Grasping Evil - Chapter 315.1

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The domineering step that Ning Fan made caused Zi Chuan who had let down his guard to fall down from the sky.

With much effort, he forcibly stabilized his stance and revealed a gloomy look.

“How dare you hurt me?!”

“So what if I hurt you?! Die!”

Ning Fan did not seem to be showing any room for mercy. With just the reinforcements which had rushed to the star island, they were more than enough to eliminate the members of Purple Robe Palace who intruded in this world.

The Kun Wu Elders were surrounded by three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts. After just a brief confrontation as short as the time took for one to take a breath, both of the elders were already losing ground. It was just a matter of time before they were defeated and killed.

The other experts of the Purple Robe Palace were already being besieged by the massive crowd of sea beasts of the Star Sea, giving rise to a merciless mass brawl.

Be polite? Why should they be polite towards them?!

Within the hearts of innumerable sea beasts, Ning Fan had already been tacitly recognized as the star lord of the Greedy Wolf Star Sea.

It was not just because of his devil prestige but also because he was able to make the star lords from the other two Star Sea be wary of him. Moreover, he was able to restore the stability of the situation in the three Star Seas after the original Greedy Wolf Star Lord had left for thousands of years, making the Greedy Wolf Star Sea no longer be bullied by the members from the foreign sea domains!

Every sea beast residing in the Star Sea were never daring enough to disregard the command of the star lord!

Not to mention that they were currently gaining the upper hand in the wild brawl against the so-called outstanding beings from the Upper World because they outnumber them.

Even if they were lesser in number compared to their enemies, there would probably be quite a number of sea beasts with the righteous zeal like the old bear and risk their lives for Ning Fan in order to execute his command.

Depending solely on his own power, he toppled the forces in the Star Sea, bringing chaos to the entire domain. To them, a person like him was qualified enough to become the lord of the Greedy Wolf Star Sea!

When the star lord points the tip of his sword at someone, the groups of demon beasts would only need to do one thing: kill, kill and kill!

The old bear was completely stunned by the scene before his eyes.

Being able to rally many at a single call. He had heard of such a magnificent incident before. He had also once heard of a rumor about a strong army stemming the current of a river by just throwing all their whips into it.

However, such a scene where nearly all the experts of the Star Sea assembled under a single command would only emerge during great battles among the three seas in the past.

However, after the disappearance of the Greedy Wolf Star Lord, the three Star Seas had lost their balance in power. As such, a large-scale battle like this had become an extremely rare occurrence.

Besides, the Greedy Wolf Star Sea had even been scattered and hardly had any unity after being divided by each of the influential forces residing within it.

Excited! The old bear was particularly excited!

He had not met such a massive group battle for many years. Apparently, he felt like he was following behind Ning Fan’s back to give Zi Chuan a good beating.

However, unfortunately for him, what he had in mind was just a wishful thought because his two ugly wives were not going to allow him who was already grievously injured to gamble with his life.

“Husband… You can’t die. If you die, both of us are not going to live by ourselves!” The two ugly wives were actually quite sincere to him.

“Get lost! This old man is not going to die! This old man has not done living yet! Who else would want to die if they can choose not to die. Do I look like a lunatic to you?!”

The old bear was pretty agitated as he was prohibited from joining the fight.

Wu Yan and Yue Lingkong’s faces were filled with utter shock. When Xi Ran and Yuan Yao alighted from the Golden Flame Chariot which had just descended, the number of women who was in shock was added by two.

Ning Fan had actually become the lord of the groups of beasts in the end after a series of massacres?

It would be unimaginable for such incident to happen in the human race. In the demon race, however, it was something that was extremely normal.

To them, why couldn’t a strong being claim to be the one who lords over everyone?

Ever since the moment when Ning Fan scared off the two star lords, his devil prestige had rose to an unprecedentedly high level where even Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts would never be bold enough to ignore his command!

“This little cucumber sure is overbearing. If I didn’t perform the self-harming technique and lost a portion of my cultivation level, I will also want to get up there and fight!” The rowdy attitude within Yue Lingkong resurfaced.

 “Brother Lu Bei, you are really strong!” Standing at one side, Xi Ran cheered.

“Why did you call him Brother? And your body…” Wu Yan’s cheeks turned rosy. At first glance, she noticed that Xi Ran no longer had her virginity.

Two months ago, this little girl was still pondering how to teach Ning Fan a lesson. Now, two months later… she has even given her body to him?

“I-I… It’s all Sister Bei Yao’s fault. It’s her who charmed Lu Bei…” Xi Ran pointed at Yuan Yao, betraying her.

“Bei Yao… This woman’s disposition is rather lofty. Is she one of the exceptional beings from the divine race?” Wu Yan faintly let out a sigh, feeling slightly dejected. Ning Fan’s competency and efficiency in taking in new members into his harem was just too high. After spending just two months outside, not only did he got his hands on Xi Ran, but he also brought back another woman.

“Xi Ran, don’t talk nonsense!” Yuan Yao hurriedly covered Xi Ran’s mouth with an embarrassed expression.

About that incident, she had decided to bury it deep inside into her heart and never let anyone know about it.

Yuan Yao’s gaze swept across Ning Fan, finding it difficult to contain the feeling of surprise within her.

It’s no wonder that I wasn’t assaulted by the sea beasts at all while travelling in the Star Sea after being saved by him.

So this entire Star Sea has been subdued by him, a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm young man…

“It could have been better if he were to be born in the Northern Heaven… With his capabilities and intelligence, it would probably be enough for him to be ranked among the three strongest beings of the Northern Heaven… No. Perhaps he might be ranked first. If he is given enough time, even if he is just cultivating the Yin Yang Transformation, perhaps... perhaps he could also attain my level… Perhaps he could then…”

Yuan Yao’s phoenix eyes became gentler, flashing with a hint of hope. However, the hope was immediately replaced by a self-mocking laugh.

“What am I thinking… It was just too ridiculous for that incident to happen… I suppose I won’t meet him again after the trip in the Star Palace… What am I still looking forward to… How foolish of me…”

Then, her eyes roamed over the bodies of the other women and let out a faint sigh.

This man is not going to feel lonely since he is surrounded by countless beauties. How is it possible that he would be concerned about a woman who has just spent a single night with him.

However, this young man seems to be a little too bold. He’s even daring enough to kill the members of the Purple Robe Palace…

“Perhaps I should lend him a hand to settle some of the troubles in the Northern Heaven after I return to the Lost World Palace…” Yuan Yao muttered to herself.

Each of the women at the scene actually had a bee in their heads respectively. That is to say, there was no longer any worrisome factor that still existed in the current situation.

Quickly, the experts of the Purple Robe Palace were basically all eliminated.

Not only that, the Kun Wu Elders had also turned into two remnant primordial spirits and were caught by the three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts to be offered to Ning Fan later.

Zi Chuan’s face darkened. After just ten breaths, his own men had been wiped out.

In this trip to the Star Palace, even though I am the first party who entered, I still ended up failing in the end.

Not to mention about competing for the Star of the Celestial Emperor with the other outstanding beings. Perhaps it will be difficult for me to leave this place alive.


Zi Chuan broke another sword crystal, unleashing an Early Void Refinement Realm sword light.

It was the seventh Early Void Refinement Realm sword crystal he used.

For this trip, he had brought a total of ten sword crystals. Nine of them contained Void Refinement Realm sword light while the last one contained a Mid Void Refinement Realm sword light.

Under the attack of the sword light of the sword crystal, the Divine Transformation Realm experts on the sides sucked in cold breaths and their faces immediately turned pale.

No wonder the old bear was wounded like this. It’s understandable why Star Lord Lu Bei would block this Zi Chuan as soon as he arrived.

This Zi Chuan’s cultivation level is indeed not strong. His means, however, is rather ferocious.

The three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts felt chills running down their spines when they looked at the terrible wounds on the old bear.

They might be able to withstand the Early Void Refinement Realm sword light, but they would very likely be in the same condition as that of the old bear…

“This sword light is quite troublesome. Should we lend the star lord a hand?” The three of them exchanged glances among each other and asked.

The voice of their doubts, however, was interrupted by the old bear.

“No need! Have you guys forgotten how powerful this young man is?”

“Have you guys forgotten who was the person who conquered the Star Sea by himself?”

“Have you guys forgotten that the power of this young man’s means is not any weaker than that of the sword crystals?!”

Looking at the incoming sword light, Ning Fan’s eyes flashed. Imitating the old bear’s posture, he opened his mouth.

“Mountain Swallowing Technique!”

All of a sudden, he breathed in deeply, sucking in the star light and letting it burst within him.

His action caused everyone including the old bear and the three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts to be stupefied.

“F**k! This Lu Bei imitated this old man’s demonic technique! However, this old man’s internal organs were only able to literally swallow magical techniques and magical treasures after going through thousands of years of tempering. Without a doubt, his internal organs have not been tempered. How could he swallow the sword light?”

Indeed. Ning Fan’s internal organs could not handle the sword light.

However, just as the moment when the sword light entered his body, his body immediately disintegrated, discharging the power of the sword. When the dark shadow congealed, he moved his fingers as fast as lightning and touched seventeen times consecutively on the sword light. In the end, the piercing momentum of the sword qi was warded off and he kept the sword light into his sleeve, condensing it back into a sword crystal. Afterwards, he coldly stared at Zi Chuan.

“You aren’t a sword cultivator. It’s a complete waste for you to possess such sword qi!”


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