Grasping Evil - Chapter 324.2

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What a bewitching technique does was beguile the cultivator’s heart.

The more confused a cultivator’s heart was, the harder it takes for them to break free from the manipulation of the bewitching illusion.

Ning Fan purposely crushed the spirit prison at exactly the moment when she felt the proudest of that technique. Besides, it was also his intention to crush the formation technique right in front of her eyes. His actions were to make the four women including Imperial Concubine Zi lose their composure. He then took advantage of the opportunity to activate his demon star of Blood Moon which inflicted multiple layers of illusion techniques onto the four of them, intensifying the mind-derangement effect of the Yin Plucking Finger which he used on them earlier.

After displaying those techniques in accordance with his schemes and plans, the illusory technique which was only enough to enchant cultivators of the Early Divine Transformation Realm had now managed to completely subdue the three Mid Divine Transformation Realm demon imperial concubines.

Only Imperial Concubine Zi who was slightly more strong-willed than the rest ferociously bit the tip of her tongue and regained her mind at the moment when her mind lost its guard and was being slowly consumed by the illusory technique.

However, just as her eyes became clear and bright, Ning Fan had already appeared right before her, clutching her neck with one of his hands. He only needs to exert a little more strength and Nalan Zi’s life would end.

A continuous flow of power from his Yin Plucking Finger permeated through Nalan’s white and delicate neck, spreading throughout her entire body.

Traces of enchanting power made Nalan Zi’s breathing become heavy and made her misty-eyed.

However, within that pair of misty eyes, it no longer contained the arrogance which she previously exhibited while giving a slap on Wu Yan’s face on that day. What was left was only reluctance!

“I am… I am the demon imperial concubine of the Spirit King palace. You can’t… can’t… uh…”

Before she could even finish spitting her words, Ning Fan deliberately pinched harshly on her soft breasts.

Supposedly, it should be extremely painful for her. However, under the stimulation and effect of Ning Fan’s Yin Plucking Finger, she felt a sudden rush of euphoria which she had never experienced as well as… humiliation!

“Kill me… Just kill me… I’d rather die than let any… any man… touch me! Purple Cuckoo Blood Tears Technique!”

Two columns of blood-red tears began to flow down from Nalan Zi’s eyes.

At this moment, she was affected by his Yin Plucking Finger, causing her to be unable to use any of her demon power.

At this moment, she displayed the innate ability of the Purple Cuckoo Race by blinding her eyes as the price!

A drop of the purple-colored blood flew out from Nalan Zi’s glabella, turning into a mysterious blood mark which was imprinted on the left part of Ning Fan’s face!

Meanwhile, Nalan Zi’s mouth seemed to be muttering some chants!

“Beneath the vast heavens, anyone who isn’t a member of the Spirit Race shall be imprinted with this seal forever and die within one hundred years!”

Her eyes were blinded, but she revealed a satisfying smile on her face. She had planted the Purple Cuckoo’s blood seal on Ning Fan. Although she was unable to see with her eyes now, she could feel that the seal was successfully planted on Ning Fan’s face!

One hundred years! One hundred years later, this seal would show its effect and Ning Fan would certainly die!

In that manner, she could then commit suicide with a piece of mind…

“Lu Bei!”

Both Wu Yan and Xi Ran cried in fear at the same time.

The Purple Cuckoo Race did not have any unique ability. However, this blood seal which would cause its victim to suffer certain death within one hundred years was indeed a nightmare for every cultivator at the same cultivation level as the caster.

Once a cultivator is inflicted with this seal, nearly none would be able to survive within one hundred years if they fail to break it. Unless the person who was inflicted with the seal attains a higher cultivation level with a gap of at least a large cultivation level higher than that of the caster and forcefully breaks that seal away…

However, just as the two women let out a cry of surprise, they immediately noticed that the blood seal which was imprinted on the left part of Ning Fan’s face vanished.

The blood seal had no effect on him!

“Impossible! Why does the blood seal have no effect on you?!”

Nalan Zi who had originally planned to destroy her own demon soul to kill herself had her bloody and teary-eyed face filled with bewilderment.

Anyone who was not a member of the Spirit Race would die under that technique. But why was Ning Fan not affected?

“Don’t tell me that y-you are a demon of the ‘main race’. If that’s the case, my sister, she… ahhh!”

Nalan Zi seemed to have thought about something. All of a sudden, her facial expression was filled with delight. The usual haughtiness she had was all gone.

However, Ning Fan did not give a single glance at her cheerful look and immediately poked her a dozen times with his finger, making Nalan Zi become completely unconscious with his Yin Plucking Finger so that this woman would not be able to act anymore.

What she did just now was indeed shocking to everyone but fortunately, it brought no harm to Ning Fan!

“The Purple Cuckoo’s blood seal, huh… Although I am not afraid of any curses that would kill me within one hundred years, it’ll still be quite troublesome if I become afflicted with that curse. For now, you just sleep. In the future, there is plenty of time for you to be regretful of your actions!”

With multiple flicks of his finger, he made up the necessary count of pokes on the other demon imperial concubines and kept all their storage pouches. With a shake of his Cauldron Ring, he placed each of the ten imperial concubines in different parts of the space filled with red mist.

Inwardly, he thought to himself, “This Nalan Zi is really a cruel and merciless woman. She actually dared to destroy her own eyes and detonate her demon soul in order to harm me… In the past, I only thought of her as a haughty but incompetent woman. My judgement was indeed wrong. I’ve really underestimated her.”

He might dislike that woman’s personality, but her stubbornness of not conceding defeat even at the last moment of her life showed that she was certainly stronger than most of the men who had soft backbones.

Ning Fan sympathized with her but he was not going to let her go because of that.

To Wu Yan, Xi Ran and Wan Er, she was a threat!

“Little Cucumber, you now have another ten Divine Transformation Realm human cauldrons. Are you happy?” Yue Lingkong spoke with a mocking tone.

“What do you think?”

Ning Fan declined to give her any obvious answer and his gaze eventually fell upon Wu Yan.

“Nalan Zi has already been captured by me. This time, when you return to the Spirit King Palace, you should not have any worries or troubles. Besides, with your contribution in gathering such large amounts of medicinal ashes, you and Xi Ran are probably not far from the day of becoming immortals… I’ve fulfilled what I’ve promised you!”

“Thank you…” Wu Yan gently lowered her head and curtsied to Ning Fan in a captivating demeanor.

Inwardly, she made a promise to herself that she would remember Ning Fan’s help forever.

“Let’s gather the medicinal ashes… The faster, the better. I don’t know why but I just feel uneasy staying around here.”

Ning Fan made a faint frown.

Within this Heaven Hall, his biggest enemy was not Nalan Zi, Prince Qu Shun, the White Devil Sect or Star Lord Tan Lang…

“Hopefully, that Realm Beast has already died… If it hasn’t, this beast will be our most terrifying enemy on our trip in this place…”

In the Seven Kill Star Sea, a burly man draped in a cloak stood on top of a mountain of corpses made up of countless sea beasts. His eyes which glowed in green eerie light were staring coldly at the two experts in front of him.

One of the two experts was dressed in a scholarly attire while the other one looked just like a swordsman.

If there is any living sea beast at this place, they would certainly recognize that the two experts were the ones who lorded over the star seas: Star Lord Po Jun and Star Lord Qi Sha!

However, while facing the cloaked burly man standing before them, the faces of the two dignified Early Void Refinement Realm experts hardened like cold iron, feeling extremely displeased.

“Who exactly are you? Why are you committing a massacre in the Seven Kill Star Sea?!”

“I’m looking for a woman… Have both of you seen her before?!” The burly man sneered coldly.

“Woman? There are millions of women in this world. How do we know who exactly are you looking for?!”

“You don’t know? Then… get out of my way!”

The burly man made a stomp, ferociously emanating a Mid Void Refinement Realm aura. With just a stomp, the two star lords were unable to stand firmly.

“Mid Void Refinement Realm! Besides, this man seems to have only regressed to this cultivation level because he has suffered some grievous injuries. If he consumes enough number of sea beasts, it is possible for him to recover his previous Late Void Refinement Realm strength!”

“Let’s flee now!”

The two star lords gave another unpleasant stare at the burly man and then left hurriedly.

Not long after the two of them left, the hollow spaces within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) began to crumble without any signs and a massive cluster of windstorms struck!

If the two of them were to be a few seconds late, they would certainly be buried within the windstorm of the Void Realm!

“Although they don’t have high cultivation levels, they can run quite fast. They truly deserve to be regarded as the star lords of these star seas… Fine. If I keep looking without getting any clues, I might not necessarily be able to find out whether that lowly maidservant is dead or alive… However, the Great Elder has once said that the reason why that lowly slave woman would secretly descend to the mortal world was to obtain the Star of the Celestial Emperor of this place to cure her daughter. Hmph. How could a mere celestial emperor be worth all this trouble? But… if I enter the Heaven Hall and wait nearby the celestial star, that woman would surely fall into my net as long as she is alive…”

“As such, I shall go to the Star Gate of this Seven Kills Star Sea! Along that way, I shall devour a few more sea beasts. It won’t be difficult for me to recover my Late Void Refinement Realm cultivation level!”


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