Grasping Evil - Chapter 307.2

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Zang Long was horrified. Since Ning Fan had comprehended the incarnation technique, no matter how many times his demon body was crushed, as long as it was not a fatal blow, he would never be killed!

After exchanging hundreds of punches, dark blood kept flowing out from the corner of Zang Long’s mouth. Such a desperate fight had gradually aroused his true rage and his face turned grim.

Scanning around the Dragon Burial City which had been turned into a battlefield, there were only less than seven hundred thousand sea beasts left with 3 Late Divine Transformation Realm experts, 3 Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts and 7 Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators. In the opposite team, there were seven demon generals which comprised of Qing Xuan’s and Feng Han’s groups, ten black puppets and Xi Ran who was controlling the five thousand star lamps to protect the spiritual uppets.

After just the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, three hundred thousand of his sea beasts fell in battle. One expert of the Mid Divine Transformation Realm and six cultivators of the Early Divine Transformation Realm perished! As for the Early Divine Transformation Realm puppets of the opposite team, four of them were heavily damaged. As the war progressed, there was nothing optimistic about it.

In the other battlefield, the three newly-joined elders displayed their respective means to battle. However, under the assault of the black dragon refined corpse which was being manipulated by Stone Warrior, all of them were at the end of their lines.

Zang Long’s heart sank.

My one million demon troops are unable to achieve victory. Neither can I. Even the three elders from the Southern Prison Country have begun to show signs of defeat…

Is it really possible that my one million demon troops combined with the help from the three elders can’t even match a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator?

A rush of killing intent surged within Zang Long’s eyes. He knew that if he did not fight Ning Fan as desperately as the latter, perhaps today the Dragon Burial City would be annihilated!

He was reluctant to admit it but he had no other choice. The people that Ning Fan brought with him were not many, but they indeed were strong!

I must fight as if my life depends on it!

“So what if you have an incarnation? You thought this old man could not break your incarnation technique? The technique of ancestor blood, ‘Five Graves of Dragon Burial’!”

Zang Long reached out his hand which transformed into a dragon claw. Meanwhile, a gigantic shadow of a black dragon emerged behind his back. His five fingers were burning with black blood and the area around the Star Sea was blazing in black flames which soared into the sky!

“Wind as the Wood Dragon, land as the Earth Dragon, lightning as the Golden Dragon, fire as the Fire Dragon, ice as the Water Dragon… Upon the death of these five dragons, the black dragon rises! When the five elements die, the five graves emerge!”

As Zang Long uttered the chant, an ancient tombstone was conjured from the black flames within the Star Sea directly above Ning Fan.

That tombstone was one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall. Its presence gave out ghastly qi which would send chills down one’s spine. At first, there was only one tombstone. However, in the end, Zang Long managed to condense five gravestones and each of them had a shadow of a dragon revolving above them!

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with seriousness. That technique that Zang Long displayed was clearly a demonic technique. Besides, it was a demonic technique which was activated using ancestor blood.

Although it was at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm, it was performed using ancestor blood. The destructive power of one of its strikes would definitely be tons of times stronger than the combined attacks from one million demon troops!

When the purple star in Ning Fan’s left eye rotated, he then saw the true terrifying part of that technique.

These tombstones represented the five elements which contained the inexplicable mystery of life and death. If one were to be struck by the tombstones, their demon bodies would be destroyed without having the opportunity to congeal again.

It was because their demon souls would be sucked away by the tombstones and be sealed up!

The facial expressions of the three elders from the Southern Prison Country changed drastically.

These five tombstones carry the secret of the five elements. They possess the amazing ability of sealing one’s demon soul.

Even if the three of them joined hands, they probably could at most blast three of the tombstones away and at least two of them would have their demon souls be sealed up by the remaining two tombstones!

“This technique is too powerful. Anyone below the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm won’t be able to defend against it. It’s no wonder why this Zang Long was able to survive from the old bear’s hands. With that technique, who else among the beings of the Peak Divine Transformation Realm could be his match?!”

The three of them felt bitter inwardly. Their original intention was to eliminate Ning Fan first and then work together to murder Zang Long and seize his ancestor blood. However, looking at the current situation, not only Ning Fan and his men were strong but even Zang Long too, was a fearsome expert…

It seemed we’ve made a terrible mistake in getting ourselves into this mess! I’m afraid that we won’t get any benefits in the end but create troubles for ourselves.

However, the three of them no longer had the luxury to feel remorseful for their actions. They already offended Ning Fan. The only thing they could do now was to spare no effort and risk their lives to eliminate Ning Fan so that they could stop provoking Zang Long!

“These gravestones! It can’t be wrong! It is the lost secret technique of the ancestor blood of the Black Dragon Race! Although the technique displayed by that man looks different, its destructive power is enough to inflict severe damage on a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert… Lu Bei, you must not lose…”

Xi Ran activated the defense wall of the Inlaid Star Compass. Her eyes were faintly filled with worry.

That same look also appeared on Stone Warrior’s face. As a spiritual puppet of the Immortal World who had participated in the World War, he of course knew how terrifying the secret techniques of the ancestor blood were.

If such a technique were to be performed by an old ancestor who had ascended to become an immortal demon, its power would be enough to crush a celestial star where immortals reside!

Even if it was displayed by Zang Long, who is currently a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert, that technique could not be warded off by anyone who was below the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

“I have to manipulate this black dragon refined corpse to give him a hand!”

 Stone Warrior’s eyes flashed with determination. Stepping on the black dragon, he began to move towards Ning Fan’s direction to help him resist the technique of tombstones. However, his intention was seen through by the three elders. Sneering coldly, the three of them moved to surround Stone Warrior and cut off his escape routes.

“Are you trying to flee before our battle ends?”

The three elders were not the opponents of the black dragon refined corpse. However, they were still capable of blocking Stone Warrior, making him unable to provide any assistance to Ning Fan.

From their perspectives, as long as they could hold Stone Warrior for a brief moment and buy Zang Long some time, the latter would definitely be able to kill Ning Fan. Then, he could join them in finishing Stone Warrior and the black dragon together. When the time comes, the general situation of the war could be turned around!

Delay! The three elders just needed to delay him for some time. They might not be daring to request for the ancestor blood from Zang Long after this, but the benefits they would get would certainly be not insignificant.

“Detestable!” Stone Warrior was infuriated. Even so, he was unable to break free from the three individuals who were as annoying as sticky candies.

“I just don’t get it. Why would a powerful spiritual puppet like you who could even manipulate such a formidable refined corpse heed the commands of an Early Divine Transformation Realm ant?!”

The three elders could not stop sneering.

“You said he is an ant?!” Stone Warrior shot them a contemptuous look.

An ant?!

Innumerable people had jeered at Ning Fan, thinking he was just an insignificant ant. However, how did they end up in the end?

Prior to this, Stone Warrior too, did not expect that Ning Fan who was just a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator in the past could literally capture him, a dignified Divine Transformation Realm expert!

Before this, Stone Warrior also did not anticipate that after Ning Fan attained the Divine Transformation Realm, he could then dominate the Luo Yun Tribe. Now, he had even spread his name and strength to the Star Sea!

A person like him had trampled upon many corpses of outstanding beings, fought against many old monsters and had been through many bloodsheds in order to arrive at his current place!

If a person like him is considered an ant, who else beneath the great heaven is not an ant?!

“You will regret thinking of him as an ant!” Stone Warrior disdainfully stared at the three elders as if he was staring at three dead bodies.

“The Star Sea will be turned upside down because of him!”

Stone Warrior no longer spoke any more words. It was because a gust of golden purple wind began to surge within his body.

The Five Graves of Dragon Burial might have used the power of life and death that enabled it to seal one’s demon soul, but Ning Fan’s Purple Technique: Wind Mist was imbued with a power which transcended life and death: the power of samsara!


A rush of brutal aura force filled Ning Fan’s eyes.

A gust of golden purple wind swept across Dragon Burial City which was one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) large!

Looking at the five ancient tombstones falling down from the air, Ning Fan reached out his hand. The spiritual qi of the ocean bed within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) all gathered into his palm!

Soul Extraction!

“It’s the technique of Soul Extraction! This man had not only comprehended the incarnation technique, but also the divine ability of Soul Extraction!” Zang Long’s face was plastered with surprise. However, he gritted his teeth and ferociously changed his hand seal, causing the five gigantic tombstones to fall upon him at the same time!

Of course, he had noticed the power of the purple golden wind. However, he also noticed that that technique did not contain Ning Fan’s Dao!

No matter how powerful a technique may be, if it isn’t fused with one’s own Dao, it will only look good without substantial power. It may be able to kill a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert, but it won’t be strong enough to kill an expert at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm, let alone crush my Five Graves of Dragon Burial!

The pressure being exerted by the five falling tombstones caused the hollow space within the area of one thousand li* (500m per li) to be completely fragmented.

However, regardless of how tremendous the aura of the five gravestones was, Ning Fan did not lift his head even once. His eyes remained tightly shut as he opened his mouth and swallowed the soul of the great earth.

Immediately, his magic power rose vigorously all the way up to the Late Divine Transformation Realm.

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