Grasping Evil - Chapter 301.1

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Half a day later, Xi Ran finished gathering the Soul Refining Sand.

In front of her, Ning Fan stood, leaning on his sword.

After receiving an order from him, Stone Warrior had lead the group of puppets and refined corpse to obliterate every living being within the area of one hundred thousand li (500m per li) of the sea domain. The vicinity he was currently in no longer had a single shadow of a demon or beast.

Xi Ran finally stopped performing her secret technique. Only then did the paleness on her face began to recede, as if blood had started to circulate in her face again. Keeping the half-filled pouch, she lowered her head, not daring to look straight at Ning Fan’s face. Gently, she passed the pouch to Ning Fan.

“I’ve…gathered enough… Soul Refining Sand. It sho-should be adequate enough for you t-to awaken your medicine soul.”

Her not daring to look at Ning Fan was not because of fear, but was because of shyness. Her heartbeat was racing wildly. Just as the moment when her mind was filled with utter hopelessness, Ning Fan emerged before her and used his physical body to block the purple worm thorn from the Evil Cold Worm.

At that moment, her heart had begun to pound crazily without restraint.

She did not know why her body would react in such a manner. She only felt that she should not dare to look at Ning Fan’s eyes because the rate of her heartbeat would shoot up even more whenever she does it.

“T-Thank you for saving me…” Xi Ran spoke with a tone as slow as a mosquito’s buzz. It was as if she had used all of her mental strength to express her feelings with those words. Immediately, her cheeks reddened like a tomato. As she placed her palms on them, she felt that they were boiling hot.

“It’s nothing. You’ve promised to help me gather Soul Refining Sand and I’ve promised to keep you safe. Helping you block a strike is just something within the scope of my duty. Not to mention that the Evil Cold Worm is something that isn’t really a big deal to me, even if a stronger or more venomous worm is used, I will never let you come to harm. You don’t have to worry about it!”

Ning Fan gently took the half-filled pouch of Soul Refining Sand and kept it into his storage pouch. Despite how he consoled Xi Ran with his words by saying how insignificant the Evil Cold Worm was and how light the injuries he had suffered, the worm had nearly cost Ning Fan his life!

The technique of worm refinement produced quite a satisfactory result like that of a talisman technique, despite both of them being completely different techniques. The destructive power of a powerful venomous worm would definitely not be any weaker than that of a high grade talisman.

The Evil Cold Worm was indeed impressive! Ning Fan might appear as if there was nothing wrong with him on the surface, but the five internal organs within his body had already been frozen and the flow of his blood and qi had slowly become viscous!

The thorn from the worm was too sharp. It could even easily pierce through the defense of my physical body which is at a level comparable to the Third Level of the Jade Life Realm!

I was unable to eradicate the worm. Its poison was just like what Qu Feng had said, incurable. It was not because it cannot be suppressed but because ordinary healing techniques were unable to neutralize this poison at all!

If Ning Fan had not swallowed down that mouthful of reverse blood and forcibly suppressed his injuries, he would be currently in a grievous state!

If he had not used the black flames combined from the nine types of Earth Flames and Heavenly Cold Qi to restrain the venom of the worm by force, the current him would not just have his five internal organs be frozen but also his six hollow organs, immortal veins as well as his Sea of Consciousness!

The worm was terrifying. It was because of this reason that strengthened Ning Fan’s will to block that strike for Xi Ran.

Even though he was quite crafty and selfish when dealing with others, it was Xi Ran who offered to lend Ning Fan a hand this time. If he were to allow Xi Ran to suffer any injuries, even if it was just a scratch on her hands, his Dao Heart would then be damaged.

Once a man has made a promise, he has to keep that promise! Since he had promised to keep her safe, then he had to really make sure she was unscathed!

After hearing Ning Fan claiming that the degree of his injuries were not severe, Xi Ran heaved a sigh of relief and lightly patted her chest. Only then did her delicate lips curve into a sweet smile.

“It’s good that you aren’t severely injured. You must not be hurt. If you are grievously hurt because of me, I’m going to bear this guilt for the rest of my life. However, the art of venomous worms is always obscure and vicious. On the surface, one might not appear to be seriously injured, but he or she could face a life-threatening danger because of it. Let me help you examine your immortal veins.”

Pulse diagnosis or veins diagnosis was a mortal human’s medical skill.

As for immortal veins diagnosis, it was a skill which could only be performed by a pill refinement master who had congealed their medicine souls.

Xi Ran could not understand the feelings that she was experiencing within her heart. The only thing she knew was that she found her feelings becoming strange and unusual ever since the moment Ning Fan boldly threw himself into the breach by blocking the strike for her. Whenever she thought of Ning Fan suffering injuries because of her, she would feel uneasy, as if her heart was being tightly gripped.

Why would it become like that? She had no idea about it. In the past, she had never once experienced such a feeling before…

Mustering her courage, she reached out her hand and pressed against Ning Fan’s wrist.

Meanwhile, Ning Fan was placing all his focus on restraining the cold venom within his body. As such, he did not notice Xi Ran’s action at all.

When he realized what she was trying to do, her little hand had already touched his wrist.

His facial expression suddenly changed and shouted, “Don’t touch me!”

Unfortunately, his warning was too late!

At the moment when their hands came into contact, a deep purple cold power flowed into Xi Ran’s hand through Ning Fan’s wrist.

Xi Ran did not have powerful flames like Ning Fan’s to resist the coldness of the poison. With just a touch, it was as if she had just touched felt like there was a sharp needle that penetrated her. Instinctively, she let out an Immemorial Profound Ice which would only be produced once in one hundred thousand years in the Profound Demon Sea.

When the bone-chilling cold power entered her body from her tender finger, she cried of pain.


Within seconds, her little hand was turned into ice by that purple-colored frost. As that venom went up along her wrist and elbow, one of her arms was instantly frozen!

Xi Ran was stunned. Although she was yelling in pain after being affected by that poison, the first thought that rose within her mind was not about the pain nor the coldness she felt but the feeling of guilt.

The cold venom that was passed on to her from Ning Fan’s wrist was obviously the venom of the Evil Cold Worm.

Even though it was merely a touch, it managed to turn one of her arms into ice.

A trace of the cold venom is enough to freeze one of my arms… Then, how terrifying would the cold power of the entire venom be?

How exactly painful is the venom that he is enduring right now? Is it because he was afraid to make me feel guilty so he did not tell me the truth?

Moreover, she had also realized that the single touch from her had seemed to have worsened the effect of the worm’s venom.

Evil Cold Worm. The cold power of its venom was not any ordinary cold qi. As such, even if Ning Fan’s Earth Flames were powerful, they were unable to offset the venom.

There was a huge prohibition for those who had been affected by the venom. Those who had been afflicted with the venom must not touch any woman during the times when the venom broke out. After all, females were of the yin element. They were inclined to coldness in nature. Once they come into contact with women, the cold venom of the worm within their bodies would greatly worsen.

Xi Ran knew that she had probably created another trouble for Ning Fan by aggravating the cold poison within him…

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”

At this moment, she actually forgot that she had also been afflicted by the same venom due to her carelessness as one of her arms had gone numb, completely losing its senses.

In her heart, there was only remorse.

If it wasn’t because of me, Ning Fan wouldn’t have been injured. If it wasn’t because I was too clumsy and foolish, I wouldn’t have failed to notice that he was poisoned, let alone touch him, worsening his condition.

After just a light touch from Xi Ran, the worm’s poison within Ning Fan’s body erupted once again.

The consequences of that unintentional touch was that his six hollow organs had become completely frozen.

Since his five internal organs and six hollow organs were frozen, the next thing that would be affected by the poison was his Sea of Consciousness and his immortal veins. If these two are also frozen, there would then be no other alternatives to save his current condition, making it completely incurable.

“Why are you apologizing to me? Haven’t I told you that this Evil Cold Worm is just a small matter? As for you, however, it’s quite troublesome that your body is affected by the venom… Fortunately, the amount of venom is not much. Thus, it won’t be difficult to eradicate.”

Ning Fan gave her a warm smile. Since Xi Ran was no longer his enemy, there was no point for him to continue behaving cold and indifferent towards her.

With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out numerous demon blood which he had accumulated from the demons he killed in the past. After crushing the jade bottles and refining them with his corpse flames, he congealed the demon blood which was stored within more than ten jade bottles into a dark-red blood crystal.

“This blood crystal has the property of restraining the poison of the worm. It’s my first time witnessing this Evil Cold Worm. I’m still clueless about the method of eradicating the venom. However, judging from my senses after being affected by the poison, this poison isn’t truly from a cold power. In fact, it’s a type of coldness that could be felt in the heart. Therefore, I suppose there might be a miraculous result by eradicating the worm using blood. The poison in your body isn’t strong. This blood crystal which contains the blood essence from thousands of Nascent Soul Realm beasts should be enough for you to cure your poison.”

Ning Fan handed the blood crystal over to Xi Ran. However, Xi Ran guiltily shook her head and said, “No! I’m not going to eat it! Everything happened because of me. It’s because I was too dumb and foolish that the poison within your body worsened. You eat it… You must survive! You can’t die!”

As she thought of the words uttered by Qu Feng before his death, Xi Ran felt so scared that her little hands began to tremble in fear.

Qu Feng said that anyone who had been struck by the Evil Cold Worm would never stay alive for more than three days… Originally, she did not believe it as she saw that Ning Fan was still as energetic as usual. Now, however, she could not help but to believe it.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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