Grasping Evil - Chapter 326

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The black dragon’s eyes might be blank, but its aura brought about black squalls!

The black puppet’s eyes might be vacant, but its aura reversed the motion of the silver snowflakes, causing them to fly upwards towards the sky!

Above the sky where wind blew and snow fell, a white-robed young man stood at the front of the golden flame chariot with his head lowered while staring coldly at Lu Jiefen who was standing below and indifferently uttered, “I’ve come… Do you dare to repeat the words that you uttered just now?!”


At the moment when Ning Fan’s voice fell, the black dragon and the puppet immediately turned into black fine threads. After just the time it takes for an eye to blink passed, they attacked again.

All of a sudden, the purple-robed illusory shadow’s face was filled with great surprise. Without any hesitation, he produced a copper mirror which was blazing with purple flames from his storage pouch and performed a hand seal.

The next moment, the copper mirror shot out two purple light beams which forcibly fended off the attacks from the refined corpse and the puppet. Even so, the purple-robed man’s face did not have the slightest trace of calmness at all.

“This refined corpse and spiritual puppet are truly strong. Even with my Void Treasure – ‘Purple Yang Mirror’, I could at most neutralize their attacks. There is no way for me to gain any advantage over them! If this battle is prolonged, I will certainly suffer a great deal!”

“Most importantly, I must not let that Late Divine Transformation Realm clone suffer any injuries… Once my true self becomes tied down by the two undead fighters, that Lu Bei will certainly take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of my Late Divine Transformation Realm clone who has gained the power of Bestowal! If that happens, my plan of breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm will then be totally shattered!”

An emotional conflict that he had never experienced before had now surged within the purple-robed man’s heart. His gaze fell upon Lu Daochen and the Dao Fruit of the Blood Wolf, revealing a hesitant look. However, at the next moment, he gritted his teeth and flicked his sleeves, summoning raging purple flames which carried his clone away. Two light rays with one being purple while the other being red hurriedly travelled away from where they all stood.

The one in the red robes was his clone who was also regarded as the Honorable Demon General of the Pure Flame Tribe whereas the one in the purple robes was the sect master of the Demon Sealing Sect in Internal Endless Sea. Be it his true self or his clone, each of them was an individual with supreme power!

However, when facing Ning Fan who made a stunning appearance, the purple-robed man actually abstained from battling and fled without a second thought!

Borrowing the fire light of the Purple Yang Mirror, Lu Jiefen’s travelling speed was not any weaker than that of the golden flame chariot!

“It’s Lu Bei! Lu Bei from the Luo Yun Tribe! He actually possesses two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm fighters!”

“At first, the fact that Lu Jiefen had a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm true self was enough to greatly astonish me. Unexpectedly, even if Lu Jiefen had called upon his true self, he still did not dare to confront Lu Bei!”

Each of the Honorable Demon Generals turned to look at Ning Fan. After witnessing what had just happened, all of them were completely stunned and their faces were filled with respect.

If Ning Fan was said to be able to intimidate the nine tribes by possessing a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm dragon corpse in the past, the current him would be enough to cause ordinary Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts to escape upon seeing him after knowing that he possessed two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm fighters!

In the end, Lu Jiefen’s original self and his clone had escaped.

Standing above the golden flame chariot, Ning Fan gazed upon Lu Jiefen who had vanished in a ray of light and gently frowned.

“So they’ve managed to escape… What a pity…”

It was indeed a pity. Although he had just arrived, Ning Fan had already heard them arguing while he was still at tens of thousands li* (500 m per li) away. Because of that, he had a much more thorough understanding of Lu Jiefen’s identity.

Ning Fan was rather surprised after knowing that Lu Jiefen actually had another identity. He had never expected that the prestigious Flame General Lu Jiefen, who was respected by many of the nine divisions of the Lu Clan was actually just a clone. As for his true self, he was actually one of the seven venerated beings in the Internal Endless Sea, a person who had some old scores against him!

The Lu Jiefen who dons red robes is the Honorable Demon General of the Pure Flame Tribe, a person who harbors resentment against the Luo Yun Tribe which I am part of.

The Lu Jiefen who is in purple robes is the sect master of the Demon Sealing Sect, a person who has unsolved grudges with me when I was at the Endless Sea.

If Ning Fan was able to eliminate both Lu Jiefen’s clone and his true self at this very place, the number of his great enemies would then be reduced by two. Without a doubt, it would’ve been really worth it.

However, this idea seemed to be a little too greedy.

After all, Lu Jiefen’s true self was an expert at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, a dignified member of the Venerated Seven, a crafty old monster who had been through countless life-and-death battles.

Once he realized Ning Fan’s power and knew that he was unable to gain the upper hand, he did not even care about his own reputation and fled right away. His action was extremely resolute.

Because of that, Ning Fan had lost a trace of possibility to kill Lu Jiefen.

“It’s a pity that the current me is still just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. Combining my divine, demon and devil power together, I am nearly at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. After performing Soul Extraction, my magic power would be greatly boosted, reaching a level comparable to that of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. With my corpse devil body as well as the power of my Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm, the strength of my physical body allows me to put up a fight against a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert without being disadvantaged. If I take into consideration my Peak Divine Transformation Realm spirit sense which I can use to display the Black Tempest Rupture Art and the Wind Snow Technique, I would even be able to kill powerful beings who are at the same level as Zang Long… However, there is still quite a huge power gap between my level and that of a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert…”

“In the past, I was able to crush Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts like ants when I ignited the ancestor blood. Besides, with just a command, I could call upon the massive armies of the Star Seas and had a skirmish with the Purple Robe Palace and their Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts. Today, however, I don’t have these advantages. Moreover, this Lu Jiefen was so determined in fleeing for his life… The speed of his Purple Yang Mirror is on par with a Void Refinement Realm expert, not any weaker than my golden flame chariot…”

“I have two Void Refinement Realm fighters: a spiritual puppet and a refined corpse. I have three sword crystals with two of them being at the Early Void Refinement Realm while the last one is at the Mid Void Refinement Realm… If Lu Jiefen did not choose to escape, I might have the opportunity to finish him off! Unfortunately, he fled…”

Ning Fan’s eyes gradually became heavy. I must not underestimate this Lu Jiefen.

The reason he would think that way was not because of Lu Jiefen’s capabilities but because of his schemes and plots.

Using the Corpse Fusion Technique to create a clone. Although that secret technique had an extremely high chance of causing death to the caster, he still dared to give it a try.

Leaving his clone in the nine divisions to become the Honorable Demon General while heading to the Internal Endless Sea to become the Revered Demon. Lu Jiefen had actually formulated a huge plot, scheming against the entire Secret Realm of the Broken World.

In a way, if Ning Fan did not appear in the first place, if it was not because of Ning Fan who had been disrupting Lu Jiefen’s plans one time after another, the person who would attain the Star of the Celestial Emperor would very likely be Lu Jiefen.

“This old man runs really fast…” Xi Ran’s eyes were flashing with tiny stars. She felt that Ning Fan was too domineering as his presence had just scared a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert away.

“Little Cucumber, not bad. Even when this Revered Demon met me in the past, he did not run as fast as just now… It looks like you’ve really frightened him!” Yue Lingkong commended Ning Fan. To her, the sect master of the Demon Sealing Sect was not a stranger.

“There’s nothing we could do about it. Lu Bei, don’t take this matter to heart… This Lu Jiefen isn’t a simple person. If he risks his life, there might be some other changes. The loss would be more severe if you are hurt or you lose one of your fighters…. Since this man was already so afraid of you, I suppose he would only avoid us on our trip to the Star Palace. I don’t think he would create any more trouble for us.” Wu Yan smiled as she tried to comfort Ning Fan. After hearing Wu Yan’s words, Yuan Yao also nodded her head gently.

Ning Fan nodded his head towards them without uttering many words. As he pointed at the golden flame chariot, it descended to the ground.

To Ning Fan, it was indeed an unfortunate matter to have let Lu Jiefen escape.

However, in the minds of the eight Honorable Demon Generals present, the scene where Ning Fan scared off the arrogant Lu Jiefen with his appearance made them unable to retain their calmness.

“Greetings to General Bei! It’s our honor to see you!”

 Be it the Wind, Thunder and the Earth Tribes who had befriended the Luo Yun Tribe or the other tribes which were standing against the Luo Yun Tribe, all of them walked towards Ning Fan and greeted him with cupped fists!

In the history of the nine divisions of the Lu Clan, there were only the demon generals who greeted the Honorable Demon Generals. There was not a single time where a demon general would receive such respect from an Honorable Demon General!

Ning Fan was the first demon general whom the Honorable Demon Generals were respectful to!

“The four Honorable Demon Generals over there, get over here right away!”

Ning Fan’s gaze fell upon the four Honorable Demon Generals on the left side.

Previously, the four of them gave themselves up to Lu Jiefen and helped him bully the Luo Yun Tribe. Today, however, Lu Jiefen might be able to flee, but the four of them could not!

“H-How dare you! Good or bad, I am still the Honorable Demon General of the Angry River Tribe. How dare you boss me around like that?!”

A heavily-built man wearing blue armor spoke. His cultivation level was at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm and was the dignified Honorable Demon General of the Fifth Division, the Angry River Tribe.

Although he was afraid of Ning Fan, he was unwilling to be ordered around like a slave by Ning Fan as he had been living comfortably with a high and lofty status.

However, just as he made a protest, Ning Fan gave him no chance to explain and lifted his hand high up and grasped the air. All of a sudden, a gigantic spear which glowed dazzlingly in golden light turned into thousands of rays of sunlight, encircling the Honorable Demon General of the Angry River Tribe.

“The Power of Bestowal, Water Tooth Technique!”

In a flurry, that man forcibly activated his blue demon star within his left eye as well as the Power of Bestowal he possessed!

The Honorable Demon Generals possessed the unique power which was bestowed upon them by the slumbering Demon Marshal. It was the reason why they could stand above the ordinary demons!

Blue light shot out from his left eye, congealing the water-blue shadow of a gigantic leopard. It charged against Ning Fan and threw itself towards the Parting Sun Spear! Its power was as destructive as a Late Divine Transformation Realm’s attack!

This water-blue gigantic leopard was the Power of Bestowal of the Angry River Tribe’s Honorable Demon General. It was an attack which surpassed any demon general’s attacks who were at the same level as him.

However, just as this leopard came into contact with the Parting Sun Spear, the sound of water evaporating could be heard. The body of the gigantic leopard suddenly trembled and in the next moment, it evaporated into mist after being heated by the Parting Sun Spear.

The Honorable Demon General revealed a look of disbelief. He could not imagine that his Power of Bestowal would be fended off by Ning Fan with just a single move.

Unfortunately, he no longer had any time to contemplate. At the next moment, he was pierced through by multiple spear-like projectiles, emitting loud and painful shrieks.


A brief moment later, his demon body was instantly reduced to ashes. Before his demon soul could even escape, Ning Fan appeared in front of him in a flash and captured him in his hand. Without any hesitation, he fed it to his black spiritual corpse.

Then, with a pair of cold-piercing gaze, he scanned through the remaining three Honorable Demon Generals and deeply uttered, “The three of you, get over here!”

With just a gaze, the atmosphere was filled with heaven-soaring Baleful Qi which dyed the sky within the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li) red!

“Lu Bei from the Luo Yun Tribe… killed an Honorable Demon General in just an instant!”

The Honorable Demon Generals from the fourth, sixth and ninth divisions were completely stupefied. Now, if Ning Fan wanted them to roll themselves on the ground towards him, none of them would be audacious enough to disobey!

If they dare to disobey, they would be the next one to be killed instantly!

As soon as they got closer to Ning Fan, Ning Fan planted demon seals on them without showing any hesitation.

Of course, the three of them did not dare to resist!

In Lu Daochen’s eyes, that scene made him sigh with emotions. To him, Ning Fan had gotten stronger, so much stronger than before!

“When I first met this young man in the past, he has yet to attain the Divine Transformation Realm. Today, however, he could kill an Honorable Demon General like an ant… My judgement was correct after all. This man will certainly be able to set Demon Marshal Lu Wu free!”

The Wind General and Thunder General’s thoughts seemed to resonate with each other’s hearts as they stared at the Honorable Demon General who died a dog’s death just now.

Inwardly, they felt lucky that they chose to befriend the Luo Yun Tribe in the first place. Otherwise, Ning Fan who scared off Lu Jiefen and killed the Honorable Demon General of the Angry River Tribe in an instant would be the greatest archenemy of their tribes…

The Earth General, Bai Wuzun felt indescribably fortunate right now.

The worst mistake he had made in his lifetime was to place a bounty on Ning Fan’s head.

However, the wisest decision he had made in his lifetime was to determinedly send gifts to Ning Fan to compensate him for the troubles after realizing the latter’s power and hug the Luo Yun Tribe’s thigh tightly.

“It’s lucky that I was firm with my decision and stood by the Luo Yun Tribe even though I might risk offending Lu Jiefen. Otherwise…”

The Earth General gulped down his saliva.

If Ning Fan wants to kill him, he would probably be like the deceased Honorable Demon General who could not even withstand a single move.

“This man is truly a malefic person, a person that should never be offended!” The Earth General was now fully convinced!

After planting demon seals upon the three Honorable Demon Generals, Ning Fan then turned to Lu Daochen and asked with a concerned tone.

“Cloud General seems to have suffered quite some serious injuries… I wonder where this Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf came from. Is it possible that the Heaven Hall has experienced some changes again? I’m eager to know more about it.”

“Even if you didn’t ask about that matter, I’m going to tell you either way. After all, it will be really beneficial to you in your mission of saving Lu Wu…”

Lu Daochen gave him a smile of relief and passed the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf to Ning Fan. Then, with a solemn expression, he spoke, “Take this Dao Fruit with you and improve your cultivation level as much as you can… There is a great change happening in the Heaven Hall!”

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