Grasping Evil - Chapter 328.1

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After a one-night stand, the internal part of the cave was a complete mess.

Nine out of those ten demon imperial concubines had been plucked until they were left with  a very thin amount of qi as their cultivation level regressed to the Gold Core Realm. When they were unconscious, Ning Fan had planted demon seals inside their bodies and kept them into his Cauldron Ring, handing them over to Bing Ling and Yue Ling to guide them.

Only Nalan Zi was rather exceptional. Even though she had lost her Primordial Yin, her cultivation level was still at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm.

As for Ning Fan, he had also lost interest to pluck this woman.

“The Spirit King is a woman… The main clan may lift the curse of the ‘spirit slaves’ and save my sister…”

“Is Lu Bei a member of the main clan? If he is, I am willing to do anything for him. just to beg him…to save my sister…”

“I have a sister, and her name is Nalan Ling…”

Every sentence inside her mind repeatedly echoed within Ning Fan’s Sea of Consciousness with the help of his Yin Yang Locket. 

At first, Ning Fan was just subconsciously spying into Nalan Zi’s mind to find out some secrets about the Spirit King Palace. However, he had never thought that this unintentional action of his would allow him to access such unbelievable information. 

“The Spirit King is a woman? Besides, within Nalan Zi’s mind, she repeatedly thought of me as a member of the main clan. Only the main clan would not be affected by the Purple Cuckoo’s curse, and its members can even use the power of their bloodlines to dominate the Spirit King! What is the main clan? Since Nalan Zi said that I am a member of the main clan, could it be that I can borrow the power of my Fu Li bloodline to dominate the Spirit King? This is too ridiculous…”

Ning Fan sat against the icy wall, took his clothes and placed them on Nalan Zi to cover her body.

Perhaps he was waiting to obtain more secrets from Nalan Zi after she wakes up.

Or maybe his mind was hooked by Nalan Zi’s past.

In the end, after taking away her chastity, Ning Fan restrained himself and did not pluck a single trace of her cultivation level.

“Keeping this girl may be of use and bring me unexpected benefits in the future. If I can figure out the secrets regarding the main clan, there’s a chance I can take down the Spirit King Palace in the future and simply reach a higher level in a single step, becoming the most distinguished individual in the Land of Demons… Besides, after she recognized me as a member of the main clan, she was willing to give me everything… If so, she could be a surprisingly good fighter. Once cultivated, the curse of her Purple Cuckoo’s blood tear would become a terrifyingly lethal skill. Of course, the prerequisite is that her eyes which were deliberately damaged can still be cured…”

Ning Fan’s eyes become gentle. The main reason why he would decide to let Nalan Zi off the hook was probably because she was still useful. 

The secondary reason was because of her past which stirred up his memories of his own past. 

“It’s no wonder she would behave in such a bossy and unreasonable manner. It’s actually because she had gone through such things which caused her to change greatly…”

Ning Fan gently reached out his hand, stroking that unconscious woman’s face. Below her eyelashes, bloody tears which flowed out from her eyes which had been blinded after displaying the Purple Cuckoo’s seal had dried up and became dried blood.

“For your younger sister, are you willing to obey all of my commands? You are really a good sister, while I am not a good brother…”

“Being fierce against your enemies and would rather die than submit…. That part of you is rather like me.”

His palm brush passed Nalan Zi’s breasts which were not too ample but rather so-so. Her body looked a little skinny and malnourished with her ribs faintly visible. On the surface, she was just a thin and weak woman. Despite that, a woman like her was just like Ning Fan, someone who suffered quite a lot of hardships.

At the moment when Ning Fan was touching Nalan Zi, her eyelashes fluttered and she gradually awakened.

Her eyes had become blind and she couldn’t see Ning Fan. But she could feel the warmth of Ning Fan’s hands.

All of sudden, she felt a pair of hands squeezing the tips of her breasts. They then drifted across her stomach, passing by the ‘small dark forest’ and finally fondled her soft and hidden private part which still had some bloodstains.

She endured and endured again. Allowing Ning Fan to play with her body… Ever since she recognized Ning Fan as one of the members of the main clan, she had decided to do everything to please Ning Fan.

The only thing she was curious about was that even though her body was being played around by Ning Fan, her cultivation wasn't plucked by him.


Gradually, Ning Fan’s flirtation became intolerable, causing her to let out a soft moan.

Even so, Ning Fan didn’t stop the movement of his fingers. He of course had already sensed that Nalan Zi was awake. He simply took off his shirt, and once again pressed his body against Nalan Zi’s.

Ning Fan wanted to make sure if this woman was really obedient to him, and to what extent exactly can she tolerate him for violating her body. 

All of a sudden, something penetrated the lower part of her body. The pain she felt from the wound that she suffered after the loss of her virginity was getting more and more severe. Nalan Zi’s face was filled with agony, but she still continued to endure the pain with her gritted teeth.

The atmosphere was cold and the air was chilly. The only warmth they felt was each other’s body temperature when their bodies intertwined. The only feelings they felt were the scorching pain and the ecstasy during penetration. 

“Why didn’t you resist?” Ning Fan made a few more thrusts and frowned, stopping the movement of his hips. 

Apparently, this woman really has yielded to me.

“I’m willing to be Master’s slave. I’m willing to obey... every command that master gives…I’m willing to offer my body and heart to Master…” Nalan Zi said with a shivering tone. In a way, it felt that her words were a little different from what she was thinking in her mind.

“Is it because you want me to save your sister? Her name is Nalan Ling, isn’t it?”

“Y-you! How do you know about it?! Ah!”

Nalan Zi’s thought had been pointed out blankly. Out of excitement, she twisted her waist, causing that ‘thing’ to penetrate deeper into her, making her let out a cry of pain. Gradually, her body turned soft and weak.

“What is the main clan?” Ning Fan’s brows remained tightly knitted and asked.

“If you promise to save my sister, then I will tell you.” Nalan Zi breathed heavily, causing her breasts to rise and fall. However, her expression gradually calmed down.

“You have no right to negotiate any conditions with me. As a matter of fact, I can just pluck you clean, search your soul and erase your memories!”

Ning Fan coldly uttered while secretly activating his Yin Yang Locket.

Immediately, all the information that Nalan Zi knew about the main clan was channeled into Ning Fan’s mind.

One corner of Ning Fan’s lips curved upwards, forming an evil smile as he spoke, “The main clan is the master of the first generation Spirit King of the Spirit King Palace. They possess the power to manipulate everything of the Spirit King Palace, including the appointment and dismissal of the successive Spirit Kings as well as their life and death… Am I correct?!”

What he said caused Nalan Zi to feel so shocked that her mouth was left wide agape. Instantly, she realized that her thoughts had probably been spied upon by some kind of secret technique like telepathic perception.  

“Y-You can read my mind?!” Nalan Zi was a little flustered. Originally, she was prepared to use that information as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Ning Fan. Currently, however, she was left with nothing to negotiate anymore.

“Precisely. I can make you divulge all your secrets without the need of performing the Soul Memory Searching Technique at all. To me, the only value you have is to be plucked by me!”

“Do I… really have no use for you… anymore?” Nalan Zi’s heart sank.

As a woman who was shrewd and intelligent, she deeply understood what kind of destiny a pawn would face when it had lost its value and usefulness.

After this, I will be plucked to death by this man.

I don’t have the ability at all to ask him to save Nalan Ling!

“No! I am still valuable to you! Please. I beg you. Please save my younger sister. I am still useful to you!” Nalan Zi stubbornly pleaded.

“Tell me, what could I use you for?!” Ning Fan pinched Nalan Zi’s chin. Even though he looked cold and indifferent on the surface, his heart was slightly moved by her actions.

Nalan Zi is begging me.

Since this woman has a similar personality to me, she should not resort to begging anyone else so easily. Is it because of her young sister that she would choose to beg me?

Just like how I pleaded Man Xiong to give me the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia in the past?


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