Grasping Evil - Chapter 328.2

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“I can be your woman. I can give my body and soul to you!” Nalan Zi was feeling desperate. She did not know whether the condition she offered which was extremely costly to her would arouse Ning Fan’s interest or not.

“Is there a way for your eyes to regain their sight once again? I would love to have another fighter. I value your Purple Cuckoo’s Seal very much.”

“My eyes… They can’t be healed anymore… The seal of the Purple Cuckoo Race is terrifying. Moreover, some True Spirit Races were so afraid that they joined forces together to wipe out our Purple Cuckoo Race… After all, the Purple Cuckoo’s Seal was just too powerful and that became the main reason why it happened. However, the cost of using this seal will cause irreversible loss of sight to the caster. They would not be able to see anything at all, even if they use their spirit sense… In short, I won’t be able to use the seal for the second time in my entire lifetime…”

Nalan Zi felt a complete loss of hope.

She was willing to give up her body for Ning Fan but he did not even give a glance on it at all.

In fact, Ning Fan had set his eyes upon her capabilities. However, in order to kill Ning Fan, she had already used up the Purple Cuckoo Seal which she could only use once in her entire lifetime.

Am I really… useless to him anymore… Is he going to kill me? Am I going to die here just like this? Is he not going to save Ling Er anymore, is he…”

No… I can’t just give up yet. Ling Er is crying. She is waiting for me. She is waiting for me to save her!”

The monologues within Nalan Zi’s mind echoed inside Ning Fan’s mind word after word.

Unyieldingly, she bit her lips. She detested being treated with disrespect by a man. She had a mental trauma on this.

However, for her young sister, she must prove to Ning Fan that she still had a bit of use to him…

“I will satisfy you. I will. I certainly will…”

She gently moved her hips in a circular motion just like a writhing water snake, causing the hot rod to continuously move in and out of her. The only intention she had in her mind was to make Ning Fan feel comfortable.

Her body was already lacking in strength. However, she forcibly brought herself up by pressing against the ground with one of her hands. She then placed the other hand around Ning Fan’s neck, pressing herself against Ning Fan and presented her lips and tongue to him.

“Even if you are unwilling to save Ling Er, please don’t kill me… I can’t die just yet…”

Ning Fan felt a hint of irritation.

Being treated like that by a beauty who was previously your enemy should be immensely enjoyable, be it from a mental or physical aspect.

However, Ning Fan did not feel the slightest hint of happiness.

Looking at Nalan Zi’s facial expression which was plastered with the desperation to protect her younger sister, Ning Fan did not feel pleased at all.

Feeling annoyed, Ning Fan rose from the ground, gently pushing Nalan Zi aside. He draped his robes around his body and walked out from the cave, trying to calm down his emotions.

However, as soon as he left, Nalan Zi immediately became a panic-stricken fawn.

“Are you not satisfied with me… Please don’t go. Don’t go! I can work harder and perform better!”

As she had lost her ability to see, she could not see anything in front of her. The woman whose eyes were originally bright and clear and were filled with a sense of pride had become dim now, losing their focus. In a flurry, she crawled with her limbs on the snowy ground, groping and searching, attempting to get back to Ning Fan.

“Don’t kill me… I can’t die right now…” When she recalled her younger sister’s cries before she was eaten alive, Nalan Zi felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart.

Sister! Sister!! Why did you leave me alone… Why don’t you come and save me?”

Her young sister's voice echoed within her mind and it did not seem to be subsiding. Nalan Zi was unable to feel composed at all.

The virgin blood which flowed out from her lower part stained the snowy land, leaving a blood-red track along the path she crawled.

After crawling for a while, she finally lost all her strength. Feeling completely broken, she stopped and collapsed in the snow with her naked body.

Then, a pair of thin but powerful arms carried her up.

“I never kill my human cauldrons. However, that only applies if you will be obedient.”

Ning Fan’s frown slowly loosened as he placed her above his knees.

He was not a soft-hearted person. However, when he saw Nalan Zi’s reaction, he felt as if he was looking at a reflection of himself.

I was blessed with luck as I met Zhihe and the Old Devil. Nalan Zi, however, did not have the same luck as I did. What she faced was just an icy world filled with cruelty and mercilessness.

“Are you not going to kill me?” Nalan Zi asked as if she had just heard something ridiculous.

A ruthless devil who had butchered millions without batting an eyelid would actually spare her life?

“You can say that I am very satisfied with your techniques. Be my female slave. If you agree, perhaps when I am in a good mood in the future, I will pay the Spirit King Palace a visit. Perhaps, I might conveniently rescue your younger sister as well…”

“Is that true?!” Nalan Zi’s face was filled with surprise.

However, when she thought of Ning Fan’s request, she began to hesitate.

A female slave did not just need to contribute her body to her master.

A female slave might be treated as a tool by her master or be taken out to entertain other men.

Unfortunately, she had no idea how domineering Ning Fan was. It was absolutely impossible for him to allow other men to touch his women.

However, when she thought of the fate that her mother had of becoming a female slave, she pondered.

Perhaps I might share the same fate as my mother. But if I am able to save my younger sister…

“I, Nalan Zi, am willing to become your slave…”

Groping. Nalan Zi was already blind. All she could do to feel Ning Fan’s presence was to grope in the dark.

Her delicate hands which were as cold as ice touched Ning Fan’s waist and thighs. Eventually, her hands came into contact with a long and warm rod. After hesitating for a moment, she went down to her knees and lowered her head. She opened her mouth and kept that rod within.


As Nalan Zi continued to fondle it with her tongue, she asked with a muffled voice.

“Master… Is it comfortable?”

“Mm.” Ning Fan casually replied.

Let’s just keep this woman for the moment.

Within the Yin Yang Locket, an indolent woman was looking at the exciting erotic scene happening in the outside world while sipping a cup of fragrant tea.

“Good little brother. You have such good luck to be loved by pretty girls. You can even keep this woman who is a member of the True Spirit Purple Cuckoo Race, the race that serves the palace as your slave. This elder sister really envies you…”

“What are you feeling jealous of? Are you jealous that she can put my ‘thing’ inside her mouth? Do you want to have a try too?”

“Bah. You have grown so bold that you even dare to joke around with me?! I just want to tell you that other than being famous for its seal, the Purple Cuckoo Race has another excellent technique: Cuckoo Tongue Technique. It is the perfect nourishment for anyone who practices the dual-cultivation technique… You have to take advantage of this opportunity and cultivate your Yin Yang Transformation. Don’t waste it! Once you break through to the Third Layer of the Yin Yang Transformation, then I would be able to see the light of the day once more!”


A sudden noise echoed from within, just like the sound of shutting a window. Luo You’s breathing seemed to be a little short.

After watching Ning Fan engaging with such eroticism all day long, she did not seem to be able to retain her composure.

“The Cuckoo Tongue Technique, huh…” Ning Fan’s breathing gradually became heavier.

Apparently, Nalan Zi’s smooth and velvety tongue had an enchanting power which could cause all men to completely lose control of themselves, succumbing to their lust.

After the time taken for an incense stick to burn had passed, a sticky white liquid spewed into her mouth. Nalan Zi immediately withdrew her head, pulling out the hot rod and covered her mouth with another hand. Her cheeks flushed.

Lecherously, she gulped down whatever that was within her mouth and asked, “Master, are you satisfied with my techniques?”

“Of course!”

What Ning Fan was truly satisfied with was that his Yin Yang Transformation had reached the peak of the ninth level of the Second Layer. Moreover, it was advancing slightly towards the Third Layer.

However, upon hearing Ning Fan’s reply, Nalan Zi heaved a sigh of relief. The corners of her mouth were still stained with some sticky white fluid.

“It’s good that Master is satisfied… Now, Master, please plant a demon seal on me…”

“Very well. After I plant a demon seal on you, I will keep you for the moment. Your cultivation level might be high, but your eyes are blinded and your combat power is greatly weakened. For the time being, take some rest. I will ask Bing Ling and Yue Ling to let you rest.”


Snuggling within Ning Fan’s arms, Nalan Zi no longer had any pride or arrogance.

She knew that this man would become her everything, even though it was not because of love.

“Master, please. I beg you. You must help me… As repayment, I am willing to give you everything I have…”

Tears welled up within the corners of her eyes. Even so, she stubbornly held them back, stopping them from flowing down her cheeks.

Ever since she was born, she never had the opportunity to choose her own destiny.

Despite that, she had a reason to continue surviving…


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