Grasping Evil - Chapter 324.1

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Ning Fan’s ten fingers moved continuously, with countless afterimages flickering on the tips of his fingers. Everything happened so quickly that Nalan Zi could not understand why the current Ning Fan would give her such formidable pressure at all.

His ten fingers glowed faintly, as if they were ten rays of dim moonlight. However, they made Nalan Zi’s body feel a sudden rush of coldness.

“This is… a bewitching technique!”

Nearly in an instant, she recognized that Ning Fan was using a bewitching technique and immediately activated her general armor to protect herself.

Aside from her, there were a total of 9 demon imperial concubines beside her with 3 of them being at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, while the other 6 were at the Early Divine Transformation Realm.

Under the finger’s shadows which were indistinct like moonlight, the power of his fingers passed through the bodies of the 6 Early Divine Transformation Realm demon imperial concubines before they could even react, causing their bodies to get hot and fiery while losing all of their magical power.

The 3 Mid Divine Transformation Realm demon imperial concubines could only summon their general armors to defend themselves, and immediately followed Nalan Zi to retreat.

The four of them barely escaped from the attack range of his Yin Plucking Finger. Despite that, they were still mildly affected by the fingers’ shadows. Each of their faces became abnormally ruddy whereas their qi became slightly chaotic. 

An unprecedented look of surprise surfaced within Nalan Zi’s eyes.

“It’s impossible! What is this bewitching technique?! How could it be so powerful?! Catching six Early Divine Transformation Realm female cultivators with a single finger!”

In the past, Nalan Zi had once ordered Xi Ran to kill Ning Fan. However, because Xi Ran was extremely fearful of Ning Fan’s bewitching technique, she avoided fighting him in the end.

At that time, Nalan Zi was even more disdainful towards Ning Fan, thinking that the latter would be so lowly to practice such a heretical cultivation method.

Moreover, she did not believe that Ning Fan would have any bewitching techniques that could instill fear to Xi Ran, a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert!

But at this moment, she had no other choice but to believe there was really one kind of bewitching technique in this world that could allow a male cultivator to become invincible and matchless among all female cultivators at the same cultivation level as him!

 “Yin Plucking Finger! He actually has cultivated his finger to the level of ‘Moonlight Finger Shadow’!”

Yuan Yao’s phoenix eyes were filled with surprise. A moment later, her face began to flush as she uttered something towards Ning Fan’s direction.

This Lu Bei really does not know how to behave… He actually practiced the Yin Yang Transformation, a cultivation method of bewitching technique up to this level… Perhaps in the Four Heavens, the other cultivators who practice the incomplete volume of Yin Yang Transformation would not have bewitching techniques as powerful as his.

Besides, when common obscene cultivators who harbored evil intentions display the Yin Plucking Finger, it would always be filled with tremendous evil qi.

However, when Ning Fan displayed this technique, it did not appear to be morally wrong. Although it was a bewitching technique, when it was displayed by him, it looked like the touch of a fairy, ethereal and otherworldly!

If one wants to find a certain expression to describe Ning Fan’s current elegance, it would certainly be like dancing on earth while the moonlight shone!

“This stinky little thief…”

Wu Yan lightly cursed. Within her mind, the event where she was harassed by Ning Fan using the power of his finger in the Scripture Tower resurfaced, making her suddenly become absent-minded.

“Stinky cucumber!”

Yue Lingkong recalled the pain that she felt when she was being penetrated by Ning Fan’s ‘little cucumber’ on that day…

“It’s true! Sister Yue didn’t lie to me! If Brother Lu Bei wants to harass me, he would not need aphrodisiac at all!”

Xi Ran nodded her head. She faintly remembered the incident when she misunderstood Ning Fan for trying to seduce her using aphrodisiac at the time he was trying to save her.

She could even recall that she was so shocked that her entire body became numb and weak upon meeting Ning Fan’s eyes during the first time she saw him.

Only the female corpse who was staying in Ning Fan’s arms did not look at his Yin Plucking Finger. Her eyes only lingered on his face all this while.

She lifted her delicate hand and stroked Ning Fan’s cheek, feeling lively and cheerful.


In her eyes, the calm and elegant shadow which Ning Fan currently exhibited was just like the butterfly which flew and danced gracefully in the past.

At first, because of the appearance of Nalan Zi and the others, all men at the scene became highly vigilant and alert. However, as Ning Fan displayed the power of his bewitching technique, no one felt worried that he would lose or suffer any injuries anymore.

Among the women who were at the same cultivation level as him, no one was Ning Fan’s opponent!

It was not because he underestimated women but because he was just like a natural predator to women and no one could do anything about it!

Ning Fan’s gaze indifferently scanned through Nalan Zi and his eyes were cold and merciless!

It was his first time displaying the full power of Yin Plucking Finger after attaining the Divine Transformation Realm. Its power was already vastly different compared to that in the past!

To female cultivators, this finger was much more terrifying than any Half-Step Void Refinement Realm magical techniques!

“Nalan Zi, you are destined to become my human cauldron!”

“How audacious!”

Nalan Zi’s face was filled with wrath. She was just like a Rakshasa whose face was being covered with rouge.

After making painstaking efforts all by herself, only then was she able to climb to her current status and became the most adored concubine of the Spirit King.

After enduring countless sufferings and misery, only could she finally break free from the destiny of just becoming a beautiful slave and not be manipulated by any man!

Today, however, Ning Fan wanted to catch her as his human cauldron and make her return to that unbearable life she had in the past…

Internally, she pledged her life not to obey!

“Kill him!”

Imperial Concubine Zi gave out a command. Immediately, the shadows of four beautiful women surrounded Ning Fan. All of them were like butterflies camouflaged in flowers as they began to perform hand seals to display demonic techniques!

At the moment they completed their hand seals, Imperial Concubine Zi bit the tip of her tongue and offered a trace of light purplish blood.

“Spirit Prison Technique!”

Four charming soft voices echoed indifferently in the air. Instantly, tens of thousands of blue spirit threads emerged out of nowhere beneath Ning Fan’s feet.

In an instant, the spirit threads gathered and congealed into a blue light prison, trapping Ning Fan within.

Above the light prison, the sounds of electrical zaps echoed as purple-colored lightning flashed. Even Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts would never dare to simply use their physical bodies to touch the purple lightning of the lightning prison. Otherwise, they would certainly be struck to ashes by the purple lightning!

“Lu Bei, you and your refined corpse are trapped within the spirit prison. There is the ‘purple lightning blood’ given to me by the mighty Spirit King on this spirit prison. Even though there is just a trace of it, you won’t be able to break free from this prison! Besides, there is also the ‘Puppet Prohibition Formation’ which I have established earlier. Thus, you won’t be able to summon your Half-Step Void Refinement Realm dragon corpse at all. Now, on your side, you only have four rebellious women including Xi Ran and Wu Yan, who aren’t even worth much!”

Withdrawing their hand seals, Nalan Zi revealed a sneering smile.

With the spirit prison which was established by four Divine Transformation Realm cultivators as well as the purple lightning which was bestowed to me by the Spirit King, this man will surely be unable to escape from the light prison!

Besides, at my side now, there are only three Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivators. However, there is still me, an expert of the Peak Divine Transformation Realm.

As for Ning Fan’s side, Wu Yan and Xi Ran were both at the Late Divine Transformation Realm. However, Xi Ran could be ignored and taken out from the equation.

That Late Divine Transformation Realm female child, Yue Lingkong might give Nalan Zi a mild sense of danger but the other Early Divine Transformation Realm woman, Yuan Yao, did not seem to be worrisome for her.

“Take down all of them!” Nalan Zi sneered incessantly, as if she knew that she had the upper hand over all of them.

However, if Nalan Zi knew that Yue Lingkong alone would be enough to defeat a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert while Yuan Yao was a True Immortal, she would definitely not be daring enough to act recklessly.

Most importantly, she had belittled Ning Fan too much!

“Spirit prison, purple lightning… It is indeed actually quite a nice technique to entrap enemies. However, it does not seem to be enough to stop me.”

A gust of golden purple wind surged around Ning Fan’s body.

Under that golden purple wind, the purple lightning spirit prison which was sufficient enough to imprison a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert was gradually weathering and dissipating into nothingness!

The Purple Technique, Wind Mist!

Returning everything to its original form, ashes to ashes, dust to dust!

This time, the power of this technique was enhanced way too much as compared to that time when he last used it to kill Wang Xiao.

The golden purple wind gave Nalan Zi a misconception: this man was undefeatable!

“You actually broke free from the spirit prison… and the purple lightning blood given by the Spirit King!”

“You don’t have to be surprised. There is much more which I am capable of doing! Break!”

Ning Fan made a stomp. Golden purple rifts began to spread swiftly like lightning in all directions from beneath his foot.

Amidst the golden purple cracks, the Puppet Prohibition Formation which was secretly placed by Nalan Zi on that area was crushed to powder and weathered away!

With Ning Fan’s cultivation level, his Wind Mist Technique was far from being capable of breaking the Immortal Formation of this ancient remote forest.

However, it was not difficult at all to break through the Puppet Prohibition Formation which was merely a Peak Divine Transformation Realm formation!

Just as the formation broke, the frown on the female corpse’s face immediately loosened and her complexion began to recover. The force which suppressed any refined corpses and spiritual puppets in that area vanished.

At the same time, Ning Fan’s left eye flashed with the light of a blood-red moon, activating the divine ability of his second demon star – Blood Moon.

This technique could only be used at night. However, the ancient forest in the current moment was at night.

After meeting Ning Fan’s eye which glowed in blood-red light, Nalan Zi and the other three female cultivators felt a sudden jolt in their bodies. Their mind seemed to have fallen into an illusory realm of the blood moon, unable to extricate themselves from it!

“Illusory Technique!”


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