Grasping Evil - Chapter 329.1

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They copulated once again and a series of moans and groans echoed throughout the cave. This time, Ning Fan no longer treated Nalan Zi roughly.

After that, he kept her into his Cauldron Ring and ordered Bing Ling and Yue Ling to give her special treatment. Then, Ning Fan sat on the icy ground in a meditative posture.

The ground within the cave was still stained with ten smudges of blood. One of them was especially long, forming a mark on the snowy ground.

“Nalan Zi… If it was me who saw my own mother being humiliated to death and my own younger sister being eaten alive, I would probably also lose control of myself. I would’ve also act domineering and tough and strive to attain greater power regardless of anything… I’ve taken away your purity. However, I did not do it with evil intentions. I’ve even spared your life. However, my actions were not out of kindness… It has no relevance to kindness and evil. I’m just following my Dao Heart, doing what I’m supposed to do and that’s it…”

“I also have someone whom I need to protect. That’s why I still need to pluck more women in order to increase my power!”

Ning Fan draped his robes around his body as he sat on the ground. His long black hair danced in the air even though there was no wind blowing.

Gradually, his eyes turned calm and indifferent.

As long as his Heart of Dao still remains, even if he has to overturn the whole world and go against millions of people, he would never back off!

After plucking the nine women and copulating with Nalan Zi a few times, his demon power had grown to 27560 units!

However, he had only completed half of the progress in improving his demon power to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm.

“It’s still not enough!”

Without uttering any words, Ning Fan slapped his storage pouch and took out seven Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits. His eyes were blazing with great enthusiasm.

After going through countless massacres in the Star Sea, he had obtained countless Dao Fruits. Among the Dao Fruits he gathered, the Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruits nearly had no effect on him. Consuming them with his current cultivation level would be equivalent to washing them down the drain.

Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits, however, were great nourishment for him!

Without any hesitation, he consumed the seven Dao Fruits. Borrowing the speed of assimilation from his Yin Yang Devil Veins, his demon power had drastically increased to 34620 units after just a single day!

“Just a little more! Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf, appear!”

Holding a blood-red Dao Fruit in his hand, Ning Fan’s zeal for power grew stronger.

This particular Dao Fruit was equal to three Peak Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits.

What was more important about it was that the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf was an item that thirsts for blood. Once he consumes this fruit, it would certainly be able to activate the demon blood residing within his body. In other words, he could then refine the demon blood that had been accumulated within his body in one go!

After swallowing the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf, Ning Fan’s body became hot as if he was being burned in flames. A tremendous demon power exploded within his body as if it had activated all the demon blood inside his body, causing them to churn and boil!


A Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf alone had improved Ning Fan’s demon power to 38160 units.

Not only that, the Dao Fruit had stimulated the demon blood within him. The millions droplets of demon blood which he had devoured from the massacres and mass murder he commited in the Star Sea were all turned into magic power!

The devil marks on his back became scorching hot and his presence emanated strong devil qi.

As his demon power increased, his body refining realm had also been slightly improved due to the effect of his demon blood!

The third day passed by followed by the fourth.

The fifth day and then the sixth day!

On the seventh day, Ning Fan’s demon power had increased to 67500 units!

His demon power was advancing ferociously and it was continuously breaking through the multiple hurdles of his cultivation level.

Since Ning Fan’s intent realm had achieved Large Accomplishment, it was more than enough for him to break through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. Now, it only needed a little more push for him to achieve his objective.

Vein Opening Realm, Harmonious Spirit Realm, Gold Core Realm and the Nascent Soul Realm emphasized on the practice of cultivation method.

After achieving the Divine Transformation Realm, however, it was crucial for cultivators to cultivate their intent realms: Divine Intent, Devil Intent and Demon Intent. Each of them was closely related to the cultivator’s advancement.

“It’s just a little more!”

All of a sudden, Ning Fan’s eyes turned dim. Even though his demon power had already exceeded the level of the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, he was still unable to get through the barrier that stifled his advancement.

Ferocity flashed within his eyes. He smacked his storage pouch, took out four venomous worms whose poison had all been neutralized and swallowed them.

Suddenly, the worm sense began to assimilate within his Sea of Consciousness, making the power of his spirit sense experience a sharp increase.

Without knowing, more rifts began to appear on the bottleneck which had been hindering his advancement.

“Now… break!”

Ning Fan let out a loud shout. A vigorous and forceful aura dispersed from his body and a column of black devilish flames spread out in all directions while his dark spirit sense encompassed the vicinity within fifty thousand li* (500m per li).

Within that area, glaciers collapsed and the flying snowflakes melted into water. However, as soon as they melted, they were then frozen into black ice crystals.

All of a sudden, a purple shadow soared high up into the sky from the ruins of ice. Standing in midair, he gave out a demonic shrill that reached far and wide!

His spirit sense had attained the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm while his demon power was finally at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm!

After achieving his objective, his demon power was stabilized at a total of 71440 units.

At this moment, Ning Fan was no longer an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator but an expert of the Mid Divine Transformation Realm instead!

One of the primary benefits of achieving an improvement in his cultivation level was that the destructive power of his magical techniques would at the very least become 50% stronger than before. At most, they could even be strengthened by one fold!

“Mid Divine Transformation Realm. This is the cultivation level which Li Ban has been dreaming all his life to attain. Unfortunately, he died while I survived and attained it… After achieving this advancement, I have already surpassed cultivators like Li Ban from the foundation of my power!”

Gradually, he withdrew his aura. Standing amidst the blowing wind, Ning Fan shut his eyes, calming down the excitement that invaded his state of mind.

My cultivation level still needs to be stabilized…

Normally, what cultivators need in order to stabilize their cultivation levels was secluded meditation.

Ning Fan, however, needed to kill in order to keep his cultivation level stable.

“Seven days had passed. It’s time to launch an attack on the valley of snow… It’s time to seize the Star of the Celestial Emperor and leave this place…”

After his journey in the Star Palace ends, perhaps he would not be meeting a lot of women for a long period of time.

However, Ning Fan did not have the time for rest.

Taking a step forward, he travelled across the air and returned to the valley with confusing paths, appearing right before the golden flame chariot.

His aura became even steadier and more restrained than before. The way he moved became even more quiet and stealthier.

His arrival nearly did not alarm anyone at the scene, other than Yuan Yao whose original cultivation level was so powerful that she could defy the heavens.

“Lu Bei! You’ve returned!”

Yuan Yao gently chattered. All of a sudden, all the women’s heads turned and their eyes were affixed to Ning Fan.

He no longer concealed his breathing anymore. Slowly, he released his aura. Immediately, the eight Honorable Demon Generals who sensed Ning Fan’s presence had rushed towards him from their respective locations where they had been meditating privately for the past seven days. As soon as they noticed his breathing, every one of their faces experienced a drastic change.

“Mid Divine Transformation Realm! After just seven days of secluded meditation, you actually made use of the opportunity and attained the Mid Divine Transformation Realm?!” The Earth General took the lead to break the silence. Since he was also an expert of the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, he knew how exactly difficult it was for an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator to advance into the Mid Divine Transformation Realm.

Besides, the Earth General had only sixty thousand units of demon power. Standing in front of Ning Fan, he actually had a feeling that his demon power was not as strong as Ning Fan’s!

To ordinary Divine Transformation Realm experts, each of the small cultivation levels within the Divine Transformation Realm was like a vast chasm as the difference between them was immensely large.

However, towards the abnormal Ning Fan, his combat power was already heaven-defying while he was still at the Early Divine Transformation Realm. Currently, after achieving a breakthrough, he probably would be even more terrifying!

“This is not a coincidence or luck…” The Honorable Demon General of the fourth division’s eyes flashed with surprise.

He was an expert who practiced the path of killing. The others might not be able to figure out how Ning Fan attained such a sharp increase in cultivation level, but he was able to notice that the massacre qi being emanated by Ning Fan had grown stronger.

“This kid must have committed innumerable massacres prior to this and devoured countless demon blood, storing them within his body. However, in the past seven days, he forcibly refined the terrifying amount of demon blood with some kind of unique method… That unique method which he used should be none other than consuming the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf… He did not achieve his current power by chance. Anyone who could kill millions upon millions of Gold Core Realm experts and consume the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf would be able to attain the Mid Divine Transformation Realm within seven days. The problem is, is there someone who could kill millions of Gold Core Realm cultivators among Divine Transformation Realm experts?”

Lu Daochen sighed with emotions. After all, he was the person who had witnessed Ning Fan’s growth every step of the way.


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