Grasping Evil - Chapter 303.2

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He could faintly hear the cries of innumerable beasts echoing to his palace from tens of thousands of li* (500m per li) away.

What surprised him even more was that within the main hall of the palace, a white-robed man carrying a feeble-looking, young girl in his arms appeared in a flash out of nowhere. None of them in the hall were able to notice how and when he got in!

The seven Early Divine Transformation Realm vice generals placed their hands on their swords which were tied to their waists and stood up vigilantly. Their eyes were all filled with astonishment.

They were unable to see clearly how Ning Fan got in. The only thing they were able to tell about him was that the latter was a cultivator of the Early Divine Transformation Realm. As for the young girl, however, she was a Late Divine Transformation Realm being!

“A Late Divine Transformation Realm expert!”

All of them were stunned. Most of them felt that way because of Xi Ran. However, anyone who had a keen eyesight would be able to notice at first glance that Xi Ran’s qi was chaotic after taking some damage while concocting pill. She could not possibly release any bit of her demon power. As such, she did not seem to be intimidating anymore.

However, they were aware that there must be something huge happening outside as Ning Fan was able to intrude the sea palace by himself.

As they spread their spirit sense to check the situation outside, their expressions instantly changed drastically. At the area within the outpost, the nests which used to house three hundred thousand sea beasts had all been razed to the ground. Outside the palace, there were eleven Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppets and a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm black dragon refined corpse which had heavily besieged the vicinity, leaving no place for any of them to flee!

“Courting death! How dare you kill my men in my outpost?! You must die!”

Two Early Divine Transformation Realm vice generals were deeply enraged. Without hesitation, they turned into two traces of green smoke. One of them charged at Xi Ran while the other dashed towards Ning Fan.

From their perspectives, there were only a refined corpse and puppets outside the palace. Only the young man and woman before their eyes were living beings. Moreover, judging from their cultivation level, the young woman was obviously stronger than the young man. Perhaps, she was the master of all the puppets.

The group of spiritual puppets outside the palace indeed had formidable strength. However, if they were able to capture the master of the puppets, they would then gain advantage in their current situation and even reverse it.

Deep inside their hearts, although they hated themselves for drinking wine which caused them to disregard the trouble that was happening outside, they did not place Ning Fan in their eyes at all.

Since Xi Ran was suffering injuries at the moment and she was not used to combat, her little face appeared to be ghastly pale and her qi was completely in disarray.

As for Ning Fan, his qi seemed to be rather ferocious and tough. However, he was still just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator after all. A being like him was not enough to make them be afraid.

“Shark’s Bite!”

“Whale’s Swallow!”

Two of them transformed into their demon avatars at the same time. Their bodies did not change but both of their heads turned into the head of a shark and the head of a whale respectively and opened their jaws wide at Ning Fan and Xi Ran.

The body of a Wild Beast was already terrifying at first glance. The bite force from their jaws was enough to kill a common Divine Transformation Realm cultivator with a weak body refining realm.

Those two attacks were as fast as the wind and lightning. Even so, Ning Fan’s shadow was even faster.

Without noticing when Ning Fan had moved, he was already standing in front of Xi Ran and threw out two punches!

The power of his punches landed directly at the heads of the two generals. The razor-sharp teeth which the two of them were always proud of were as fragile as glass when faced with Ning Fan’s punches. All of them could not withstand a single blow and were crushed to powder!

His massive strength began to vibrate throughout their bodies from their heads, shattering their demon bones. Eventually, their demon bodies were smashed into clouds of blood mist.

As the remaining force within their bodies dissipated, the guests who were below the Divine Transformation Realm within the hall were affected, causing a bloody scene where some of them perished while the others were injured. It had even torn the hollow space apart.

Killing two generals within an instant!

Gui Nu’s eyes widened in disbelief. He did not expect that Ning Fan who appeared to be less eye-catching would be a strong body refining expert who was capable of killing Divine Transformation Realm beings with just his punches!

Judging from the power of his punch, his body refining realm should at least be at a level not weaker than the Second Level of Jade Life Realm.

The more Gui Nu looked at Ning Fan, the more familiar he felt the latter’s appearance was. Unfortunately, the tipsy feeling within his head had yet to subside, making him unable to recall who the latter was. Hence, he made a step forward, emanating a vigorous aura, and ordered the other generals beside him with an imposing tone.

“He is an expert at the Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm. All of you must not simply engage him. Let this old man turn him to dust!”

What he meant by ‘must not simply engage’ was actually implying them to sneak attack whenever there’s a chance!

The remaining five Early Divine Transformation Realm experts got his meaning. They stood aside and their gazes were all focused on Ning Fan.

Ning Fan showed a look of contempt and also moved a step forward, entirely crushing Gui Nu’s aura.

“Just now you mentioned that you could finish me off with just a move?”


At just their first encounter, Gui Nu’s aura was destroyed, causing him to retreat ten steps backwards. As he regained his balance, he coughed out a mouthful of blood which dyed his white beard red. His expression was completely filled with shock.

“This man has very bizarre means. Crushing my aura with just a step… Let’s go together and finish him off!”

“Let’s go!”


In the Star Sea, ferocious beasts were everywhere. Even if they were at the end of their wits, they would still fight until their last breaths. Besides, Gui Nu thought that since he had six of them on his side, they might not necessarily lose to the intruders.

Their fierce aura might seem to be directed against Ning Fan, but in the next instant, three out of six of them transformed into streams of clouds and travelled towards Xi Ran.

“Are the demons of the Star Sea especially fond of bullying women?!”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with cold light. Previously, it was because of his carelessness that Qu Feng had the opportunity to nearly harm Xi Ran.

This time, he would never repeat his mistake again!

Moving one step backwards, his arm held Xi Ran’s slim waist more tightly. At the same moment, three shadows of the vice generals appeared one after another behind Xi Ran.

Just as they emerged, their expressions looked amazed. They did not expect their plan of performing sneak attacks on Xi Ran would be seen through by Ning Fan so quickly.

“Close your eyes…”

Ning Fan gently told her. Immediately, Xi Ran who had a face that was ghastly pale obediently shut her eyes.

At the next moment, Ning Fan thrust his palms forward, moving directly at the heads of the three generals. The power of his palms caused the sea current of the Star Sea to move in reverse. Within the vicinity of one thousand li*, the sea water was pushed away, forming a one hundred zhang* large (3.13m per zhang) waterless area!

“Retreat quickly! This man isn’t a cultivator of the Second Level of Jade Life Realm! He’s at the Third Level of Jade Life Realm!”

Splitting the sea with a palm. Even Gui Nu who was at the peak of the Second Level of Jade Life Realm was unable to perform that kind of technique!

Under the wind sent out from the strike, the three generals felt their bones creaking and their bodies could barely maintain their balances.

No one at the scene thought of underestimating the power of his palm!

“Demon avatars, appear!”

The three generals instantly transformed into their original avatars which were one thousand zhang* (3.13m per zhang) long, attempting to withstand the might of Ning Fan’s palm with their Wild Beasts bodies.


As his palm landed, the earth trembled while the mountain shook. All the defensive scale armors of the three generals were immediately shattered. Then, some cracking sounds could be heard. The three massive beasts’ immortal veins were broken, their demon pills were pulverized and their skeletons were smashed to powder. Instantaneously, they ceased to breathe.

As for the attacks of the other three, Ning Fan did not even pay them any attention. He straight away made nine steps forward, forming a sword out of the great momentum. The sea palace which occupied the area of ten thousand zhang* (3.13m per zhang) collapsed from the sword light. Gui Nu crazily coughed out fresh blood, as if he had just taken a heavy blow. Only then did he manage to stand on his feet again. The other two vice generals, however, were immediately shredded into pieces by the sword conjured by Ning Fan’s technique: Nine Steps - Sky Treader.

There was only Gui Nu left in the surroundings!

Help! I must request for help!

Gui Nu’s eyes flashed with ferocity. Slapping on his storage pouch, he produced a bright red compass. It was a compass which was embedded with an Imprisoning Formation! It contained three traces of life force within it. Apparently, some beings had been imprisoned within!

“There are three Star Seas in this world. The place I am in right now is the Greedy Wolf Star. These prisoners are the experts from the Military Breaking Star Sea. They were all captured by Lord Kun Mo in the past. After being planted a restrictive seal, they were handed over to me. If it wasn’t as a last resort, it must never be activated easily! But now, I shall release them! Open!”

As Gui Nu’s eyes fill with ruthlessness, the three imprisoning seals on the compass were torn off. The next moment, three rays of light shot out from within, standing at Gui Nu’s sides. Each of them gave off Mid Divine Transformation Realm qi!

The leader among them was an elderly man with a red face. He was a being who was just half a step away from breaking through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm!

“This old man is finally out! I’m finally free!”

The three of them sneered as their gazes scanned through Gui Nu. When they shifted their gazes to Ning Fan and Xi Ran, their eyes were obviously filled with contempt. However, when they noticed the dead corpses of a bunch of Wild Beasts on the floor, only then did they begin to take them seriously.

“Kill the two of them and you shall regain your freedom!” Gui Nu gave them a grim smile.

“An injured Late Divine Transformation Realm cultivator and an Early Divine Transformation Realm ant? The deal is sealed!” The three of them laughed hysterically and promised without hesitation. But in the next moment, their laughs died away and their faces were replaced with terror!

Ning Fan took one step forward. A stream of black qi revolved around his body, dying his white robe black. His black hair grew longer, dancing in the air even though there was no breeze blowing. At the moment when a demonic mark appeared on his face, he made a thrust forward, dispersing into a cloud of dark shadows.

Black Tempest Rupture Art!

At the moment he displayed that technique, all the four Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts including Gui Nu revealed a look of horror.

“What’s this technique?! It can’t be countered! It definitely can’t be countered!”

“Incarnation! This is incarnation that only a Void Fragmentation Realm expert can comprehend! Ordinary techniques will be unable to inflict any damage on it!”

“This young man has an incarnation. Among the cultivators at the same level as him, he could be considered invincible. How could we be his match?! Gui Nu! You freaking set us up!”

Without any hesitation, the four of them transformed into four rays of light and fled. However, just as they escaped from the palace, the fear within their hearts magnified. It was because the entire area outside the palace was heavily surrounded by twelve domineering qi. There were completely no room for them to escape at all!


As the black shadow dispersed, it congealed again.

Just as Ning Fan reappeared, the four Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts let out painful wails together. All four of them were engulfed by the black shadow, perishing into ashes.

In the Gui Xiong Outpost, there was no longer anyone alive!

The demon blood from all the demon killed in this place was enough for Ning Fan to completely relieve the poison of the Evil Cold Worm.

However, just a moment after the outpost was annihilated, a black-colored miniature sword flew directly at the palace across the sky. It was a flying sword for message transmissions.

As soon as it entered the palace, it burst and emitted a command which was uttered with an enraged tone. Without a doubt, that voice belonged to Kun Mo.

“The frontline troops led by Qu Feng were all wiped out. No one survived… Gui Nu! I now command you to tighten up the defense of the outpost. If the outpost makes any mistakes, I will hold you solely responsible! As for the matter of killing the Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, I will give a separate order. For the time being, you just wait for my orders with your army!”

His voice reverberated three times in the soundless battlefield which was piled up with skeletons before it disappeared.

Isn’t this Kun Mo’s warning a little too late? He intended to kill me at first. But it seems like I have made a step earlier in counter attacking him in return!

Now, the Gui Xiong Outpost has been cleared!

“Lu Bei, I have a blood phobia…” Xi Ran still did not dare to open her eyes. Her little face became even paler than before. Despite that, the words she uttered made Ning Fan not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Take this pill and consume it.”

“This is… a Sixth Revolution Pill – Heaven Reversing Pill! It is a pill that can fully heal a severely injured Void Refinement Realm expert! How did you…”

“Don’t ask. Just consume it.” Ning Fan let go of Xi Ran and scanned the surroundings of the bloody battlefield with his eyes.

From the beginning up until now, I’ve killed four hundred thousand Gold Core Realm beasts, ten thousand Nascent Soul Realm beasts, twenty-four Divine Transformation Realm experts with eleven of them being at the early stage, twelve of them being at the mid stage while one of them being at the late stage… But it is still not enough!

There were two paths for one to become great and formidable. One of them was by playing dumb to take advantage of others. One could opt to set up his subordinates, causing all of them to die and then snatch all of their treasures.

The other alternative was to act as an antagonistic villain by establishing a heaven-startling devil prestige and strike fear into those who had heard of his name, turning the whole Star Sea upside down.

“If you are afraid, you can go back first.”

“No. I want to follow you…” While looking at the Sixth Revolution Pill on her hand, a hint of sweetness surged within his heart.

Lu Bei must be into me. If not, how would he be willing to give such a precious pill for me to eat?

My father once said that our pill refining technique must never be spread to outsiders. However, if I meet a suitable man who has excellent potential, I can privately pass it to him… Should I pass it to him? Hmm… I think… I should…”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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