Grasping Evil - Chapter 297 (1)

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One month later, both Wu Yan and Xi Ran woke up.

Any lady who has been unconscious for a long period of time and awakens to find her whole body naked while lying in a water bath would never be able to maintain their composure.

After running through an immediate inspection on the lower part of her body and finding out that her chastity remained intact, only then did Wu Yan feel relieved. Then, she checked the heavy injuries that she suffered earlier and found out all of them were already healed. Of course, she knew that it was all thanks to Ning Fan’s help.

Lu Bei has saved me… But of course, he has also seen and… touched my entire naked body.

The feelings she had for Ning Fan suddenly became confusing. However, when she realized that the spiritual herbs within her storage pouch were nearly emptied, she really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Lu Bei, of all the cultivators beneath the heavens, only you will use such precious ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs for a water bath! But if it wasn’t because of you, my injuries wouldn’t have recovered. If it wasn’t for you, I would have died under the claws of the giant bear…”

Wu Yan put on the clothes that were given to her by the female corpse. The two people who were looking after her and Xi Ran were none other than the female corpse and Yue Lingkong.

Wu Yan recognized the female corpse but it was her first time meeting Yue Lingkong. Despite her child-like body, her cultivation level was at the Late Divine Transformation Realm. She could even sense that the latter’s combat power was far beyond hers.

Without a doubt, the two of them were Ning Fan’s women.

The female corpse was already not a maiden anymore. She had already been involved sexually with Ning Fan when he was still the past Ning Fan.

As for Yue Lingkong, she was also not a virgin anymore as she nearly passed out and died when she was being poked by Ning Fan’s ‘cucumber’.

“But I still retained my chastity… Is it because he is reluctant to defile me or… he just dislikes me…” Wu Yan actually felt a hint of disappointment.

However, just as she was putting on her clothes, her bare hands caressed her pair of white tender bosoms and discovered that the injuries on them was completely recuperated without any scars or marks. Her disheartened expression was instantly replaced with embarrassment.

“I still remember that when I was in the midst of being half-conscious, Lu Bei seemed to have applied some medicine on my chest… He had even pinched here and said…this part is very beautiful…”

She felt as if Ning Fan’s body temperature still remained on her delicate breasts. All of a sudden, her gaze began to look misty.

She could not lie to herself. After all those encounters with Ning Fan, she found it impossible to show no interest towards Ning Fan.

However, when her gaze swept across the female corpse and Yue Lingkong and realized the both of them were women whose beauty were able to topple a country, she began to feel self-conscious.

“At the end of the day, I will still be unable to stay by his side and accompany him for the rest of his life because of the clan I am from. Besides, I am not like Sister Wan’er who is proficient in spirit augmentation techniques and can sacrifice everything for him, making him consider her as his wife… Perhaps within his heart, there isn’t any room left for me. The reason why he helped me this time was just because of the request from Sister Wan’er…”

The female corpse’s facial expression remained calm and quiet. She obediently followed Ning Fan’s command and stayed here to look after the two female demons. As long as the two of them did not intend to run away, she would never take any actions against them.

Yue Lingkong, however, did not have a temperament as good as the female corpse. After all, she was once the reputable female tyrant of the Internal Endless Sea and now she had to take orders from Ning Fan to guard the two women.

“Based on what reasons? Isn’t it just because your cucumber is much thicker and longer? Do you really think I belong to you after you just f**ked me once? In your dreams! If you have the balls, try and f**k me a second time! You will see how I f**k the life out of you and make you be in denial!”

The words she spat were interspersed with curses. Despite that, she had never really gone against Ning Fan’s commands.

“I’m warning the both of you now! Don’t ever try to run! Otherwise, I am going to really treat you guys as my punching bags!” Yue Lingkong’s tone carried a hint of menace.

“I’ll not run… I’m going to wait for him here…” After Wu Yan had fully dressed, she stood still, showing no intention of escaping from the place.

But the most troublesome one was the little loli, Xi Ran.

Well, try to imagine a pampered mistress who had very little exposure to the real world woke up to find her naked body lying in some strange place. How terrified and nervous she would have felt.

It was especially so when she still had the memories of when she was forcefully fed the aphrodisiac previously.

“I was defiled! I can’t marry anymore! *Waaaaaa*”

With white and naked buttocks, she ran towards the exit of the abode while crying loudly like a baby.

“If you move a single step further, die!”

Just as the little loli was about to run out from the abode and showed her naked self to the rest of the world, a cold and menacing voice resounded. Undoubtedly, it was Yue Lingkong’s.

While Xi Ran had the appearance of a loli, Yue Lingkong looked just like a female child. The both of them were just like girls of the same age. However, when the latter shouted out, her threatening aura sent chills down Xi Ran’s spines!

She felt that if she were to move one more step to the front and get out from the vicinity of the abode, Yue Lingkong would certainly use a vicious method and kill her like an ant!

“You…You also bullied me! You are no different than Lu Bei! *Waaaaaa*!”

Even though both of them were experts of the Late Divine Transformation Realm, Xi Ran’s combat power was as frail as a sigh whereas Yue Lingkong’s combat power was able to challenge that of a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert. All in all, the latter was titled as “the number-one expert” or “the female tyrant” of the Internal Endless Sea. Now, her cultivation level regressed to the Late Divine Transformation Realm. Even so, she was not someone that could easily be defeated by any Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts.

Xi Ran was simple-minded but she was not foolish. She could sense how terrifying Yue Lingkong was.

Now, she no longer dared to escape and she was also feeling too ashamed of running away. Just now, running away was just an act out of impulse. Now, she realized that she was actually buck naked. If one forces her to get out of the abode, she would never do it anyway!

If she were to be seen naked by any other Wild Beasts, she would really not want to live anymore.

Therefore, what she could do now was to cry. It was because in her mind, as long as she cries, someone from her clan would immediately appear to protect her.

“If you cry for one more second, I will chop off one of your hands! If you cry for two more seconds, then say ‘goodbye’ to both of your hands!”

Yue Lingkong’s tone was as cold as usual. However, the killing intent she emanated caused Wu Yan whose battle power was not weaker than a Late Divine Transformation Realm cultivator to feel it difficult to withstand.

Instantly, she became obedient and stopped crying… She was just quietly whimpering while her tiny arms were trembling.

Her lips were pursed tightly into the shape of an earthworm, trembling with grievance. However, no matter what, she did not dare to cry out loud.

Then, she got back to her original place and received her dress from the female corpse. As she was putting on her clothes, only then did she feel her limbs had become as nimble as before and her wounds were all recovered.

“Hmm? My injuries are all recuperated? Don’t tell me the pill that Lu Bei forcefully fed me wasn’t an aphrodisiac?”

“Pah! Does that young fellow need aphrodisiac to f**k a woman? His bewitching technique is so powerful. With just a touch, he could have f**ked you until you are in denial!”

Yue Lingkong sneered.

“So he was not trying to defile me but… save me? But why did he save me?” Xi Ran wiped her tears with her facial expression no longer showing any grievance. Her eyes became large and round, filled with confusion. As she darted a puzzled look at Wu Yan, a red flush immediately spread from her face to her neck.

Wu Yan of course understood why.

The reason why Ning Fan saved me and also Xi Ran was probably because he was giving me face.

However, facing Xi Ran’s question, Wu Yan felt it was inappropriate to tell her directly. She could not just say: “Lu Bei might defile innumerable women and kill cultivators without batting an eye, but because of me, he gives you a chance to live and saved you.”

“Perhaps Lu Bei fell in love with you…” Wu Yan arbitrarily replied.

“What?! He actually loves me and I didn’t even know about it?!”


Xi Ran’s delicate child-like face blushed like a tomato.

She was just a naïve girl who barely had any experience of the real world, let alone getting involved with love.

When she heard that random reply from Wu Yan, she then took it to be the truth and her heart began to race wildly.

“But… even if he really loves me, he shouldn’t be that rude to me. How could he scold me? The moment he scolded me, he looked really scary. He even pinched my mouth. It’s really painful… Moreover, he is a demon from the mortal world while I am the princess of the Profound Medicine Race. My father will never agree to our marriage…” Xi Ran felt slightly wronged again.

“Silly girl…” Wu Yan did not know what to say to Xi Ran anymore.

I’ve just uttered a random answer and this naïve little girl really believes it to be true.

She even thought about the marriage already?

“Light…is…mine…” The female corpse opened her mouth and spoke for the first time. Apparently, she looked like she was being jealous of a rival in love.

“That’s right. That bastard has so many beautiful wives and concubines. Why does he have to marry you? So what if you are a princess of the Profound Medicine Race? What’s so good about your Profound Medicine Race?” Yue Lingkong spoke disdainfully.

“He had seen my entire naked body! I can’t marry anyone already! If he does not marry me, what should I do?!” Xi Ran rebutted.

“Even if he forcefully raped you, he won’t marry you anyway if he doesn’t think he should marry you. Your crappy objections and opinions does not mean a thing!” Yue Lingkong replied to her once more with a more scornful tone.

“No way! He must marry me!” Apparently, the little loli, Xi Ran had already forgotten her original objective.

Her earlier grievance had subsided. Currently, she only had a single matter in mind: to make Ning Fan marry her or she would never be able to marry out anymore.

One really has to admit that Xi Ran was the most simple-minded lady of all women whom Ning Fan had met.

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