Grasping Evil - Chapter 300.3

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Stone Warrior felt slightly disheartened. Indeed, if Ning Fan wills it, he would certainly be an expendable pawn in a group battle involving beings at these levels.

“I can’t take part myself for the moment. You have spiritual intelligence. Therefore, this black dragon and the ten spiritual puppets would all be under your control. I won’t ask you whether how you are going to manipulate them. I just want an outcome: Leave nothing alive within the vicinity of thirty thousand li (500m per li)!”


Stone Warrior was startled. Despite having only an insignificant amount of strength among all of Ning Fan’s fighters, the latter actually allowed him to be the leader to command all his refined corpse and puppets!

Did I hear it correctly?

Does he really have so much confidence in my capabilities?

“Why? You can’t do it?” Ning Fan frowned.

“No! I can!” Stone Warrior answered with a raised tone.

Even in the Lost World Palace located in the Northern Heaven, Stone Warrior was just a spiritual puppet of a rather ordinary grade in terms of his combat power. However, when he was created, he was born with higher spiritual intelligence than common puppets. Because of that and also his above-average quick-wittedness, he was assigned to become Bei Xiaoman’s natal spiritual puppet as her lifelong bodyguard.

Before Bei Xiaoman had left the Northern Heaven and came to the mortal world, he could only follow the commands from other high-levelled spiritual puppets during the world war. He had never once imagined that he would have the chance to lead a team of spiritual puppets which were at a far higher cultivation level than his to battle, like what he was entrusted to do just now.

Usually, spiritual puppets were unable to advance into the next level themselves. However, in the Northern Heaven, there was a type of secret technique called “Puppet Raising Technique”. It was a technique which was developed specially for improving the power of spiritual puppets. The main method of the technique for enhancing a puppet’s power was to let the puppet to devour the souls of others!

Spiritual puppets were born with no souls. As such, in order to improve, they had to first devour someone’s soul, congeal it and then turn themselves into something more human-like by modelling the soul. Only then would the puppets have the chance to increase their power.

Stone Warrior who was at the Early Divine Transformation Realm at the very least has to devour ten souls of beings who are at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm in order to achieve an evolution!

It would be an impossible task for him to do it by himself. Today, however, after being assigned with so many subordinates, swallowing the souls of the twelve Divine Transformation Realm experts became as easy as turning his palms!

Therefore, to him, it was a golden opportunity!

Stone Warrior was not concerned about life and death. Neither did he care about his power. However, someday in the future, he would have to return to Bei Xiaoman’s side and became her guardian again. Because of that reason, he would need to get stronger!

“I assure you that within the area of thirty thousand li (500m per li), nothing will remain alive!”

Stone Warrior solemnly cupped his fists and leaped onto the head of the black dragon. When he performed some kind of hand seals, the ten spiritual puppets including the black dragon instantly responded to his commands obediently, enabling him to manipulate the rest of the group like his own arms!

Ning Fan did not know about such profound secret technique of controlling puppets. If he were to be the one who commands them, the power of the team might not be greater than Stone Warrior.

With Stone Warrior’s guide and the might of the formidable Half-Step Void Refinement Realm black dragon, the group of incoming enemies were just like shrimps and crabs. None of them would be able to escape!

Twelve dark rays dashed towards the approaching enemies. In the next moment, the front line troops of the Southern Star Sea which were emanating majestic aura earlier instantly suffered a heavy blow. The atmosphere was filled with tormented cries and wails.


Under Stone Warrior’s precise control, the black dragon continuously swallowed and spat black-colored dragon breaths. The thirty thousand remaining troops were wiped out within just a few breaths. The twelve Divine Transformation enemy generals were all neutralized except for Qu Feng! Each of their demon souls were swallowed by Stone Warrior into his abdomen. Three of them belonged to Early Divine Transformation Realm experts while the other eight of them were Mid Divine Transformation Realm beings!

Qu Feng was gasping for breath as he looked at the group of puppets which had heavily besieged him. Knowing that there was no chance for him to survive, his facial expression turned ferocious and glared at Ning Fan. Eventually, his gaze shifted to Xi Ran!

“I know I’m going to die. It’s not an embarrassment to die under a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert! However, I am reluctant to die in vain. Since I can’t kill you, I want your woman to die with me! Evil Cold Worm, appear!”

Qu Feng seemed to be holding something in his palm which he eventually crushed with his fingers. His movement was too fast. No one could see clearly what he had broken, except for Ning Fan who managed to catch sight of a deep purple silkworm-like creature that was nearly an inch long! Without a doubt, it was something venomous!

Just as the worm was freed, an immense sense of danger surged within Xi Ran’s heart.

Before she could even react, a deep purple thorn-like projectile suddenly appeared at one zhang (3.13m per zhang) away in front of Xi Ran. Turning into a ray of purple beam, it propelled straight at Xi Ran’s chest.

If it were to penetrate through Xi Ran’s chest, she would certainly be dead in her current condition!

“This woman is completely defenseless now. There’s no way she could defend herself. If it hits her chest, she would die for sure! Even she could slightly move, diverting the position where the thorn will hit, she could at most live for another three days. Its venom is incurable!”

Ning Fan knew Qu Feng was not lying. The reason was because even when he faced the venomous worm just now, he was unable to relax at all!

Xi Ran’s face was full of despair. As she was in the midst of using her secret technique to gather the Soul Refining Sand, she could not move her body even for an inch, let alone block that lethal strike.

She was a timid girl. She did not know what to do next. She felt extremely alone and helpless…

She was afraid to die. She had never experienced an incident where death was so certain and close to her before…

What should I do?! I can’t evade it!

Just as her shoulders began to tremble and tears began to well-up within her eyes, the shadow of a man clad in white robes flashed past and stood in front of her, blocking the incoming fatal strike.

Without having any time left to activate his magical treasures, he received the worm with his physical body.

“I’ve told you. I’ll make sure you are unharmed!”

With just a step, Ning Fan appeared in front of Xi Ran. That mere purple thorn actually broke through the terrifying defense of Ning Fan’s body which was at a similar level of a corpse devil with ease, piercing right into his chest. When it got into his body, it transformed into a trace of purple cold qi and began to wreck his body internally like a bat which had just come out of hell.

At the next moment, Ning Fan felt an excruciating pain from his chest. He felt an itch in his throat, causing him to cough out blood.

However, he stubbornly swallowed back that mouthful of blood and crazily activated his black flames to forcibly burn the worm to death from within!

“Finish him off!” Ning Fan’s ordered with a gloomy tone.

“Impossible! That purple worm hit you right in the chest! Why haven’t you died?!” Qu Feng’s eyes widened with shock.

If that worm hits a cultivator’s chest, that person will die instantly for sure, even if he is a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert… Why is he still alive?!!

There was no answer to his question.

Stone Warrior commanded the black dragon to lift its dragon claw and tear Qu Feng to pieces.

At this moment, Xi Ran felt touched but bad at the same time while looking at Ning Fan who had a trace of black blood flowing down from the corner of his mouth.

Meanwhile, in a giant palace under the Southern Star Sea - the Li Kun Palace’s, Kun Mo and Yuan Fang who were in the midst of doing a massive preparation for war had a drastic change on their countenances.

Qu Feng’s life plate as well as the other twelve Wild Generals’ broke together!

Besides, the life plates of the Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm beasts who were quite famous in the military troops broke too!

Within just half a day, one hundred thousand life plates broke in succession!

“This should have been impossible to happen! I have personally given Qu Feng the Evil Cold Worm. Other than a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert, who else could kill him?! Moreover, the front line troops are impossible to fully obliterate! Who did this?!”

“Could it be that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator?” Yuan Fang suddenly stood up with his eyes wide.

“How is that even possible?! That man just has a magical treasure which enables to travel a little faster. Other than that, he’s just a piece of useless trash! He won’t have such capabilities!”

Kun Mo was unwilling to believe that Ning Fan would be capable of eliminating one hundred thousand troops of the vanguard by himself!

Suddenly, a message-transmitting flying sword flew into the palace. The intel it brought made Kun Mo no longer able to retain his composure.

Three days later, the Gui Xiong outpost of the Southern Star Sea was wiped out!

Ten days later, the Dragon Burying Ocean City was occupied!

Seventeen days later, the Southern Prison Country was annihilated by a single man!

A hostile malefic being emanating frightening killing intent was travelling straight at the Southern Star Sea!

From all the intel, the only detail about the person who annihilated the country and city was that he was an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert!

As for his target, it was obviously the Li Kun Palace of the Southern Star Sea!

There were not any clues about that person’s identity. The only detail about him was his cultivation level and the words he left in every battlefield which was piled up with innumerable corpses.

‘Lu Bei, the slayer from Luo Yun!”

“So that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator’s name is Lu Bei! Now, Big Brother and Second Elder Brother might not be in the Southern Star Sea, but if this Lu Bei dares to set his foot upon my Li Kun Palace, I will let him die without a place to bury his corpse!”

Kun Mo was enraged and he squeezed the flying sword to ashes.

That Lu Bei is obviously challenging my reputation! Because I didn’t go to the star island to kill him, that’s why he came to my territory and cause me troubles!

He’s just...


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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