Grasping Evil - Chapter 296 (1)

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The southern region of the island had completely become a forbidden area!

This time, the black bear had literally given a death order that gave no explanations.

“Whoever dares to create troubles in the southern region shall be executed!”

According to hearsay, the outside world thought that the old bear was really intimidated by an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator.

Previously, when the old bear learnt about the rumors that had been spreading around, he felt extremely displeased. Now, however, he was no longer unreconciled to that fact.

Yes. I am really scared! So what? Is it an embarrassment to be afraid of facing a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster?

Of course, it was impossible for him to publicly declare Wei Xuan’s existence. The three of them including his two wives sealed their mouths tightly. None of them dared to reveal a single thing about Wei Xuan’s presence as they feared that they might provoke that powerful being and cause him to wash the entire star island with blood!

Inside the abode, the two females were still in deep slumber. Ning Fan dispatched the female corpse and Yue Lingkong to look after them while he followed Wei Xuan to a gloomy mountain valley located in a remote place on the island.

At the mountain valley, Wei Xuan and Ning Fan’s shadows loomed after one another.

The reason why Wei Xuan would bring Ning Fan to this ghastly valley was probably because he wanted to give Ning Fan more benefits.

Let’s talk about Ning Fan’s gains.

Firstly, Wei Xuan had already given him 5 Dao Fruits with four of them being at the Peak Void Refinement Realm and one of them being at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm. The magic power contained within these five Dao Fruits were beyond his imagination. At least, with Ning Fan’s current cultivation level, he did not even dare to consume any of them. Otherwise, he would directly die with his body exploding into pieces due to the overwhelming amount of magic power contained within them.

As for pills, Wei Xuan had given Ning Fan several of them. Most of them were Fifth Revolution and Sixth Revolution pills. Seventh Revolution pills were extremely hard to obtain. Although Wei Xuan had also given some of those pills to Ning Fan, most of them were useless to Ning Fan. Other than the pills for healing wounds and performing some secret techniques, the pills for raising his cultivation level were not many. There were two bottles of Thunder Profound Pills with each containing 20 of them. Thunder Profound Pills were a type of Fifth Revolution Intermediate Grade pill and each of them would be able to increase an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator’s magic power by one hundred units. Aside from that, he also received one bottle of Fifth Revolution High Grade Purple Firmament Pills which contained 11 of them. Each of those pills was able to increase a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator’s magic power by two hundred units.

Wei Xuan did not have many pills as he was not a pill refinement master after all. Those pills were actually obtained from the storage pouches of those unlucky cultivators who got into trouble with him. Besides, with his current cultivation level, he no longer needed those pills as all of them were considered low grade to him.

Wei Xuan did not give Ning Fan any magical treasures. The reason was because Ning Fan had displayed three of his Immemorial Divine Weapons which managed to make Wei Xuan be full of praise.

Inside the valley, Wei Xuan looked at a piece of compass which emanated starlight in his hand and sighed with feelings.

The Separation Slayer Sword was enhanced for its sharpness. The Spirit Crushing Whip was refined with the ability of injuring one’s primordial spirit. However, the third Immemorial Divine Weapon, Inlaid Star Compass made Wei Xuan feel awe.

“This treasure was fused with one hundred and ten thousand types of Spirit Realm formations, twenty thousand types of Dan Realm formations, one thousand and seven hundred types of Nascent Soul Realm formations, two hundred and seven types of Divine Transformation Realm formations and seven types of Mortal Void Realm formations! This treasure has already accumulated ten thousand star lamps. If all of them are lit up, perhaps the defense of this treasure will be able to withstand even a strike from a Void Refinement Realm expert!”

However, after expressing his praise, Wei Xuan lightly knitted his brows together.

“Perhaps you have met some kind of opportunities that allowed you to know so many powerful ancient formations. Your level in the Dao of Formations is certainly not weak. The idea of using formations to refine this treasure has really widened my horizon. I suppose the person who was able to figure out such method to refine a treasure must be a remarkable senior… However, there are some flaws on this treasure. The problems aren’t because of the ancient formations, the ingredients or the methods of refining it. However, it is due to the lack of comprehension towards the Dao of Formations.”

Wei Xuan gave Ning Fan a deep stare as if he was contemplating something seriously and shook his head.

“Which style of Dao of Formations are you practicing?”

“Which style…” Ning Fan helplessly shook his head and gently shrugged. The cultivation level of his Dao of Formations was completely inherited from the memories of the Ancient Chaos Emperor, so was his pill refinement technique. He knew that the pill refinement technique he practiced belonged to the faction which was known as Nine Revolutions of the Riverboat but not his formation techniques. Apparently, he did not have an orthodox faction for his formation techniques.

Anyhow, Ancient Chaos Emperor was an Immortal Emperor. For the formation arts below the Immortal Void Realm, they were of course obtained by him as easily as reaching out his hands. However, among the Immortal Emperors who were at the same level as him, Ancient Chaos Emperor was not famous for his Dao of Formations. What he truly excelled in was probably the cultivation techniques about dual-cultivation and the speed of assimilating pills.

Well, perhaps Ning Fan already had quite an excellent innate potential towards the Dao of Formations. Therefore, after inheriting Ancient Chaos’s memories which were jumbled together, he could be considered as a cultivator with a strong level of Dao of Formations to an extent. However, when his level was placed before the eyes of an authentic master in the Dao of Formations, there would surely be some flaws.

The cultivation of formation techniques needed great care and meticulous attention. Only then would one be able to discern the proper spots for formation eyes in a vast terrain and calculate the complex formation eyes which would need to be established.

To set up the formation eyes, it would require a strong spirit sense. To activate the power of the formation, it would need a great amount of wealth.

Ning Fan had learnt all of these by himself through his own hard work. In spite of that, Ning Fan had not gone through the study of the fundamentals about the formation techniques. Therefore, on the general comprehension towards the Dao of Formations, he might appear to greatly surpass the cultivators at the same level as him but on the details of the Dao of Formations, he still had some flaws.

Wei Xuang was feeling speechless upon seeing Ning Fan’s reaction.

How could this young man, Ning Fan, possess such startling level in the Dao of Formations if he didn’t go through the traditional learning of the Dao of Formations?

It would not be possible even if he had obtained an inheritance from some powerful beings! Formation techniques are different from other things. Even if one knows the methods of establishing the formations, it’s impossible for them to successfully establish them without calculations that demands great meticulousness and precision.

Having the ability to set up a Mortal Void Realm formation showed that Ning Fan’s level in the Dao of Formations was extraordinary.

However, having flaws on Spirit Realm formations showed that Ning Fan’s basics in formation techniques were just too weak.

“Fine. You are born in the mortal world after all. It isn’t strange that you haven’t heard of the nine main factions which practice the Dao of Formations. In the Four Heavens, the Dao of Formations is divided into nine styles. As for the family I am in, the Wei Clan, which resides in the He Luo[1] Star Domain, it is known as the origin of the He Luo Style. In our He Luo Style, the cultivation level of the Dao of Formations is categorized into ‘Pattern Formation’ and ‘Heart Formation’. Pattern Formation means that one has to arrange the formations beforehand and will need external things to support the power the formation. The three types of things include the ‘Human Formation’, ‘Earth Formation’ and ‘Heaven Formation’.”

“As its name suggests, the Human Formation uses men as formations, like the military formations of the mortal troops and the battle formations of the immortal armies. It emphasizes on the ‘unity of people’. The Earth Formation needs to borrow the help of the terrain. Any formations that need to be established with the help of the physical features of a place is categorized as an Earth Formation. It places importance on the ‘geographical advantages’. The Heaven Formation uses the astronomical phenomenon as the formations. If one reaches a certain level in the Dao of Formations, the arrangement of the sun, moon and stars or the changes of the clouds, wind, snow and rain can be turned into formations to kill enemies. It emphasizes on the ‘climate’. The Human, Earth and Heaven Formations all belong to the Pattern Formation. Regarding this type of formation, your foundations are weak. However, what’s special about you is your power of understanding. It’s rare to find someone with the level of shrewdness like yours. As for the Heart Formation, however, I find you have no knowledge in it at all.”

“Heart Formation is akin to magical techniques. A true master of Dao of Formations does not need the help of a formation compass during battles at all. A wave of the hand will be enough to create a formation. That’s how a Heart Formation is used, similar to Mental Seals as well as the Spirit Seals on your treasures. There’s no need to intentionally set up a formation and it can be used to attack enemies like any magical techniques. However, there is a limitation to the Heart Formation. In order to attain the level of Heart Formation, one would need the ‘Inheritance of Heart Blood’! In the He Luo Star Domain, the outstanding disciples will normally be granted the Ancestors Heart Blood by their sects or families. It will not only cause one’s potential in the Dao of Formation to improve by leaps and bounds but also greatly boost one’s spirit sense. The most important thing is that after obtaining the power from that inheritance, one could then start cultivating the Heart Formation!”

As Wei Xuan was patiently explaining, Ning Fan became more and more fascinated.

The difference between the Dao of Formations which he had been blindly exploring by himself from that of a true family that practices the Dao of Formations was not just a tiny bit.

The usefulness of Ancient Chaos’ memories is becoming more and more insignificant. I suppose after attaining the Void Fragmentation Realm, it will nearly have zero help to me.

Then, my Dao of Formations will be stagnant in the Immortal Void Realm. Comparing to the disciples of the Four Heavens, I lacked a systematic teaching about the fundamentals of the Dao of Formations from the beginning, let alone the Inheritance of Heart Blood.

Wei Xuan took a few more gulps of wine while his eyes were filled with hesitation, as if he were pondering something.

After quite a while, he gritted his teeth, flicked his sleeve suddenly and passed an exquisite jade bottle to Ning Fan.

Inside the bottle contained a drop of blood. It was a drop of silver-colored blood!

By just holding the bottle, Ning Fan could already feel an immense power that came rushing at his face, energizing the power of his spirit sense.

“This is…” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with a hint of seriousness.

The value of this item must certainly be uncommon.

“This is a drop Heart Blood. It is left by one of the Life Immortal Realm ancestors of my Wei Family before he died using a secret art. Originally, I planned to use this blood to improve the cultivation level of my Dao of Formations once more. However, now it seems like it is much more useful to you.”

There was one thing that Wei Xuan did not tell Ning Fan. The Heart Blood of one’s own family must never be given to any outsider.

Although Wei Xuan did not see Ning Fan as an outsider, if the matter about him privately giving the Heart Blood to Ning Fan were to be known by his family, he might be exiled.

After all, the Heart Blood was just like the demon bloodline of the demon race. It held some kind of secret inheritance of formation techniques of the family which had practiced the Dao of Formations for generations!

Ning Fan was not a fool. Even though Wei Xuan did not tell him about it, he also understood that a precious item like the Heart Blood would certainly be strictly supervised by the members of the family.

“If I accept this item, I’m afraid I will get senior into trouble.”

“Just take it!” Wei Xuan’s words gave him no room to reject it. He had given Ning Fan all the benefits he could, regardless of any consequences. At first, it was because of his guilt towards the Old Devil. However, the more he looked at Ning Fan, the more he favored the latter.

As such, Ning Fan would not pretend to reject it anymore. The only thing he did was to secretly keep Wei Xuan’s help and generosity in his mind.

If Wei Xuan suffers from injustice in the Wei Family because of this matter, I will definitely help him regain his place in the family after I have improved my power in the future!

“You’ve gained the Heart Blood. Since I have already broken the rules of my family once, I might as well break it for one more time. Take this item with you as well!”

Wei Xuan patted his storage pouch and took out an ancient jade slip for Ning Fan.

When Ning Fan studied it with his spirit sense, his countenance changed greatly. It was because what recorded in the jade slip was actually the He Luo Style’s cultivation method and the records of its formations.

Its name was “He Luo Secret Formations”!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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  1. ^ 1. He Luo (Chinese: 河洛 pinyin: Hé luò ) He(河) literally means river. Luo (洛) was an old name for river in Chinese. It was also used as surname. Based on my research, He Luo actually means the area between the Yellow River and Luo River in China. There is also a community of Hoklo (which is written as He Luo in Chinese) whose traditional ancestral homes are in southern Fujian.