Grasping Evil - Chapter 309.1

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Each of the forces which had come for the Southern Prison Country’s aid perished. The country which was famously known for its rich production of Sea Spirit Fruits in the past turned into ruins within a day! The only testimony for such a ghastly history was the pure white skeletons piling up on the wasteland and that horrifying mark of a palm which razed the entire country to the ground!

The two Star Lords had shown themselves in the country. In the end however, they did not stop Ning Fan from committing a massacre in the Star Sea.

Implicit permission!

The two powerful Star Lords had implicitly permitted Ning Fan’s actions!

In the Li Kun Palace, a pale burly man was unable to stand or sit still. That person was none other than Kun Mo.

Gone… They are all gone…

My elder brother, Star Dragon and second elder brother, Whale Demon, are not providing any assistance to me at all!

Third elder brother, Yuan Fang has also led his army of sea apes to retreat!

As a matter of fact, the forces of the Li Kun Palace had broken apart by dissension because every one of them were overly fearful of Ning Fan’s arrival.

The current Kun Mo no longer believed anyone. The reason was because anyone might plan to kill him and chop off his head to befriend Ning Fan!

The situation has now been reversed. I’ve given the orders to hunt him down twice in the past. However, the rulers of the Star Sea seems to have changed now. Ironically, it’s my turn to be hunted down…

“No! I haven’t lost yet! As long as I consume the remaining two types of venomous worms, even if I have to face a true Void Refinement Realm expert, I can also…”

“You can also do what?”

A stream of purple smoke gradually flowed into the Li Kun Palace without being noticed by anyone.

Perhaps someone might have noticed it but none of them was bold enough to hinder it.

Carrying Xi Ran in his arms, Ning Fan appeared again in the palace!

“We meet again, Kun Mo. Today, however, you aren’t the one who is hunting me. Instead, I am the one who wants to hunt you…”

“Lu Bei! How could you enter the palace so easily?! I still have a million demon troops! I definitely won’t let you…”

Kun Mo’s expression was filled with utter shock and nervousness. However, he suddenly paused from speaking halfway and his eyes turned cold. He crushed a venomous worm which was sparkling in red and without any delay, he spread his Kun Peng wings, fleeing ninety thousand li* (500m per li) away from Ning Fan!

Blood Crystal Worm! It was one of the Kun Mo’s three most powerful venomous worms!

“Be careful. If you are hit by this worm, you will…”

Xi Ran hurriedly reminded Ning Fan. However, before she could finish her words, a trace of blood-red line flickered a few times in the air and dashed right at Ning Fan with an abnormal speed.

“Don’t be scared. There is still one more day before my ancestor blood is completely burned up… Subdue!”

Facing that blood-red thread, Ning Fan did not even lift his eyelids. As fast as lightning, he pointed his finger on top of the blood-red thread.

The trace of void power on the tip of his finger stretched into a black line which wrapped the blood-red thread, binding it. Instantly, the blood-red thread emitted a painful wail and returned to the form of a worm which glowed in red. Apparently, the tiny little worm was revealing a fearful look.

“The Evil Cold Worm is enough for me to enhance my spirit sense to the Peak Divine Transformation Realm. Currently, after obtaining this Blood Crystal Worm, I wonder if my spirit sense will break through to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm in one go… Hmmph! Trying to flee?”

Ning Fan hugged Xi Ran and vanished. Next, they appeared at one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) away. After travelling for nine million li* (500m per li), Ning Fan suddenly came to a halt. Despite coming out late, he had overtaken Kun Mo. Turning around, he pushed his palm at a direction where a ray of black light had just arrived. Upon impact, Kun Mo revealed himself once more.

He staggered backwards for tens of steps before he could regain his balance. When he saw Ning Fan, his expression drastically changed.  

“How can your speed be so fast?! If you have been hit by the Blood Crystal Worm, it should’ve made you unable to fly… Could it be that the Blood Crystal Worm has failed? You’ve subdued the Blood Crystal Worm?! Impossible! Even if a Void Refinement Realm expert…”

Before Kun Mo finished his words, he performed another sneak attack. Flicking his finger, he shot out a pale-yellowish light and then continued his escape.

That pale-yellowish light was Kun Mo’s third venomous worm… Blinding Sight Worm!

Ning Fan’s eyes revealed a hint of impatience. He did not intend to continue messing around with Kun Mo. When he hurled his hand, a black fiery palm teleported across the space and landed directly on Kun Mo’s chest.

Due to that strike, Kun Mo consecutively coughed out a few mouthfuls of black blood and fell to the ground. His immortal veins were already incapacitated as blood continued to flow out from his mouth.

That venomous worm which emanated pale-yellowish light was easily caught by Ning Fan in his hand with a flick of his sleeve.

“Void Refinement Realm! So that is what it is… You’ve ignited the ancestor blood. That’s why your cultivation level is raised to the Void Refinement Realm within a short period of time! Haha. After all, you are just borrowing other’s strength to commit a massacre in the Star Sea! You, Lu Bei, are just nothing more than this!”

Kun Mo’s words were enough to strike at many people’s pride, triggering their anger. However, Ning Fan remained unaffected.

In his world, there were only victory and defeat. Whatever means that can be used to achieve it does not matter at all.

Besides, the ancestor blood was obtained by killing Zang Long on his own. He was merely consuming items which he seized from others. In that manner, why could it not be considered as his own strength?

Xi Ran felt upset. People like Kun Mo was the kind of people she detested the most as they always thought that the success and power of others did not come from their own efforts but their luck.

She had witnessed the entire process from the beginning until the end. She believed that if any other old monsters were to possess the same luck as Ning Fan, they would not be able to outperform Ning Fan.

At least, Kun Mo could not eliminate Zang Long, let alone seize his ancestor blood.

Even if Kun Mo were to obtain the two drops of ancestor blood, he would not be daring enough to ignite them.

Even if Kun Mo ignites the blood, he would not be able to imitate Void Fragmentation Realm techniques and annihilate the Southern Prison Country with just a single palm.

Even if Kun Mo were able to do all those things, he would never be able to intimidate the two Star Lords. There was only one outcome for him: to be eliminated by them.

Just like breaking through the Gui Xiong Outpost. That outpost had existed in that place for so many years. Even the Old Bear was unable to destroy it himself. Who else could forcibly destroy it like Ning Fan?

Having those thoughts in mind, Xi Ran felt extremely upset. She wanted to have argued with Kun Mo and convince him that Ning Fan had been relying on his own efforts in his entire life to attain his current level.

“Lu Bei, let me go! I want to argue with him…”

Xi Ran lightly struggled to break free from Ning Fan’s arms. At this moment, Kun Mo suddenly rose from the ground. With a flick of his finger, a bluish thread flickered and approached Xi Ran’s chest.

He still has a fourth venomous worm?!

Kun Mo was about to die. However, he was reluctant to end in such manner. He wanted revenge. He wanted to destroy Ning Fan’s woman, Xi Ran!

“This worm is the Lust Destroying Worm. Mortals who are afflicted by the poison of this worm would not be able to survive for more than a year… What?!”

Kun Mo widened his angry eyes so big that they almost popped out. All of his pleasure turned into reluctance!

No way! No waaay!

When the venomous worm was about to hit Xi Ran, Ning Fan who had prepared for that trick, flicked his sleeve and kept that worm!

His eyes then stared at Kun Mo with a faint smirk on his face, as if he was mocking him.

“Your sneak attack is very lame…”

“Detestable! Lu Bei, if you are so daring, then kill me right away with your sword!”

“Kill you? Would it not mean that I am going to be afflicted by your fifth venomous worm?”

Ning Fan revealed a look of contempt. As the purple in his left eye flashed, he had already seen through the poison traces within Kun Mo’s body.

Kun Mo’s body still contained a venomous poison. It was tightly attached to his life force!

This venomous worm was a Life Worm. Once Kun Mo is dead, it would wipe out all his enemies within the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500 m per li)!

The moment when Kun Mo fled, he had already known that it would be difficult to escape from Ning Fan.

As such, he kept sending out his worms and then sent out the fourth worm as if he was making a final struggle!

All of his actions were to make Ning Fan careless, to infuriate him so that he would approach him. When Ning Fan falls into his trap, he could then successfully unleash the might of his final worm.

As a matter of fact, Kun Mo had already attached his demon soul on the Life Worm. Once his physical body is destroyed, the Life Worm would be unleashed while his demon soul could escape. Meanwhile, Ning Fan would die a certain death…

His plan was not bad. From Kun Mo’s perspective, anyone who had wiped out the Star Sea would find it difficult not to feel proud and become self-conceited.

After all, it was the moment when one would be extremely careless. A moment like this would be where one is the easiest to be tricked.

Unfortunately, Kun Mo did not expect that Ning Fan was a meticulous person. In the past, there was not a single time when he was tricked by others. Only he could trick others.

He hurled another palm, breaking all of Kun Mo’s tendons and bones. Pulling Xi Ran into his arm, he made a step and went out of the vicinity of ten thousand li*. Then, he landed another attack onto Kun Mo from afar.

“You can die now!”


When his palm fell, the area within ten thousand li* was flattened.

“No! I’m reluctant to die! No… Ahhh!”

Kun Mo’s face was filled with resentment. Under that frightening palm, he could not even escape with his demon soul. Emitting a loud yelp, he died and got buried under the wasteland.

On the place where he died, a black threadlike worm immediately swept across the entire area, tearing everything apart. Without a doubt, it was the power of the Life Worm.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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