Grasping Evil - Chapter 313.1

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Towards cultivators, a period of two months was just as short as meditating for a while.

Outside the star island, the female corpse would stand on the star reef every day and gaze into the star sea.

She did not know how dangerous the situations which Ning Fan was currently experiencing were. Neither did she know how many killings Ning Fan had involved himself in.

However, even though she was not as clingy to Ning Fan as before, she could somehow feel all the killings and massacres that he committed were all for her.


The tides of the star sea made the female corpse feel calm for the first time. She was just a dead person. She no longer have any memories or emotions. However, in her current life, she still found it difficult to leave him alone.

As for Wu Yan who was free and leisurely all day, her injuries had completely recovered within the past two months. However, throughout these two months, she began to feel worried for a person’s safety for the first time.

The female corpse might not be able to understand where Ning Fan was at and what he was doing, but Wu Yan knew.

That day, Ning Fan sent a flying sword back to convey his message, telling the three women to take a good rest.

That day, Ning Fan’s tone was as calm as usual, sounding like he was just going out to sea in search of spiritual medicines instead of killing people.

However, in the next moment, each of the shocking news began to spread across the island. A powerful devil prestige which would cause one’s facial expression to change by just hearing his name made no demon beast bold enough to create troubles in the star island!


Sensing that Wu Yan and Yue Lingkong had come to look for her, the female corpse gently turned her head around and asked with a hesitant voice.


“You want to know where he is?”

Wu Yan who donned a green-feathered robe had a poignant beauty like that of a lonely concubine who had been locked up in a cold palace. Affectionately, she stroked the female corpse’s hair.

She knew that this female corpse who had been dead for many years was too important to Ning Fan.

Aside from that, Wu Yan also had some good feelings towards the female corpse. Not only does she like this pure and innocent girl, but she also took pity on her fate of being turned into a corpse devil.

“I also have no idea where Lu Bei is right now… However, I do know one thing. Everything he does is probably for you. Crushing the Gui Xiong Outpost, freezing the Dragon Burial City, smashing the Southern Prison Country and overturning Kun Mo’s domain… I think he should be returning soon.”

Unfortunately, about whatever he had done, I know it, the group of demons know it, but you don’t …

Wu Yan felt a little sentimental.

The reason why Ning Fan went out to the sea was to search for the Soul Refining Sand to refine the purple zoysia in order to restore the female corpse’s Sea of Consciousness.

The reason why Ning Fan killed was to shoulder all the danger which the star island faced by himself so that the three women residing in the star island would not meet any troubles.

Wu Yan knew. She knew Ning Fan, the cold young man with an unyielding spirit. She also knew that this young man actually had a gentle side.

Unfortunately, the female corpse would never understand it. Upon hearing Wu Yan’s words, the female corpse only confusedly nodded her head. Among all the words she heard, she merely understood the last sentence Wu Yan uttered.


She did not know what kind of danger Ning Fan had faced.

She only knew that Ning Fan seemed to be returning very soon.

The female corpse would never realize that at the moment when she feared Ning Fan and avoided his hug, had actually hurt him deeply.

“That stinky young man sure is a little too terrifying… Even if I regain my power, I won’t dare to act wildly and recklessly in a dangerous place like this Star Sea. This Star Sea is nearly nothing much different than the Endless Sea… This little cucumber is really rash… Although it’s just two months not meeting him in person, I’m actually thinking about him…”

When speaking about Ning Fan, Yue Lingkong’s facial expression was full of admiration. Since she was a woman who possessed a heroic attitude, she would of course be fond of a man who shared the same personality as her.

The mad deeds which Ning Fan had done made her, the female tyrant of the Endless Sea, be ashamed of her own inferiority. Outwardly, there were only seven Half-Step Void Refinement Realm beings in the Internal Endless Sea. However, in the Star Sea, after igniting the ancestor blood, Ning Fan had killed nine experts of that cultivation level by himself… As for Divine Transformation Realm experts, he had killed a total of 300 of them!

If this result were to be spread to the Internal Endless Sea, perhaps Ning Fan’s reputation would literally exceed any of the seven venerated beings of the Internal Endless Sea!

Even Yue Lingkong did not notice herself that when she was discussing Ning Fan’s victories, she, who had been killing people like flies, actually felt respectful towards him.

“Exactly. He always acts recklessly… In the past, when we were at the Luo Yun Tribe, in order to avenge Sister Wan’er, he fought the demons of the nine tribes all by himself and killed all of his challengers out of anger. At that time, he stood above the Cloud Platform and looked down on the world. However, none of the demons dared to take resist against him anymore… At that time, he was really impressive. Unfortunately, Sister Yue was not there at that time. This isn’t his first time committing such a frenzied act…”

Wu Yan gently nodded her head, completely acknowledging what Yue Lingkong had just said.

Ning Fan might seem harmless when he is not angry. However, when he is truly enraged, he is an insane devil! His madness would strike fear into his enemies, causing all of them to be terrified but it would make the women who stood behind him feel safe and warm.


At the moment when each of the three women were thinking of Ning Fan, the sky above the star island was on the verge of crumbling once more.

Dark rifts and cracks appeared in the hollow space at the same time in all directions. Gusts of wind from the Void Realm blew out. Fortunately, the cracks were not too big. As such, the windstorm of the Void Realm did not manage to form.

In the past two months when Ning Fan had left, it was not the first time that such a phenomenon occurred.

Wu Yan and Yue Lingkong were experts with above average intelligence. The experience they had were exceptionally vast. Both of them could immediately tell that the shattering of the Void Realm this time was not a natural phenomenon, but man-made!

“It can’t be wrong. Someone launched attacks at this world from the Void Realm, attempting to break the barrier of this world where the Star Palace is located. They want to intrude this world!”

“The Star Palace is in the Third World while the three worlds of the Land of Slumber are all within the territory of the Rain World… The Rain World is not the territory of the demon race. Therefore, even if the members of my Spirit King Palace or the True Spirit Races would need to use the secret techniques of Realm Passage in order to reach this world. However, this group of people are forcefully intruding here directly from outside this world… That is to say, they are very like to be the forces of the divine race…”

The two women were forming their respective guesses. However, after a brief moment, their beautiful eyes flashed with surprise.

In the past, even if the Void Realm is broken, it will recover very quickly, just like the foreign forces who wanted to intrude the Star Palace were being restricted by some kind of formation, causing them to be unable to enter this world smoothly.

Today, however, eight parts of the sky were crushed but only seven of them recovered!

On the eighth part of the sky which failed to recover, nearly one hundred rays of light shot out consecutively, revealing nearly one hundred purple-robed cultivators!

All of their cultivation levels were at the Nascent Soul Realm and above. In fact, there was a total of twelve cultivators who were at the Divine Transformation Realm and above!

The leader of the group was a purple-robed young man. His qi was extremely cold and his eyes emanated a trace of devilish purple qi. Even though his bone age was not more than 700 years old, he had attained the Mid Divine Transformation Realm!

Even so, this man was not enough to cause Yue Lingkong and her group to feel dreadful. The main problem was the two elderly men who were dressed in sackcloths standing behind him!

One of them had his left eye blinded while the other one had his right eye blinded. However, both of them were experts of the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm!

Having such powerful experts standing respectfully behind the purple-robed young man as if they were his servants was sufficient to show how unique the young man’s identity was!

“So this place is the Star Palace? Although I have no idea why there is an Immortal Grade maze set up within the Void Realm, not to mention the person who has weakened more than half of the power of the maze… All in all, I, the young master of the ‘Purple Robe Palace’ from the ‘Purple Soul Star Domain’ of the Northern Heaven, is the first to enter the star sea among all the other forces of the Northern Heaven!”

“Congratulations to Young Master for taking the lead in entering the Star Palace! It is really laughable that the demons had intruded the territory of our divine race with the intention to secretly seize the Star of the Celestial Emperor! It’s extremely difficult for the members of a foreign world to enter ours. Besides, the people they sent would not be too strong. Perhaps they won’t even be able to send a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert… We, the Kun Wu Elders, will definitely assist Young Master in obtaining the Star of the Celestial Emperor! If Young Master acquires it, you can definitely be able to break through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm in one go! A seven hundred years old Late Divine Transformation Realm being… In the entire Purple Soul Star Domain, a being like that is considered a rare being, just like the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a qilin! Besides, this star has a great use in the trip to the Ancient Heavenly Court. If Young Master obtains this star and becomes the master of the Heavenly Court, what would the White Devil Sect be?!”

“Well said! If I, Zi Chuan1, successfully obtains the Star of the Celestial Emperor, each of you will be given two Purple Life Pills when I return to the Purple Soul Star! I know you have been craving for it!”

“Purple Life Pill! We will certainly not disgrace you and we will surely help you obtain the star!”

The Kun Wu Elders cupped their firsts and saluted Zi Chuan with their eyes burning with determination.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Zi Chuan (Chinese: 紫川 Pinyin: zǐ chuān)
    Zi (紫 zǐ) means purple.
    Chuan (川 chuān) means river or stream.

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