Grasping Evil - Chapter 307.3

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A series of memories flashed past his eyes. The calm and peaceful life he had in Wu Country, the humiliating past he suffered in the All Pleasure Sect, the bloody path he walked on in the Demon Sinister Forest and the tolerance and patience he exercised while travelling around multiple countries.

Eventually, all his memories stopped at a scene where Zhihe stood amidst the breeze and snow of Seven Apricot City with a never-aging smiling face.

The golden purple wind that filled the surroundings began to transform!

Ning Fan in his demon avatar stood under a plum tree which was congealed from devil qi. The top of the tree was adorned with blossoming blood-red plum which were condensed from rain intent.

At this moment, he opened his eyes and lifted his head. With a pair of eyes which were as abstruse as an endless void, he stared at Zang Long!

The depth of his gaze was like a vast starry sky which seemed to be absorbing Zang Long’s mind completely!

“What is this look?!”

Zang Long could not help feeling astonished. At the same moment, the golden purple wind turned into black-colored snowflakes.

Each of the snowflakes was unique as each of them moved at their own respective course.

Each of the snowflakes were pure black as each of them were formed from the power of the void!

As breeze blew, snow fell upon the entire city, carrying a hint of loneliness and emptiness. However, amidst the loneliness, there was a slight trace of nostalgia.

Loneliness was the representation of his feelings along his path.

Emptiness was the exhaustion accumulated within his heart after all the bloodsheds and massacres.

Nostalgia was his wistful longing for the appearance of the person staying amid the breeze and snow in Seven Apricot City, the appearance which he would not forget for the rest of his life.

“Zhihe, I miss you…”

At this moment, Ning Fan flicked his sleeve.

At this moment, an abnormal black gale carrying snow swept across the Dragon Burial City. It was irresistible!

At this moment, Zang Long widened his eyes in shock. After his technique was countered, he retreated a few steps back and only then could he regain his balance. Immediately, he coughed out a mouthful of black blood which partly constituted of ice crystals!

“What is this magical technique?!”

No one knew. Zang Long certainly did not know about the profoundness behind this technique because he had never seen the appearance of samsara and the Dao of the strongest expert of the entire universe: the Dao of Immortal Sovereign Zi Dou!

The three elders from Southern Prison Country were afraid. Standing in the snowy breeze, the three of them felt that they would be devoured by its snow and wind and eventually perish!

Inferior and insignificant!

Even if you are a True Immortal of the heavens, under my samsara, you shall also bow your head and submit!

Immoral Sovereign’s comprehension towards samsara was about letting everything return from where they came. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust; forgetting the past and let everything be weathered by the wind!

Ning Fan, however, was unable to forget everything. He just has too much reluctance and nostalgia. If samsara wants to take away his beloved ones, he would then freeze samsara, trapping it in time, making it never-ending!

“Wind Snow Finger… Freeze samsara!”

As Ning Fan pointed his finger, a rush of unimaginable coldness surged within Zang Long’s heart, making him so terrified that his soul seemed to have parted from him.

After that, Zang Long shockingly realized that his blood coagulated, while his demon power, Sea of Consciousness and demon soul were frozen and even every inch of his flesh was frozen in the snowy wind!

Feeling utterly horrified, he saw that Ning Fan was walking towards him step by step. Even so, he was unable to move a single muscle, let alone flee because he had been turned into an ice sculpture!

Another shocking discovery he made was that the entire Dragon Burial City which was one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) large was turned into ice by Ning Fan with just a finger!

Ning Fan fluttered his wings and emerged in front of Zang Long. Everything happened within just a single breath. He lifted his palm and hurled it at Zang Long!

Zang Long whose body was completely solidified into ice was smashed into black ice pieces and perished upon impact of the palm!

With the Wind Snow Finger, the technique of ancestor blood was crushed, killing the city lord of the Dragon Burial City!

That Wind Snow finger had nearly used up all of Ning Fan’s strength. Now, he felt it was difficult to move his limbs.

After Zang Long’s death, the remaining sea beasts in the city felt their blood run cold. None of them expected that the Revered Dragon who had a domineering reputation in the Southern Star Sea and could fight against a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert would die just like that in Ning Fan’s hands!

Zang Long’s storage pouch fell into Ning Fan’s hands.

Within it, there was a dark-golden jade bottle which contained one and a half drop of Black Dragon’s ancestor blood that had yet to be consumed!

The three elders were nearly shocked to death upon witnessing such an outcome. However, after realizing that Ning Fan had expended all of his magic power, the three of them began to harbor intentions of seizing the ancestor blood from him.

The Second Elder and Third Elder desperately blocked the black dragon whereas the First Elder threw caution to the wind by fluttering his wings and dashing towards Ning Fan!

“Young man, I admit that you are really good since you could beat Zang Long by yourself. However, you’ve used up all of your demon power… It is now as easy as turning my palm to kill you at this moment! Hand over the ancestor blood!”


A palm was struck on Ning Fan’s demon body. However, it just went to his body which then dispersed into a cloud of black smoke.

When the black shadow recondensed, Ning Fan indifferently looked at the First Elder with a pair of eyes that seethed with killing intent.

“You want the ancestor blood?”

That look made the First Elder’s soul tremble! Even though he knew that the current Ning Fan had already used up his combat power, he still could not suppress his fear towards the latter.

“Hand over the ancestor blood! Otherwise, no matter how powerful you are, you will certainly end up dead if I send out all the troops of my Southern Prison Country to hunt you down!”

“I will certainly die? Hilarious! Why should I even give you the ancestor blood?! Who do you think you are?!”

Ning Fan’s eyes widened with ferocity.

Not enough! It’s still not enough!

I have to keep killing! I have to keep killing until no one dares to pursue me anymore!

Ning Fan broke the jade bottle with his hand and consumed the Black Dragon’s ancestor blood within.

The next moment, a heaven-soaring black flames surged within his body. The aura being emanated by the current him was comparable to that of a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert!

“Blood Ignition!”

He ignited the Black Dragon’s ancestor blood which he had just acquired with great effort!

He wanted to borrow the strength of this ancestor blood to wipe out the Star Sea!

“It’s bad!”

The First Elder was petrified.

He is a madman!

He is a madman who is willing to sacrifice the ancestor blood!

Anyone who obtains the bestowal of ancestor blood would either refine it to enhance the power of their bloodline or improve their abilities. This man is the complete opposite! He just IGNITED the ancestor blood which is extremely rare and precious!

He is a madman, a madman that should not be offended! I must flee!

After igniting the ancestor blood, the current Ning Fan gained the blessings from the aura force of the Black Dragon’s ancestor, making him invincible in the Star Sea!

“Second Brother and Third Brother, let’s quickly flee!”

“You wanna escape now? It’s too late!”

Ning Fan’s body was blazing with dark flames. Making a stomp on the ground, columns of black flames appeared out of thin air, surrounding the First Elder. Within just a breath, his body was reduced to ashes!

Upon witnessing their elder brother’s death, the Second and Third Elder did not even have the time to grieve at all. The current Ning Fan who had ignited the ancestor blood made them feel feeble and weak. To them, the current Ning Fan was just invincible.

We must flee!

The two of them disappeared in flashes, fleeing towards the south. Ning Fan sneered without darting a glance at them. He shifted his gaze to one corner of the hollow space and coldly shouted.

“You! Show yourself!”

His bellow of rage shattered the void realm and a panic-stricken shadow fell from within. Immediately, he begged for mercy.

“This insignificant being is the big elder of the Sea Ghost Head’s tribe of the Military Breaking Star Sea, Gui Chen1. This lord, please spare my life…”

That man was already shivering with fear. Zang Long had died as well as the First Elder of the Southern Prison Country. Moreover, Ning Fan had already ignited the ancestor blood. Before the ancestor blood was completely used up, killing a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert would be equivalent to squeezing an ant to death!

Ning Fan did not look at the person at all. Without hesitation, he waved his hand and planted a demon seal within Gui Chen’s Sea of Consciousness.

This Gui Chen did not even dare to show any signs of resistance other than obediently complying with Ning Fan.

He could not resist! If he resisted, he would have been killed instantaneously!

After all, who asked him to hide in such a place to take advantage of the situation if both sides wore each other out…

“In this Star Sea, only sea beasts who are willing to join my side and fight could live. Those who disobey shall die!”

Ning Fan’s cold voice reverberated throughout the Dragon Burial City, allowing no more mercy anymore.

Three days later on the star island, the Old Bear’s jaw dropped while holding the information reported to him in his hands.

“That little bastard Zang Long is dead? Lu Bei was the person who wiped them out with his men? Lu Bei… Lu Bei…”

The Old Bear broke the jade slip. Within it, it was imprinted with Ning Fan’s image.

“Damn it! That malefic being is this Lu Bei! Within just a few days, he annihilated the entire Dragon Burial City! How is he so freaking impressive?!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Gui Chen (Chinese: 鬼尘 Pinyin: guǐ chén)
    Gui (鬼 guǐ) means ghost
    Chen (尘 chén) means dust

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