Grasping Evil - Chapter 330.2

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Seventy thousand units of demon power, thirty thousand units of devil power and five thousand units of magic power. After combining these three types of powers into one, Ning Fan was only forty thousand units of magic power away from achieving the level of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert!

After performing Soul Extraction, his aura had experienced a sharp boost. In a flash, his power had reached the highest state of the Late Divine Transformation Realm.

If his aura were to be a little stronger, he would then reach the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!

“Sou… Soul Extraction Technique!”

Lin Su’ facial expression greatly changed. As for the others who did not know Ning Fan’s background, each of their faces were filled with absolute shock!

The Soul Extraction Technique was one of the three Void Fragmentation Realm abilities. By extracting souls with a single palm, one could greatly enhance their magic power. For any cultivators below the level of Immortals, the Soul Extraction Technique could be said to be the strongest technique for boosting one’s magic power. No other techniques could rival it! 

The Breath Regulating Spell is indeed very powerful. However, when comparing it with the Soul Extraction Technique, what can it do?

You’ve raised your magic power by a small cultivation realm higher, yet I’ve just increased my power by 10%!

At this moment, Lin Su finally felt some fear towards Ning Fan.

However, there was no way for him to back down now as he who rides a tiger finds it difficult to dismount it. It was impossible for him to give in now… Where could he put his face if he were to concede defeat at a moment like this?

When Ning Fan’s hand seals changed, Lin Su immediately felt an enormous bone-chilling force rushing against him, suppressing and overwhelming him! It allowed no room for him to resist!

His devil intent congealed into a tree trunk while his rain intent formed into bloody plums which adorned the tree. As for the violet light which lingered around Ning Fan’s body, it was without a doubt the manifestation of his demon intent.

Three different types of intent realms formed a peerlessly beautiful picture. Within that picture, Ning Fan gently lifted his fingers as if he was picking up the flowers and feeling the falling snow. His every move was soft and gentle.

However, when he pointed using one of his fingers, all the snowflakes which were drifting in the sky came to a halt and were literally being frozen in the air. Besides, under a weird ambience, all the silvery snow within a vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li) turned black.

An awe-inspiring darkness which was totally irresistible to Divine Transformation Realm cultivators spread out in the atmosphere. Within a breath’s time, the ice phoenix which had made four swirls became frozen. At the next moment, it let out a mournful shrill and then burst into pieces. 

The Ice Phoenix Technique which was powerful enough to make a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert find it hard to go against it was… crushed just like that! 


After Lin Su’s magical art was cancelled, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, causing him to cough up a mouthful of fresh blood. Amidst the fresh blood, however, there was some black icy sludge.

There was no way he could see it wrongly. Neither did everyone present!

That darkness was void power which could only be comprehended by Void Refinement Realm experts! Even a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert would never be able to learn it before they experience Void Inquiry.

“The Soul Extraction Technique of a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster and the Art of Void of a Void Refinement Realm old monster! T-This… is impossible! Ahh!”

Lin Su raised his head, staring at Ning Fan’s finger. For the first time, he tasted…terror!

What was that magical technique?

When he displayed the technique, it felt like he could manipulate the fleeting time, freeze the whole world and even put an end to samsara!

Pieces of black snowflakes were blown towards him by the wind.  To his horror, Lin Su realized that one of his arms was instantly frozen into black icy crystals, while standing amidst the black snow. Moreover, when the gentle wind brushed past it, it broke, shattering into pieces ice.

The black-colored force was still spreading to his body. Once it spreads to his whole body… Lin Su would certainly die! 

“Lif… Life Jade, protect me!”

He was already in a flurry, feeling helpless and defenseless!

Using his only remaining arm, he quickly crushed a jade stone with ferocity. At once, an aura that was comparable to a Void Refinement Realm strike dispersed from his body, trying to get rid of the snow!

However, before the aura of the strike he unleashed could condense, Ning Fan had already coldly muttered a single word, “Crush!”

The word he uttered made the Void Refinement Realm strike which had yet to condense become frozen by the snow and was then completely destroyed!

“Help… Help me!” Fear overtook Lin Su.

He finally realized how formidable Lu Bei was as an enemy.

The black snow which Ning Fan conjured was not only enough to freeze and kill a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert, but also inflict severe injuries on a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert!

He now regretted his actions. He cried for help. As for his two senior brothers who had been standing on guard, they finally went into action!

“Black Ice Tortoise, appear!”

“Pure Flask of Wind and Snow, keep!”

In a flash, they both emerged in front of Lin Su, trying to block Ning Fan’s black snow with their own magical weapons.

However, after seeing them intervene in the fight, would Ning Fan let them be without doing anything?

Almost in a twinkling of an eye, a dragon and a puppet turned into black shadows and eerily appeared before them during their intervention.

Under the camouflage which Ning Fan deliberately put on them, the black dragon and the black puppet barely revealed any trace of their auras. Apart from the people who had known about the existence of the black dragon, the other people that were there at that time, especially the members of the White Devil Sect were certainly unaware that Ning Fan actually owned Half-Step Void Refinement Realm fighters.

The appearance of the dragon and the puppet were just too bizarre!

One claw and one punch were thrown at the two old men. Both of them who were caught off guard were literally pounded by the black dragon and the black puppet on their chests, causing them to fly in the opposite direction over ten thousand zhang* (3.13m per zhang) away.

Besides, along the way where they were sent backwards, a trace of black snow seeped into their bodies without being noticed by others.

Similarly, a trace of black snow had also entered Lin Su’s body without being seen by anyone.

“Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse and spiritual puppet! He actually has two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm fighters!”

Lin Su could not help but tremble uncontrollably in fear. He had a feeling that he was probably going to die.

At this moment, Lu Jie Fen and Qu Shun could no longer sit by and watch without taking any actions.

They both showed up in front of Lin Su in a flash. One of them wielded a golden flame while the other manipulated a purple flame. With great effort, they set up a two-layered wall of flames, blocking Lin Su from the incoming attack.

When the snowy gale collided against the wall of flames, no noise was emitted. But at the next moment, a tremendous aura exploded and swept across the surroundings in all directions, turning the land within the area of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) into ruins. 

Both Qu Shun and Lu Jie Fen’s countenances changed. Each of them grabbed Lin Su and retreated ten thousand zhang* (3.13m per zhang) backwards. Only then could they stabilize their postures. Towards the might of Ning Fan’s technique, they now had a rather complete understanding. 

Between the two of them, neither one of them could withstand his Wind Snow Finger alone!

“General Lu Bei, killing the sleeping Wolf King is our priority. Both of you agreed to just compete with a single move. Before bringing the wolf king down, it is better not to kill anyone.”

Their tones sounded like they were negotiating with Ning Fan.

In order to kill the Wolf King, it was of course better to have greater combat power. Both of them were unwilling to see Ning Fan falling out with the White Devil Sect.

“I have already stopped at the point where I should. Or else Lin Su would have already died…”

Ning Fan spoke in a flat tone as he withdrew his Wind Snow Finger, as if he was not concerned about the life and death of the experts from the White Devil Sect.

Qu Shun, Lu Jie Fen and the two Void Refinement Realm experts of the White Devil Sect… The battle formation of the opposite group was not weaker than Ning Fan’s. If their trump cards were to be taken into consideration, Ning Fan’s party was still a bit weaker.

Ning Fan had already expected that Qu Shun and the others would save Lin Su. Throughout the fight, what he had been doing was none other than waiting for them to rescue him.

There was no way he could let the White Devil Sect go.

On the surface, he might look soft-hearted as he did not kill Lin Su. But in private, during the time he ordered the refined corpse and spiritual puppet to ambush the two elderly men, he had separated three traces of black snow from his power and planted them into their bodies, secretly plotting against them.

These traces of snow were the finest and purest pieces of snowflakes among what he had. They possessed the effect of samsara. With just the three of them, they would not be able to notice it at all. 

Before killing Tan Lang, Ning Fan would not activate the power residing in their bodies as he still wanted to take advantage of the White Devil Sect.

When whatever that needs to be done is done, he would then activate the Wind Snow Technique, causing the black snow to wreak havoc within them. None of them should be able to survive that attack! 

Nobody was able to see through his plot, except for Yuan Yao who had extremely keen eyes.

“Lu Bei, do you have such a deep enmity against the White Devil Sect? It does not seem like your style to kill the members of the White Devil Sect just because of personal disputes … Wasn’t it… a little vicious?” Yuan Yao could not understand. According to the impression that Ning Fan gave her, he was a person who had no interest in venting his anger on others.

“The White Devil Sect is my nemesis. If you think that it’s vicious, then I can’t help it… ” Ning Fan said with an indifferent tone. He did not give much explanation. However, his eyes flashed with a touch of sadness.

He did not have any ideas about his past grudges.

However, when he thought of how Old Devil’s cultivation was incapacitated and how Wei Xuan and his family were forced by the White Devil Sect to abolish their immortal cultivation… 

In the past, both Old Devil and Wei Xuan must have endured extreme humiliation.

It is never enough to just kill a Lin Su! If I kill Lin Su now, the other two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts would definitely flee with anger!

Ning Fan would not let anyone from this group of experts from the White Devil Sect escape… Once Tan Lang is killed, they would then die together with that wolf!

The sadness shown on Ning Fan’s expression had softened Yuan Yao’s heart. Her eyes turned gentle and kept quiet. 

Lin Su, who had fortunately survived, breathed erratically. With a pair of hateful eyes, he glared at Ning Fan grudgingly.

The same hatred rose in the eyes of the two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts from the White Devil Sect.

“My Senior Brothers! Your junior brother’s arm was crippled and both of you were badly injured. We can’t just tolerate it and let him go!”

“Absolutely! Once the sleeping Wolf King is killed, we shall take the opportunity of the chaotic situation and kill this Lu Bei as well! Even though he is just a nobody from the mortal world, his innate talent is heaven-defying and his combat power surpasses many. However, he doesn’t seem to know that he has failed to show his restraint! As the saying goes, the stiffest tree is the most easily cracked. It is seeking death for whoever offends us, the White Devil Sect!”

However, they certainly still had no idea about who was actually going to die in the end… 

After the confrontation between Ning Fan and Lin Su, no one ever dared to underestimate Ning Fan anymore.

The current Ning Fan who was at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm could put up a fight with Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts!


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