Grasping Evil - Chapter 331.1

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“Hehe. General Bei has excellent skills. You already have a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivation. I presume that I might not necessarily be able to win against you even if you don’t borrow power from your spiritual puppets… However, I still recommend that we should join hands together for this mission. I wonder what do all of you think? Are there still any objections?”

Lu Jiefen’s eyes flashed with a hint of dread which was so faint that it was barely perceptible. It was his first time feeling fear towards Ning Fan after he had revealed his true power.

Prior to this, he originally still had the intention to seek trouble with Ning Fan. Currently, however, Lu Jiefen no longer harbored the idea of antagonizing Ning Fan.

“This man has just broken through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm and he could already display the Wind Snow Finger which could grievously injure a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert. If he breaks through to the Late Stage or even the Peak Stage of Divine Transformation Realm, isn’t he going to be invincible among the cultivators below the Void Refinement Realm! Moreover, with the two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse and spiritual puppet, this man alone has the combat power equivalent to three Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts… He’s someone not to be trifled with. Besides, after his trip in the Star Palace, he would certainly return to the Endless Sea and continue his identity as Zhou Ming… Unless I successfully attain the Void Refinement Realm, it’s inappropriate for me to offend him again…”

Lu Jiefen’s mind was flooded with thoughts. He was a person who prioritized material gains. In order to achieve his objective, he would never hesitate to adopt any means, regardless of whether it was fair or foul, just like how he turned his back on his old associates to try to seize the Dao Fruit of Blood Wolf. Now, after sensing that Dao Fruit has already been consumed by Ning Fan, he found that there was not any benefit in continuing to be hostile towards the latter. With no qualms, he immediately let go of his plans to continue opposing Ning Fan.

It was what he had learned from his experience in the Endless Sea throughout his journey of climbing up to the pinnacle of power.

There was not a permanent enemy. There were only long-lasting benefits.

Lu Jiefen had already shown the white flag towards Ning Fan. As for Qu Shun, however, his eyes remained abstruse and indiscernible. Neither joy nor anger could be seen from his eyes. With an indifferent tone, he said, “There are some old scores between me and General Bei. However, most of them are not worth mentioning. To gain the emperor’s star and kill the Wolf King, this prince is willing to join forces with General Bei.”

Prince Qu Shun had already regarded Ning Fan as his greatest rival. A rival is not an enemy. Instead, a rival is someone who must be surpassed.

“Lu Bei will be the strongest opponent that I’ll ever meet before my ascension. There’s no doubt about it! I might have been cultivating bitterly in the demon world for countless years, but he… It won’t take long before his name will be spread across the Rain World!” Qu Shun muttered to himself with firm confidence.

Both Lu Jiefen and Qu Shun had the idea of cooperating with Ning Fan. As such, the members of the White Devil Sect did not feel good to oppose their ideas.

“Hmph! Before killing the Wolf King, I, Lin Su, am willing to ‘temporarily’ work together with General Bei!”

The word ‘temporarily’ was uttered cynically by him. Those with discerning eyes would know that once they successfully eliminate the Wolf King, there would certainly be a dispute between the White Devil Sect and Ning Fan.

“I wonder if General Bei agrees with the idea of joining hands with us?!” Lu Jiefen chuckled in a friendly manner.

“Do you think I have any reason to refuse? It’s always better to have more people. However, after killing the Wolf King and obtaining the key, how should we distribute it? Moreover, during our mission, if there is someone who harbors private grudges against me and ambushes me, how should we deal with it?”

“Hehe. If the Wolf King dies, it would depend on our own capabilities to decide to whom the key would finally belong… General Bei, isn’t this what you have in mind?” Lu Jiefen did not give him a straight answer. However, from the words he said, he had revealed the fact that their cooperation would only last until the Wolf King is killed. After that, it would have to depend on themselves to contend for the key of the Star Palace!

Lu Jiefen certainly had no idea that the key was already in Ning Fan’s hands. At the next moment, his facial expression darkened and continued speaking, “As for General Bei’s concern, to be honest, it is also what’s bothering me. Before the Wolf King is killed, we are in an alliance. We should cast aside all the grudges and resentment that we have for each other. If anyone carries their personal grudges and initiates a personal fight during the mission, I will be the first one to kill him!”

Lu Jiefen’s words were obviously talking to the members of the White Devil Sect.

Upon hearing his words, Lin Su’s eyes narrowed with gloominess and snorted coldly. As for the two elderly men behind him immediately took a step forward and said with dissatisfaction, “Don’t worry! We have a good sense of propriety! Lu Bei has his concerns, both of us also have ours. Killing the Wolf King is an important matter. We hope that someone should not be hiding their true power under their sleeves. If anyone has spiritual puppets or refined corpses, they should take it out as soon as we fight!”

The two elderly men were still brooding over how they were ambushed by Ning Fan’s black dragon and puppet.

“Hehe. Then it’s really my fault for that incident earlier. I also didn’t expect that two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts would actually disregard their self-respect and intervene in the single-move competition between me and Lin Su just now… This topic ends here. I am not going to conceal anything else under my sleeve!”

Ning Fan’s facial expression remained unchanged. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out nine Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppets excluding Stone Warrior without having any reservations.

He was not afraid that Qu Shun would see through the backgrounds of this group of spiritual puppets. Perhaps at the moment when the black puppet had come into action, Qu Shun had already noticed some inklings and he just did not reveal it. After all, so what if he had killed the experts from the Puppet Spirit Race? The ten Divine Transformation Realm experts who descended to the mortal world from the Upper World all died in Ning Fan’s hands. Since it already could not be concealed, what’s the point of concealing it anymore?

However, as soon as the spiritual puppets were shown, the two elderly men’s faces were filled with a ghastly expression as if they had just swallowed a bunch of flies.

Even the Honorable Demon Generals including Lu Jiefen could not help but feel astonished.

Each of the nine spiritual puppets were all at the Divine Transformation Realm cultivation level without exception. Moreover, the one with the weakest cultivation level among the group was at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm! It was a being which was comparable to an Honorable Demon General!

“This Lu Bei actually has so many Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppets!”

Among the helpers whom Lu Jiefen had invited, Prince Qu Shun’s group had seven Divine Transformation Realm experts, while the White Devil Sect had nine experts at that cultivation level inclusive of Lin Su and the two elderly men, hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. In total, there were 18 Divine Transformation Realm experts!

As for Lu Jiefen’s clone who held the title of Honorable Demon General, he had carefully kept it away, worrying that it would receive some injuries and thus disrupting his great plan of breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm.

On Ning Fan’s side, the eight Honorable Demon Generals were just regarded as eight Divine Transformation Realm experts. As for Ning Fan alone, he had brought along five Divine Transformation Realm women, one black dragon and one black puppet. Currently, he has taken out another nine Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppets!

As such, Ning Fan’s group consisted of 26 Divine Transformation Realm beings!

“This young man has been keeping his trump cards so deeply concealed…” Lu Daochen let out a sigh of relief and smiled. To him, the current Ning Fan was no longer the reckless little Nascent Soul Realm kid who intruded on the Northern Desert City.

Now, he alone was able to lead a battle formation consisting of 26 Divine Transformation Realm experts!

One has to know that in the Luo Yun Tribe, there were just eight Divine Transformation Realm experts!

One has to know that in the External Endless Sea, there were only thirteen Divine Transformation Realm experts in all of the ten sects and three islands!

Lin Su’s eyes were filled with envy.

In order to seize the emperor’s star in the mortal world, he could only bring out 8 Divine Transformation Realm experts from the White Devil Sect after using his connections.

However, with just a wave of his hand, Ning Fan could call upon so many helpers… It actually caused Lin Su’s pride to suffer a great blow!

Facing Ning Fan’s mightiness, Wu Yan and Yue Lingkong had already grown numbed about it. Xi Ran and Yuan Yao, however, were different.

Xi Ran’s eyes grew brighter and clearer as if there were tiny stars twinkling within them. She loved it the most seeing Ning Fan in the limelight.

Yuan Yao pondered for a while. At first glance, she noticed that the cultivation level of this group of spiritual puppets had traces of being upgraded before.

It was an extremely terrifying matter! What’s terrifying was not about the upgrades of the spiritual puppets. Instead, the scary part was how many Divine Transformation Realm experts were killed in order to accumulate enough souls to feed this group of spiritual puppets!

“A Divine Transformation Realm expert is also considered an outstanding being in any country or stars in the Four Heavens. However, in Lu Bei’s hands, hundreds of Divine Transformation Realm experts’ lives are just food to feed his spiritual puppets? Besides, the black crescent mark on the left part of these puppets’ faces gave me a blood-curdling sensation. What exactly are those? Is it the method Lu Bei uses to manipulate these spiritual puppets? He is indeed a little monster. Unfortunately, he was born in the mortal world…”

On Qu Shun’s side, the seven Divine Transformation Realm followers’ eyes widened with shock. They were frightened by the mighty aura being emanated by the group of spiritual puppets. As for Prince Qu Shun, his eyes remained calm as if he was thinking deeply about something.

“In the past, when I saw the black puppet, I already felt that it was familiar. Now, after seeing these nine spiritual puppets… It can’t be wrong. They are the puppets from the Puppet Spirit Race. Apparently, the last two demon generals of the Puppet Spirit Race which fortunately survived on the Cloud Platform also died in Ning Fan’s hands… However, I heard that the spiritual puppets of that race are refined with a unique method. Only the members of that race would be able to manipulate the puppets. This Lu Bei’s means are really too heaven-defying. It might not be shocking for him to kill the members of that race but he also subdued their puppets. After all, not everyone has the method of keeping the puppets of that race for their own use…”

Ning Fan’s gaze swept across the surroundings. At first, the single move he displayed nearly scared Lin Su to death. Now, he summoned a group of spiritual puppets which amazed everyone there.

After displaying my strength twice, I suppose there won’t be anyone ignorant enough to look for troubles with me before killing Tan Lang.


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