Grasping Evil - Chapter 325.2

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Half a month later.

Within the Heaven Hall, inside a confusing valley where silver snowflakes drifted in the air, nine Divine Transformation Realm experts wore similarly serious and heavy expressions.

They seemed to have just escaped from being hunted down. Along the path which they took when they fled, there were many corpses of demon beasts lying on the ground.

Afterwards, the nine of them parted and stood on two separate sides. Both parties stared at each other with maliciousness.

If there was a demon of the Lu Clan at the scene, they would definitely realize that each and every one of the nine experts were the Honorable Demon Generals of the nine tribes!

They had just escaped from being killed but now, they seemed to be having a dispute over something as they separated themselves into two groups.

On the left, the group was composed of five generals with Lu Jiefen being the leader. Each of them cast covetous eyes on the group of four experts who were standing in opposite of them.

Among the four experts at the other side, the ones who were standing at the front were the Thunder General of the Second Division and the Wind General of the Third Division. Behind these two members, the Earth General of the Lie Tu Tribe wore a distressed expression while Lu Daochen whose white beard was stained with blood was holding an illusory fruit which glowed with faint golden light in his hand. Lu Daochen’s left eye remained tightly shut all this while and black blood could be seen flowing out from it.

“Lu Daochen! All nine of us killed our way out together from the brutal of the wolf demons. But why are you the one holding the ‘Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf’?! Don’t tell me you are planning on taking it all for yourself without sharing it with us?! Hand out the Dao Fruit!”

Lu Jiefen’s aura was like a blazing fire. As it spread, the silver snowflakes within the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li) lit up and melted!

“Hmmph! Lu Jiefen, have you no shame?! When we were being pursued by the group of wolves just now, if it was not because of the Cloud General who risked his life to protect our rear and sacrificed his Bestowal Star, how could we escape from the wolves so easily? At the expense of his Bestowal Star, he killed one of the nine ‘blood wolves’ and obtained this Dao Fruit. Why should it be given to you?!” The Thunder General who had the shortest temper among the four indignantly spoke.

“What Thunder General said is exactly true! Lu Jiefen, you better not go too far in bullying others! We aren’t at your Pure Flame Tribe now. If you dare to turn against us for a mere Dao Fruit, I’m afraid your safety would be at stake too!” The Wind General threatened with a deep menacing tone.

The Earth General from the eighth division was feeling extremely awkward. When Ning Fan had established his reputation in front of all the nine divisions, he had determinedly befriended the Luo Yun Tribe without sparing any financial resources in order to neutralize the grudges between the two tribes.

He did not dare to offend Lu Jiefen. However, he was even more afraid to provoke Ning Fan… As such, he would of course choose to stand on Lu Daochen’s side.

“Since all of us are in such a dangerous place right now, we should be more cooperative with each other…” The Earth General spoke, advocating peace between the opposing sides.

“Apparently, all of you are thick-headed! No more nonsense! If I’m able to obtain this Dao Fruit, it would be worth it even if I have to reveal my true strength! This Dao Fruit is at least equivalent to three Peak Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits. With this Dao Fruit… the chances of me breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm would then increase by nearly 50 percent!”

Lu Jiefen’s eyes flashed with ferocity. He made a stomp forward and a trace of qi which had been deeply hidden within him flowed out, congealing an illusory shadow of a fiery purple dragon in front of him.

Amidst the layers of purple flames, the illusory shadow then turned into a purple-robed man. His appearance was rather similar to that of Lu Jiefen. His aura, however, was a few times stronger than that of the latter!

Lu Jiefen was an expert of the Late Divine Transformation Realm. This purple-robed illusory man however, was a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert!

“A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert?! Who are you?!” The Wind General and Thunder General stared at the purple-robed man who appeared out of nowhere. Each of their faces were filled with shock.

“Who am I? I’m of course Lu Jiefen. Hahaha. However, I am just another version of Lu Jiefen… the sect master of the Demon Sealing Sect of the Endless Sea! Fine. Since we still need to cooperate with each other later, as long as the four of you hand over the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf and let me plant demon seals on you all, I shall spare your lives!”

The purple-robed man sneered coldly.

Lu Daochen pressed against his chest, suppressing his injuries and carefully studied Lu Jiefen as well as the purple-robed man. All of a sudden, he said, “I understand now… Lu Jiefen, the purple-robed man is your true self, isn’t it? While the red-robed man is just your clone which you refined using the Corpse Fusion Technique! You then left your clone in the nine tribes and escaped from the Second World with your true self using some kind of method which none of us knew, becoming the so-called sect master of the Demon Sealing Sect in the outside world… Is my guess correct?!”

“The ‘Corpse Fusion Technique’!” All the Honorable Demon Generals at the scene were surprised upon hearing that technique. The aforementioned technique was a secret technique of refining a clone by devouring the corpses of demon beasts. However, if this kind of secret technique fails, it will directly cause the caster to die.

In the past, when Eagle Crane fought Ning Fan in the External Endless Sea, he once used that technique to devour two demon corpses. Due to his luck, he became the master of three entities, giving a huge boost to his strength.

This technique was extremely rare to find in the ancient demon races. The reason was because the risk of performing this technique was too great and cultivators seldom practice it.

Lu Jiefen, however, was daring enough to risk his life in order to practice this technique despite his identity as an Honorable Demon General. What’s more shocking was that he actually managed to succeed.

In the Second World, he was the Honorable Demon General of the Pure Flame Tribe. In the outside world, he was one of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea - the sect master of the Demon Sealing Sect!

All this while, Lu Jiefen was waiting. He was waiting for his clone which resided in the Second World to break through to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. After that, he would fuse his true self with his clone and break through to the Void Refinement Realm in one go!

“Precisely. I practiced the Corpse Fusion Technique! Lu Daochen, I am going to make a count of three. If you don’t hand over the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf, then I will be killing some of you!”

The purple-robed man scanned the surroundings with his eyes. His Half-Step Void Refinement Realm aura force brought upon a terrifying pressure on everyone’s heart.



The faces of Lu Daochen and his group were filled with indignation as well as hopelessness.

Apparently, the only option we have is to yield to Lu Jiefen by handing over the Dao Fruit and letting him plant demon seals on us. Otherwise, who else in this place could win against a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert?!

“You don’t have to count anymore! Lu Jiefen, I agree to…” Lu Daochen let out a sigh and took a step forward, preparing to hand over the Dao Fruit.

However, before he could finish his words, a clear and loud voice echoed throughout the atmosphere and a ray of golden light flashed past the sea of snow. It then turned into a fiery golden chariot and appeared above the sky of the valley.

 “With me being here, who dares to lay a finger upon the members of the Luo Yun Tribe!”

As soon as this voice reverberated into the generals’ ears, two black shadows flickered from the chariot and dived straight at them. Their speed was as fast as a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert!

No one at the scene, including Lu Daochen was able to see clearly what that black shadow was, other than the purple-robed man. However, after having a clear sight of what that was, his face was filled with utter disbelief.

“This is completely impossible!”


As the purple-robed man let out a cry of surprise, two black shadows charged at him without any mercy. One of them approached him with a claw while the other assaulted him with a punch.

The purple-robed man desperately defended himself with all his might. However, it was beyond his capability to fend off two attacks at the same time. In an instant, he was sent flying away by those two shadows!

The strength of the impact directly caused the area within ten thousand li* (500m per li) of the valley to crumble!

The purple-robed man then climbed up from the ruins and coughed out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Upon receiving the attacks, he suffered serious injuries!

“A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm black dragon refined corpse and… a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppet!”

The purple-robed man stared in front of him in disbelief.

The two black shadows which attacked him revealed themselves. Like what he had said, one of them was a dragon while the other was a spiritual puppet!


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