Grasping Evil - Chapter 327.2

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That was what the seven Honorable Demon Generals thought. However, Lu Daochen thought differently.

Lu Daochen’s current pill refining technique was only at the middle stage of Fifth Revolution.

However, at the moment he received the bottle which contained a Sixth Revolution Pill and smelled a whiff of its fragrance, his eyes widened with surprise.

“This... Could this be the…”

Lu Daochen was unable to stay calm upon obtaining the pill. If he was not wrong, what was inside the bottle was a Low Grade Sixth Revolution Pill, Undying Pill.

If a Void Refinement Realm expert suffers some injuries, his or her injuries would be greatly alleviated by consuming a single pill.

If a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator is hurt, consuming a single pill would be enough for them to completely heal!

“This pill is too precious. I can’t take it!”

Lu Daochen spoke with a serious expression. He was not a person who would stand on ceremony. However, the pill that Ning Fan wanted to give him was just too valuable. To any Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, this Undying Pill was equivalent to having an extra life after being grievously injured!

The seven Honorable Demon Generals standing beside them were stunned. Each of them was filled with immense curiosity.

All of them were trying to guess what kind of pill Ning Fan had actually given to Lu Daochen which caused the latter who was also regarded as the wise Master Lu to react in such an exaggerated manner.

“Don’t tell me that the pill that Lu Bei gave Lu Daochen is a High Grade Fifth Revolution Pill!”

“It can’t be… There is not a single High Grade Fifth Revolution Pill Master in the nine divisions of our Lu Clan. How did he obtain such a pill?”

Every one of them had their own guesses. However, none of them had guessed that the pill was actually a Sixth Revolution Pill.

As for Ning Fan, it would be impossible for him to be so foolish to the point of showing off his wealth and explain about the pill to this bunch of irrelevant individuals.

He just nodded his head gently, signaling that Lu Daochen could just consume the pill right away.

“You don’t have to decline my offer. Just take it. A pill is refined for someone to consume. Besides, since you are Lu Wan’er’s master, it is only normal for me to gift you a pill.”

Holding that pill in his hands, Lu Daochen sighed deeply. All sorts of feelings welled up within his heart. Eventually, he consumed that pill and immediately, his left eye stopped bleeding.

“Lu Bei, I will brand your kindness on my heart!”


Ning Fan no longer uttered anything. He did not even dart a glance at the other Honorable Demon Generals whose eyes were blazing with greed while coveting that pill.

Among the Sixth Revolution Pills given by Wei Xuan, there were only three Undying Pills left.

To Ning Fan, these three Undying Pills meant three extra lives. He was willing to give Lu Daochen one of them, however, there was no way he would give it to any outsiders.

“There are seven days more before the wolf king goes back to slumber again. I will leave for now and seven days later, we shall gather here again.”

Ning Fan let the group of women stay within the golden flame chariot and ordered the black puppet and dragon corpse to protect them. As for himself, he moved to tens of thousands of li* (500m per li) away and arrived at an ice valley where people seldom tread. He moved his fingers, turning them into swords and opened up a temporary abode.

He planned to break through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm by borrowing the power of the Dao Fruit of the Blood Wolf within these seven days!

Of course, during his seclusion, he would certainly need to pluck the ten Divine Transformation Realm human cauldrons whom he had just abducted. This process was not a pleasant scene to look at. Therefore, he did not wish to let the group of women see his cruel and merciless side.

With the protection from the black puppet and the dragon corpse, the group of women would definitely be safe.

The only thing he needed to worry about was the Realm Beast which might still be lingering around the Heaven Hall.

“I’m feeling a little uneasy. However, in order to wait for Tan Lang to his slumber, there is no other option other than waiting for these seven days to pass…”

Within the abode, Ning Fan pressed against his glabella, took out the Inlaid Star Compass and held it high up into the air. Instantly, the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li) within the ice cave was covered by a star formation.

Inside the ice cave, piercing cold wind blew.

Ning Fan closed his eyes while his face was filled with a hint of struggle.

“It’s time to pluck women again. This time, however, they are the ten Imperial Concubines of the Spirit King Palace….”

The next moment, the struggle on his face subsided. When he reopened his eyes, they were as cold as ice.

“Since we are enemies, what’s wrong if I use your primordial yin to pave my path in devil cultivation??! Appear!”

As he shook his Cauldron Ring, ten unconscious demon imperial concubines whose faces were blushing heavily were mercilessly thrown on the snowy ground.

With a flip of his hand, a gust of wind blew towards them, tearing the clothes of the ten delicate and pretty maidens, exposing their bodies. Each of them was affected by a heavy bewitching technique, making them unable to resist their urges. Their silky white skin had a faint shade of pink.

From time to time, a few of the imperial concubines would stare at Ning Fan with their beautiful misty eyes. Each of their faces was filled with both hatred and lust.

What they hated was being captured and made human cauldrons.

As for their lust, it was because of the effect of the bewitching techniques as well as the loneliness which surged within their hearts. Currently, all of them were rubbing their thighs together while the parts in between were wet and drenched. Their bodies were hot and craved to have an unforgettable night with the man in front of them.

Ning Fan’s eyes remained icy cold. He did not care whether cauldrons loved or hated him.

“Sometimes, someone needs to be the bad guy!”

His eyes turned grim as he undressed himself, pressing himself against one of the women.

He held that woman’s bright and clean chin, licked her lips a few times and then viciously sneered, “Nalan Zi, have you ever imagined that you would have such a day in your life?!”

“Lu… Lu Bei… The main race… My sister…” Nalan Zi unwillingly shut her eyes. What was abnormal was that she did not resist. Instead, she allowed him to play with her velvety fragrant lips.

He is a member of the main race. He is the only person who could possibly save my sister…

It’s my fault. I offended him at first and even harbored thoughts of killing him…

As long as my sister can be saved, it doesn’t matter if I have to sacrifice my virginity to satisfy him… It’s fine… It’s fine…

“Uh… Uhh…”

Nalan Zi could not deny the fact that Ning Fan was indeed extremely superb in doing what he was currently doing.

To her, every teasing he uttered and every stroke he made was stimulating.

She could clearly feel immense ecstasy running through her entire body. However, inside her mind, a part of her depressing past resurfaced…

Those memories that were flashing within her heart were reflected onto Ning Fan’s mind through the Mind Reading Technique of his Yin Yang Locket.


Nalan Zi let out a painful cry and passed out. The pain of having her private part intruded by a man’s large ‘thing’ was unbearable to her.

Ning Fan increased his pace, violently pounding Nalan Zi’s body, giving her an intense stimulation.

Meanwhile, he secretly activated his cultivation method with the intention to pluck this woman’s cultivation level until there was nothing remaining. However, just a brief moment later, a series of sentimental matters went into Ning Fan’s mind through Nalan Zi’s heart.

“When I was seven years old, my younger sister and I witnessed the annihilation of the Purple Cuckoo Race with our own naked eyes. We even saw our own mother be captured by others, kept as a slave and was eventually abused to death by a group of hideous men… I would never forget what had happened on that day for the rest of my life. From that day onwards, Nalan Zi vowed that she must get stronger and be more iron-willed than anyone else. I want to have revenge. I want to climb to the pinnacle of power by having their corpses beneath my feet…”

“At the age of fifteen, I became a demon maidservant of the Spirit King Palace. I have a sister and her name is Nalan Ling. On the second month after I joined the Spirit King Palace, she was literally eaten alive by the Spirit King right before my very eyes. Not a single part of her corpse was left… However, later on, I found out that she had actually been turned into a spirit slave…”


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