Grasping Evil - Chapter 300.2

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When the Late Divine Transformation Realm being, Qu Feng, gave a command, the one hundred thousand sea beasts immediately parted and lined up in a different formation and displayed their demon power, forming a grand formation light.

Thousands of rays of silver formation light shot out from the bodies of the one hundred thousand sea beasts, creating a massive light curtain shielding the entire demon troops in order to avoid Ning Fan from breaking into their formation and killing their generals using his Golden Flame Chariot which possess an incredible speed that even their Lord Kun Mo was dreadful of!

This military formation that the demon troops had displayed was a Human Formation. As its name implied, it was a grand formation established based on the unity of people.

Apparently, the demon troops had been trained regularly as the formation light they conjured was already at the Late Divine Transformation Realm. Not only was it able to defend any ordinary Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator’s attacks but it was also more than enough to launch an attack which has a destructive power comparable to that of a Mid Divine Transformation Realm attack using its formation light.

“Kun Mo? Human Formation!”

Ning Fan’s eyes glinted with a hint of surprise. In the past, he had the intention of training the Three Divine Armies of the Black Devil so that they could achieve the level of forming a Human Formation by themselves. However, due to different reasons, he had no other choice but to abandon that idea for the moment in the end.

If these one hundred thousand sea beasts were scattered and disorganized, it would not be strenuous for Ning Fan to wipe out all the Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm beings. Unfortunately, after these sea beasts arranged themselves orderly into a formation, their actions would all be synchronized. When one defends, all defends; when one attacks, all attacks. That formation seemed to merge the one hundred thousand sea beasts into one entity.

To destroy the armies, the formation must first be destroyed!

As Qu Feng waved the flag in his hand, the entire troop of demon armies initiated an attack at the same time. Under the effect of the formation light, the one hundred thousand scattered strikes and projectiles turned into one hundred thousand identical silver arrows.

The volley of arrows pierced through the sky, whistling towards Ning Fan. Each of the silver arrows was powerful enough to penetrate through a Peak Gold Core Realm cultivator’s defense. With one hundred thousand of them combined together, even an expert of Mid Divine Transformation Realm would find it difficult to withstand it.


Ning Fan did not even cast a glance at the incoming barrage of arrows. He opened his mouth and blasted out a column of black flames. The flames had the shape of a lotus. As soon as it escaped from his mouth, it instantly spread and turned into a sea of black flames, encompassing the vicinity within one thousand li* (500m). Just as the flames emerged, the sea boiled and steam began to rise above the surface of the sea. The volley of arrows could not penetrate through the wall of flames at all as all of them were burnt to nothingness when they came into contact with the flames!

The next moment, Ning Fan pointed his finger at the flames, splitting them into nearly 2000 black lotuses. He then commanded them to bombard the formation light of the demon troops at different positions. The directions from where the black lotus flames attacked were rather incomprehensible to the demon troops as they were not concentrated at a single point. However, to their horror, when the black lotus flames exploded, only then did they realize that the attacks were directed at the formation eyes of their formation light!

The next second, the formation light of the demon troops shattered! All one hundred thousand beasts suffered a backlash upon the destruction of their formation light. Moreover, under the effect of the lotus flames, seventy thousand Gold Core Realm beasts were directly burnt to ashes by the flames and the atmosphere was filled with screams and wails of pain!

After the breaking the formation and killing a large number of the demon troops, Ning Fan did not continue to pursue them. On the other hand, Ning Fan jumped down from the silver chariot and went back to Xi Ran’s side. His motive of guarding the little girl was obviously exposed.

The frontline troops suffered a seventy percent loss before they even had the chance to really engage Ning Fan! Upon witnessing that horrible loss, Qu Feng’s countenance changed!

Before he was permitted to lead the troops and embark on this journey to conquer the star island, the Third Holy Demon, Yuan Fang the Ape Demon had once reminded him that the mission of this vanguard was just to test the validity of the rumors about the occurrence that happened on the star island. If they encounter the old bear, they should avoid engaging him if possible. If they meet Ning Fan, they should flee if possible.

Qu Feng was respectful towards the old bear. As for Ning Fan, however, Qu Feng did not even put him in his eyes.

Before meeting Ning Fan, Qu Feng thought that even though Ning Fan managed to escape from Kun Mo, the latter was just relying on the speed of his Golden Flame Chariot. If he did not have the chariot, he would just be an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator who was as powerless as an ant. To Qu Feng, Ning Fan was just an insignificant being that was not even worth mentioning.

Thus, despite knowing full well that he was confronting Ning Fan, he was still daring enough to execute a kill order on him. Originally, from Qu Feng’s perspective, he thought that the Mid Grade Divine Transformation Realm formation established by his troops was enough to defend against Ning Fan from performing a sneak attack relying with his speed and an Early Divine Transformation Realm being like him would certainly be unable to withstand a combined attack from one hundred thousand beasts.

But now, Qu Feng realized that his judgement was completely wrong!

In just an instant, Ning Fan eliminated Xie Gu. With just a column of black flames, he incinerated the volley of silver arrows. At first glance, he recognized the 2000 formation eyes of their Mid Grade Divine Transformation Realm formation and broke it with just a single strike, wiping out seventy thousand members of his troop…

Qu Feng reckoned that if he were to be in Ning Fan’s place, facing a massive demon army which comprised of one hundred thousand troops by himself, he would definitely be unable to gain any upper hand especially when the enemies were in an organized formation with strict defense.

“I’ve underestimated you! Losing seventy thousand troops is a heavy crime! Unless I return with your head to offset my crime, I am going to receive a heavy punishment for this loss! You must die! Let’s all attack at once!”

This time, Qu Feng no longer dispatched any of the ordinary sea beasts. The military formation was broken and his army had lost seventy thousand members. The remaining thirty thousand sea beasts were mostly injured. None of them was fit for battle anymore.

Without the slightest intention of belittling his enemy, twelve silver chariots dashed out from the troop’s formation and twelve Divine Transformation Realm experts charged at Ning Fan at the same time, surrounding him. Their plan was simple: eliminate Ning Fan by outnumbering him!

The technique of forming a sword with nine steps struck fear into everyone’s heart while his black flames sent chills down everyone’s spines at the scene!

Qu Feng reckoned that if he were to engage Ning Fan by himself, he would not have the confidence of gaining a certain victory… The current him was no longer ignorant enough to disparage Ning Fan!

Meanwhile, Qu Feng and his comrades had already noticed that Ning Fan was protecting Xi Ran. As such, some of them had gradually turned their direction towards Xi Ran, trying to distract Ning Fan.

“All twelve Divine Transformation Realm cultivators attack at once… Kun Mo’s subordinates really like using a large force to defeat a small group and they love bullying girls too. However, do you really think you are the only group with many fighters?! Spiritual puppets, get in line!”

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch. With a wave of his sleeve, twelve spiritual puppets lined up before him.

The twelve of them consisted of ten black puppets, Stone Warrior and the black dragon!

Among the ten black puppets, five of them were at the Early Divine Transformation Realm, four of them were at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm and one of them was at the Late Divine Transformation Realm!

Of all the twelve refined corpses and spiritual puppets, only Stone Warrior had some spiritual intelligence. The current Stone Warrior’s combat power was already barely enough to compare with the rest of the group of puppets. However, he was the only puppet with a complete spiritual intelligence. As such, he was still quite useful, especially in moments like this!

“What’s this situation?”

As soon as Stone Warrior was summoned, he felt his scalp go numb. He knew that Ning Fan was a troublemaker but he did not expect Ning Fan to get himself into such terrible situation.

Somewhere far in the star sea, there were countless ferocious beasts laying low quietly, trying to conceal themselves.

As for the area he was in, twelve Divine Transformation Realm experts were charging at them, surrounding them. One of the twelve Divine Transformation Realm experts was even at the Late Divine Transformation Realm!

However, when Stone Warrior turned his head and glanced at the spiritual puppets standing alongside him, the feeling of shock within him intensified.

On my side, not only do I have a monstrous being like Ning Fan, but also a Late Divine Transformation Realm little loli who seems to be unable to get away for the moment. Aside from that, there are still ten puppets and a refined corpse!

All eleven of them have physical bodies which are not any weaker than mine. Besides, the Mid and Late Divine Transformation Realm puppets are far greater than me! Of course, when we really engage each other, I might be able to gain some advantages over the dumb puppets with my spiritual intelligence.

But what surprised Stone Warrior the most was undeniably the black dragon refined corpse.

A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm black dragon?!

Our enemies are strong but our side is much stronger!

Qu Feng and the remaining members of his team were already terrified before they had even finished lining up. The fear which rouse within their hearts was due to the emergence of the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse!

“Half-Step…Void Refinement Realm! It’s bad! Run!”

If there was only Ning Fan at the scene, Qu Feng and his comrades would have been daring enough to battle against him even if he was a Peak Divine Transformation Realm being. However, a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm being was different from a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. Although the aforementioned was just half a step further from the Peak Divine Transformation Realm, that advancement contained an unimaginable difference that could not be perceived by ordinary Divine Transformation Realm experts! It was worlds apart!

The frontline troops were clearly defeated. However, this defeat was not embarrassing. Qu Feng must inform the four holy demons about it and tell them that the Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator whom they were afraid of was indeed terrifying. That man possessed a large number of spiritual puppets and he even had a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse!

That information would be enough to atone for his losses for this trip. But the prerequisite was whether he could get away alive!

“Is there anything I can do for you …” Stone Warrior awkwardly stared at Ning Fan. The current him no longer had the arrogance which he expressed when meeting Ning Fan for the first time.

At that time, Ning Fan was just a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator while Stone Warrior was a Divine Transformation Realm expert, a being who could shake the External Endless Sea by just stomping his feet. But now, be it the enemies or his allies, he was considered the weakest.

Calling me out at a time like this… Is it possible that he wants to… sacrifice me like cannon fodder?

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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