Grasping Evil - Chapter 314.2

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The old bear swallowed three traces of Void Refinement Realm sword light, letting them to slash and cut through his demon body. In spite of that, he looked up to the sky without showing any fear.

“Husband!” The two ugly women desperately parried the other elder’s attack and stared at the old bear with tearful eyes.

“Don’t cry! Remember, ask Lu Bei to avenge me! Even if this old man is going to die, I’m going to detonate myself and bring one of them down to hell with me!”

At this moment, under his desperate struggle, the old bear surprisingly realized that he had actually broken through the bottleneck holding him back from attaining Void Refinement Realm which he had been stuck at for a long time.

It’s indeed good news. I didn’t expect that a life and death struggle will actually enable me to break through the bottleneck. As such, so long as I enter into secluded meditation for at least one hundred years, I can then break through to the Void Refinement Realm with ease.

“Sadly, I don’t have the chance to attain that cultivation level anymore…”

“Let Lu Bei to seek revenge for me! I’m just not willing to die in vain!”

Man Shan’s body began to emanate a blood-red light as his blood was burning wildly. That was the sign that he had decided to detonate himself by burning his blood to its maximum point.

The Kun Wu Elders were frightened. Even Zi Chuan’s gaze changed.

“A fool! If this bear chooses to flee, he could have escaped death easily. If he folds his arms and look at them without interfering, he could survive too! Why did he want to save them? Why was he so foolish to put his life on the line in order to protect his two ugly wives?! Fool!”

Before Zi Chuan finished speaking, a golden ray flashed past the sky and travelled towards them.

While the golden continued to move, a stream of purple smoke flew out from it, descending right at Man Shan. At the next moment, the shadow of a young man appeared, standing on top of the head of the gigantic bear. His eyes which were like glaciers that had never melted for thousands of years stared directly at the Kun Wu Elders as well as Zi Chuan!

It’s Ning Fan. He had come!

“That ray of moving light belongs to a Void Refinement Realm expert! Who is that person?!” Zi Chuan’s facial expression seemed to falter.

As for Ning Fan, he did not have the mood of giving an explanation to him.

“Man Shan isn’t foolish. He has his own Dao! However, in order to protect one’s belief, so what if one has to have his body destroyed and his Dao crushed?!”

A heaven-soaring Baleful Qi turned into clouds, dying the sky within the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li) red!

“Lu Bei, finally you’ve come. Help me get some revenge…”

“Shut up! I don’t like owing any man a favor!”

Ning Fan leapt and landed his palm on the old bear’s forehead. With a forceful pull, the three traces of sword qi which were wreaking havoc within the latter’s body were expelled. Afterwards, he flung his backhand and returned them to Zi Chuan and his men.

Since the three traces of sword qi were forcibly swallowed by the old bear, their vigorous power was activated. If the old bear’s physical body were to be slightly weaker, Ning Fan would then fail to extract the sword qi within his body!

With the same action, the three traces of sword qi were sent back to where they orginated. Each of the sword qi flew towards Zi Chuan and the Kun Wu Elders, splitting into sword light which filled the sky entirely, covering all of the cultivators from the Purple Robe Palace!

“Extracting sword qi! This man knows how to extract Void Refinement Realm sword qi!”

“He… Don’t tell me that he’s Lu Bei!”

Zi Chuan’s face turned grim. Ning Fan’s emergence had caused him to feel an unprecedented rush of nervousness.

No, he was not anxious because of Ning Fan’s cultivation level. As a matter of fact, it was because of the Baleful Qi on Ning Fan’s body which turned the horizon red!

How many Divine Transformation Realm experts had this young man killed exactly in order to possess such terrific Baleful Qi which allow him to condense it into clouds!

Moreover, this young man is just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. However, while facing such a cultivator, he, Zi Chuan, the reputable being of the Purple Robe Palace felt his heart tremble!


As Ning Fan lifted one of his fingers, the sword light shattered!

Upon being flooded by sword light, the armors on the colossal bodies the Kun Wu Elders transformed into were all broken. When they withdrew from their avatar forms, they had taken more than enough damage which rendered them in a grievous state where their cultivation levels nearly fell below the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm!

Meanwhile, under the power of the sword light, painful shrieks and yelps echoed in the sky continuously from the group of twelve Divine Transformation Realm experts and one hundred Nascent Soul Realm cultivators of the Purple Robe Palace who had joined this trip.

At a critical moment like this, Zi Chuan took out another three pieces of sword crystals and crushed them in order to neutralize the power of the deflected sword light.

However, despite that, he was still too late to do anything about it. Within just a brief moment, all the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators in his group were dead. Even among the 12 Divine Transformation Realm experts whom Zi Chuan brought, 3 of them had died while four others were injured!

Man Shan had yet to die!

If Ning Fan were to be half a step late just now, Man Shan would have definitely chosen to detonate himself and perish together with his enemies after having his body ruined by the sword qi.

Currently, he was able to keep his life intact by luck. Although he was severely wounded, he managed to breakthrough the bottleneck to the Void Refinement Realm from the life and death experience. Hence, to him, such gain was not insignificant.

As for Ning Fan, his chest was still burning with anger.

In his world, he was always alone. To him, human cauldrons were just like passers-by while his brother was a depressing past…

Today, however, Man Shan’s fearlessness towards death and strong belief in Ning Fan caused the latter’s veins which used to be cold and indifferent to become unable to calm down!

“Today, no matter what or who you are, none of you will be able to walk out from the Star Sea alive!”


The Kun Wu Elders coughed out more blood. After hearing Ning Fan’s words, they got so angry to the point of laughing to express their anger.

Interesting! Very interesting!

I wonder from where did this Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator appear and what means he had used to extract the sword qi and deflect the sword light. However, did he really think that he is very extraordinary after whatever he had done?! How dare he even spit such ridiculous remarks by claiming that he’s going to have us buried within the Star Sea?

Is there any joke on this world which is more laughable than this?

However, at the next moment, when the Kun Wu Elders’ eyes met the current Ning Fan’s gaze, both of them had a sudden shock.

At this moment, the entire atmosphere was seething with Baleful Qi and the blood-red clouds within the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li) formed a massive blood-red eye above the sky which stretched into the entire area.

At this moment, when they noticed Ning Fan’s gaze, the Kun Wu Elders felt that it was as if they were being looked down upon by the blood eye in heaven.

How cold and detached that look was!

The coldness within that eye was the coldness which was carved deeply into one’s bones, the stubbornness that one practiced which made one be filled with no regrets after killing millions upon millions of creatures!

“Turning Baleful Qi into clouds, condensing the blood eye with the clouds! This man is a prodigy who was born with the talent to walk the path of killing! If this matter is known by the ‘Slaughter Palace’ of the Four Heavens, they would definitely spare no effort to recruit him!”

Why should we even get into troubles with such a ferocious man?!

Rumor has it that the Slaughter Palace only accepts a single disciple once in a thousand years. Each of their disciples is a malefic being that no one would dare to offend in the Four Heavens.

However, no matter how monstrous Ning Fan’s potential was and how tremendous his Baleful Qi was, the Kun Wu Elders did not believe that he had the capabilities of killing them in the Star Sea.

If only the Kun Wu Elders knew what Ning Fan had done in the Star Sea before they arrived, they would definitely be scared off right away!

If only the Kun Wu Elders knew that under the effect of blood ignition, Ning Fan had eaten Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts alive like animals, the both of them would never be willing to offend him even if they are compelled to do so!

Unfortunately, they were doomed to have no chance of understanding Ning Fan.

“You are Lu Bei, aren’t you? Hehe. Your aptitude isn’t bad. However, even if you have a sudden boost in your cultivation level making you improved by one fold, you still aren’t our match. This old man wants to see what means you have to bury the experts of our Purple Robe Palace in the Star Sea!”

The Kun Wu Elders sneered.

No, they did not believe at all. No matter what, they just did not believe Ning Fan had the power to kill them.

However, since they refused to believe, why should even Ning Fan provide them an explanation?!

“Why should I act myself to kill you all?! All my slaves in the Star Sea, heed my command. Hurry up and come to the star island to kill the wicked creatures from the Purple Robe Palace!”

“Anyone who disobeys shall have their entire family annihilated!”

Instantly, Ning Fan’s voice reverberated into the vicinity of thirty thousand li* (500m per li)

Under the aid of the clouds congealed from his Baleful Qi, the voice travelled further and further away.

Three hundred thousand li*, three million li*, thirty million li*, three hundred million* li(500m per li)!

“Baleful Voice! This man isn’t just able to turn his Baleful Qi into clouds and congeal them into an eye, but is also using it to amplify his voice!” Zi Chuan’s eyes widened with shock. However, just a few breaths later, the feeling of shock within him magnified, completely petrifying him!

In the surrounding sea domains which could be seen within the vision scope of one’s naked eyes, countless sea beasts flew into the sky in a continuous stream. Each and every one of them wore a fearful look.

There were a total of three massive forces which were nearest to the star island. Each of them brought one hundred thousand sea beasts and sent ten Divine Transformation Realm beings to rescue the star island!

The clan elders of the three clans were all Wild Generals. However, while facing Ning Fan, none of them dared to even lift their heads. With their heads lowered, they nervously cupped their fists and said, “Flying Locust Clan, Poison Ant Clan, Clam Devouring Clan are here. Star Lord, please forgive us for arriving late!”

One hundred breaths later another four massive forces arrived in a flurry. Apparently, it was because their bases were located too far away from this island, each of the four forces only sent an expert and all of them were Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts!

“Mu Rong City, Fallen Phoenix City, Chaos Snow City, Heaven Resenting City are here. Star Lord, please forgive us for arriving late!”

One thousand breaths later, three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm elderly men came from different directions. Each of them looked at Ning Fan with a complicated facial expression. Eventually, they lowered their heads and cupped their fists to him.

“Dao Developing Country, Profound Sword Country, Heaven Serving Country. Star Lord, please forgive us for coming late!”

The demon forces which were unable to come did not forget to use flying swords to convey their messages! Thus, a number of flying swords whistled past the air, reaching the island!

Every one of the flying swords were unique flying swords meant for message transmission that could only be activated after paying a large price.

This kind of flying sword was able to travel millions upon millions of li* within a single breath. However, the number of words that can transmitted was extremely less.

Each of the flying sword burst, revealing terrified voices. Most of them were trying to please Ning Fan or show him their decisions of heeding the command.

“The Ancient Cloud Country has already sealed off the sea domain. If any of the thieves passes by, they will surely not survive. Star Lord, please forgive us for not being present at the moment!”

“Wolf King City has already dispatched a group of armies to the island. They would reach the island only half a month later. Star Lord, please forgive us!”

“Star Dragon of the Northern Sea could hunt down these rebels anytime. I look forward to explain to Star Lord to reconcile the misunderstandings between us!”

His previous enemies yielded one by one.

Within two months of committing massacres, Ning Fan had nearly eliminated half of the Wild Beasts residing in the Greedy Wolf Star Sea!

No one dared to oppose him as no one knew whether he would have another trump card or another ancestor blood to burn!

In other words, he was just unstoppable!

Star Lord! Besides, they addressed Ning Fan as Star Lord. The reason was because in this Greedy Wolf Star Sea, other than Ning Fan, even the old bear or the Star Dragon did not have the devil prestige that could cause the creatures of the Star Sea to be afraid!

Somewhere far away where the sea and heaven seemed to be joined together, it was densely covered with shadows. All of them were the sea beasts which were coming to the rescue under Ning Fan’s command.

At this moment, the Kun Wu Elders were frightened!

This person is Lu Bei?!

With just a single command, he could ask the sea beasts within the sea to serve him!

We must flee. This Greedy Wolf Star Sea is a place that we can’t linger!

Well, the feeling of fear was beyond the Kun Wu Elder’s control. Currently, they were not just facing Ning Fan but the power of the entire sea domain!

He is Lu Bei. He is the Star Lord of the Greedy Wolf Star Sea!


Zi Chuan’s eyes shone with determination. He deeply understood that if they did not retreat immediately, they would not have the chance to get out anymore.

However, before he had taken out some kind of treasure as transportation, Ning Fan directly made a stomp, creating the sword of great momentum. The impact of vibration caused Zi Chuan to fall down from the sky.

“You want to leave now? Don’t you think it’s a little too late?!”


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