Grasping Evil - Chapter 295 (2)

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The look on Ning Fan’s face changed. Since he firmly believed that Old Devil would not hurt him, there should be other methods of obtaining a Yin Yang Dao Fruit.

“Senior, if I may be so bold to ask, other than killing other cultivators to obtain a Dao Fruit, is there any other way of obtaining it?”

“Of course there is. Through planting the Dao! Every cultivator who have attained the True Immortal Realm would know how to use this technique. The name ‘Dao Fruit’ has already implicitly implied that it is a fruit. Since it’s fruit, of course it can be planted. The chances of getting a Dao Fruit from killing cultivators is abysmally low. As such, compared with that method, planting the Dao to grow a Dao Fruit is the most reliable method. As long as one can gather the ‘Dao Power Seed’ of a certain quality and plant it on the unique ‘Dao Soil’, a Dao Fruit will certainly be produced in the end, if without any accident. However, the method of Dao planting is far too slow. It might take a thousand years or even ten thousand years for one to grow… Of course, the higher the quality of the Dao Fruit, the longer the time for it to grow…”

“I see.”

Ning Fan nodded. His choice of believing in the Old Devil was right after all.

Old Devil must be thinking of planting the Dao without a doubt. When the time comes, I will probably need to refine a Dao seed composed of my Yin Yang Power and it might cause some damage to me. However, these injuries aren’t too much to repay Old Devil for our master-disciple relationship!

“Oh yes. You still haven’t answered me. Why did Old Man Han want to travel to the Sword World. Has he found the possessor of the Yin Yang Devil Veins? Or has he found the Yin Yang Dao Fruit? But even so, why would he go to the Sword World?” Wei Xuan had a mind full of doubts.

“I am the possessor of the Yin Yang Devil Veins that my master was looking for.” Ning Fan uttered indifferently.

“What?!” Wei Xuan’s countenance changed.

So it means that when I was talking about the Yin Yang Dao Fruit just now, this young man was actually experiencing discord within himself?

Since he didn’t know about Dao Planting, he must have been guessing whether his master was planning to kill him or not.

But he did not struggle much and decided to believe Old Man Han in the end.

This trust is very rare to find in a person who has an extremely cautious attitude in life… It’s even harder to find such a relationship in this cultivation world where master-disciple relationships are always cruel and cold!

Countless masters accepted disciples with the motive of turning their disciples into Dao corpses to devour in the end. Countless disciples murdered their own masters just to seize their masters’ position or obtain their precious treasures.

However, despite living in such a world where coldness and ruthlessness prevail, Ning Fan is still willing to believe in Old Man Han and he was even able to calmly ask me if there was any other way of obtaining the Dao Fruit.

This young man really has faith in Old Man Han from the bottom of his heart! As for Old Man Han, he must also have absolute belief in him. That’s why he handed over his powerful troops to this young man without hesitation!

The relationship between this pair of master and disciple might have been established because of mutual benefits but neither of them would try to betray the other.

Wei Xuan took a deep breath in. The way he looked at Ning Fan was different from before.

Old Devil had a lot of disciples in his life but most of them died a tragic death. Among all the disciples he had, there used to be only one whom he would treat like his own son. But now, there was another person.

“To Old Man Han, you and Han Nietian are no doubt unique… Old Man Han has literally given up all his troops and handed them over to you. He certainly did not have any ill intentions towards you. I can assure you that for him. As for Han Nietian, he was originally just a mortal human. His weak physique was not suitable for cultivation. However, just to help him refine his body, Old Man Han rushed to a few True Immortal Realm sects and committed a series of massacres… *Cough* If the both of you refuse to believe in that old man, perhaps he would be really disheartened.”

“Han Nietian!” When Wei Xuan mentioned that name, Ning Fan’s eyes were burning with hatred.

“Oh yes. Where is Nietian? Has he also gone to the Sword World…” Wei Xuan’s face was filled with a hint of recollection.

“He… has betrayed my master! He once said that the day when the Ancient Heavenly Court opens would be the day he takes my master’s life! Because of him, my master had to go to the Sword World!”

“Han Nietian betrayed him?!” Wei Xuan’s eyes revealed a look of disbelief.

Ning Fan did not continue to explain in detail. He immediately imprinted his past memories when that traitor appeared on a jade slip and gave it to Wei Xuan.

When he spread his spirit sense into the jade slip, Wei Xuan’s eyes gradually became bloodshot.  

He clenched his fists so hard that his nails pierced through the skin of his palms. Due to being overly enraged, his body began to tremble uncontrollably.

After a few breaths, he crushed the jade slip with his hand and let out a violent deafening roar which reverberated across the entire Star Island!

“That bastard! That bastard! Without Han Yuanji, what would have become of you now, Han Nietian?! You’ll just be a mere mortal man who has abandoned his immortal cultivation seed! Without Han Yuanji, would you even have the chance to attain the Divine Transformation Realm?! I understand now. It’s no wonder why Han Yuanji would strangely be pursued by the True Immortals from seven different sects. It was all your doing! Emperor Moksha of the Devil World, the possessor of the Nirvana Devil Veins, a cultivator of the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Void Fragmentation Realm! Hmmph. What a frightening title! If I still had my previous cultivation level, killing you would just be like slaughtering a dog! The Nirvana Devil Veins? The veins that Old Man Han had helped him acquire was the ‘Black Flame Devil Veins’! This bastard had joined the White Devil Sect?!”

Wei Xuan shut his eyes. Even so, the anger on his expression hardly faded.

However, after a while, he let out a helpless sigh.

Han Nietian… The die has already been cast. The current me may not necessarily be this bastard’s match anymore.


“Being betrayed by that bastard and getting sneaked-attacked by him in their second encounter… Old Man Han, why didn’t you tell…”

“He must have felt really bitter and disappointed…”

Wei Xuan’s eyes flashed with a hint of loneliness. Old Devil had grown old and so did he, feeling that his strength could no longer match his ambition.

When a person starts to lament the past, it meant that their hearts had already grown old.

“I will kill that bastard.”

Ning Fan coldly uttered. Despite his indifferent tone, it carried an imperishable killing intent.

“He will go to the Ancient Heavenly Court. After that, I will not give him a chance of descending to the Sword World!”

“You want to kill Han Nietian?” Wei Xuan gave Ning Fan an astonished look.

Han Nietian was an expert whose cultivation level was at the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Void Fragmentation Realm whereas Ning Fan was just a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. Moreover, according to what Wei Xuan knew, there were just less than seventy years left before the Ancient Heavenly Court opens.

He was unable to predict the exact timing of the day it will open. After all, his forte was not performing divinations.

However, within just tens of years, even a True Immortal Sect with innumerable profound pills and treasures would not be able to cultivate a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator to the Void Fragmentation Realm, let alone the Fifth Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm!

Despite that, Ning Fan was not faking the battle intent within his eyes. Wei Xuan might not believe that Ning Fan would have such capabilities, but he knew that this young man would never repeat the path that was chosen by Han Nietian by betraying his own master.

“It is truly worth it for Old Man Han to have you as his disciple…Because of the duty I was assigned, I can’t head towards the Devil World without authorization. Even if I can, I am not Emperor Moksha’s match. As for Old Man Han’s previous friends, it was already difficult for them not to betray him. Placing hopes on them in facing Han Nietian would certainly be more difficult. Although I don’t know how many people I can find, I will try my best to look for help. On the day when the Ancient Heavenly Court opens, I will bring a force to back you up! Perhaps in that manner, you can really kill that bastard!”

“Before I leave, I shall give you some benefits. I can’t let you call me ‘senior’ in vain! Whatever that can help you, I will give it to you! Now, I have four Peak Void Refinement Realm Dao Fruits and one First Heavenly Layer of Void Fragmentation Realm Dao Fruit. Originally, I planned to use them to break through to the Third Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm… But now, I’ll give them all to you!”

Wei Xuan unfastened the storage pouch below his waist and passed it to Ning Fan with a solemn expression!

“This is my gift to you for our first meeting. If you refuse to accept them, it means that you aren’t giving me face!”

Ning Fan’s eyes widened with surprise. He had never expected that he would obtain five precious Dao Fruits from Wei Xuan!

With his current cultivation level, he was still unable to consume any of them or his body would explode to pieces. However, if the matter about him having five such powerful Dao Fruits is spread around, it might be enough to cause a frenzy in the whole Rain World. If that happens, even Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters would probably be overcome by their greed and pursue him!

All in all, the value of these five Dao Fruits was hard to measure using immortal jade!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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