Grasping Evil - Chapter 320.1

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The art of chess was just the display of one’s ability in strategizing and deductions.

Ning Fan’s intelligence was not weak. Besides, he had the inheritance of the art of chess from Ancient Chaos. Even so, in front of this mysterious black-robed man, he could not even gain any advantage at all.

The broken dream lasted for three days. Every day, the middle-aged man who was wearing a dragon robe would play seven chess matches with him.

They played not more nor less than seven times. On the other hand, no matter what Ning Fan asked, the middle-aged man would not reply to him.

On the first day, for the first six games, both Ning Fan and the middle-aged man had a tie as each of them won three times. However, on the seventh match, Ning Fan lost.

On the second day, Ning Fan wholeheartedly strived to win against the mysterious man. As soon as the chess game began, he won three matches in a row. Unfortunately, during the last four games, he was consecutively defeated by the middle-aged man.

Ning Fan’s brows were tightly knitted together. Today was already the third day of his broken dream.

He had no idea why he would fall into this dream but he could feel that the middle-aged man in front of him harbored no ill will towards him.

Who is this man? Why would I enter into this broken dream and end up playing chess with him for three days straight after being surrounded by the black starlight?!

“What is the black-colored starlight… This man claimed that the art of chess is no different than the technique of starlight. What is he trying to say by saying that?”

Ning Fan then loosened his brows, putting down the chess piece in his hand and rose up from his seat, intending to walk away.

“I don’t want to play anymore!”

“Oh? Interesting. You actually cast away the intention to win or lose. However, with just that, you won’t be able to see through the secrets behind this chess game. So butterfly boy, you want to escape now? In the past when you were facing Zhang Qing, I didn’t see you escape at all…”

“You… Who are you exactly?!”

“I am the person who will pass on to you the star technique!”

“Star technique?” Ning Fan was stunned. The star technique was an incredibly profound healing technique. Of course, he knew about it.


“But why do I need to learn it?!”

“The Star technique I am talking about is the Black Star Technique. It could even make white skeletons grow flesh and resurrect the dead… Are you sure that you don’t want to learn this technique?!”

The middle-aged man stroked his beard and said indifferently.

“If you want to learn, then sit down! If you don’t want to learn, you may leave now! However, if you choose the latter, I’m afraid your Mu Weiliang will never be revived again for eternity!”


Ning Fan stared deeply at that mysterious man.

The sudden appearance of this dream, the intentional emergence of this man who seems to know me so well as if I am in the palm of his hand…

Is he my Heart’s Devil or just an illusion? Is he just a virtual figure within this dream or he is a remaining intent which truly exists?

Ning Fan attempted to crush the dream realm to leave but whatever he tried, his actions all ended in vain.

Apparently, without satisfying this middle-aged man, I shouldn’t even think about leaving this place.

“I shall see how you will teach me the star technique!” Ning Fan sat on the stone bench once more. This time, however, he pushed the chessboard around and took charge of the black chess pieces.

“A teachable young man…”

The black-robed man nodded his head. However, he was not in a hurry to make his next move on the chessboard. Instead, he expressed another statement like he was preaching Dao.

“The art of chess is the same as the star technique. Chess is the same as one’s life. Life is but a virtual dream. Discerning black from white and vice versa is difficult. Reality and illusion are hard to distinguish apart. However, there is one thing you have to remember. Don’t be too stubborn over black and white… because they carry no meaning!”

With a flick of his sleeve, the chessboard was dotted with starlight which was bright and beautiful like the galaxy.

This chessboard and the chess pieces were all transformed from starlight. The silver-colored starlight formed the white chess pieces while the black-colored starlight formed the black chess pieces. However, when the middle-aged man willed, the black and white starlight reversed in color!

“On the first day, you didn’t really care about winning or losing and put in your very best to play the game against me. However, in the end, you lost!”

“On the second day, you devoted your mind to attain victory and won three matches in a row. Unfortunately, your state of mind was disturbed, causing you to lose the following four matches. Once again, you lost!”

“But you have to understand that life is like a chess game. The key to winning and losing isn’t about who wins the most but… who would win in the last match! Even if you win the first six matches consecutively but are defeated on the very last match, the winner of the match will still change hands… This is the chess of life! As for the star technique which I claim to resemble chess…”

“Just take that black chess piece with you and meditate carefully on it. Let it widen your horizon. The stars above the sky aren’t just those which could shine! The Star Gate has already opened. It’s time for me to leave… It really itches me that we can’t even play a match today. It’s regretful!”


The dream realm collapsed. The third day of his dream ended without them playing a chess game.

Ning Fan suddenly opened his eyes. The starlight which was encircling his body at first had already turned into a chess piece which glowed in black starlight and fell on his palm.

Harboring some thoughts his mind, he slapped his storage pouch and took out the jade box which contained the key to the Star Palace. To his surprise, the key was nowhere to be found.

“The key disappeared while the black-colored starlight condensed into a chess piece… This black chess piece must be the crucial element to acquire the Star of the Celestial Emperor! So the Star of the Celestial Emperor is the power that manipulate black starlight… the technique of starlight!”

Ning Fan exerted some force with his palm and the black chess piece went into his palm immediately and vanished.

When he looked at the female corpse who was being surrounded by starlight once again, he noticed that the decayed parts of her body had almost regenerated after three days. Now, she looked just like any living person. However, the only difference was that she still did not have any signs of life. The reason was certainly because she did not have her soul.

Basking under the starlight, the female corpse’s skirt fluttered in the gentle breeze, making her look exquisite and bright.

Under her tightly closed eyelids, there seemed to be a hidden pair of bright, watery eyes. Her face which used to be dreadfully pale was now filled with a tinge of pink.

Standing amidst the wind, her lively and elegant body appeared to be dancing lightly in the wind.

Before she had even opened her eyes, she had already exhibited a quality that could arouse the pity within those who had seen her.

Her aura which was originally at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm had now increased to the late stage… The Star Tempering Purple Zoysia was only enough to raise her cultivation level to the Late Divine Transformation Realm. However, as her Sea of Consciousness recovered, the rising momentum of the level of her aura did not seem to have any sign of stopping.

“Her Sea of Consciousness is recovering!”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with seriousness. He could tell that the female corpse probably had arrived at the final stage, which was also the most crucial stage of her healing process: the recovery of her Sea of Consciousness!

If her Sea of Consciousness could be healed, even if she had the body of a corpse devil, she could also recover her previous memories!

At this moment, the female corpse must be kept out of any disturbance!


Below them, at the center of the star island, the Star Gate which was tightly shut began to quake and open, revealing an opening.

A gush of raging tempest swept across the entire sky. However, before it could blow against the female corpse, it was warded off by Ning Fan with a flick of his sleeve.

I won’t allow! I won’t allow anything to disturb Weiliang in recovering her Sea of Consciousness!


Somewhere in the distance, two flocks of star beasts which were in the forms of hawks and falcons were fighting for the corpse of a gigantic sea beast.

As all of them were too engrossed in their competition, the groups of flying beasts were approaching the female corpse without realizing her presence.

“Anyone creature that comes within the vicinity of thirty thousand li* (500m per li) around me shall…die!”

Ning Fan did not take any actions to kill as he just indifferently uttered a sentence. His voice, however was imbued with a startling Baleful Qi.

Under his cold menacing intimidation, the group of innocent star beasts instantly revealed a look of horror and hurriedly parted to flee.

The female corpse’s Sea of Consciousness was still in the midst of recovering.

However, after the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, nearly seven to eight parts of the sky above the star island broke like last time, forming multiple holes.

During the last time, out of the eight parts broke, seven of them closed up, leaving only a broken part which provided the passage for the Purple Robe Palace to enter.

This time, out of the eight parts which broke, only five of them were sealed while the other three remained broken. Three different parties had set their foot within the territory of the Star Palace!


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