Grasping Evil - Chapter 299.2

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“What do you want so that you can calm down and help me condense my medicine soul?”

“There’s no need for that anymore. My anger has already subsided. After seeing how unfortunate you are to be tricked by an irresponsible teacher, I kind of sympathize with you… Since you already have your medicine soul, you just need a little more help to awaken it. It won’t be difficult… However, to awaken your medicine soul, you would need some ‘Soul Refining Sand’. I know where in the Star Sea’s domain we can obtain such sand. Let me bring you there to get some…”

The originally unsatisfied little loli who only wished to seek revenge before had now become a helpful little girl. After she grabbed Ning Fan’s hand, she began walking towards the exit of the abode.

Ning Fan’s expression became slightly more friendly.

Apparently, this little girl isn’t that finicky and hateful as she looks.

Turning his head back, he stared blankly at the female corpse. His heart suddenly felt a sharp pain.

I must cure Weiliang…

“All of you shall rest for a while here. I’ll be back as fast as possible.”

When he finished his words, his eyes flashed with determination. He then turned his hand, pulled Xi Ran to his arms and summoned his Fu Li demon wings. With just a step, the both of them vanished into a cloud of purple smoke and travelled across seventy thousand li* (500m per li).

Since Wu Yan had just recovered from her injuries, her countenance still looked a little unwell. Therefore, it’s better that she could get more rest during this period of time. Moreover, with Wei Xuan’s prestige still lingering around and the protection from the female corpse and Yue Lingkong, there won’t be any creatures causing troubles to the abode.

“I don’t like owing anyone a favor. However, I have to say that I really owe you one!” Ning Fan’s tone was calm and indifferent.

“Never mind. You have also saved me earlier. Previously, I had accused you of feeding me aphrodisiac. I feel that I treated you really badly… Although I am a little dumb and I don’t know a lot of grown-up things, at least I still understand the principle of repaying those who have helped me before. Even though you are a thief who stole all my treasures, I don’t blame you. However, you must never scold me again in the future! And… And… Could you please let go of me? I’m embarrassed. I can actually fly on my own…”

Xi Ran’s heartbeat sped like crazy ever since Ning Fan pulled her into his arms. After all, it was her first time being embraced by a man in her conscious state. It just made her feel too embarrassed.

“It’s dangerous for you to fly on your own. This Star Sea isn’t a peaceful place.”

As Ning Fan’s voice fell, seven Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts which did not seem to understand death or danger emerged and initiated attacks at Ning Fan in the form of silver rays. One of the seven beasts was actually at half a step away from the Divine Transformation Realm!

“Just a bunch of creatures courting death!”

Without uttering a lot of words, Ning Fan lifted his finger and seven beams of black sword light shot out from his fingertip. He then flapped his wings and travelled for another seventy thousand li*(500m per li).

At the original spot, the seven Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts’ bodies were all cut into two from their waist, dying the silver sea water red.

“Woah… You’re strong!” Xi Ran’s mouth became slightly agape.

Seven of them were Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts and one of them was even half a step away from the Divine Transformation Realm. Even though I am a Late Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, I can only eliminate them by displaying demonic techniques. But he killed all of them with ease by just moving his fingers and producing seven rays of black sword light.

With such efficient and smooth means, perhaps nothing could slow Ning Fan down other than Wild Beasts.

“Where is the sea domain which contains the Soul Refining Sand?”

“Let me think. I think it should be at this direction. At 120 million li* (500m per li) away from here, one million zhang* (3.13m per zhang) below the sea domain, there should be some Soul Refining Sand. My sense of smell will never lie!” Xi Ran said with a determined tone.

“One million zhang* (3.13m per zhang) below the sea? I’m afraid that there will be even more demon beasts assaulting us if we dive under the sea. You have to hold on to me tightly. Don’t even leave half a step away from me!”

Ning Fan accurately positioned himself to the direction pointed by Xi Ran and disappeared in a flash.

Six days later, both of them arrived at the sea domain which was mentioned by Xi Ran earlier. With a purple flash, they dived deep into the sea.

As soon as they went under the sea, countless demon beasts instantly jumped out to attack them. Every single one of them transformed from star spirits.

Among the beasts, some of them were Early Divine Transformation Realm Wild Beasts. Their presence made Ning Fan frown. He quickly held Xi Ran with one of his hands while using the other to draw out his Separation Slayer Sword. Utilizing his advantage in speed, he would approach every one of the demons which emerged to block their path and then make a fatal slash on them!

Because of his rapid speed and the extreme sharpness of his sword, even a Wild Beast at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm was instantly killed with a single slash!

The track he passed by was covered with blood. On his way to the bottom of the sea, he let no demon beasts which appeared on his sight to get away alive. After witnessing that appalling scene, within the vicinity of a thousand li* (500 m per li) around him, there was no longer any demon beasts which were reckless and bold enough to attack Ning Fan. Although there were still a large number of them spying on him from the distance, waiting for a chance to strike.

Xi Ran was completely stunned.

The current Ning Fan gave her a feeling that he was unstoppable. Anyone who tried to stop him would certainly die!

She then realized that back in the Second World, Ning Fan also occasionally killed some demons while he was travelling around the nine tribes. However, he could already be considered merciful to others already.

If he were to really had the intention to kill, none of the creatures residing in the Star Sea would survive!

Ning Fan’s presence at the bottom of the sea which was emitting dazzling silver light struck fear into every fish at that area, causing all of them to disperse.

Standing on the fine silver sand of the seabed, Ning Fan asked, “Is all the sand in this area the Soul Refining Sand?”

“Of course not! In one hundred million particles of sand, there is only one Soul Refining Sand. It’s not an easy task to filter out all the Soul Refining Sand in this area. If I let you find them, you will need at least three years to fill up half of this bag. However, if I am the one who gathers them, I will at most need ten days to fill up half of this bag… However, when I am gathering the Soul Refining Sand later, I will need to use my spirit sense using a secret technique. As such, I won’t be able to defend any attacks from the outside world. You must protect me! In the past when I was gathering the star sand, there would always be a lot of people protecting me…”

Xi Ran took out a small sack. Looking at the demon beasts which were spying on her from afar, she could not help but feel scared.

“I’m here. No one can stop you from gathering the Soul Refining Sand!”

Ning Fan let go of her and made a step away. The next moment, his dark sword sense spread throughout the area of thirty thousand li* (500m per li) surrounding them like a large dome of concentrated dark ink.

Just as his sword sense occupied the area, hundreds of thousands of Harmonious Spirit Realm and Gold Core Realm demon beasts which were spying on him within the vicinity were literally shredded to pieces of meat. The atmosphere was suddenly filled with a series of loud painful wails and cries which scared away some demon beasts.

“Get lost or die!”

The prestige from the Fu Li’s ancestral blood shot out from his left eye. Under that aura force, the rest of the demon beasts lingering around the area hurriedly retreated.

Get lost or die!

Currently, Ning Fan felt as if he had returned to the Demon Sinister Forest.

The killing intent within his eyes were like cold ice that would never melt for thousands of years!

Facing his look, all demon beasts which survived his dark sword sense began to feel fear coursing through their veins. Instinctively, all of them hurriedly retreated to a distance of more than thirty thousand li* (500m per li).

Despite being demon beasts, all of them felt like they were not the ferocious beasts in this scene but Ning Fan who was a true bloodthirsty monster!

One day… Two days… Nine days later, Xi Ran had obtained nearly 80% of the amount she required. For another half a day, she would then finish collecting enough sand to awaken Ning Fan’s medicine soul.

On the tenth day, somewhere far away in the sea domain, a large group of sea beasts was marching towards them.

Aside from that, there were countless ancient war chariots shining in silver light travelling across the sea at high speed.

This group of beasts could sense countless corpses of their kind piling up at this place. When they arrived and saw with it their naked eyes, all of them were petrified.

When they found out that there were only Ning Fan and Xi Ran within the area, an enraged and haughty voice reverberated from the center of the battle chariots, carrying an aura comparable to that of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert.

“Who are you? How dare you block us, the vanguard? How dare you caused troubles in my Star Sea?! Hmmph! My troops, kill him!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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