Grasping Evil - Chapter 306.1

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Stone Warrior and the other spiritual puppets were all Divine Transformation Realm beings. Under their joint attacks, how could mere fifty thousand Gold Core and Nascent Soul Realm beasts rival them? It was just a matter of time before the entire army was completely wiped out.

Looking at the number of casualties of the demon troops which increased at an unimaginable speed, the three newly surrendered generals, Qing Xuan, Wu Ya and Wu Yun were completely filled with awe. If they had not yielded to Ning Fan, perhaps they would have shared the same fate as the fifty thousand demon troops and Mu Nan: death.

Paying no attention to the three generals, Ning Fan’s gaze shifted to Feng Han’s group which consisted of four generals. At the moment when he arrived just now, he had already noticed the four of them. However, he did not have the time to pay them much attention. It was only now that he had the time to look at Feng Han.

After searching Mu Nan’s memories, he of course gained knowledge about the matter regarding the Dragon Burial Ocean City as well as what Feng Han and the others had encountered. With an indifferent tone, he said, “You all have been planted with demon seals?”

“To be frank with General Bei, it’s true that we have been planted with demon seals!”

The other three generals found it hard to not show signs of shame. Feng Han, however, straightforwardly made a step forward and replied to Ning Fan with his cupped fists.                                                                         

When Wu Ya and Wu Yun witnessed that scene, both of them instantly had a bad feeling. Throughout the month, in order to obtain the cultivation method of the Feng Yun Tribe, they had interrogated Feng Han by torturing him. They did not forget to use any and every punishment in each of the interrogations. Perhaps, the latter was not going to forgive them for what they had done.

From the way Feng Han addressed Ning Fan, both of them seemed to share a friendly relationship…

We’re doomed. Would we offend that man because of what we have done to Feng Han?

“I can help the four of you erase your demon seals. However, I have one request. When the four of you return to the Feng Yun Tribe in the future, you must establish friendly ties with the Luo Yun Tribe!”

“This… Don’t worry, General Bei. Before I entered the Third World, the Wind General has already given an order to the members of the Feng Yun Tribe to be on friendly terms with the Luo Yun Tribe. Both tribes shall enjoy blessings and endure misfortunes together. I, as a demon general of the Feng Yun Tribe, shall of course obey the military order. Hence, I won’t dare to simply act against the Luo Yun Tribe on my own.”

“Hmm. Very well. Come over here, the four of you.”

Ning Fan made a step forward and emerged in front of Feng Han and his comrades. With a flick of his sleeve, golden purple mist blew past their heads. Immediately, disbelief filled their faces.

The demon seals which tightly shackled their Sea of Consciousness were corroded into ashes as if they were weathered out by an ancient wind. In a flash, it actually disappeared into thin air!

Feng Han and the other generals were stunned and surprised. In the next second, all four of them instantly cupped their fists and bowed towards Ning Fan with respect.

As for the surrendered generals, the astonishment they felt couldn’t be described with words.

“This man really has powerful means! The demon seals are difficult to plant and they are even harder to erase. Unless the person is willing to be planted with a demon seal, the person who plants the seal must be a large cultivation realm higher than the person who is being planted… This Lu Bei sure is terrifying since he is capable of helping others to erase their demon seals!”

Ning Fan was not concerned about how everyone at the scene felt. The reason why he would be willing to lend a hand was merely because he had a good impression of Feng Han.

After all, it was a nothing bad since he was able to strengthen the bond between the Luo Yun Tribe and the Feng Yun Tribe.

In terms of combat power, in the later battle, perhaps the four of them would be useful.

The yelps and wails that filled the atmosphere began to gradually subside. The surroundings were piled up with multitudes of corpses. Ning Fan did not utter any words. With a wave of his hand, he condensed the demon blood and demon pills which permeated the entire area into blood crystals and consumed them. As for the Dao Fruits and demon souls, Ning Fan assigned the group of puppets to gather them.

“It’s still not enough…”

Ning Fan looked at the direction of the Dragon Burial City and muttered to himself.

Originally, he was not willing to provoke any foreign forces other than Kun Mo. However, in a lot of times, it was the opposite party whom you don’t wish to offend that crosses the line first.

“There are always battles in the path of cultivation. There isn’t right or wrong in a fight. There are only two outcomes: victory or defeat. The winner survives while the loser dies. In front of me is the Dragon Burial City where Zang Long, the ferocious Revered Dragon resides. In the past, this man was able to parry the Old Bear’s ten palms. He is not a person that can be underestimated…”

Even if Ning Fan possessed the black dragon refined corpse with him, he did not have one hundred percent confidence of winning against Zang Long, a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert as he was fighting the latter in his territory.

However, regardless of anything, Ning Fan could not back off this time!

“When someone throws a punch at you, you must hit back as hard as you can. Otherwise, there will be more people who will see you as a weakling and bully you!”

Meanwhile, the cold qi being emanated from Ning Fan’s body was getting stronger and stronger. Xi Ran, who was standing beside Ning Fan could not help but shiver.

It was as if the poison was trying to make a final struggle after knowing that it was going to be devoured by Ning Fan, though its actions would be fruitless in the end.

He felt like his Sea of Consciousness was going to explode. However, no matter how cold or how much pain he felt, he had never yelled in pain or even knitted his brows.

“Lu Bei, are you feeling a lot of pain? If you feel that the pain is unbearable, just yell out and let me know. I won’t mind it at all. You don’t have to endure it quietly by yourself…” Xi Ran felt her heart ache, even though she could not understand why she would feel that way.

“No! It isn’t!” Ning Fan stubbornly replied.

Is there going to be someone who would help you if you whine and cry?

At this moment, Ning Fan seemed to have understood his feelings in his previous life.

Even though he was just an insignificant and weak butterfly, even if his opponent was the Immortal Emperor who eliminated the Heavenly Court on his own, he could not back off. If he were to back off, Weiliang would die!

I can’t retreat. Even if I am going to be turned to ashes by an Immortal Emperor, I have to save her!

I can’t retreat. Even if heaven and earth is overturned by my own wings!

Taking a step back might resolve the conflict, but if there isn’t your shadow among the endlessly vast sky, what’s the point of retreating…

“This time, shut your eyes tight and don’t look!”

After keeping his Golden Flame Chariot, Ning Fan took a step forward and his demon wings grew.

Pulling Xi Ran into his arms, both of them vanished in a stream of purple smoke!

That teleportation he made carried his determination, the determination to turn Zang Long into ashes!

“Lead the way!”

Originally, Qing Xuan had something to tell Ning Fan. However, because Ning Fan’s tone was too cold, he did not dare to voice it out at all.

Twenty-one powerful Divine Transformation Realm auras dashed right into the Dragon Burial City under Qing Xuan’s lead.

Each line of defense which spotted that incoming enemies immediately sounded the horns to warn the others and launched attacks at them without giving any explanations. It was because Ning Fan came with a heaven-soaring Baleful Qi, exposing his hostility and killing intent. At first glance, anyone would know that he was coming to create some troubles in the city.

However, before any attacks could come close to Ning Fan and the others, they were all blasted into nothingness by each of the spiritual puppets using savage means.

Each line of defense along their way were turned into a bloody sea. Within a short period of time, the Dragon Burial Ocean City quickly neared. The final gate which blocked in front of the city was heavily guarded by a large number of troops!

Ten thousand sea beasts stood in a neat formation!

Four Wild Beasts emitted an ear-splitting howl!

When Ning Fan and his men were just getting nearer to them, the massive group of demon beasts let out a battle cry so loud that it reached the heavens.


As soon as the word ‘kill’ was uttered, the voice immediately turned into rays of intimidating formation light which congealed into an enormous, blood-red character of ‘kill’ and rushed towards Ning Fan.

As the massive character was approaching him, Ning Fan pushed one of his palms out and collided against that attack. Upon the collision of tremendous force, it nearly caused him to retreat for half a step.

It’s indeed a powerful joint attack from a formation technique! Using voices as a formation, using the troops to harmonize and eventually use the word ‘kill’ to eliminate their enemies. This character of ‘kill’ is comparable to a full-strike of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert!

Even so, I can’t retreat, not even for half a step!


His five fingers turned claw-like and slashed against the incoming strike. The killing qi of the strike might have been destroyed, but it still managed to enter Ning Fan’s body, violently damaging him internally.

This is the attack of killing qi from one hundred thousand ferocious beasts. The only way to counter it is by using my own killing qi!

His body felt excruciating pain and agony, as if his internal parts were being torn apart. However, Ning Fan’s eyes were gradually filled with a hint of craziness.

He felt that his demon blood was boiling and his Dao Heart was gradually being consumed by his devil qi. The Yin Yang Flame which was formed from nine types of Heavenly Cold Qi and Earth Flames was also burning, reacting to his demon blood!

His heart was on the verge of losing its rationality like flames that had broken free from its restraints.

At this very moment, Ning Fan suddenly had a feeling: he was one with the flames!


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