Grasping Evil - Chapter 327.1

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The only way to reach the center of the Heaven Hall lay one billion li* (500m per li) away in the north of the valley.

That place stood one hundred thousand star hills which were too high to climb. No one would be able to fly past the area through air and there was only a narrow and snowy valley that could be travelled between the mountains.

At the end of the snowy valley, there was a ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall demon egg which had been lying there for thousands of years. Within the demon egg, Tan Lang was slumbering while cultivating at the same time. Occasionally, he would get out from the egg just to devour some spiritual medicine. After that, he would immediately return to his egg and continue slumbering.

Currently, he was trying to break free from his star spirit body. Moreover, it was at its most critical moment.

He had used the star power to seal the ice door at the end of the snowy valley, not allowing anyone to pass through the snowy valley and enter into the deeper parts of the Star Palace.

After devouring Lu Wu’s corpse, Tan Lang had gained control over the star power within the area of the snowy valley. Not only could he borrow the star power to seal the snowy path, he could also use that power to create duplicate souls of himself. The weakest clones were at the Gold Core Realm, residing within the territory of the snowy valley.

Among the groups of doppelganger wolves that he created, there were eighteen star wolves which had attained the Late Divine Transformation Realm. Of course, one of them had already been killed by Ning Fan.

Other than the eighteen star wolves, there were nine blood wolves. Six of them were at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm while the remaining three were at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

In order to get through the snowy valley and arrive at the deeper parts of the Heaven Hall, one must kill Tan Lang and break the seal which had been placed on the ice door. It was the reason why Lu Daochen and the others were unable to get to the place where Demon Marshal Lu Wu’s remnant soul was at.

Tan Lang was slumbering. As long as one knows of the time when he would be slumbering, they could kill their way into the snowy valley and finish him off while he is in the middle of his sleep. After his death, they could then dispel the seal of the ice door and pass through the snowy valley!

It was the intel that Lu Daochen had been risking his life to gather for the past few months. He did not know that the slumbering wolf was Tan Lang as he only knew that he was just an agile and fierce wolf king.

Amidst the blizzard within the confusing valley, Lu Daochen had told them everything he knew without holding anything back. Meanwhile, black blood kept oozing out from his left eye as fear seemed to be lingering around his face.

“We, the nine Honorable Demon Generals attempted to kill the wolf king while he was slumbering. However, our plan failed in the end. Instead, we were pursued by packs of wolves. Among them, there were more than ten star wolves and nine blood wolves which were especially powerful. Since we had no other options, I had to sacrifice my Power of Bestowal and only then were we able to luckily kill a blood wolf which was already grievously injured, frightening the rest of the pack and got an opportunity to flee. Besides, I also managed to obtain this Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf in the end… Hmph! However, I didn’t expect that Lu Jiefen was actually aiming for my Dao Fruit which I obtained by risking my life, causing an internal strife. If it wasn’t because of your arrival, perhaps I would have been plotted against by Lu Jiefen, planted with a demon seal and turned into one of his slaves… I’m truly grateful for your help!”

Lu Daochen cupped his fists at Ning Fan to express his gratitude. He deeply understood that if it was not because of Ning Fan’s powerful appearance, he would not have any good ending if he were to fall into Lu Jiefen’s hands.

“Don’t mention it.” Ning Fan waved his hands and gently uttered.

If Lu Daochen’s intel was accurate, then they would not be able to enter the core of the Heaven Hall if they do not manage to kill Tan Lang.

In order to save Lu Wu’s remnant soul and obtain the inheritance of the emperor’s star, they must slay Tan Lang and get through the snowy valley!

Since I have some disputes with Tan Lang, it’s a good thing if I take this opportunity to kill him.

After devouring Lu Wu’s corpse, Tan Lang’s cultivation level was boosted greatly, breaking through to the Mid Void Refinement Realm.

Killing a Mid Void Refinement Realm ferocious beast might sound insane, but if the target was slumbering, it would not be difficult to kill it.

A battle formation with eighteen star wolves and nine blood wolves might seem insurmountable. However, Ning Fan’s battle formation was not weak either. After eliminating the packs of wolves, Tan Lang who was slumbering inside his demon egg was just nothing more than a rat in a hole!

“If that’s the case, we shall set out right away, wipe out the packs of wolves, kill Tan Lang and get through the snowy valley!” Determination flashed within Ning Fan’s eyes. He was worried about being hunted by the Realm Beast. As such, he would prefer acting quicker.

“I’m afraid it won’t be that smooth for the moment… We have already missed the time when the wolf king would slumber after our unsuccessful attempt of assassinating the wolf king. The following seven days will probably be the time when the wolf king stays awake. It is too risky to assassinate the wolf king at this moment. We shall act again seven days later! Within these seven days, you could take some time to regulate your demon power and improve your condition to its peak to prepare for the great battle seven days later… My cultivation method can’t tolerate too much blood qi. It’s not suitable for me to consume this Dao Fruit. Therefore, you can just take this with you!”

Lu Daochen’s facial expression was solemn as he shoved the Dao Fruit into Ning Fan’s hand.

He killed the blood wolf just to protect himself. By chance, he obtained that Dao Fruit. It might be a precious item, but when comparing it to saving Lu Wu, it was something that was not as precious.

He was not concerned about losing his Power of Bestowal. Neither did he care about how precious the Dao Fruit was.

The reason why he came to this place was just to repay his debt of gratitude and free Lu Wu’s remnant soul!

Ning Fan had decided to help him realize his wish and even saved him once. To him, a mere Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf was indeed not enough to repay Ning Fan’s deeds.

“The Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf!”

Ning Fan’s eyes glinted. It’s no wonder why this Dao Fruit caused Lu Jiefen to turn against Lu Daochen. I have heard that the demon power of this Dao Fruit is comparable to that of three Peak Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits!

Ning Fan needed power. He needed this Dao Fruit. As such, he was not going to act high and mighty to refuse such an offer.

However, at the next moment, he slapped on his storage pouch and took out a Sixth Revolution healing pill and handed it over to Lu Daochen.

“I will accept this Dao Fruit. However, you have to consume this pill!”

Exchanging a Sixth Revolution pill for a Dao Fruit!

Although a Sixth Revolution Pill was rare, Ning Fan had never once been stingy towards his own people.

Besides, the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf held quite a significant meaning towards Ning Fan. During his killings in the Star Sea, he had devoured countless demon blood, accumulating a tremendous amount of demon power which had yet to be refined. Speaking of Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits alone, he still had seven with him.

With such a number of Dao Fruits and demon blood, Ning Fan could try improving his demon power to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. However, he did not do so. One of the reasons was because refining the demon blood within his body would certainly consume a great amount of time.

Today, however, with this Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf in hands, everything became different.

The amount of demon power stored within this Dao Fruit was totally different from that within an ordinary Dao Fruit.

If he consumes the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf and uses it as a center point to refine all the demon power he held, the time taken for his demon power to break through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm would certainly be shortened greatly!

Seven days later, Tan Lang would go into slumber again. Seven days later, it would be the perfect time for them to commence their attack.

Within these seven days, with this Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf and all the demon blood he absorbed and the other Dao Fruits he possessed, Ning Fan was confident that he could make his demon power attain the Mid Divine Transformation Realm!

After seeing Lu Daochen pass that precious Dao Fruit to Ning Fan, the other seven Honorable Demon Generals stared at Ning Fan with admiration. However, none of them would be daring enough to fight him for it.

Even so, all of them started to make comments about Ning Fan, envying his good luck within their hearts.

“This Lu Bei simply gave Lu Daochen a pill and he actually got the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf in return… Lu Bei really got a considerable gain out of this exchange!”


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