Grasping Evil - Chapter 296 (2)

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It contained a massive amount of ancient formations which even include those of Immortal Void Realm and above. As for the cultivation method for the Dao of Formations, it placed more emphasis on the cultivation of the power of mind and sense. After all, these two were the crucial elements that determined if a cultivator could successfully set up a formation.

With a complete cultivation guide in hand, if Ning Fan continues to cultivate it, it might even be possible for him to become one of the masters of the Dao of Formations who could create an Immortal Formation with just a wave of a hand.

“You don’t have to reject. Just accept it!” Wei Xuan uttered with a serious tone.

Five Dao Fruits, a large amount of pills, the inheritance of Heart Blood, the secrets of the formations of the Wei Family.

Although most of these benefits could not come in handy for the moment, they were indeed a great help to Ning Fan in the future.

“This junior will never forget the gifts given by senior!”

“You don’t have to be so formal. I believe Old Man Han would also do what I just did if he were to be here. So, what’s the difference? Alright. Let’s forget about that matter. Now, I have a question for you. Do you know why I brought you to this valley?”

“The yin qi of this area is extremely concentrated. I suppose senior has noticed that I have also cultivated the cultivation method of the Corpse Devil Veins. Therefore, senior intends to give me another opportunity to assist me in raising my devil power!” Ning Fan’s eyes blazed with interest. His demon power had already attained the Divine Transformation Realm and it was only a matter of time for his magic power to also break through to the Divine Transformation Realm. His devil power however, was a jack rib. Up until now, he only gathered 109 units of devil power, remaining stagnant at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm.

The biggest reason was because he was unable to find a large amount of corpse qi, yin qi or evil sense to cultivate the Corpse Devil Record. However, now it seems that Wei Xuan was able to help Ning Fan get rid of that hindrance.

“You are quite sharp-witted. My intention is exactly the same as what you’ve said. Even though I don’t know how and why you could still cultivate the Corpse Devil Veins and even possess the demon bloodlines after having the Yin Yang Devil Veins, I am not planning to ask because that is your secret. Before we start, I have another question to ask you. Do you have any idea what the secret hidden within this Star Palace?”

“This place is a labyrinth transformed from the Star of the Celestial Emperor. The Star of the Celestial Emperor is what I am determined to obtain!” Ning Fan did not conceal anything as he had already considered Wei Xuan as a person on his side.

“The Celestial Emperor?!” Wei Xuan’s eyes brightened. “So that’s what it is. It’s no wonder so many demons are gathering in this world. There are not only the demons of the True Spirit Races from the Lands of Demons but also the imperial concubines from the Spirit King Palace… Young man, did you also keep the imperial concubines of the Spirit King as well?” Wei Xuan strangely stared at Ning Fan. He could faintly sense that the two female demons’ qi within the temporary abode carried the unique demon qi that specially belonged to the imperial concubines of the Spirit King Palace.

“It’s just by luck…” Ning Fan did not deny.

“Impressive! You even dare to touch the women of someone like the Spirit King!” Wei Xuan revealed a look of admiration.

He truly deserves to be Old Man Han’s disciple. He’s just the same as him, always defying every law and rules.

Regarding who would obtain the Star of the Celestial Emperor, Wei Xuan had no interest at all. The reason why he would come and observe the abnormal changes of this place was because of his duty. Since he was one of the deacons of the Four Heavens, if the Rain World experienced a great change, he must immediately report back to the Upper World.

However, since Ning Fan had set his eyes upon the great treasure of this place – the Star of the Celestial Emperor, as Ning Fan’s senior, Wei Xuan would certainly lend him a hand.

“In the Heaven Hall, there is an Immortal Void Realm formation. It has a total of 49000 formations eyes. Every seven formations eyes contain 1 surviving chance and 6 chances of dying. Now, you have already acquired the inheritance of heart blood. As such, these 49000 formations eyes won’t be difficult to pass through for you! After getting through the formation, there are eighteen doors of life and death. Nine of them would lead one to death while the other nine allow one to live. I have already gone through the six doors of life. All six of them lead to a dead end. As for the others three, I was unable to enter because the weak body of my clone is unable to withstand the pressure. I’m afraid the Star of the Celestial Emperor which you are looking for is within one of the three doors. With my memories jade slip, you can avoid entering the doors of death as well as the doors of life which would lead you to a dead end. You just have to select one of the three doors of life to enter. In that manner, your probability of seizing the Star of the Celestial Emperor from the group of demons will be quite high. However, from one of the three doors of life, I sense a trace of a Void Refinement Realm beast’s qi… You must be careful!”

Wei Xuan took out an empty jade slip and embedded his memories before passing it to Ning Fan.

His words caused Ning Fan to be stunned. Apparently, Ning Fan had understood Wei Xuan’s implied meaning.

“Senior is not joining me to acquire the Star of the Celestial Emperor?”

“No. I’m not. One would need to spend one month or a few months to enter a single door of life. It would take at least a few more months for you to seize that opportunity. Therefore, during these few months, I will have to help you delay something.”

“Delay something? Delay what?”

For the investigation about the drastic change happening in the Rain World this time, I have another deacon as my partner. I stayed behind to continue investigating this place while he had left earlier to report back to the Upper World and request for assistance. Relying on just our clones, we are unable to compete with the demons for the opportunity in the Star Palace. However, morally speaking, we can’t allow the demons to have it themselves. Thus, there will be quite a number of outstanding beings from the divine race rushing here to seize the star. If they also involve themselves in this competition, your chances of obtaining the star will be slimmer. Six months! This old man will figure out ways to delay them, making them unable to arrive here within six months… However, you still have to depend on yourself whether you can win against the outstanding beings of the demon race.”

Deep inside, Wei Xuan believed that since Ning Fan was Old Man Han’s disciple, he would definitely not lose to the demons.

Originally, he planned to stay a little longer at this place. Now, however, he had to leave the Star Palace first for Ning Fan in order to help him delay the strong cultivators from the divine race.

Therefore, before he left, he wanted to give Ning Fan another opportunity to help Ning Fan break through the obstacles that had been limiting his devil power, allowing his devil power to attain the Divine Transformation Realm!

“You will need a great deal of corpse qi to cultivate but the corpse qi of this place is far from enough…”

Wei Xuan took a few more gulps, finishing the wine of the purple bottle. Then, his eyes sparkled with resolution and took out a worn dark compass.

That compass was the Immortal Formation that he used in the past!

That compass once allowed him to become widely known in the He Luo Star Domain while he was at the Life Immortal Realm!

That compass had accompanied Wei Xuan in every battle he fought but as his cultivation level fell below the Immortal Realm, it became laden with dust.

At the moment the compass was revealed, Ning Fan’s eyes were filled with enthusiasm once more.

If his magic power attains the Life Immortal Realm, using it to kill ten Emperor Moksha would be as easy as turning his palm over!

It was a supreme treasure!


That compass of Immortal formation which was considered as a supreme treasure in Ning Fan’s eyes was crushed into pieces by Wei Xuan without any hesitation!

As the compass was pulverized, a massive amount of corpse qi began to flow out from it.

Hundreds of thousands of corpses were sealed within the formation compass. All of them were the people killed by Wei Xuan when he was famous in the past.

Although the number of those cultivators was not as many as that in the Internal Endless Sea, most of them were at the Nascent Soul Realm and above. Besides, the strongest among them was at Void Fragmentation Realm!

Wei Xian might look like a drunkard who always drink to drown his sorrows and live his life negatively now, but he was certainly a powerful ferocious devil who was not any weaker than Old Devil in the past!

“Is this amount of corpse qi enough for your devil power to attain the Divine Transformation Realm?!”


Ning Fan’s current mood could not be put into words.

He would of course never forget Wei Xuan’s kindness towards him. However, he also understood that there was only one true reason why Wei Xuan would give him countless benefits including the Dao Fruits, Heart Blood and even precious pills.

It’s because I am the Old Devil’s disciple! And Old Devil is Wei Xuan’s brother!

Wei Xuan’s immortal foundation had already been discarded. He no longer had the hope of becoming an immortal again. Since he was not able to meet Old Devil, he passed the Dao Fruits which he planned to use for advancing his cultivation level to the Third Heavenly Layer of Void Fragmentation Realm to Ning Fan and gave him the inheritance of Heart Blood as a gift. Besides, just for helping Ning Fan to improve his devil power to the Divine Transformation Realm, he had even destroyed the terrifying immortal treasure which he had used to rule over his domain in the past.

“This old man will make a move first! Six months! I will try my best to help you delay them for six months. Six months later, among the proud sons of heaven from the Northern Heaven, there might be the members of the White Devil Sect. The current you are still incapable of messing with them. Once you obtain the Star of the Celestial Emperor, quickly leave this place!

Wei Xuan slapped his storage pouch, summoning the jade-green wine gourd and flew away on it.

His eyes were no longer dazed and confused like before. Now, they were flashing with a hint of pride and sense of responsibility that could not be numbed with alcohol.

“Ancient Heavenly Court, Han Nietian? Hmmph! This old man will surely not miss this battle!”

Towards the direction where Wei Xuan flew, Ning Fan cupped his fists. He knew that the reason why Wei Xuan would be so busy travelling was all because of him.

Perhaps the relationship between the Old Devil and Wei Xuan is just like the relationship between me and Ning Gu. Although they aren’t blood brothers, their relationship is inextinguishable.

Recalling the words that Wei Xuan said before he left, Ning Fan’s face darkened.

The outstanding beings from the White Devil Sect?

Why should I hide from them?

Clearing all thoughts, he sat down in a meditative position and began to activate the Corpse Devil Record to absorb the corpse qi of the area.

The terrain of this valley is just right for the accumulation of the corpse qi. I have to say this: Wei Xuan’s comprehension towards the Dao of Formations is indeed extremely deep.

“Devil power, attain the Divine Transformation Realm!” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed and the billow of corpse qi began to flow within his body. Meanwhile, his body which was thin and pale at first gradually decayed, giving out a disgusting odor.

It was the technique of Corpse Transformation that was recorded in the Corpse Devil Record! Through the process of Corpse Transformation, he could enhance his body to the level like that of a corpse devil which would grant him frightening strength and defense in the end!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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