Grasping Evil - Chapter 300.1

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As the troops arrived in a neat formation, Ning Fan’s eyes turned gloomy.

There were one hundred thousand Gold Core Realm beasts on the front line clearing the path like a massive locust plague. On the middle of the formation were five thousand Nascent Soul Realm beasts, forming up a protective line around thirteen silver war chariots which were as dazzling as lightning flashes. Each of the chariots had a Divine Transformation Realm expert standing on its front. All of them wore armor glowing in starlight and their bodies were silvery and illusory. Despite that, their presence emanated a tremendous amount of aura force.

All thirteen of the Wild Beasts which were transformed from star spirits were in their human forms!

Even though they had yet to completely turn into human form as they still had some parts of their beast bodies remaining, their achievement was already very significant. Underestimating them would definitely be an act of foolishness. Among the group of Wild Beasts, 7 were at the Early Divine Transformation Realm beasts, 5 were at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm while one of them had already attained the Late Divine Transformation Realm. The one who gave the command to kill Ning Fan was none other than the strongest among them, the Late Divine Transformation Realm Wild Beast.

As his command echoed in the sky, five thousand sea beasts in the front lines immediately let out strange roars and dashed towards Ning Fan, separating the ocean waves.

“Demon troops!”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with seriousness. These sea beasts which were charging towards him were certainly not any scattered and unorganized beasts but a group of well-trained demon armies!

Although Ning Fan was not really familiar with the Star Sea, he could guess that such a massive group of demon armies must not harbor any simple intentions for appearing so suddenly in this place.

However, no matter what intentions they had, be it evil or kind, he allowed no one to stop Xi Ran from gathering the Soul Refining Sand.

“Go to hell!”

Ning Fan made a step forward and the great momentum condensed into a sword. As the sword light swept across the incoming troops, all five thousand of them were split into half in an instant, filling the bottom of the sea with fresh blood.

Killing Gold Core Realm experts instantly with a single step. That terrifying means had caused the demon troops which were marching towards him to be stunned and remained in place at one thousand li* (500m) away from Ning Fan.

An immense killing intent radiated from Ning Fan’s body, spreading in all directions. Facing his killing intent, none of the beast among the troops other than the Wild Beasts could restrain their fear!

“It’s a foreign Divine Transformation Realm expert! We can’t possibly fight against him. Wild Generals, please provide assistance!”

Wild Generals simply meant the Wild Beasts which were recognized as the demon generals in their race. Since their enemy was a Divine Transformation Realm expert who could not be defeated by Gold Core Realm cultivators, it was no longer a battle that could be won by just having a large number of troops.

“Isn’t he just a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator? What’s so scary about him?! I, Xie Gu1, won’t even need ten breaths to take this person’s life!”

On the eleventh war chariot among the thirteen which were lined up in a proper formation, an Early Divine Transformation Realm being let out a cold harrumph. As he released the reins in his hands, his chariot turned into a blinding silver light and shot out from the troops’ formation. When the light faded away, an elderly man wearing a star armor emerged.

Standing in front of the chariot, he expressed a mighty aura like that of a massive cloud above the sky. Without any delay, he began moving his fingers to make a hand seal, as if he was trying to perform some kind of demonic technique.

As soon as he activated that technique, the location where the five thousand sea beasts died just now was immediately filled with countless blood balls which were condensed from the blood mist. Basking in the silver light radiating from the bottom of the sea, the blood balls fused together with each other and eventually forming fifty large blood shadows with a body glowing in blood light. All of them had three heads and four arms but they had no faces or noses.

Each of them emitted strange cries, releasing the qi comparable to that of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Fifty Nascent Soul Realm blood shadows then fearlessly dashed towards Ning Fan and Xi Ran in the form of blood threads.

“It’s the Blood Shadow Technique! It’s the strongest technique of General Xie! It’s really unexpected that before wiping out the star island, we are able to witness General Xie going into action. We’re truly fortunate!”

“Haha! This Blood Shadow Technique is hard to defend against. Without knowing the key in blocking it, that young man is probably going to run out of luck!”

Each of the demon beasts revealed a look of awe and admiration. A short while later, all of their facial expressions turned savage as they stared coldly at Ning Fan as if they were staring at a dead person.

As for the little girl Xi Ran who was immersing herself in collecting the Soul Refining Send, she immediately felt nervous the moment she sensed the incoming attacks of the blood shadows. Anxiously, she warned Ning Fan.

“You must be careful! This is the Blood Shadow Technique! Through manipulating the blood qi to summon the dead spirits, they can use the blood shadows to fight their battles for them. You must never kill the blood shadows. If you kill them, they will keep regenerating by splitting themselves and combining together. In the end, they might even become a stronger blood shadow which is at a level above the Divine Transformation Realm!”

The current her was in the midst of using her secret technique. Thus, she was unable to move a single muscle and she needed to rely on Ning Fan to protect her. Since she was sharing the same fate as Ning Fan, she would of course be worried about Ning Fan’s safety.

Unfortunately, when she tried to warn Ning Fan, she could not avoid getting distracted, causing her to suffer a backlash from her secret technique. The next moment, her Sea of Consciousness felt a sharp pain and her small and delicate face began to turn pale. That pain made her not dare to utter any more words.

“Blood shadows… Killing me without even needing ten breaths? That old man is indeed shamelessly boastful. Die!”

The purple star in Ning Fan’s left eye sparkled. The enhancement of his sight had already enabled him to see through the key of the Blood Shadow Technique.

Drawing the great momentum, he took three consecutive steps forward. Afterwards, the great momentum turned into a sword which divided into innumerable sword light. Before the fifty blood shadows could get close to him, they were slashed horrendously by the swords. Other than the sound of swords slashing, there were only the cries of agony from the blood shadows. Within seconds, all of them were turned into blood mist once more.

But just as they were destroyed, the fifty blood mist fused together once more, transforming into five blood shadows of the Early Divine Transformation Realm.

General Xie wore a mocking smile on his face.

“Young man, your woman has already warned you to be careful of my Blood Shadow Technique. She told you not to kill any of them but you refused to listen. Now, you are going to bear the consequences for your stubbornness!”

Before General Xie finished his words, the smile on his face literally froze.

What he saw next was Ning Fan completing the remaining six steps in a row with smooth and rapid steps like flowing water.

Forming a sword with nine steps. With Ning Fan’s current cultivation level, he could even cut down any ordinary Divine Transformation Realm experts, let alone five mere illusory blood shadows!

At the moment the sword light emerged, the five Divine Transformation Realm blood shadows which had yet to fully congeal were reduced to blood mist again. However, this time they were unable to combine again as they were shredded to ashes by the sword light.

After having his blood shadows crushed, the elderly man suffered a heavy blow on his heart, causing him to lose his balance and nearly fell down from the chariot. His face was full of shock.

“Forming a sword with nine steps and kill Divine Transformation Realm experts with it?! You are just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator; how come you would have such power… Wait. Your face!”

The elderly man who was named Xie Gu only realized now that Ning Fan’s appearance was exactly the same as the Early Divine Transformation Realm on the portrait! He was the person whom the four holy demons had repeatedly warned them to be aware of before they had embarked on the journey!

At first, he was unable to have a clear look on Ning Fan’s appearance because he was too far away from him. However, just as Ning Fan approached him now, not only was Xie Gu able to recognize him, but the Late Divine Transformation Realm expert who was sitting imposingly in the center of the troops had a change in his facial expression.

“Xie Gu, retreat now!”

Retreat now! Or else you will die!

However, wasn’t it a little too late for him to begin thinking about retreating?

In a flash, Ning Fan vanished in purple smoke and directly appeared on top of the silver chariot where the elderly man was standing in the next second. A sword light shone and he made a slash on the elderly man. Despite the three layers of star armors protecting his body, all of them were penetrated by that strike. When he made a wide swing with his sword, Xie Gu’s body was already split into two. Dispersing his human form, Xie Gu revealed his demon body which was six hundred zhang* (3.13m) big. However, that big body was now cut into two!

Ning Fan kept the demon pill which was spawn upon Xie Gu’s death. It was an excellent item for improving his cultivation level. Besides that, he also kept his corpses which would be a good ingredient for refining his weapons!

Standing on the silver chariot, Ning Fan indifferently said with a pair of merciless eyes, “Killing me within ten breaths? I don’t even need a single breath to finish you off!”

His words were like a sharp sword glowing in red that pierced through every single beast’s ears, making their eardrums painful.

Their pupils were dilated, filled with disbelief. They found it difficult to believe that General Xie Gu who had gained his fame in the Star Sea with his Blood Shadow Technique was killed by Ning Fan in just a blink of an eye!

What caused them to feel most unable to believe was that they would actually meet the ferocious man with whom the four holy demons had instructed them to be extra cautious of at 120 million li* (500m) away from the star island. He was the frightening Early Divine Transformation Realm expert who managed to get away from the Fourth Holy Demon – Kun Mon’s hands. Now, he had just killed a Divine Transformation Realm expert before their very eyes!

The atmosphere was silent. Other than the sound of the sea currents, there was only the sound of heavy breathing.

However, the silence was suddenly broken in the next moment. A violent and fearsome laugh which carried a Late Divine Transformation Realm aura reverberated through the atmosphere.

“So it’s you! You are the one that Lord Kun Mo has instructed us to kill! Very well. I am Qu Feng2, the Wild General of the vanguard of the Southern Star Sea. It’s a good chance for me to gain merit by killing you! My troops, get into formations and kill our enemy!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Xie Gu (Chinese: 血枯 pinyin: xiě kū) Xie (血xiě) means blood Gu (枯 kū) means wither or wilt

  2. Qu Feng (Chinese: 曲风 pinyin: qū fēng) Qu (曲 qū) means bent, or crooked. It also means a song. Feng (风fēng) means wind.

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