Grasping Evil - Chapter 304.1

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Three days had passed but Ning Fan was still alive!

His body gave off a purple cold frost which rose into the sky. However, after refining countless demon blood crystals, his blood turned excessively hot, counteracting the cold poison within him. Hence, he did not die!  

The annihilation of the Gui Xiong Outpost spread throughout the entire Greedy Wolf Star Sea like a rainstorm. Upon receiving that information, the bear demon, Man Shan felt a sudden shock within his heart.

On the ruins of Gui Xiong Outpost where innumerable carcasses piled up like mountains and the sea water was red like blood, a piece of large land was cleared up.

On that piece of empty land, there were seven massive blood-red characters carved using a sharp sword by someone.

Lu Bei, the slayer from Luo Yun!

That piece of information made the bear demon find it hard to retain his calmness.

The Gui Xiong Outpost had a Peak Divine Transformation Realm grand formation. Moreover, under the lead and defense by its main general, Gui Nu and the others, even the bear demon found it difficult to successfully take down that city!

That Lu Bei, however, managed to annihilate the entire outpost. Besides, among the cadavers left at the scene, none of them belonged to other demon beasts other than the sea beasts of the Gui Xiong Outpost. What does that imply?

Clearly, it meant that Lu Bei who wiped out the troops garrisoned at the Gui Xiong Outpost certainly did not bring many people with him, let alone any miscellaneous soldiers. Otherwise, it was impossible to not have a single intruder’s corpse among the hundreds of thousands of skeletons at that place.

“Who is Lu Bei?! It’s so troublesome! Currently, I’m already having difficulties dealing with that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. If Lu Bei also comes to the star island, it would be hard for me to conduct myself with two malefic beings residing on the island at the same time… However, this Lu Bei has really done me a big favor. I heard that that little wean, Star Dragon, is planning on attacking my star island. This Lu Bei obviously harbors enmity against Kun Mo. From its capabilities of seizing the Gui Xiong Outpost, it would not be difficult for him to stir up the situation of the southern Star Sea!”

“If this man is able to eliminate Kun Mo as well, I’m going to feel more at ease. The war in the star island could then be avoided!”

On the other hand, in Li Kun Palace, Kun Mo was angered to the extreme where he was unable to sit still after hearing that report.

The frontline troops were wiped out while the entire Gui Xiong Outpost was annihilated!

“Pass my orders! Gather all forces of the Southern Star Sea and eliminate Lu Bei!”

“Who is Lu Bei?!”

“Hmmph! My Poison King Token has started to react! That Lu Bei must have been afflicted with that Evil Cold Worm’s poison! In the Southern Star Sea, whoever has the cold poison which would freeze the vicinity of one hundred li* (500m per li) is Lu Bei! Upon encountering someone like that, kill!”

Kun Mo’s eyes were burning with rage. Before he could even exact his revenge on that mysterious Early Divine Transformation Realm expert on the star island, there is another troublesome man who had come to cause him troubles!

Looking at the deep purplish Poison King Token, Kun Mo grin hideously and said, “For whoever kills that Lu Bei, I will extract the Evil Cold Worm from the corpse, neutralize its poison using my Poison King Token and help that hero enhance his spirit sense using the worm sense! If there are other forces who manage to kill Lu Bei, this reward will also remain valid!”

As his order spread among the troops, groups of beasts were filled with excitement. Furthermore, some sea beasts which had been hiding in the dark without coming out to the real world all this while were also tempted by that offer.

A venomous worm’s poison was able to harm someone. However, it could also be used as a tonic to increase the power of one’s spirit sense. As a matter of fact, the original intention of creating a venomous worm was to use it as medicine. It was only because of the later generations who used it as poison to kill someone. Gradually, it had become a general knowledge that the poison of a venomous poison wasn’t consumable!

However, ordinary people might be unable to consume a venomous worm’s poison, but it did not mean that no one was able to do that. For example, Kun Mo, the person who reared venomous worms possessed the Poison King Token which could purge the toxicity of a venomous worm’s poison and turned that worm into a nourishing tonic for one’s spirit sense.

That Poison King Token actually did not belong to Kun Mo. It was something that he found by accident in the Star Palace.

It was because of the profoundness of that token which could neutralize a venomous worm’s poison and turn it into a medicine that Kun Mo could have a smooth sailing in his journey of cultivation, obtain a great improvement in his power and eventually become one of the four Holy Demons who dominated the Star Sea!

Evil Cold Worm. Its worm sense was especially strong. Common people were unable to refine it. However, with the Poison King Token, one could refine the cold poison with ease. After refining the power of the worm, any sea beasts would have the opportunity to advance their spirit sense to break through to the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!

“Find Lu Bei and kill him!”

Multitudes of ferocious beasts who had been dwelling in deep seclusion and rarely came out swarmed out from their nests. The entire Southern Star Sea was in great chaos just because of one reason: to kill Ning Fan! All of them did not want to miss the opportunity to gain merits by killing someone and obtain the Evil Cold Worm to improve their spirit sense!

The Star Sea was already in chaos. Despite that, the current situation was still far from enough!

The sea beasts formed from the star spirits did not have any immortal jade. Even so, in the battle in Gui Xiong Outpost, Ning Fan had acquired a number of sea medicines, devoured countless demon blood and pills and even gained thousands of Gold Core and Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruits!

With Ning Fan’s current magic power, consuming these Dao Fruits would not increase the least bit of his cultivation level. However, towards Harmonious Spirit, Gold Core and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, they were something exceptionally hard to come by.

In the past, a single Gold Core Realm Dao Fruit was more than enough to put the Yue Country in utter chaos.

Today, however, Ning Fan possessed thousands of Dao Fruits and travelled across the Star Sea, undefeatable!

Standing above the Golden Flame Chariot, wherever Ning Fan passed by, the sea domain encompassing an area of one hundred li* (500m per li) would immediately be frozen to purple ice.

It had already been a few days since Ning Fan travelled south from the Gui Xiong Outpost. Within that period of time, he had also eliminated a few cities under the sea. There were also some bold sea beasts which did not understand death which swarmed towards him as soon as they noticed the frozen sea water and initiated attacks on him.

At first, the number of sea beasts who came to attack the Golden Flame Chariot was not many. Most of them approached him sporadically. Afterwards, large groups of sea beasts actually flocked towards him in large groups. Once they noticed the sea was frozen, they immediately fought him desperately without providing any explanations.

Of course, Ning Fan was not going to show any mercy on them and slaughtered every last one of them. However, after searching their memories and souls, his eyes turned grim all of a sudden. The reason why the Star Sea would be in such a chaotic situation was because that Kun Mo used the Evil Cold Worm as a price to hunt him down!

“Poison King Token… This item is really a treasure. But it’s such a pity that it fell into your hands!”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with cold light. Fearlessly, he spread his spirit sense to its maximum limit, covering the vicinity of thirty thousand li*. (500m per li)

Outside the vicinity, all seven directions had large groups of sea beasts moving towards him in neat formations. There were even Wild Beasts in those groups.

The design of their armor and their tribal marks were clearly not the same as that of the Li Kun Palace. In other words, they were not Kun Mo’s subordinates but the people from the other tribes of sea beasts!

Since the groups of beasts were in formations, it was not strange that their speed was comparable to that of a Divine Transformation Realm being.

What made Ning Fan exude with killing intent was that there were actually other forces who involved themselves into his feud with Kun Mo.

Along the journey of killing and bloodbaths, Ning Fan never forgot to search the souls and memories of attackers. By now, he had already found out that the Earth Palace comprised of three sea domains which were known as Greedy Wolf, Military Breaking and Seven Kill. In the Greedy Wolf Star Sea, there were the Four Holy Demons who proclaimed themselves as kings in their respective domains. Of course, other than the Four Holy Demons, there were still some low-key forces that rarely had contact with the real world like the bear demon. Although they hid themselves in remote areas, it did not mean that they were weak.

Ever since the beginning, Ning Fan had known that it was impossible to have just four Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts in this boundless and vast Star Sea. Therefore, after annahilating the Gui Nu Outpost, he just destroyed the demon cities under Kun Mo’s command while leaving the other unrelated demon cities intact.

He was not afraid, but he was just trying to avoid any unwanted troubles.

After all, it was an affair between him and Kun Mo. Before this enmity is over, it would be unwise to involve other strong enemies!

But currently, since the other forces willingly intercepted him, Ning Fan was not going to let them get out alive!

Tens of breaths later, the Golden Flame Chariot was heavily surrounded by seven massive forces outside the area of one thousand li*!

Those seven massive forces consisted of nearly seventy thousand sea beasts. The Wild Beasts who were leading the groups shapeshifted into human forms. All of them were Divine Transformation Realm experts!

There were six Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators and one Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert. Especially that Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert, he was a green-robed old man. Stepping on a piece of green sea cloud while holding a green horsetail whisk, his presence was like that of an immortal. However, as soon as he opened his beady eyes which were small like green beans and looked at the direction of the Golden Flame Chariot with a covetous expression, only then did he appear to be not harboring any kind intentions at all.

“A Late Divine Transformation Realm expert who had yet to recover from her injuries and an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator who has been afflicted with the poison of the Evil Cold Worm…”

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