gourd disappeared into his pouch. He then unfastened the purple wine bottle which was tied to his waist and took a few large mouthfuls.

“What you are cultivating is the Black Devil Spell. The qi within your body contains Old Man Han’s qi. However, I suppose you are unaware that while this cultivation method might not be strong, it has a special meaning. This is the inheritance of the Black Devil. It also represents the succession of the position of the Black Devil Sect’s patriarch. When you ascend to the Northern Heaven in the future and enter the Yin Yang Star, you can succeed the position of the Black Devil and command the troops under his command. Currently, the Black Devil Sect might have already declined and can be bullied by other forces, but anyhow there are still forty-eight thousand Divine Transformation Realm cultivators within the sect. Besides, there are also seven Life Immortals. They will be the core strength of your troops… Your master is really kind to you.”

“…” Ning Fan did not reply. Although he still had not admitted his identity, his heart was already filled with shock.

Even though the Black Devil Spell is not a peerless cultivation method nor a complete fiendgod’s cultivation method, it actually carries  a deep meaning.

When I first got the Black Devil Spell, I complained because I didn’t like it. I even had the thought of throwing it away…

Indeed, the Old Devil once said that Ning Fan was the 972th patriarch of the Black Devil Sect. However, Ning Fan had thought that that position was just an empty title. He had never once imagined that there was actually a sizeable force comprising of forty-eight thousand Divine Transformation Realm cultivators and seven Life Immortals that would be under his command in the future!

“Come on! Let me be happy for a while! There are many people out there who would want my cultivation method!”

Recalling the Old Devil’s words, Ning Fan heaved a sigh.

Unknowingly, the Old Devil has already passed his massive force to me during that time…

Besides, the troops he gave me is so strong that it can’t be compared even if all the experts of the nine worlds are grouped together!

Up until now, Ning Fan had still yet to reveal his identity. Wei Xuan admiringly nodded his head.

Old Man Han’s enemies aren’t just a few. If this young man simply announced his identity, perhaps he has already been killed or assassinated somewhere.

The way this young man conducts himself in the world is too cautious. He definitely is the person who is willing to kill one hundred thousand innocent people by mistake and not to let his enemy off the hook. The ruthless and cruel character he has really resembles that of Old Man Han’s.

I suppose there is only one way to gain this young man’s trust.

That is to make the Great Oath of the Heart’s Devil!

“I can make the Great Oath of the Heart’s Devil! If you are Old Man Han’s disciple, I will certainly not harm you at all. In front of me, you don’t have to cover up your identity… In the past, when the Old Man was in trouble, I was unable to help him in public due to my family. That was the biggest regret in my whole life… However, even though the White Devil Sect threatened my He Luo Wei Family, discarded my immortal cultivation level, destroyed my immortal foundation and dropped me down to the Second Heavenly Layer of Void Fragmentation Realm, I have never once betrayed him! If anything that I spoke is fake, I will immediately be consumed by my Heart’s Devil and be turned to ashes! So do you believe me now?!”

“The Great Oath of the Heart’s Devil!”

Ning Fan was slightly stunned. His Mind Reading Technique was able to know the truth within a woman’s heart but the Great Oath of the Heart’s Devil however could discern if a man was telling lies. If Wei Xuan had spoken a single lie, he would have already been devoured by his Heart’s Devil, suffering a serious damage on his cultivation level.

Vows like that must never be made easily. Even Ning Fan would not simply make an oath in front of others. However, this elderly man was extremely serious. He not only made the Great Oath of the Heart’s Devil, but also made the vow of turning himself into ashes if what he said was untrue. That was enough to show that he was indeed telling the truth. Otherwise, the Heavenly Dao would have already triggered his Heart’s Devil and eliminated his presence!

This man truly is the Old Devil’s brother!

Besides, for Old Devil, this man’s immortal foundation was discarded!

“This junior, Ning Fan, did not dare to tell the truth because I was doubting senior’s identity. I hope senior would be magnanimous enough to forgive me! My master had never mentioned anything about his past in the Four Heavens to me. Therefore, this junior does not recognize senior. But it doesn’t mean that my master didn’t look highly on senior.

Since that man was Old Devil’s brother, Ning Fan no longer needed to conceal his true identity.

“So Old Man Han has never told you anything?”

Wei Xuan’s facial expression relaxed. To him, Ning Fan’s explanation was without a doubt the biggest consolation.

It was not because Old Man Han has forgotten me. Instead, it was because he did not want his disciple to be involved in his enmity with others that he had caused in the past. As such, he did not tell him anything.

However, a brief moment later, Wei Xuan sighed.

“Old Man Han didn’t tell you anything but I have leaked out quite some matters to you. Now it seems a little inappropriate. He must have his own reasons for keeping them a secret from you. I guess he did not want to burden you too much. But you have to understand one thing, being the patriarch of the Black Devil Sect is an honor! You must never look down on it!”

“Yes.” Ning Fan replied.

“Is your master still doing fine? Wasn’t he trying to search for the ‘Yin Yang Dao Fruit’ in the Rain World to cure his wife? Why has he gone to the Sword World?”

“Yin Yang Dao Fruit?!” Ning Fan’s heart skipped a beat.

Isn’t Dao Fruit something that can only be obtained after killing a cultivator? Don’t tell me that the reason Old Devil kept me as his disciple is to cultivate me to the Void Fragmentation Realm and eventually kill me?

No! He won’t!

The probability of obtaining a Dao Fruit from killing a cultivator is less than one percent. Even if Old Devil is a shrewd and extremely merciless person, it is impossible for him to bet on such improbable chance.

In Yue Country, Old Devil had two objectives. Firstly, he was looking for the inheritance of the Immemorial Yin Yang Devin Veins. Secondly, he was waiting for the Ancient Heavenly Court  to open and look for the Dao Fruit in the ruins of the fiendgods.

He had also once said that he would need my help to save his wife. That process would take a great toll on me but he also told me that I won’t die in the process.

Ning Fan shut his eyes. All his past memories flashed before his eyes. Eventually, he gently shook his head. Feeling calm and peaceful, he opened his eyes again and they were filled with tranquility.

No. My master will never kill me… If he wants to kill me, he could have passed on some secret arts to me which can rapidly grow my power to the Void Fragmentation Realm and then finish me off based on his knowledge and resources as a True Immortal in the past... Moreover, with his capabilities, I believe he could have forcibly increased my cultivation level to the Void Fragmentation Realm within one hundred years by displaying a secret art like Blood Changing of the demon world! But he didn’t…Therefore, I don’t believe that my master will kill me!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Wei Xuan (Chinese: 卫玄 pinyin: wèi xuán)
    Wei (卫 wèi) means defend, guard or protect. In ancient times, it was the name of a state in Zhou Dynasty. It is also used as a surname.
    Xuan (玄 xuán) means profound or abstruse. It also means black or dark. In some cases, it is used as a surname too.

  2. Measurements:
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm
    e. jin(斤) = 0.5 kg  

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