Grasping Evil - Chapter 329.2

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In the past, when the general who guarded the Northern Desert City – Lu Sheng reported to Lu Daochen about the discovery of a genius Lu Bei in that city, Lu Daochen only paid a bit of attention to it. Only when Ning Fan awakened his royal demon bloodline did Lu Daochen begin to regard him highly.

At that time, the level of Ning Fan’s demon power was undoubtedly at the Early Nascent Soul Realm. Along his journey, he had been continuously breaking through to higher cultivation levels. Within just twenty years, he had actually reached the Mid Divine Transformation Realm.

“Twenty years… A mediocre person might not reap any harvest by just cultivating bitterly for twenty years. A genius, however, would have the chance of becoming a proud son of the heavens after participating in bloodsheds for twenty years… Without a doubt, each advancement that Lu Bei made in his cultivation was tempered and toughened through bloodsheds and massacres. Lu Bei is a man with unswerving determination. If he cultivates for another twenty years or another two hundred years, what kind of person would he become? Perhaps, when the time comes, I can only stand beneath him and look up to him in admiration…”

Other than surprise and amazement, each of the Honorable Demon Generals were filled with much shame.

They were ashamed that after cultivating for thousands of years, a young man whose age had not even exceeded four hundred years old had actually caught up to them.

“With General Bei’s current cultivation level and his two fighters, you won’t even be defeated when confronting the eight blood wolves all by yourself…” The Thunder General joked heartily.

“General Thunder must be joking…” Ning Fan gave him a profound smile. However, he did not deny his statement.

Five of the blood wolves were at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm while the remaining three were at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. With the black dragon, the black corpse and me, why wouldn’t we win against them?!

*Suck in cold breaths*

After realizing Ning Fan had not denied his statement, the Thunder General felt inwardly shocked.

Don’t tell me that this man really has the confidence of wiping out the blood wolves on his own after the sharp improvement in his power!

“Wait a minute! Lu Bei! You’ve just broken through to a new cultivation level. You should be stabilizing it. It’s not good for you to engage in any battles right now…” Wu Yan spoke worriedly. Her words made the group of women nod their heads in approval.

“It doesn’t matter… I need to fight some battles to solidify my unstable demon power!”

Human cauldrons, Dao Fruits and pills were still external items after all.

If one does not go through bloody battles, their demon power would gradually become illusory, causing their combat power to decline. As a matter of fact, it was a common problem for many devil lords who practiced dual-cultivation. However, it was not the case for Ning Fan.

“Let’s set out. To the valley of snow!”

“Wait a moment!”

As they were about to depart, a whistling sound pierced through the sky and countless rays of lightning beam flashed towards him.

The person leading the group was Lu Jiefen. This person had actually returned!

“Lu Jiefen, you still dare to come back? Our General Bei has already broken through to a higher cultivation level…” Just as the Earth General was intending to utter some flatteries, he suddenly kept his mouth tight while his eyes widened with astonishment.

This time, Lu Jiefen did not just come back alone. Behind him, there were two large groups of experts.

One of them was the people of Prince Qu Shun while the other group was rather unfamiliar. It was a group that consisted of cultivators of the human race!

It was not a big deal for Prince Qu Shun’s group to come. After sacrificing ten demon generals from the Upper World, the strength of that group was already greatly weakened. This group of human cultivators, however, was comprised of two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts. Upon seeing their arrival, the Earth General’s spirit immediately dimmed and no longer dared to utter any more words.

“Haha! You all want to go and kill the Wolf King? Nice. It seems like I have come just in time. I have found some helpers. What about letting us join you?! On this side, there are the Divine Transformation Realm experts which Prince Qu Shun brought with him. On my other side, they are our human friends who came into the Star Palace for the emperor’s star. We met each other by chance. However, since we share the same goal, I just brought them with us…”

Lu Jiefen let out a cacophony of laughter and acted proudly. He seemed to have forgotten that he was an enemy who nearly acted against Lu Daochen not long ago.

Behind him, the two groups of experts descended to the ground one after another. Qu Shun and his group paid homage to the Honorable Demon Generals successively. As for the other group, every one of them behaved arrogantly and stood aside without greeting any of the generals. In their group, there were actually hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. The person who led the group was a green-robed young man who emanated Late Divine Transformation Realm cultivation aura. Behind that green-robed young man, there stood two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm old men.

“Lu Jiefen! As a member of the demon race, how dare you collude with humans and bring them with you?!” The Thunder General spoke with a displeased tone.

“So what if they are humans? When I was acting as the Venerated Demon of the Demon Sealing Sect in the Endless Sea, I had to make contact with humans at almost every moment. To me, it’s just extremely normal to make some human friends. Besides, does every one of you really not have a single human friend?”

Lu Jiefen shifted his gaze to Ning Fan as if he was trying to suggest something. He knew Ning Fan’s true identity. Thanks to the intel from his underlings, he knew that he was Zhou Ming, the ruthless devil lord of the External Endless Sea.

However, he did not expose Ning Fan’s identity in front of the others. He did not come to look for trouble this time. In fact, he sincerely wanted to join forces with them.

He eagerly wished to obtain the Star of the Celestial Emperor. However, he was also aware of the danger of seizing the key from Tan Lang. Coincidentally, he found some helpers along the way. After thinking over his next move, he thickened his face and returned to cooperate with Ning Fan and his group.

“Seven days ago, we were still enemies!” The Wind General angrily shouted.

“Seven days ago, the way I did things was really crude and rash. However, to cultivators like us, what is the big deal of some trivial grudges and resentment when facing such a tremendous benefit?! If we join hands, we definitely can eliminate the slumbering Wolf King in one go. If we don’t, based on the strength of our respective groups alone, none of us would have the capability of killing the Wolf King. When there are more people, the possibility of casualties would become smaller. I suggest that you all consider it properly!”

Lu Jiefen’s words made all the Honorable Demon Generals present to ponder.

Indeed, when facing a Void Refinement Realm enemy like Tan Lang, even if he were to be slumbering, it would still be better when there are more people participating in the assassination.

In case there are unexpected changes, the situation would be much easier to deal with when there are more hands.

“Lu Bei. What do you think? Do you want to join hands with Lu Jiefen?” Wu Yan frowned as she spoke.

“I actually don’t mind joining forces with them. However, before that, there is one thing that I must ask clearly… Venerated Demon Lu, don’t you want to introduce your newly invited friends to us?”

When Ning Fan’s gaze landed on the group of human cultivators, his eyes suddenly turned cold.

“I am interested to know where exactly this group of cultivators come from. When we met each other earlier, nearly half of the group of experts studied me with unkind looks… Are they coming here to find trouble with me? If that’s the case, let me warn you in advance: I will not show any mercy!”

Ning Fan’s words carried a hint of menace. When the green-robed young man standing in the opposite direction heard his words, his face instantly turned grim.

“What a boastful little ant who does not know his place! This young master wants to see how you can be merciless towards me! I am not like Zi Chuan who gave you the chance to butcher him!”

“Junior Brother! The important matter shall be prioritized first!” The two elderly men hurriedly urged.

“Hmph! Fine. Giving face to two senior brothers, I’m not going to argue with him. So you are that Lu Bei? Zi Chuan praised you so excessively as if flowers were cascading from the sky. As for me, I am waiting to see what capabilities you have under your sleeve. I am Lin Su from the White Devil Sect! You better remember my name properly!”

“White Devil Sect?”

Ning Fan’s gaze twinkled with a cold light. However, that cold look on his face subsided as soon as it came. No one at the scene was able to notice the changes on his face.

Is this the sect Lin Su joined that has been bullying and oppressing Old Devil and Wei Xuan?!

“I heard Zi Chuan said that although you are just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, you are someone who might even dare to challenge an Immortal Emperor to a fight… I wonder if I have the glory to learn a move from you!”

The two elders intended to advise again. However, before they could speak anything, Lin Su waved his hand and scornfully uttered, “Don’t worry. I will restrain my attacks properly. I won’t beat him to death. We will only exchange a single blow! Lu Bei, are you bold enough to do it?!”

As Lin Su’s voice echoed, the atmosphere was filled with dead silence.

At Ning Fan’s group, everyone including the Thunder and Wind General were looking at Lin Su as if they were looking at a fool.

“Are you sure you want to exchange a single blow with me?” Ning Fan innocently smiled.

“Exactly. Are you bold enough?!”

“Let’s do it and you’ll know!” Ning Fan’s smile faded as he clenched his fists.

On the tip of his finger, a trace of black colored aura revolved and the falling snow began to turn black.


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