Grasping Evil - Chapter 313.2

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If one obtains the Purple Life Pill of the Purple Soul Star, both of them would have the hope of breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm!

The two elderly men’s eyes fell upon the star island located beneath their feet. Immediately, their facial expressions were filled with great delight. The star island was just right in front of them. Besides, there was a star gate located right on the island.

We are indeed fortunate. We are not only the first to enter the Star Palace, but also directly discovered the Star Gate. After entering the gate, we can arrive straight away at the Heaven Hall!

 Moreover, when their gazes swept across the borders of the island, they caught sight of the three women. Both of them immediately revealed a lecherous look and licked their lips.

“Three women with two of them at the Late Divine Transformation Realm and one at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm… The first one has the most superb physique; the second one is a refined corpse while the third one is a girl… There are really all kinds of women here. Hehe. All of them could really be regarded as excellent cauldrons!”

The Kun Wu Elders might not be considered to have high cultivation levels in the Purple Soul Star Domain, but their notoriety, however, was rather widespread. They especially loved making female cultivators suffer.

Their actions were always against all laws and regulations. As long as they set their eyes upon any woman whose background was not strong, there was no one they would not dare to abduct! After all, they were backed by the Purple Robe Palace. Hence, there was not any influential forces which dared to pursue them.

Countless maidens died in their hands while harboring hatred and resentment. Today, however, these two perverted old men turned their attention to Wu Yan and her group.

“Young Master, the Star Gate is right on this island. Apparently, some of the demons have already entered it. It seems like it is going to need a few more days before it opens… Before entering the Heaven Hall, we intend to have some fun on this island…”

Fun. Without a doubt, their fun was referring to the three women!

Zi Chuan frowned. Considering that he would still need assistance from the two elders to seize the Star of the Celestial Emperor after entering the Heaven Hall, he did not stop them. Instead, he just coldly uttered.

“Do it quietly… and make it fast!”

“Yes, Young Master! There are three beauties below. After we capture them, Young Master can pick one of them first while the remaining two will belong to us!” The two elders smiled lecherously.

“No need! I am not interested in women!”

Zi Chuan closed his eyes indifferently whereas the Kun Wu Elders were already unable to contain themselves any longer and dashed directly towards them.

It was just a short moment after the powerful experts of the Purple Robe Palace appeared.

However, within that period of time, Yue Lingkong and Wu Yan could feel the lascivious gazes of the Kun Wu Elders who were above the sky. Each of their faces was instantly filled with coldness.

Especially Yue Lingkong, she was extremely enraged!

If she regains her original power, even if her opponents are two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts, as long as they dare to disrespect her, she would definitely approach them and teach them a lesson.

However, at this moment, Yue Lingkong’s cultivation level was greatly weakened. Even if her secret technique of moon consciousness was powerful, she could at most block the attacks of one of them. While the other Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert could easily take out Wu Yan as well as the female corpse.

“Quickly flee!”

Yue Lingkong was no longer as casual as before. Currently, her eyes shone with cold light, emanating an imposing aura which made her look just like a long-lived emperor!

Without hesitation, she bit the tip of her tongue and rushed towards the northern part of the island while carrying the female corpse and Wu Yan!

The southern part of the island only had the three of them. The northern part of the island, however, had the bear demon who might be able to give them a hand.

Yue Lingkong did not know how Ning Fan made the bear demon fear him, but she believed that as long as they could run to the northern part of the island and meet the bear demon and his men, even if there were two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts among their opponents, they could still scare them off.

“However, it’s just unexpected that I, the dignified ruler of the Divine Space Island, would become softhearted and save others…”

Besides, the people she saved were the female corpse and Wu Yan who were both Ning Fan’s women.

A ray of moonlight turned into silvery smoke traces and vanished out of sight, propelling towards tens of thousands of li* away.

The star island was not huge as it was just hundreds of thousands of li* in total. Towards Yue Lingkong, it would only take her ten teleportations to reach the old bear’s den.

Her speed shocked the Kun Wu Elders, making them to feel slightly unpleasant. The reason was because her speed was not any weaker than theirs! But after confirming that Yue Lingkong was just a Late Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, they immediately let down their vigilance and their lustful desires were rekindled once more .

“Interesting, really interesting! This chick can run fast. But if she wants to run away from our hands, she can just forget about it! Soul Travel Technique!”

The two elders turned into their soul forms and followed right behind them. The speed of their movement technique was slightly faster than Yue Lingkong. After just making a few teleportations, they were already behind Yue Lingkong.

“Hehe, why are you so anxious to run away?!”

After making that mocking remarks, the two elders suddenly vanished in a bizarre flash and appeared once more at the path in front of Yue Lingkong!

Each of them pushed out one of their palms without any hesitation, as if they were certain to inflict heavy damage to Yue Lingkong, causing the latter to submit below their feet!

“Are the both of you courting death?!”

Yue Lingkong believed that she had never been humiliated like this before in her entire life.

Even during the intense sexercise with Ning Fan’s cucumber, it still had a portion of her own willingness.

These two dog-like creatures in front, however, just intended to rape me! How dare they!

She was really infuriated!

On her glabella, two stars with the color of the moon shone violently whereas her complexion grew pale immediately!

“Burying Moon!” With much effort, Yue Lingkong uttered those words.

There was no reply.

The current Yue Lingkong forcefully activated that secret technique. Her action took quite a toll on her. However, the damage inflicted towards the Kun Wu Elders was much more severe.

At the moment the two elders evaded her attack, Yue Lingkong quickly took advantage of the opportunity to run, pulling the distance between her and them.

Furious, the Kun Wu Elders were angered to the point of wanting to kill her.

One-third of their Sea of Consciousness were eroded, causing their spirit sense to be harmed greatly. To them, it was indeed detestable!

“Hateful! So hateful! Originally, we only want to keep you as our human cauldron. However, since you are so ignorant and do not know how to appreciate favors, after capturing you, we will definitely make your life a living hell!”

The Kun Wu elders’ faces no longer had the slightest hint of contempt towards their enemies. They chased the group of women with all their might. This time, with just three teleportations, they caught up with her!

Looking at Yue Lingkong whose combat power was greatly reduced after forcefully activating her secret technique, the two elders felt extremely pleased and hurled their palms at her.

She gnashed her teeth in helplessness. The incoming two palms were difficult to dodge!

“Let’s go all-out against them!” Wu Yan was already boiling with anger.

“Kill…them…” The female corpse’s eyes were also glowing coldly.

However, before the two of them acted, a thick hoarse voice carrying a hint of disdain echoed towards them.

At first, nothing happened as the voice was still far away. However, when the owner of the voice teleported, he was already standing in front of the two palms. By swinging his arm and parrying the incoming attacks with his bear palm, the two palms of the two soul light were immediately crushed!

“I am the master of the star island, Man Shan! The three of them are the wives of my good friend. Who dares to lay a finger on them?!”

The Kun Wu Elders’ eyes widened in surprise.

The bear demon who suddenly appeared out of nowhere was not any weaker than any one of them!


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