Grasping Evil - Chapter 318

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The northern part of the island was shaking. Within the main palace, Ning Fan was inwardly shocked.

The person who made a stomp on the island really had great strength.

There is absolutely no one capable of exhibiting such strength unless that person is a Void Refinement Realm expert. However, in a way, it felt like the force of his stomp lost its momentum very quickly. Apparently, that person seems to be injured.

“Could it be that there is a Void Refinement Realm expert who is suffering from grievous injuries hiding in this island?” Ning Fan muttered to himself.

“Star Lord sure has a keen insight. To be frank, the person who made the stomp is very likely our father. He is the Great Elder of King Man’s valley. Besides, he was also the previous king of the star island, Man Xiong1. Just as his name suggests, our father’s temperament is not very good. Moreover, because of the matter regarding the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia, he seems to have some prejudice on Star Lord. The stomp he made was probably because he has heard of your arrival and is trying to challenge Star Lord. Please don’t be surprised, Star Lord.”

The two ugly wives of Man Shan hurriedly explained.

Ning Fan nodded his head.

So that injured Void Refinement Realm expert is Man Shan’s father-in-law.

If Man Shan was a complete stranger, he would never feel the slightest guilt and unease in annihilating the entire star island.

However, it seemed to him that he had owed Man Shan a huge favor. Wiping out the latter’s father-in-law and family would really be heartless and inhumane.

“Hmmph! So what if he feels surprised?! This old man is not going to be frightened by a young, immature kid!”

As the two ugly women finished speaking, an arrogant snort could be heard from the entrance.

Along with the cold voice which echoed in the air, a ray of starlight suddenly flashed past, forming the shadows of two individuals.

One of them was Man Shan while the other one was a skinny little old man. What was funny about it was that the old man who was obviously much shorter and smaller than Man Shan was carrying the latter while flying all the way to the main hall.

His body might look tiny and weak, but his aura was massive and vigorous. Upon his presence, all the demon beasts within the main hall felt the feeling of suffocation.

However, when his aura rushed towards Ning Fan, it abnormally parted for him, scattering right before him.

“Hmm? An Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator was able to brush off my aura force?”

The old man simply tossed Man Shan to the ground. The latter’s two ugly wives instantly went to Man Shan and held him up with a worried look.

Well, this bear’s injuries had still yet to recover.

The old man stared deeply at Ning Fan while feeling astonished inwardly.

“Junior Lu Bei greets Senior Man Xiong!”

Ning Fan put down his teacup and stood up composedly to cup his fists towards Man Xiong.

His courtesy surprised Man Xiong once more.

At first, Man Xiong still did not believe the rumors that an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator has turned the Star Sea upside down. Currently, however, he could no longer deny the fact after meeting Ning Fain in person.

He could not be wrong! Ning Fan was certainly just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. However, his body had a quiet the demon prestige. Its aura force was so tremendous that he seemed to be a demon with ancestor blood standing on the pinnacle of the demon world while overlooking the common living creatures which looked like ants beneath him.

Of all demons, no one would be able to intimidate Ning Fan using aura force unless that person’s bloodline was stronger than his!

“Ancestor blood!”

All of a sudden, Man Xiong thought of that possibility and his eyes narrowed in seriousness.

A cultivator with ancestor blood is not someone to be trifled with…

If Ning Fan who possessed ancestor blood comes to ask for the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia, Man Xiong really needs to give him some face.

What Man Xiong did not expect the most was Ning Fan’s humble and respectful demeanor.

Are the rumors saying that this man is a haughty merciless killer who cut people down like cutting hemp stalks true?

Why would he be so polite to me who is just a little old man?

Is he afraid of my cultivation level? No! Not to mention that I currently suffer grievous injuries, even if I am fit and healthy, I am just an Early Void Refinement Realm expert. Compared to the experts who are qualified enough to be the star lords, I’m still slightly weaker. This young man, however, was daring enough to fight when faced with two other star lords and exposed their presence from the Void Realm… This young man is not afraid of Void Refinement Realm experts at all.

The reason why he is so courteous towards me is probably because I am Man Shan’s father-in-law.

When Man Xiong thought in that way, the impression he had towards Ning Fan changed one hundred and eighty degrees.

He could tell that Ning Fan would only be arrogant and cruel towards his enemies while to the people on his side, however, he would be very amiable and easygoing.

“This young man is not as simple as how the rumors describe him…”

Man Xiong always practiced this principle: if you are nice to me, then I’ll be nice to you. Since Ning Fan was polite towards him, he felt embarrassed to keep a straight face at Ning Fan.

After all, the issue of principle was unchangeable.

The coldness on Man Xiong’s face slightly subsided as he cupped his fists towards Ning Fan to return a greeting.

“You’re truly exceptional! However, the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia can’t be given to you. Please leave!”

Getting straight to the point as the Chinese saying goes: open the door and see the mountain!

Man Xiong was a person who did not like beating around the bush. A single word he spoke had blocked all the threads of discourse that Ning Fan planned to use.


The two ugly wives were a little nervous. During the battle on the star island just now, they had witnessed that Ning Fan possessed a magical treasure that was strong enough to parry a Mid Void Refinement Realm attack with their naked eyes.

If Ning Fan is angered, there is literally no one on the island who could stop him.

“Shut up! Man Shan, see our visitor out!”

Man Xiong was also a person who was used to dealing with big shots. Hence, even if Ning Fan possessed ancestor blood, he would not be able to suppress Man Xiong.

Feeling dejected, Ning Fan stood up and stared silently at Man Shan.

He would never forget the heroic words that Man Shan uttered in order to protect his women.

Therefore, for the sake of the favor he owed him, no matter how unreasonable or unfriendly his old man was, Ning Fan would certainly not simply kill anyone on the northern region of the island.

“Brother Lu Bei, you go home first. I will try to ask my father-in-law again…” Man Shan awkwardly spoke.

“Never mind. It’s fine.”

The disappointment within Ning Fan’s eyes became even heavier as he cupped his fists towards Man Xiong.

He was not fearful of killing anyone. However, for the old bear, he was willing to restrain his killing intent.

He did not like to beg anyone. However, for Weiliang, he had no other choice but to beg.

Even when he was captured by the Old Devil and he knew that he might die in the past, he did not beg to be spared. What he did was that he threw the Yin Yang Locket at the Old Devil’s head!

With his fists clenched so hard that his nails dug into his skin, he shut his eyes with emotion and took in a deep breath. It was his first time… begging someone!

“Senior Man Xiong, my wife, Weiliang has died and has become a devil corpse. Her Sea of Consciousness was completely shattered. I don’t wish to revive her but I just wish to repair her Sea of Consciousness so that she can slightly regain her spiritual intelligence… I need the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia. I need this item to draw the starlight into her body to recover her Sea of Consciousness… In exchange, this junior is willing to give up three Sixth Revolution Pills for half of the purple zoysia!”

“Three Sixth Revolution Pills?!”

Man Xiong’s facial expression changed, losing his calmness.

To Void Refinement Realm old monsters, Sixth Revolution Pills were rare items. Besides, in this Star Sea, it was rare to find any pill refinement master. In a place where there was not a single Fifth Revolution pill master, a Sixth Revolution Pill was indeed a myth!

In the past, when the old bear mentioned that Ning Fan had a Void Fragmentation Realm backer, Man Xiong did not believe him.

When the old bear said that Ning Fan had gifted him a Sixth Revolution Pill, the latter did not believe either.

At this moment, however, when Ning Fan sincerely claimed that he had Sixth Revolution Pills, Man Xiong could no longer refuse to believe!

What was even beyond Man Xiong’s prediction was that a person like Ning Fan would actually open his mouth to beg.

Man Xiong could tell that Ning Fan had the capability to wipe out the star island. To him, seizing the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia was just a matter as easy as flipping his palm. However, he did not choose to do that. That just showed that he remembered the favor which the old bear had done for him with concern.

Man Xiong could also tell that Ning Fan was a person who would never beg others in his life. Currently, however he pleaded for the first time for a woman he loved.

Ning Fan’s act resurrected a piece of Man Xiong’s memories.

Many years ago, he, Man Xiong had also pleaded others for his injured wife once!

Unfortunately, he was not blessed with luck in the end. Even though he had pleaded, he did not manage to save his wife…

Only those who went through such an experience would be able to understand how heavy the feelings of hatred and regret were.

“Other than the three Sixth Revolution Pills, you have to promise me one more condition. Only then will I give you half of the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia.”

“What is it?”

“To be frank, I have my concerns in not giving you the purple zoysia. This old man has to consume the purple zoysia in order to suppress my injuries. If the amount of purple zoysia is not sufficient, I might die. But this isn’t the main point. The main point is that my two daughters and that stupid son-in-law needs this item to condense their demon bodies and break free from their star spirit bodies. However, they have no idea of the correct method of consuming it… If you promise to help them refine the power of the zoysia, I will then agree to share half of the zoysia with you. No! If all three of them succeed in forming their demon bodies, you can have all the remaining portions of the purple zoysia!”

“Breaking free from their star spirit bodies?”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed and spoke with a clear voice.

“Honestly speaking, it’s indeed true that my purpose of coming here today was to ask for the purple zoysia. However, both me and Man Shan have some friendship. Therefore, I can’t have that purple zoysia without giving something in return. The three Sixth Revolution Pills which I want to exchange for the zoysia just now are actually for the three of them to use in forming their demon bodies!”

“Oh? What a coincidence. If the three pills that you bring can really help the three of them transform into true demons, this old man will give you the entire purple zoysia as a present!” Man Xiong said with an uplifted tone.

“Father! If you give away the entire purple zoysia, what about your injuries…” The two ugly wives immediately intercepted.

“My injuries aren’t worth mentioning!” Man Xiong waved his hand.

As a matter of fact, he had already grown tired of living. The reason why he kept suppressing his injuries without ending his own life was because he was worried of this group of good-for-nothing juniors.

“Senior’s injuries are indeed not worth mentioning! If I am not wrong, I think I have a way to completely suppress it!”

Ning Fan’s words startled everyone present.

Even Man Xiong was stupefied.

If his injuries could be suppressed while his three descendants could successfully become demons, so what if he is going to give away the entire Star Tempering Purple Zoysia to Ning Fan?

Would there be a happy ending for today’s situation?

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Man Xiong (Chinese: 蛮凶 Pinyin: mán xiōng)
    Man (蛮 mán) means boorish and rough.
    Xiong (凶 xiōng) means fierce or ominous

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