Grasping Evil - Chapter 310.2

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He then began to insert his magic power into the beautiful woman through her abdomen. That process continued without pause for the time it takes for an incense stick to completely burn.

After that, on the spotlessly white body of the beautiful woman, an abstruse mark suddenly appeared.

On the other hand, another silver mark emerged on her forehead. It was the seal she planted on herself.

Beneath the half-exposed clothes, a ghastly blood mark appeared on her body. Moreover, upon the emergence of the mark, it also gave out a nauseating stench.

That mark was planted by the Realm Beast!

“There are truly two layers of seals. Besides, the stench being emitted by the Realm Beast’s seal is… the ‘Decaying Immortal’s Poison’!”

Xi Ran was so shocked that her mouth was wide open.

As shown by the proof, Ning Fan was reasonable in lifting the blanket and seeing through the woman’s body. The latter was really afflicted with a lethal poison!

However, Xi Ran was unable to imagine why such a terrifying poison would be found on the beautiful woman’s body.

“The Decaying Immortal’s Poison. A drop of this poison is even more precious than an immortal’s Dao Fruit as it could cause an ordinary immortal to die! If it wasn’t because this woman’s cultivation level was extremely strong, perhaps she would have died at the moment she was poisoned… A person who could rear a Realm Beast and harm others with the Decaying Immortal’s Poison… I’m afraid the person who schemed against this woman comes from a great background.”

Ning Fan’s eyes narrowed with solemnity. He faintly felt that from the moment he had saved this woman, he had already brought himself another trouble.

However, if he were to be given a choice once again, he would still choose to save her. The reason was because it was related to Luo You’s request.

“How is it? Could you cure the poison for her?” Luo You’s voice echoed from the Yin Yang Locket. This time, her tone sounded a little nervous.

“Don’t worry!”

Without giving much explanation, Ning Fan sat at the side of the bed and placed the beautiful woman on his knee. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out a sparkling, jade-like token.

Poison King’s Token!

This token had a rather unique property in neutralizing poison. Despite that, Ning Fan also did not have much confidence in whether it could completely cure the beautiful woman.

With a touch of his finger, the token transformed into a small jade which was only slightly longer than three centimeters.

Parting the delicate lips of the beautiful woman, he placed the miniature jade onto her tongue. When his finger touched the cool, velvety tongue of the woman, his concentration swayed once more.

Although he calmed his mind down quickly afterwards, he felt a little astonished.

This woman’s cultivation method is no doubt the profound righteous path. Her body, however, seemed to be innately filled with an unusual enchantment.

Even if my Yin Yang Transformation has reached the Second Level, I could still barely resist her charm.

So this is the power of the Seven Spirit Physiques mentioned by Luo You. What exactly are they?

At the moment the Poison King Token was inserted into her mouth, the woman’s complexion immediately showed signs of improvement. The blood-red poison veins which were approaching the nape of her neck began to recede downwards.

However, when they flowed backwards to the top of her bosoms, they stopped.

Ning Fan’s eyes turned grim. The Poison King Token was not weak. However, by just placing it in her mouth, it was still not enough to eradicate all the remaining poison.

Unfortunately, the beautiful woman was currently unconscious and unable to manipulate the power of the token to neutralize the poison in her entire body.

“W-What should we do? The poison of this elder sister could only be suppressed to the area below her chest and it isn’t completely cured!” Seeing a peerlessly beautiful woman that was about to die from the Decaying Immortal’s Poison, Xi Ran could not help feeling sympathetic and anxious.

“I need to force the power of the token to spread throughout her entire body!”

Ning Fan placed his finger on the woman’s lips and imbued his magic power. The Poison King Token turned into a cool light ray and spread within her body.

The tip of his finger then moved down from the woman’s lips, gliding over her neck, her collarbones and the soft lumps on her chest.

Cold light traces began to permeate her entire body. The painful and miserable look on the unconscious woman’s face instantly subsided like melting ice.

Under the effect of the light traces, the poison within her body gradually disappeared. As for Ning Fan, he had also nearly touched every part of the woman’s upper body with his finger.

However, Ning Fan began to lose his composure while his breathing slowly became erratic. The power of enchantment from the woman’s body was overly terrifying, causing him to nearly let loose of his lust.

If he really loses self-control and copulated with the woman, there would only be one outcome for Ning Fan: his body would explode!

As the poison dissipated, the blood-red lines on the woman’s body began to recede and converge at her lower abdomen!

Gritting his teeth tightly, Ning Fan rubbed the woman’s calves from her ankles with both of his hands.

He then lifted her palace skirt and placed his hand into it. Silently asking for forgiveness, the tip of his finger penetrated the soft and tender tissues between her thighs and resolutely inserted his power.

Under the force of his final move, all the poison within her body was pushed to gather at her lower abdomen, forming a mark of a seal the size of a palm.

The seal still remained. The poison, however, had already vanished.

But when Ning Fan penetrated his finger inside her, something even more troublesome had occurred.

At the moment when the poison within the woman was neutralized, the woman whose body was entirely touched by Ning Fan, including her private parts let out a moan and her misty eyes opened. She woke up.

However, just as she regained her consciousness, a massive enchantment power rushed towards Ning Fan and Xi Ran.

A purple mist swept across the room, carrying Ning Fan and Xi Ran together onto a bed shrouded with drapery.


Xi Ran made a scream of surprise. After being swept away by the purple mist, her eyes immediately became blurred. She, who already had good feelings towards Ning Fan, currently felt unbearably itchy and numb from head to toe. She felt as if only by throwing herself into Ning Fan’s arms could she relieve the uneasy feelings being felt by her body.

As for the beautiful woman, her eyes remained misty and she behaved as if she had lost her grip on her rationality.

She might have already sealed her cultivation level, but the power of her charm was indeed at the level of the Shedding Void Realm of True Immortal!

The beautiful woman whose dress was half unbuttoned was beaded with sweat and her hairpins were in disorder. All of a sudden, she noticed Ning Fan. Feeling an intolerable surge of lust, she uttered that it was just an erotic dream.

“Ever since my husband died in battle and the birth of Man Er[1], I’ve never had an erotic dream before for one thousand years… Erotic dream… Why is the dream this time is so authentic? I can actually see clearly the man’s appearance… I’m really a shameless woman… for dreaming having a Divine Transformation Realm young man…”

“If it’s just a dream… if it’s just a dream…”

The beautiful woman’s will began to weaken. If it were to be any ordinary erotic dreams, she could destroy the dream realm with her magic power.

This time, however, the dream realm was just too real. She attempted to break herself free from the dream but she failed.

“Can’t break free from the dream? Then this will be my first time being overwhelmed by my lust inside a dream…”

Moreover, the beautiful woman felt a strange power from Ning Fan which was calling upon her…

Her lower part was already drenched. With half of her body naked, she finally lost her self-restraint and threw herself into Ning Fan’s arms.

“If it’s just a dream, one would have the qualification to love another person, even if the person is me…”

The beautiful woman opened her lips while lifting Ning Fan’s chin, looking lost and delirious.

“I’m Yuan Yao. What’s your name?”

“L-Lu Bei…”

Ning Fan tried to restrain himself. The purple mist was too strong that it made his Yin Yang Locket to show signs of running out of his control.

However, just as the beautiful woman pressed her tender lips against his, he could no longer hold himself back.

What made the situation wilder was that at this moment, Xi Ran who had drowned in her desire rubbed her petite breasts against his back while using her delicate arms to surround Ning Fan’s neck. Placing her head at his ears, a rush of faint fragrance assailed his nostrils.

“Lu Bei… I feel really unwell. What should I do…”


Ning Fan could no longer bear it any longer. The purple mist was just too domineering. If he refuses to copulate, not to mention the two women, even he himself would die because of it.

It was fine for him to perform dual-cultivation with Xi Ran. The only issue was the beautiful woman… He must never pluck her. A drop of her primordial yin was all it takes to cause his body to explode!

“Silly brother… There is still the ‘rear’, the ‘REAR’!”

Luo You’s teasing voice echoed into his ears.

Since the beautiful woman’s life was no longer in danger, Luo You felt at ease.

Then, when she saw the beautiful woman was about to be copulated by Ning Fan, she was greatly interested and inwardly, she began to formulate a scheme.

“She is a famous woman. Besides, she is a woman whose owner is already dead… Silly brother, if you take her body, there is nearly no one who would dare to offend you in the Four Heavens and Nine Worlds. However…”

Luo You’s face was adorned with a more mischievous smile.

She really intended to see how embarrassed Ning Fan would feel facing Bei Xiaoman and the beautiful woman at the same time.

“Silly brother, I’m afraid this time you are going to defy heaven. This woman, Yuan Yao, is actually Bei Xiaoman’s mother…”

Of course, Luo You would not tell Ning Fan that.

It was as if she was watching a complex and complicated soap opera.

The reason was because she was very bored.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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  1. ^ 1. Man Er refers to Bei Xiaoman. Adding the word ‘Er’ (儿) is just an affectionate way for a mother to call her children.