Grasping Evil - Chapter 298 (1)

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Tens of thousands of human skeletons were piled up in the valley and the corpse qi was already completely absorbed.

A white-robed young man stood in the middle of the large piles of skeletons. When he made a stomp on the ground, a thousand zhang* black mountain emerged out of nowhere.

Standing on the peak of the mountain, the young man’s eyes sparkled with a mysterious light. He directly performed an archaic and abstruse formation seal. At first, the motion of his fingers were jerky but as he continued to practice, he grew more accustomed to it and the formation he created became more mellow and full.

With the cultivation towards the hand seals of the demonic techniques, the formation seals were not difficult for the young man to cultivate. After some practice, his fingertips moved up and down smoothly like a shadow.

As he continued to alter his hand seals, a large amount of magic power began to flow into the hand seals he made, transforming multiple whirling mass of green air in mid-air.

Each of the vortexes appeared one after another, occupying the air in an abnormal arrangement, which drew in the nearby clouds.

Each of the whirlpools were then connected together by his spirit sense and they began to turn black. Gradually, they became a thousand zhang* large dark green mass of wind in the shape of a dragon after being connected by his dark sense!

When the dark-green wind dragon soared into the sky and emitted a roar, the mountains and rivers quaked. The power it displayed was nearly comparable to that of a High Grade Divine Transformation Realm magical technique. However, this technique was not a magical technique but a formation technique!

It was a technique of formation power which was displayed using his magic power and the secret seals of the Heart Formation!

Standing at the peak of the evil mountain, Ning Fan gazed upon the dragon and revealed a satisfied smile. The positions of the three thousand whirlwinds were actually placed according to the climate, occupying each of the formation eyes.

That gigantic black wind dragon was actually a Heaven Formation that was established by borrowing the power of the wind and clouds. Its name was ‘Dancing Mist Dragon Heaven Formation’! In order to display a High Grade Divine Transformation Realm formation technique, one would at least have to have Late Divine Transformation Realm spirit sense. As for activating its power, one would need to have a magic power not any weaker than the Late Divine Transformation Realm.

When Ning Fan’s five fingers turned into a claw and slashed at the air in front of him, the spiritual qi of the earth veins within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* was extracted and gathered into his hand, forming into an illusory misty ball. It was the soul of the great land. He opened his mouth and pushed it down his throat.

Combining the three types of magic power he possessed, he was already at the level of a Mid Divine Transformation Realm. After performing Soul Extraction, his total magic power suddenly increased sharply, breaking through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm.

When he lifted his finger, the dark green wind dragon let out another roar and charged downwards, smashing its head against the earth. Immediately, the whole ground rumbled and a fierce gale blew from all directions. As the terrifying howl of the gale echoed, typhoons which were strong enough to tear the hollow space apart spread throughout the entire area. Mountains crumbled and the earth sank. Trees and grasses were reduced to ashes. Within just a brief moment, the vicinity of ten thousand li* of the southern region was razed to the ground!

“So this is the might of the Heart Formation… If the formation techniques are cultivated to a supreme level, its power will not be any weaker than Immortal techniques!”

Ning Fan could imagine that if his spirit sense and magic power were strong enough, he could directly display an Immortal Void technique that could flatten an area of millions* of li. With that power, wiping out a mid-grade cultivation country would be as easy as just flicking his finger.

Unfortunately, formations techniques were limited by one’s spirit sense and magic power at the same time. Therefore, the current Ning Fan could at most display a High Grade Divine Transformation Realm formation. Among all the High Grade formations he knew, this Dancing Mist Dragon Heaven Formation had the strongest destructive power, making it the best formation technique to be used.

“Now, I have another technique in my hands!”

Ning Fan put away all his irrelevant thoughts and began regulating his breathing. After dispersing the illusory shadow of his evil mountain, he returned to his abode.

After just a few teleportations, he had traversed more than one hundred thousand li* of land of the southern part of the island. When he stopped, he was already standing right before the abode.

Currently, Ning Fan did not expose a single trace of his qi. No, he was not deliberately concealing his qi. Instead, it was due to the qi retaining effect of his corpse body after successfully completing the second phase of corpse transformation.

Therefore, when he arrived outside the abode, even Yue Lingkong could not sense his presence.

However, when he overheard the intense quarrel within the abode, his brows were faintly knitted together while wearing a strange look.

Inside the abode, Wu Yan was quietly on the stone bed and her look remained elegant but helpless.

Beside her, the female corpse and Xi Ran were quarrelling non-stop. Moreover, the main point of their dispute was actually about whether Ning Fan was going to marry Xi Ran or not.

Yue Lingkong could be considered as the eldest cultivator among all the women present. If such an incident were to happen in the past, that tyrannical female ruler would definitely have acted firmly without showing any mercy. She would have valued her words like gold in such a scenario. However, after her main body was taken over by her second primordial spirit and was turned into child, her cold attitude seemed to have a hint of mischief, especially after she was imprisoned and plucked by Ning Fan. When the two females were in the midst of quarrelling, she would utter some obscene words occasionally to worsen the situation, causing the argument between the two females to become so heated to the point of brawling with each other.

“Lu Bei must marry me! I will marry him tonight!” Xi Ran argued so angrily that her little face glowed with redness.

“Light…won’t…marry… you…” The female corpse stubbornly insisted.

Yue Lingkong rested her chin on her hands and her lips curved into a broad smile filled with excitement. Feeling interested, she then chipped in and said, “What’s the use of quarrelling? Come on, fight each other. Whoever wins will be the one who is right!”

If anyone who understood Yue Lingkong was around, he or she would definitely realize her eyes were flashing with mischief and wickedness at the moment.

That expression on her face would’ve been impossible to appear on the face of the dignified female tyrant in the past.

Upon hearing Yue Lingkong’s suggestion, the both of them no longer argued. Instead, the female corpse forcefully delivered a blow with her corpse devil palm while Xi Ran performed a hand seal, summoning a rattan whip made of demon power and whipped at the female corpse.

The female corpse was powerful among the cultivators at the same level as her whereas Xi Ran could be considered rather weak compared to those of her level. Despite that, it was a situation where both of them matched each other in strength and power.

Ning Fan was lost.

Why would that little loli Xi Ran simply yell and scream that she wants to marry me? Is my charm really that great?

He did not ask her. Even if he asks, perhaps Xi Ran would forget about her initial intention of involving herself in the fight. Now, she just did not want to lose to the female corpse.

Without uttering much, Ning Fan vanished in a flash and directly stood between the two females who were about to exchange more severe blows with each other. Raising both of his palms, he offset the two incoming attacks.

The female corpse’s palm was comparable to a strike from a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert. She possessed strength which were strong enough to overturn mountains. Even ordinary Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts would never be able to receive a single palm attack from the female corpse.

But this time, when her palm and Ning Fan’s palm collided against each other, the earth trembled violently and the mountains swayed. Even so, Ning Fan did not show any signs of retreating and his strength was far greater than the female corpse’s!

Luckily, the force that Ning Fan exerted was subtle without having any capabilities of hurting the female corpse. However, his palm was enough to cause her to lose her balance. When she was about to fall, Ning Fan dashed towards her and held her in his arms.

Facing Xi Ran’s demon whip, Ning Fan simply hurled his hand and delivered a billow of black lotus devil flame. Within seconds, that domineering flame had burnt the Mid Divine Transformation Realm demonic technique to nothingness.

“The Third Level of Jade Life Realm?! No. This cucumber is still at the Second Level of Jade Life Realm. But judging from his qi, he’s already at the Third Level… How’s that possible?! Besides, when he stood in front of me, my Half-Step Void Refinement Realm spirit sense could not even sense a single trace of his qi… It isn’t because he was intentionally concealing his qi but because all his qi has already been kept within his body… That’s one of the characteristics of a corpse devil’s body refining technique!”

“Burning the technique to nothingness?! He literally turned that demonic technique into nothingness. The flame he displayed must at least be a level stronger than that of the demon whip! If I’m not wrong, that must be a Sixth Grade spiritual flame and among the flames of that grade, it should be ranked around the middle! However, why haven’t I learnt of that flame before? Besides, by the look of its appearance, it rather resembles the Fifth Grade Spiritual Flame, Lotus Corpse Flame. In spite of that, its power is totally different from that Fifth Grade Flame!”

Yue Lingkong and Wu Yan were both beings with sharp insight. At first glance, they were able to tell the uniqueness behind Ning Fan’s unintentional act.

Wu Yan did not have a complete knowledge about Ning Fan’s background. In her eyes, Ning Fan was always a man that she could never see through or understand completely. As such, it was not a big surprise for her to witness his power.

As for Yue Lingkong, however, she was a cultivator who had witnessed Ning Fan’s growth ever since he was still a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Therefore, in her heart, how could she still maintain her composure?!

Those deep-seated thoughts only existed in the minds of the likes of Yue Lingkong and Wu Yan. For females like the female corpse and Xi Ran, none of them had noticed how powerful Ning Fan’s action was at all.

Snuggling up inside Ning Fan’s arms, the female corpse’s face was no longer as pale as a ghost but it was still as cold as ice. Her heart however was a little confused.

Ever since she had been completely subdued by Ning Fan, she had never had such intimate contact with Ning Fan before. Now, the sudden hug from Ning Fan made her recall the memories when she was forced to copulate with Ning Fan in the past. Her blank but clear eyes flashed with a hint of fear as she began to struggle to break free as if she was afraid that Ning Fan would do something like that to her again.

Ning Fan’s eyes were slightly shocked.

This female corpse might be leaning close to me but she’s feeling dreadful of me at the same time…

It was the reason why he did not dare to lay a finger on the female corpse anymore when she was in his arms.

Letting go of her from his arms, Ning Fan gently rubbed her hair and looked at her with tender and affectionate eyes.

“Don’t worry. I will not hurt you anymore and I’ll never allow anyone to harm you…”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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