Grasping Evil - Chapter 330.1

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Ning Fan pointed using one of his fingers which had a bit of black snowflakes revolving around it. Amidst the silver snowstorm, it looked unusually eye-catching.

His Mid Divine Transformation Realm aura spread out slowly. At the moment when it dispersed, the silver snowflakes were dyed black with his body as the center.

“Mid Divine Transformation Realm?! Impossible! When I saw this man seven days ago, he was still at the Early Divine Transformation Realm! There is no doubt about it!”

Lu Jiefen eyes twinkled with unease while a wave of astonishment struck his heart. 

Isn’t it too fast for him to have improved his cultivation level?!

Qu Shun was feeling the aura force that was being released by Ning Fan as his eyes turned grim.

The technique of blackening the snowflakes had made him quiver without any reasons.

As a matter of fact, he had felt that feeling before. It was during the time when Ning Fan displayed the Wind Mist Finger before his very eyes for the first time.

Today, however, the black snowflakes which were revolving around Ning Fan’s fingertip gave Qu Shun a more threatening feeling.

In fact, a misconception blossomed infinitely within Qu Shun’s mind: the current Ning Fan was not someone he could defeat! 

If he confronts the current Ning Fan who had attained the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, he estimated that he had twenty percent chance of winning the fight, forty percent chance of it ending in tie, and forty percent chance of being killed!

“He could actually give me such a strong sense of danger… He really is the most formidable rival that I have ever met in my journey of ascension!” Qu Shun’s eyes were brimming with battle intent, and he really wished that he was the guy who was going to battle Ning Fan right now.

Previously, when Ning Fan was still at the Early Divine Transformation Realm, he failed to arouse Qu Shun’s interest to fight him.

Currently, however, Ning Fan had already made Qu Shun feel that the former had a slim chance of winning against him!

As for Lin Su, Qu Shun did not even bother to dart a glance at him at all.

A Late Divine Transformation Realm expert? A member of the White Devil Sect? A man with 1200 years of bone age?

None of these deserved Qu Shun’s attention!

In Qu Shun’s eyes, Lin Su was just someone who was not even as good as Wang Xiao in combat!

“Lin Su does not deserve his reputation as a proud son of the heavens! If he were to be born in the mortal world, perhaps he won’t even be able to attain the Divine Transformation Realm at all. He is not qualified to be an opponent to test my skills.

Behind Qu Shun, among the seven Divine Transformation Realm cultivators from Immortal Demon World, the person with the highest cultivation level was a Mid Divine Transformation Realm old man who was just half a step away from breaking through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm.

This old man had spent his whole life cultivating the abilities of the ice element. With his ‘Natal Ice Qi’ that he had tempered and refined over thousands of years, he was even more powerful than some of the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators who possessed the Heavenly Cold Qi.

But at the current moment, when Ning Fan pointed using one of his fingers which brought upon wind and snow, an irresistible black-colored power had invaded his body, nearly freezing his ‘Natal Ice Qi’ which he had been practicing for multitudes of years into black ice!

“What kind of ice magical technique is this?! With just his aura, he could cause any ice-elemental cultivators’ demon power to be frozen within the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li)!”

In the past, he didn’t understand why Prince Qu Shun would consider Ning Fan who was just at the Early Divine Transformation Realm to be his greatest rival.

At this moment, however, he seemed to have realized… that Ning Fan’s capabilities were beyond all doubt. Especially after he had broken through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, his strength had gone up to a whole new level. Now, even though he was also a Mid Divine Transformation Realm who was just half a step away from attaining the Late Divine Transformation Realm, he probably could not withstand a single round fighting against Ning Fan!

He wasn’t the only one who noticed how horrifying Ning Fan’s move was.

The two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts, the hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators of the White Demon Sect as well as Lin Su felt a suffocating feeling at the same time, as if their magical powers had been frozen!

The core element which the members of the Black Devil Sect cultivate was fire, while the core element of the White Demon Sect was ice. Thus, all the cultivators of the White Demon Sect present were ice elemental cultivators without exception.

After Ning Fan cast a snowstorm with just one single finger, all the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators began to shiver uncontrollably at the same time!

It was a feeling that they felt after being affected by Ning Fan’s ice power. To them, it made them feel like all of their magical power which each of them had been cultivating for their entire lives were not even able to match that of a single piece of snowflake that Ning Fan conjured!

Among the experts in the White Devil Sect, the stronger the cultivation level of the cultivators, the deeper the fear they had on Ning Fan!

Six experts who were at the Early and Mid Divine Transformation Realm were only able to remove the abnormal force of coldness after retreating one hundred steps in unison!  

The two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts standing behind Lin Su felt an immense sense of danger from the single move that Ning Fan made!

Only Lin Su who acted as if nothing had happened continued to wear an arrogant look.

All of this was certainly because Ning Fan purposely didn’t let his power affect Lin Su.

“Junior Brother! You must never fight this person! You aren’t his match! If you insist, you will die!”

The two old men advised at the same time. Their faces did not have the slightest hint of calm at all.

They couldn’t describe how strong the feeling of danger they felt from the snowstorm to Lin Su!

“Hmph! Don’t tell me that my two senior brothers think that I will lose to a mere ant of the mortal world!” Lin Su was displeased, extremely displeased!

At the moment he said he wanted to battle with Ning Fan, the members of the opposite group stared at him blankly as if he was a fool. This kind of reaction made him especially upset. To him, it was like they had concluded that he, a dignified expert of the younger generation of the White Devil Sect, would be incapable of withstanding a single move from Ning Fan.

Ironically, when each of the disciples of the White Devil Sect saw Ning Fan crushing a few pieces of black snowflakes, they were scared to the core of their being. Even the two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm senior brothers also refused to confront Ning Fan.

What was even worse was that his own two senior brothers believed that he would be killed by Ning Fan in just one move!

What a joke! Indeed, after meeting Ning Fan in person, Lin Su was slightly astonished as Zi Chuan said that Lu Bei was an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator while the current him was at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm.

But in the eyes of Late Divine Transformation Realm experts like Lin Su, there was no difference at all facing an opponent at the Early Divine Transformation Realm or a Mid Divine Transformation Realm!

“Hmph! My two senior brothers, no need to say much. I won’t lose to a mere ant of the mortal world! You all think that I can’t handle one of this guy’s moves, don’t you? Good! I will display my trump card and let all of you see how powerful my attack is! However, by doing so, I won’t be able to show any mercy. Probably, Lu Bei will be dead in my hands… in just one move!”

Lin Su waved his hand and stopped the two old men from persuading him any further.

Actually, there was a saying which goes like this: If one does not seek death, then they won’t die.

After seeing that Lin Su paid no attention to their advice, the two old men gave up in persuading him. They just took out their respective most powerful treasures. Both of them were Half-Step Void Grade.

One of them was holding a turquoise turtle ice shield, whereas the other was holding a multi-colored vitrified bottle containing snow and wind.

Both of them readied their stance. Once they notice Lin Su’s life is in danger, they will then hurriedly get into action to save him.

Lin Su was seething with anger!

Zi Chuan looked down on me. Each of my own senior brothers is also like him, underestimating my capabilities!

All of them said that I wasn’t a match for Lu Bei. But regardless of their opinions, I, Lin Su, will prove to everyone that I can kill Ning Fan just like crushing an ant!

With an incredible speed, Lin Su continuously made two hand seals in an instant, leaving afterimages of his fingers!

“Lin Clan Secret Technique - Breath Regulating Spell!”

“The Dao of the White Devil, Nine Dances of Ice Phoenix Technique!”

After displaying the ‘Breath Regulating Spell’, Lin Su’s magic power increased by nearly ten percent. 

When he was displaying the cultivation method of the White Devil Sect, he performed a series of hand seals. On the sky above the nine heavens, silver snow congealed into an ice phoenix which was one thousand zhang* (3.13m per zhang) long. Every time it moves, it’s size would grow one thousand zhang* longer(1 zhang = 3.13m). After moving 4 times, the ice phoenix was already four thousand zhang (3.13m per zhang) long! Every breath it took could bring upon gusts of extremely cold wind to the vicinity within tens of thousands of li* (500m per li)!

“It’s the Four Dances of the Ice Phoenix! Unexpectedly, Senior Brother Lin Su could actually perform such a great secret technique! With such capabilities, he could place at least within the top ten experts among the younger generation of the White Devil Sect! Below the Late Divine Transformation Realm, who would be able to withstand this technique!”

“Breath Regulating Spell. It’s the secret art of the Lin Clan Bloodline! It allows one to temporarily raise their magic power by 10%. Such a powerful secret art is also considered precious in the Four Heavens!”

When Lin Su displayed magical techniques which were as graceful as an elegant swan, some of the Nascent Soul Realm experts who failed to see through the situation began to change their minds and support Lin Su.

On the other hand, the six Divine Transformation Realm experts had also begun to have confidence in Lin Su.

Only the two Half-Step Void Refinement experts’ faces were still filled with solemnity. Looking at the ice phoenix which had swirled four times in the sky, both of them frowned and exchanged glances with each other. Each of them was able to see through what each other had in their minds.

“The technique which Junior Brother Lin Su displayed now is comparable to a High Grade Divine Transformation Realm magical technique. However, an attack at such level might not be enough to withstand a single attack from Lu Bei!”

As Lin Su made another hand seal, the four thousand zhang* (3.13 m per zhang) long ice phoenix flapped its wings as countless gusts of icy wind rushed towards Ning Fan.

Under such coldness, all things on the surroundings were frosted over. Even all the Honorable Demon Generals and the women at the scene hurriedly distanced themselves from Ning Fan.

“This Lin Su is not weak… It’s not that he is weak. In fact, it’s just Lu Bei is too overpowered…”

Yuan Yao let out a gentle sigh and shut her eyes. At the next moment, Ning Fan spread his five fingers into the shape of a claw and clawed at heaven and earth without even darting a glance at the incoming bone-chilling gale. In the twinkle of an eye, the spiritual qi within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500 m per li) of the confusing valley was immediately drained. The frozen rivers cracked and the icy mountains collapsed. The earth split and the trees and grasses withered.

It was as if whatever life force that area had was extracted by Ning Fan with his palm and was turned into an unstable mass of primordial orb of light. Without showing any hesitation, he opened his mouth and shoved it into his throat!

Just as he consumed that light orb, his qi rose sharply!

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