Grasping Evil - Chapter 311.1

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Inside the secret chamber, the room was filled with lustful passion. For the entire night, moans and groans never ceased.

Sitting at the front of the bed, Ning Fan felt a slight headache. With a pair of confused eyes, he looked at the bodies of the two women who were lying together on the bed.

Throughout the process, he managed to retain a bit of his consciousness as he did not let Xi Ran who was deflowered for the first time feel too miserable. Instead, he made this little girl achieve climax several times.

The bloodstains on the bed sheet was the price Xi Ran paid in exchange for the pleasure she felt during the whole process… Now, this little girl was completely unable to marry anyone else.

As for the beautiful woman, Ning Fan did not leave her out. No matter how captivating the front of her body was, Ning Fan only ‘assaulted’ her ‘rear’…

Looking at the red and swollen opening which looked like chrysanthemum petals that carried traces of blood, Ning Fan rubbed his forehead.

I’m afraid that I’ve just caused a huge trouble for myself…

This beautiful woman is not a virgin. However, after getting inside her ‘rear’, her virginity is considered to have been lost in my hands.

The Lost World Palace… If this woman is Bei Li and Bei Xiaoman’s sister, she is either the First Mistress or the Second Mistress.

I wonder if this beautiful woman has already been married. Judging from the fact that she’s no longer a virgin, perhaps she is a woman of loose morals?

As a matter of fact, Ning Fan had actually misunderstood the beautiful woman, Yuan Yao.

How could she be an unchaste woman?

It would be extremely bizarre if she is still a virgin after giving birth to four daughters…

The current Ning Fan still had yet to realize how absurd and severe the erotic night they spent together.

However, Luo You who was residing within the Yin Yang Locket had already laughed so hard that she almost ran out of breath.

“Silly brother. You’ve just gotten yourself into big trouble. Do you know who she is?”

“Who is she?”

“You wanna know? Then use your Mind Reading Technique on me~”

Luo You laughed until tears ran down from her eyes like rain. She just particularly wanted to keep this matter in suspense.

Unfortunately for Ning Fan, the gap of cultivation level between the two of them was too large. As such, he was unable to use his Mind Reading Technique on her at all.

What was more unfortunate that happened right afterwards was that Xi Ran woke up.

Rubbing her weary tearful eyes which were gently knitted together because of pain, she lazily yawned. When she tried to rise up from the bed to stand up, she immediately felt a searing pain from her lower body.


After feeling that intense pain, the little girl’s eyes widened as if she had gone crazy.

Why am I naked?

Why is the part near my backside so painful? It’s even bleeding now…

What have I done?! What have I done with Lu Bei last night?!

I don’t remember! It’s so confusing! I could only recall that I had become so bold to hug Lu Bei after being affected by the purple mist. We kissed here and there, and… and…

Ahhh! I’m owned by him now! I can’t get married anymore!”

She dragged the thin blanket beside her to cover her petite breasts which had been licked to the point of becoming red and swollen. Sulkily, she stared at Ning Fan and uttered.


Each of the words she spoke carried a hint of resentment.

“Who asked you to throw yourself on me? Look, all the marks on my hands and neck were from your teeth…”

“Don’t say! Don’t say that! You’ve taken advantage of me and now you still blame it on me?!”

Xi Ran’s delicate face flushed red, eagerly wishing that she could find a hole in the ground and hide herself within.

Outwardly, she might refuse to give in. But she still could faintly remember that not only were those marks left by her, but many other parts on Ning Fan’s body were also bitten by her.

In the end, I seemed to have used my mouth to eat something hot and fiery… Something like a rod…

“If my father finds out about this, he w-will definitely scold me to death!”

Actually, she was worrying about something that was not even worth worrying about.

“Silly girl…”

Ning Fan helplessly shook his head. Foolishness was inborn. Not even the strongest medicines in the world could cure it.

Holding Xi Ran’s hand, he inserted traces of his magic power into her to regulate her qi and blood.

All of a sudden, he was struck by the feeling of surprise.

Regardless of his magic power, demon power and devil qi, all of their flowing speed had improved by one fold compared to his previous condition!

His cultivation level did not improve but his immortal veins had become broader and durable!

“My cultivation level has improved!”

His facial expression changed. Checking internally at his dantian, his eyes were full of amazement.

Well, it was impossible for him not to feel surprised!

After just a single night, his Yin Yang Transformation cultivation method had advanced into the peak of the ninth layer of the second level!

With just another step, it could then break through to the third level and activate the Profound Yin World within to free Luo You!

“You discovered it?! Your Yin Yang Transformation cultivation method is going to achieve the Small Accomplishment soon! The effect of the beautiful woman’s ‘rear’ is not bad, isn’t it?” Luo You’s tone revealed a hint of admiration.

“Small Accomplishment…”

Yin Yang Transformation had ten levels. The first three levels were only considered Small Accomplishment.

This cultivation method’s grade was too high. As such, it was difficult to raise its level. Back then, Ning Fan had to put in tremendous effort to push it above the first level and eventually the second level. Today, however, after just a single night of making out with the beautiful woman, it nearly broke through the third level in one go!

“What is this woman’s cultivation level exactly?! How could she have such massive primordial yin?! On the other hand, I keep having the feeling that in the improvement I got this time, not only did the level of the cultivation method improved, but also its essence…”

“Of course. Didn’t I tell you that she possesses one of the Seven Spirit Physiques? This time, the intimate act you have done with her has also fully replenished the first spirit of the Fire Tablet…”

Luo You muttered to herself, sounding cheerful and lighthearted.

However, Ning Fan who was supposed to feel delighted upon discovering the improvement of his cultivation method was unable to feel the slightest hint of happiness.

I’ve just violated the ‘rear’ of such a powerful woman. How should I make it a good ending?

This beautiful woman was not Xi Ran. Apparently, she was not someone who could be dismissed with just a few words.

At the moment when he was contemplating, a cold-piercing gaze shot on Ning Fan’s back. It was just like a razor-sharp sword that pierced through his skin, sending chills throughout his entire body.

Then, an infuriated voice carrying with it a hint of embarrassment and misery coldly echoed within the chamber.

“Provide me an explanation in just three sentences. Otherwise, die!”


At the same moment, an immense killing intent swept across the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) within the Li Kun Palace!

Within that area, any sea beast which was affected by that rush of killing intent were all stricken with fear.

Gui Chen and the other Divine Transformation Realm experts who were still dealing with the aftermath of the bloodshed brought upon the Star Sea by Ning Fan rose up suddenly, after sensing such terrifying killing intent in the main hall. All of them gazed at the direction of the secret chamber in the Li Kun Palace with a look of absolute terror!

“Master’s killing qi is extremely formidable! Any of the Void Refinement Realm star lords does not have it, let alone any of the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators! Master is indeed not ordinary for actually having such a formidable killing qi!”

The respect within Gui Chen and the other Divine Transformation Realm generals who surrendered themselves grew magnificently.

A few of them who were secretly scheming to betray Ning Fan and run away had also abandoned their plans immediately.

Before that rush of killing qi, even Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters were also considered lowly and insignificant.

However, Xi Ran still did not feel anything. She only gave a pitiful look to the beautiful woman with her chest covered. Inwardly, she thought to herself.

This elder sister can’t be blamed for flying into a fury. After all, she was also humiliated by Lu Bei. Now, she’s just like me: can’t get married anymore in the future…

Only Ning Fan knew that the woman was not joking at all while speaking those words.

She needed an explanation, an explanation for her not to kill Ning Fan!

Three sentences! She only gave Ning Fan three sentences to explain!

Waking up to find my own ‘rear’ was destroyed by someone… What’s that all about?!

Yuan Yao felt like weeping but had no tears coming out from her eyes.

She thought it was just an erotic dream at first. However, it was not part of her expectations at all to lose her chastity during her first time giving in to her erotic dream.

If it wasn’t because of the memories of that erotic dream, if it wasn’t because she knew how aggressive she was in her so-called ‘erotic dream’, she would have definitely sent Ning Fan to hell with a slap!

“Three sentences, give me an explanation!” She cried, but stubbornly held back her tears.


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