Grasping Evil - Chapter 308.2

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Currently, their hearts were like dying embers. They could only pray that the defensive formation would be able to delay Ning Fan for a bit so that they could wait for the two foreign Star Lords to come to their aid!

Despite being timid like a mouse, both of them were still experts at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm after all. Under their self-harming techniques, the formation light of the country’s province was immediately activated.

The formation light was at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm. Besides, it currently as two Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts sparing no effort to pour their magic power and mind power into the formation.

At the moment when the formation light rose, innumerable sea beasts were crying while kneeling on the ground, begging the two elders to lift the formation light so that they could enter the formation and avoid the calamity.

However, it was already extremely strenuous for the two of them to just protect themselves. How could they possibly shut the formation light and allow others to come in?

Outside the province, a deafening battle cry reverberated through the air, echoing into heaven. The number of demon troops which originally belonged to Zang Long had now increased to two million. The group of Divine Transformation Realm experts now comprised of 43 people. Among them, there were even three Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts!

Most of them were generals who yielded to Ning Fan! Since they were planted with demon seals, none of them dared to disobey Ning Fan’s command.

Gui Chen and the other two Peak Divine Transformation Realm were diligently attacking the formation light.

These three individuals were once regarded as masters of a domain of the Star Sea. Now, however, they were only Ning Fan’s slaves to assault the city.

The two elders of the country felt their scalps go numb. Even during the most prosperous era of the Southern Prison Country, it had not faced such a tremendously strong group of troops.

What was more unbelievable was that such powerful forces were all assembled during battles and killings!

“No matter what, we can’t exit the city! We just can’t! Once we exit the city, both of us will definitely die a graveless death just from being attacked by the group of Divine Transformation Realm experts!”

The two of them began to harm themselves even more as if their lives depended on it in order to raise the defensive power of the formation.

Within their hearts, they only begged the two foreign Star Lords to quickly appear.

However, their hope was turned into despair in the next moment.

It was because the two of them saw that above the sky of the province, Ning Fan was stepping above the formation light with an impatient look.

“All of you, back off!”


Gui Chen and the other two Divine Transformation Realm experts were shocked upon hearing his voice. Without any delay, they flew backwards without rebutting.

Just as they got out from the vicinity of the province, an immense aura began to form on Ning Fan’s body.

“Blood Ignition… After burning one and a half drop of ancestor blood, I almost temporarily acquired Void Refinement Realm power now. Void Refinement Realm… So this is the Void Refinement Realm? After I felt the power of this level, only did I realize how far the gap is between me and Emperor Moksha… Emperor Moksha!”

Ning Fan’s mind recalled the terrifying scene in the past when Emperor Moksha destroyed the Ning City by himself.

That finger, the gigantic finger which was one thousand li* (500m per li) long was able to crush everything in its path!

“I’ll give the both of you one final chance. Within three breaths, get out from the province and become my slaves. By doing so, I’ll make sure you survive!”

Ning Fan’s tone was as cold as ice. His words made the two elders struggle inwardly. However, they were unwilling to become slaves. Therefore, they chose to cling onto the belief that they could escape alive by luck.

“Lu Bei! Don’t be too cocky. When the Military Breaking Star Lord and the Seven Kill Star Lord arrive, you will certainly die!”

“Three breaths have passed!”

Ning Fan no longer spoke any more words. Yin Yang flames were already burning on the tip of one of his fingers. All of a sudden, all of his fingers blazed in flames.

“That day, Emperor Moksha used his White Bone Flames to congeal his fire finger. Today, I’ll use my nine types of Heavenly Cold Qi and Earth Flames to congeal my fire palm! Die!”

When he pushed his palm forward, the black Lotus Corpse Flame transformed into a gigantic fiery palm which grew into one hundred li* (500m per li) large!

This palm easily shattered the defensive formation, blasting directly on the province. At the same time, within the vicinity of the province which was one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) large, mountains collapsed and the earth cracked while rivers and streams flowed in reverse. The province of the country was flattened just like that by a single palm!

The two elders who stood at the center of the impact from the palm deeply regretted their choice upon witnessing the appearance of the palm.

The profoundness of this palm was that it was not a magical technique of the Divine Transformation Realm but was at the Mortal Void Realm!


The sounds of wails and cries were drowned out under the rumbling noise of the falling palm.

Within just an instant, the two elders including the Southern Prison Country were completely erased from the history of the Greedy Wolf Star Sea.

“Extinguishing the Southern Prison Country with a single palm!”

Gui Chen’s eyes shone with fear. Even if the strongest expert in his respective sea domain, the Star Lord of the Military Breaking Star Sea would not be able to deliver such a powerful palm!

One has to know that the two Star Lords were… true Void Refinement Realm experts!

After flattening the province, Ning Fan did not even cast a glance upon the wasteland. Instead, he lifted his head and coldly stared at a certain direction. Swiftly, he made a stomp on the hollow space, shaking the sea current.

Cracks and rifts branched out from his foot.

The shadows of two persons were exposed. One of them was bitterly smiling while the other wore a cold, menacing look. Both of them were a little awkward as they were shaken out from the Void Realm by Ning Fan with just a stomp!

“Military Breaking Star Lord and Seven Kill Star Lord! The both of you have been spying on me for quite some time there. Are you planning to go against me?!”

“Hmmph?!” The one with the cold look was a burly man carrying a sword on his back. He made a cold harrumph but his eyes were filled with dread. Apparently, he was not daring enough to act against Ning Fan.

As for the other person who wore a scholar hat, his face was adorned with a forced smile. Immediately, he let out a dry cough as if he was trying to remind the swordsman. Afterwards, he cupped his fists towards Ning Fan and spoke courteously.

“Devil Lord Lu Bei truly has a well-deserved reputation. I suppose that palm you displayed just now is a technique imitated from a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster, isn’t it?”

“So what if it truly is?!”

“Hehe. True Spirit’s ancestor blood, a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse made from a royal black dragon, a spiritual puppet from the Northern Heaven and Void Fragmentation Realm backers… Your identity is rather mysterious.”

“Mysterious or not, it has nothing to do with you two! If you see me as your enemy, you can fight me now. However, I can’t guarantee that the both of you would not die!”

“Hehe. You really know how to crack a joke…”

The young man with the scholar hat seemed kind and friendly on the surface. However, in reality, he kept trying to probe Ning Fan’s identity with his words. Besides, he had secretly performed a hand seal under his long sleeve and sensed a trace of Void Fragmentation Realm Qi from Ning Fan’s body with some kind of secret art...

“This Void Fragmentation Realm Qi was left on his body recently… This man really has a Void Fragmentation Realm supporter!” The young man communicated with the burly fellow through telepathy.

“What?! So are we going to kill this man?”

“Kill him? Why? Two drops of ancestor blood have already been ignited by him. What’s good about killing him? We’ll only end up offending a Void Fragmentation Realm expert. It’s unwise… Moreover, I have a feeling that if this man is pushed to the brink of dying, he still has more powerful means to display…”

The young man’s eyes became serious. With his current cultivation level, he actually sensed a hint of danger from Ning Fan.

The reason was because he failed to notice that Ning Fan still possessed a rogue devil… Even though Ning Fan would not be able to completely manipulate that rogue devil now, if he really has no other options, he would rather choose perish together with his enemies even if they are Void Fragmentation Realm experts!

“This man is really dangerous! Have you ever seen an expert at the Early Divine Transformation Realm that could wipe out one of the Star Seas? This man must not be offended. Instead, we shall establish friendly ties with him…”

After giving the burly fellow an advice, the young man with a scholar look immediately took out a jade slip and imprinted some kind of spirit sense and tossed it to Ning Fan.

With his fists cupped he said, “I apologize for spying on you earlier. My name is Po Jun while this man is Qi Sha. Although the way he speaks is a little fierce, he harbors no ill intentions towards you. This jade slip is compensation for my misbehavior. I believe the secrets about the Star Lord of the Greedy Wolf Star Sea within it might be helpful to you in your journey in the Heavenly Palace. Please excuse us!”

Both of them then vanished.

After making sure that the jade slip was not abnormal, Ning Fan spread his spirit sense into it. The next moment, his eyes widened with a hint of surprise.

“The Star Lord of the Greedy Wolf Star Sea has already entered the Heavenly Palace five thousand years ago…”

The annihilation of the Southern Prison Country had already struck fear deep into the hearts of countless sea beasts.

However, what was the most astonishing matter was none other than the appearance of the Star Lords from the foreign Star Seas.

Two Void Refinement Realm experts, two genuine Void Refinement Realm experts! Even so, when they faced Ning Fan, they raised the white flag and befriended him!

Gui Chen, who was a member of the Ghost Head Tribe from the Military Breaking Sea Domain, understood how cruel and ruthless Star Lord Po Jun was.

He might be dressed up like a polite and harmless scholar, but he actually had eaten millions upon millions of sea beasts alive to break through to the Void Refinement Realm…

Now, such fearsome man was trying to befriend Ning Fan?!

Whatever that had happened just now made Gui Chen felt it was hard to believe it.

My new master is in fact such a secretive ferocious man who could even make the Void Refinement Realm experts to fear him?

Keeping the jade slip, Ning Fan gazed upon the shadows of the two star lords in contemplation.

“That Star Lord Qi Sha is a person who failed to show restraint on himself. In other words, there is nothing to worry about him. That Po Jun, however, is an exceptional being. Just now, he has displayed some kind of secret technique which resonated with the rogue devil in my pouch… He must have discovered that and backed off. Otherwise, they might not necessarily left me alive.”

“Kun Mo! I wonder what your expression will be like, knowing that I’m coming to kill you… Would you feel afraid…”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Po Jun (Chinese: 破军 Pinyin: pò jūn)
    Po (破 pò) means break
    Jun (军 jūn) means military or troops
    I think the name of ‘Military Breaking Star Sea’ is derived from it.

  2. Qi Sha (Chinese: 七杀 Pinyin: qī shā)
    Qi (七qī) means seven
    Sha (杀shā) means kill
    The name of ‘Seven Kills Star Sea’ should be derived from it. 

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